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Forever is Too Soon

Tick Tock - STOP!
Keep your little hands in mine.

How do I stop time?

Forever changed, ever evolving,
My life is yours.

I breathe because you breathe.
I heal my inner wounds for you.

Through your eyes, I see myself.
Through your eyes I see time.

I long to keep you in my arms forever.
Forever is coming too soon.

Promise to love yourself.
Promise to love me.

Forever my baby,
You will always be.
✍🏻Samantha Moultrup


I had a memory pop up on a walk with my kids yesterday. I was in the second grade and we just pulled into the driveway of our new house in Michigan after moving from Mississippi. I stated my disdain for the new residence and my dad smacked me so hard I saw stars.

As a parent, I could NEVER lay a hand on my children. I can’t even think of a situation that warrants such a thing. Not even for discipline.

Corporal punishment is a fancy word for assault. We dress it up because we think children aren’t as deserving of human rights, their own thoughts, or bodily autonomy.

If I were an adult when my father smacked me, I would have been within my rights to press assault charges. As a child, I lost the very security and respect I needed to develop healthy relationships and mindsets moving forward.

Even more sad is how often we jump to the defense of the adult and expect the child to get over it because “kids are resilient.”

Children imprint everything. Everything is recorded. Maybe not remembered, maybe altered when it is remembered. But everything said, done to and around them is stored in their subconscious mind creating the life they may live or be required to restore.


“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.” -Charles Schaefer

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“The sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, the soul with spirit power gives strength unto my limbs. In sunlight shining clear I revere, Oh God, the strength of humankind, which thou has planted in my soul, that I may with all my might, may love to work and learn.” - Rudolf Steiner

We are celebrating May Day today instead of the actual day. But, I’m the only one who knows that!


This was a huge step in self belief. When she first climbed to the top, she was scared. I joined her and held her as we both went down.

Once was more than enough for me, but she wasn’t ready to go alone again and needed to try.

I went once more for support.

As we walked around and ventured the other attractions, she kept thinking about this pipe slide and how she really wanted to do it by herself.

We talked about it and I reminded her that being brave isn’t being not scared, it’s sitting on fear’s lap instead of mama’s and knowing that mama is always at the other side waiting.

This little birdie rolled down this pipe slide feeling ten feet tall.


When I was younger, I never wanted children. I was raised to believe that “children will ruin your life.”

By this point, my life had been ruined by traumatic childhood and I certainly wasn’t going to do anything to ruin it further.

I wanted fancy glamour and a perfect abode. A snazzy car with lavish vacations where I could just be selfish and not ruin my life.

Then, I fell in love. And that love was so grand I needed more cups to pour it into.

My life is far messier than it will ever be glamorous. There is nothing in this world shinier or brighter than being a mother.

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"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." - Elizabeth Zimmermann

Easter bunnies I knitted for the kids.


I lost this until Preston came into my life. His love affair with rain reminded me how lovely it is to just dance instead of march.

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Photos from The Blue and Berry Shop's post

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Our April nature table. This was the most fun and by far my favorite decoration to date!

A nature table is a concept of Waldorf education where we display the theme and colors of each month as well as providing an altar to nature. The kids will pick up pieces of nature from our hikes or walks that speak to them and add them.

It’s a personal activity which in which we each add our flair and display what we are celebrating that month.

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This will be our second attempt at a garden as a family. The kids and I painted garden markers and our dog declared our freshly dug earth as her throne.

Fingers crossed we produce some produce 😂


Since starting the challenge, the kids and I seem to have aligned more with nature. We are blessed to have a little park behind our subdivision.

After the massive storm this morning, we played in puddles and explored the aftermath.

They noticed how noisy the birds were. We made up stories about the birds repairing nests and finding yummy worms for their babies.

Nature has a language we all speak.


Stop and actually smell the roses with your little ones. They have a whole grown up life of being rushed and hurried.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. What I didn’t know is that he was born in England. He was kidnapped by Irish pirates at the age of 16 where he was a slave in charge of caring for animals.

Six years later, he escaped and reunited with his family in England.

Yet, Ireland stole his heart. He became a Christian minister and returned to Ireland later in his life to build churches and schools.

So many stories and legends surround this man we celebrate today.

