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Confidence In Every Last Detail We offer investment consulting strategies that help our clients protect their wealth while working toward their financial goals.

Moreover, working with our team of experts, we provide advanced planning solutions that help our clients mitigate their taxes, take care of their heirs, protect their assets from being unjustly taken, and maximize the impact of their charitable giving. To ensure excellent service, we limit our practice to a select number of clients for whom we can have a tremendous impact.

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The purpose of a COLA is to ensure that the purchasing power of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits is not eroded by inflation.

What does this mean for you? It's just one of many factors that determine whether or not you'll retire comfortably. Reach out to us for more detailed information about COLAs and other retirement facts and resources.

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Happy anniversary, Elizabeth! You are an essential part of our team.


Just how bad is inflation and what, if anything, can be done about it?

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Your probability of becoming and staying wealthy is more closely connected to your behavior than your financial “sophistication” or academic pedigree.

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Take it from one of the world's best investors: temperament matters. In the context of investing, it's about having the ability to practice patience and remain rational.

In today's market, we know that can be difficult. If you're feeling nervous or anxious about the market, consider speaking to one of our financial advisors.

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First things first: celebrate! You worked hard for this.

But now comes the tricky part - do you hold or sell your stocks?

Stock compensation is complex, and it's also very personal. We recommend sitting with one of our financial advisors to look at your overall plan and see where your immediate and long-term needs are. Then we can decide on a strategy together.

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Timing the market is an investment strategy in which the investor tries to identify the best times to be in and out of the market. We've seen time and again how risky and unsuccessful this strategy can be.

Instead, we recommend making time your ally. Hold onto your investments through volatility, but make sure your portfolio is having regular check-ups.

Schedule a call with us to help determine which other investment strategies are right for you.

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Market volatility can leave you feeling out of control. You may start to panic and ask yourself questions like, "Will I still meet my financial goals?" or "Do I need more cash on hand to buffer a downturn?" We've got two pieces of good news: First, historically, markets have bounced back. The other good news? We're here for you. Give us a call when you need a sounding board.

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There are many retirement income options, but it's important to plan ahead. How can we help you find the right strategy?

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This Memorial Day, we honor those who gave their lives for our freedom.

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When it comes to shoes, one size doesn't fit all. The same can be said about investments. While a 529 plan offers tax benefits when used to pay for qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary, it might not be the best fit for everyone.

When sizing up your investment options, it's always helpful to get a second opinion. We're here to help.

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Happy birthday, Olivia! We hope you have an amazing day!

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We're in the business of earning and maintaining your trust.

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Happy birthday, Rachel! We hope you have a great day celebrating!

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Paul, the team is wishing you a day filled with laughter and joy, as well as a prosperous year! Happy birthday!

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How well do you know your financial terms? Here's a crossword puzzle to find out!
1 - liquidity
2 - compounding
3 - yield
4 - diversification
5 - volatility
6 - options

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Sometimes we aren't aware of our financial habits. With consistent portfolio reviews, we can brighten your perspective.

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Investing can be risky business. Time invested can have a large impact on risk management when comparing short and long-term strategies. Consult with us if you have questions about the level of risk in your portfolio.

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When you have a plan in place, you worry less about the future. Let's put together a financial strategy that is right for you and your future goals.


Here we go again!

Are we in a Bear Market?

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Keeping track of your finances has changed dramatically over the years. What hasn't changed is our dedication to you.

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A mother's work is never done. Today, you deserve to rest. Wishing all mothers a day full of joy, love, and happiness.

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Join us in celebrating Chris Hinton's birthday!

Happy birthday and all the best to you in the year to come!

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High inflation and slow economic growth are rightfully a cause for concern. It's important to prepare your portfolio for a period of stagflation.

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You work to live, but your whole life shouldn't be just work. Let's talk about how we can get your money to work for you—and get you out on the beach sooner.


With The Fed About To Raise Rates, Where Do We Go From Here?

Markets sit transfixed as we await the Fed’s next move. Paul discusses how best to manage these uncertain times.

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Compound interest is one of the most useful concepts in finance. It is the basis of everything from a personal savings plan to the long term growth of an investment in the stock market. It also accounts for the effects of inflation, and the importance of paying down your debt. You can follow the flow of compound interest and ensure your money works for you.

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Leaving a legacy entails much more than leaving an inheritance or charitable gift. It also means passing along celebrated traditions and cherished values to those we love.

What are the ingredients to your legacy plan?

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As an executive, your income is more complex than a monthly paycheck. In developing the right plan for cash flow, we take each component into consideration.

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Do your investments reflect your values? If you'd like to focus on socially responsible investing, but don't know where to begin, we can help.

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More and more, clients are coming to us interested in the social and environmental impacts of their portfolios.

Together we can create change. If you have any questions about sustainable investing, we'd welcome a discussion.

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Your life is more enjoyable when your financial health is in good hands.

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A good financial strategy can give you confidence in retirement. Let us help you identify any gaps in your plan.

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Before you buy that Birkin, remember that collectibles are susceptible to the same volatility as any other investment. Talk to your financial advisor about how your hobbies can fit into your plan.

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On this egg-stra special day, we hope you fill your Easter basket with lots of joy and chocolate!


At Avion Wealth, we have developed a consultative approach where we work with a team of experts to help clients manage their complex financial lives. Not only do we help protect their wealth through investment consulting, but we work with them to develop advanced planning solutions to mitigate their taxes, take care of their heirs, protect their assets from being unjustly taken and maximize the impact of their charitable planning. To ensure excellent service, we limit our practice to a select number of clients for whom we can have a tremendous impact.

At Avion Wealth, our core values are at the front and center of everything we do. One of these core values is generosity. Our team views generosity as its own reward. Giving without expectation.

That's why we have created a commitment for our firm to donate $202,000 to various charities and causes. We want to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

For more information about our commitment and the charities and causes we support, please visit https://www.avionwealth.com/giving-back/

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