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Charles Koenig, Realtor

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If you’re buying or selling during October to December, I’m still working, carefully and safely. Completing my 30th year of real estate.

Leave us to say 2020 has been a weird year and challenging year.

Having said that, new homes are selling at a record pace. LGI, DR Horton, Lennar/Village, Toll Brothers, KB Homes, are all having record breaking years. Their numbers have been astounding. Look at their stock charts this year as proof.

In resale, homes as selling very quickly. If they’re priced right and show well they’re usually disappearing in days. The better quality my pro pictures, and virtual tours, have proven very successful in this year of COVID-19. Open houses have proven to be very successful, as a way of getting your home sold quickly.

Please call me at 281-450-9000, for as early as a same day appointment, to assess the value, and best way to get your home sold quickly, and for the most money.

Charles Koenig
Better Homes & Gardens Gary Greene Realtors
“Experience is the Difference”
30th Anniversary in Real Estate 08/21/2020

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The No. 1 Skill Most New Investors Lack (But Should Absolutely Learn)

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Seven Proven Tactics To Maximize Rent Collections During A Crisis

If you own a property that relies on rent collections, here are a few things to consider! Be creative. Think outside of the box, and be extremely proactive. 08/12/2020

When Does A Cash-Out Refinance Make Sense For Your Finances?

Running into a cash flow problem? One way to deal with the need for immediate cash is to utilize a cash-out refinance option. For homeowners needing cash to respond to COVID-19, using a cash-out refi to tap home equity could make sense. 08/10/2020

Do It Together: 5 Home Projects for You and Your Household Helpers

Projects can provide many benefits! They erase boredom and bring a family together. Spruce up your space and keep your kids from climbing the walls - double win! 08/07/2020

What Economic Uncertainty Means For Real Estate Investors

During uncertain economic times, real estate investors will need to re-evaluate their strategies in order to take advantage of the changing opportunities available. What does this mean for you as a real estate investor?


Charles Koenig, Realtor

I'm thankful for clients like this one.

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We were on the right path! Numbers indicate that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeownership had hit an 8-year high watermark. 08/03/2020

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Are you only thinking about the short-term? Those who profit most from real estate investing are those who also consider the long-term. Most investors are deal junkies, but we must take the long view. 07/31/2020

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Sustainability is trending in construction! New technology and materials are making it all possible. Technology advances and alternative building materials and concepts can reduce a project’s cost and carbon footprint, experts say. 07/24/2020

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Cookouts are not out of the question! It can still be a socially distancing affair, if done right. We're all itching to get outside and be social this summer, but it has to be done the smart way. Here's how to entertain safely this season. The post How To Host a Socially Distant Barbecue in Your Own Backyard appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights |®. 07/22/2020

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Online Cooking Classes and 3 Other Ways Luxury Apartment Buildings Are Offering Virtual Amenities

New amenities are being offered to entice renters! High-grade extras are now available from luxury apartments. Here are some of the most popular online amenities that luxury rental buildings have introduced to their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. 07/08/2020

Americans are returning to the housing market, mortgage data shows

People still need to move! Mortgage applications are on the rise. The fifth consecutive weekly increases in purchase applications may be a sign the housing market is beginning to recover from the impact of COVID-19. The post Americans are returning to the housing market, mortgage data shows appeared first on HousingWire. 07/07/2020

Sustainable Home Design Trends for Builders to Watch in 2020

We only have one planet to live on! Build or renovate your home with sustainability in mind. People building homes today care about open concepts, the size of the master suite and how high the ceilings will be. Yet they also care about where materials come from and their impact on the environment. Read our guide to learn about 2020 trends in sustainability and natural design. 07/04/2020

Americans are buying homes again, mortgage data shows

Things are beginning to move forward in the housing market! Mortgage data indicates that Americans are purchasing homes once again. Americans are returning to the housing market, as evidenced by a jump in applications for mortgages to purchase homes, though not at the same level as last year. A seasonally adjusted index measuring purchase applications rose 6% in April’s last week, compared to the prior week, according to a rep... 07/02/2020

Why Real Estate Beats Stocks During a Recession

For those interested in the most profitable way to invest, choosing real estate over stocks could be the best move. As a real estate investor and/or a stock investor, what’s in store as we head toward a global recession due to the coronavirus pandemic? Here's a review of data from past recessions to get a sense of what will likely occur and the best course of action to take. View the full article: Why Real Esta... 07/01/2020

I’ve Purchased 4 Houses During the Pandemic (So Far)—Here’s Why

When is the perfect time to invest in real estate? When the right deal comes along! I am just as nervous about most of this COVID-19 stuff as everyone else. However, fear of the unknown can't scare me away from a great deal! In fact, I've already bought a few homes since the pandemic began. Here's why these properties were too good to pass up. View the full article: I’ve Purchase... 06/29/2020

30+ Innovative Ways to Build a Sustainable Living House - Conserve Energy Future

We only have one planet to live on! Build or renovate your home with sustainability in mind. Sustainable housing is one that makes efficient use of resources and energy with the minimal impacts in the environment. Here are 30+ innovative ways to build a sustainable house. 06/26/2020

Fixing And Flipping Houses In Your IRA For Tax-Free Profits

Looking for a well-known (but seldom used) strategy for creating tax-free profits? Flipping houses in your IRA might be the answer - if it's done right! Here are a few factors to consider as you start your process to big tax-free profits. 06/25/2020

Is a Flat Roof Better than a Sloped Roof?

When choosing your new home, should you consider the shape of the roof as well? Flat roofs offer several advantages for homeowners, but also some cons. 06/22/2020

7 Easy DIY Porch and Patio Projects to Make Summer Quarantine Feel Like a Breeze

Stuck sitting at home? Why not sit on an upgraded patio? We’re bringing you a final bit of quarantine DIY inspo so you can spruce up your front porch or back patio, just in time for all the nice weather ahead. The post 7 Easy DIY Porch and Patio Projects to Make Summer Quarantine Feel Like a Breeze appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights | realtor... 06/19/2020

Coronavirus Silver Lining: How the Economic Fallout From COVID-19 Can Benefit Shrewd Investors

It's been speculated that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many opportunities can present themselves for real estate investors. While I urge everyone to stay safe and sound, there are many reasons to be bullish on what awaits us on the other side of the coronavirus-induced recession. Here's why the COVID-19 pandemic is creating mass opportunities for savvy investors to get ahead in the game. View the full article: Coronaviru... 06/17/2020

Five Facets Of Wellness Design Enhance Homes During Quarantine

Without engaging in a major home design change, you can increase the wellness factor of your home with a more simplistic approach. This is probably not the time you’re going to be remodeling your residence to deal with added home-front challenges, but there are wellness design approaches you can take even now, without a remodel, to mitigate some of the difficulties in dealing with the limitations many homes present.




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