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In this part of Texas, we live amongst a bounty of beautiful forests with incredible biodiversity. We ventured into the Texas A&M Forest where katydids and grasshoppers danced around us. Signs of spring blooming everywhere. Honeysuckles blessed us with their fragrant scent while frogs sang a symphony of the wild.

This is how we homeschool.


“Use your words” never worked for me. I could feel my son distance further away from me whenever I used this phrase. He needed compassion, he needed the words but didn’t know what they were.

Children have bigger than life emotions, especially when they feel they’ve been wronged. To expect them to communicate these emotions and use words they don’t have exacerbates an already emotionally charged situation.

No one wins.

As parents/caretakers, they look to us to calm the storm they’re in. We want to teach them how to self regulate, but believe it or not, that happens through guidance and understanding their emotions

“Use your words” doesn’t provide instruction or guidance but adds more confusion and possibly shame as they don’t know what to say and may fear saying the wrong thing. As we do when we are in heightened emotional states.

Give them the words!

Get down on their level and they will invite you into their world. Once you’re in, you realize your role is a guide. You’ll see where they are and better understand what they need to do better.



I found this podcast in the suggestions. I listened to at least five episodes straight in a row as not only did Ginny Yurich have some of the authors who’s books changed how I parent, her own words spoke directly to my soul.

Yesterday, I declared the Moultrup family is embarking on the challenge of .

Thanks to episode 17, season 2 with John Muir Laws, I also started a nature journal. I cannot suggest this podcast enough and I am excited to start this challenge.

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Nature heals
She speaks directly to the soul
Whispering words the mind cannot capture
Images released in the mind’s eye
A knowing
Ever presently one with all
-Samantha Moultrup

I Think I Know Why You're Yelling - Janet Lansbury 02/19/2022

I Think I Know Why You're Yelling - Janet Lansbury

I Think I Know Why You're Yelling - Janet Lansbury “I find that I become one of two moms when my children are upset. I’m either Mary Poppins — kind, loving, patient — or I’m completely intolerant and prone to yelling and screaming.” –Concerned Mom If you’re yelling at your kids, you’re not alone. Yelling seems to have become someth...


Peg dolls. Prior to Waldorf, I didn’t know this tiny, wooden world existed. Since both children were able to stand upright, I’ve included them in every activity I have done.

Be it cooking, laundry, drawing, or painting peg dolls, both kids have an open invitation to join me.

The coolest thing about peg dolls is, the kids make their own characters and will play with their self made toys for hours upon hours.

It’s an inexpensive way to create play.

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In Waldorf, it’s critical the teacher studies Anthroposophy (though some brick and mortar schools have completely abandoned this), I have living evidence coursing through me in regards to how effective these exercises and this study is.

The foundation of Waldorf is respect to the natural rhythms of life.

Steiner assigned themes, grains, colors, and music notes to each day. Seeing how the days are named after planets who were named after gods, it made sense to me that each day possesses a particular energy. The more we honor the specific energy, the more rooted in the rhythm of nature we become.

Today, I am starting what is called “Right Word.”

Each day of the week has an exercise, but when you’re just starting or if you’re like me, starting again and again, you practice the one exercise daily or until it becomes habit.

Exercise: “Talking. Only what has sense and meaning should come from the lips of one striving for higher development. All talking for the sake of talking – to kill time – is in this sense harmful.
The usual kind of conversation, a disjointed medley of remarks, should be avoided. This does not mean shutting yourself off from in*******se with your fellows; it is precisely then that talk should gradually be led to significance.
Adopt a thoughtful attitude to every speech and answer taking all aspects into account.
Never talk without cause – be gladly silent. Try not to talk too much or too little. First listen quietly; then reflect on what has been said.
This exercise may be called: RIGHT WORD. -Rudolf Steiner

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PAINTSICLES!!!! January’s theme is ice and snow. This activity combines art and science. The kids learn about melting points and use a new method of art.

I used tempura paints, squeezed a bit in each square of my silicone ice mold. Filled (carefully) with water.

What I didn’t capture in picture was that I covered the ice mold with foil and poked mini popsicle sticks through. The foil helped the sticks stay up straight. This is not necessary, but sometimes I go for appearance 😘.

Afterwards, I let the leftovers Paintsicles melt on the plate and left the sticks to soak up some color overnight to use in another craft.

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Yesterday, we celebrated Three Kings Day, the Epiphany. I’ve never celebrated this before. We thoroughly enjoyed the celebration as well as the days leading up to it!

The kids retold the story of the Magi and we learned of Old Befana. Though she didn’t show up with sweets.

The arrival of the Three Kings represents following our inner star, finding our master within, and being the king of our own life.

“To be led by a Star means nothing else than to see the soul itself as a Star. But when is the soul seen as a Star? When a man can behold the soul as a radiant aura. But what kind of aura is so radiant that it can be a guide? There is the aura that glimmers with only a feeble light; such an aura cannot guide. There is a higher aura, that of the intelligence, which has, it is true, a flowing, up-surging light, but is not yet able to guide. But the bright aura, aglow with Budhi, is in very truth a Star, is a radiant guide. In Christ, the Star of Budhi lights up — the Star which accompanies the evolution of mankind. The Light that shines before the Magi is the soul of Christ Himself.” -Rudolf Steiner
(Link to Steiner’s lecture on the Three Kings in comments)


A little late to the game, but prepping peg dolls for the Nativity and Santa’s workshop. I’m feeling pretty ambitious. Maybe I’ll get to the Nutcracker.


We lost our Elf. No seriously, we lost him in the move. So, a Tomte came to replace him and brought a book!

The kids adorn him with crystals and sweet little snacks from the pantry. This was so much better because not only do we have to not worry about the Elf, the kids get to interact with Tomte and learn more about the elementals and magic.

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

Timeline photos

Patients often say they don’t know what to feed their kids. Simple: When kids get old enough to eat solid foods, they should mostly eat the same foods that you eat.

I know it’s more complicated than that, but just remember that in many other countries around the world this is the norm.

There is no kid’s menu in Japan. Kids eat raw fish and seaweed. In the African jungle, kids eat bats, crickets, and grubs!

Why do we give kids the exact foods we avoid as adults? Kids eat pizza, chicken nuggets, potato chips, and other “Frankenfoods” at school and at home. These are the same foods that adults avoid like the plague.

The easiest way to tackle it is by starting with what our kids are eating at schools since they spend a majority of their time there. What are a few simple ways to make school nutrition programs healthier?

Support schools as safe zones. Where access is only to foods that promote health and optimal brain functioning.⁣ Some might call this a dream but there are organizations out there that are working on meaning it a reality like

Support changes in zoning laws. Prevent fast food and junk food outlets from operating right next to schools.⁣

Build school gardens. Teach children about the origins of food and let them experience the sensory delight of real, garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Jamie Oliver could not get one child in a classroom in West Virginia to identify one vegetable. This is a national crisis.⁣

Bring back basic cooking skills to schools as part of a curriculum – including essential life tools.⁣

And, most importantly, offer a healthy free school lunch to any child in need. Check out what is up to with The Edible Schoolyard Project


I have WAY more mom “fails” than things going according to the vision in my mind or the actual plan. Here is edible slime that I didn’t realize was food. I know it’s edible, but so is the play dough we make.

The kids made their observations about the texture, the density, how it was so much different than other slime.

That’s the thing about kids.

They never see my “fails” as anything other than learning and experience. They still dived in with joy and excitement as they do everything I introduce.

The key to keeping this joy with anything new is, I never ever ever state that it’s a fail or anything negative about what I’ve done. I allow them to make their own judgments independent of mine.

I do make mental notes like, when Jell-O makes slime, it’s actually meant to be eaten.

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This is more than my son’s birthday. It’s the anniversary of motherhood for me. Each year, we both grow up together, a little more than the last.

I’m constantly reminding myself that he doesn’t belong to me. He isn’t mine. I’m his passage and guide.

The person blossoming before my eyes makes my heart beat, my soul soar. He will always feel like home to me.

Today, I will remind him of the joy I felt the second they put him in my arms. The pure love that filled my being when his little hand clutched my finger. I will point out his compassion and empathy. I will remind him he is one of the greatest things to have happened to me.


This is our morning soundtrack every day on our way to school. It loops until drop off. Music is a tool for our humanity to touch soul. Create a soundtrack for your life. My kids have a song for waking up, bedtime, art projects and yes, I play “Weird Science” when we do science experiments.

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This was a huge step in self belief. When she first climbed to the top, she was scared. I joined her and held her as we ...
Since starting the #1000hoursoutside challenge, the kids and I seem to have aligned more with nature. We are blessed to ...


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