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At JD Custom Carpentry, we are genuine specialists, passionate about what we do, guaranteeing our clients` satisfaction in every detail of our work.

We are a New York City company that designs, builds and installs kitchens cabinets, doors, book cases, windows, and office cabinets.

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[11/25/14]   Custom cabinet work is not just for the kitchen anymore. From your design to installation, cabinets can be built for bathrooms, garages, basements, attics, and living spaces to enhance your rooms and your house and provide attractive storage and display areas that fit into your home’s design.

[11/20/14]   Do you ever look at one of the rooms in your home and wonder what it needs to look more complete? Rest assured that our team is always ready to help you evaluate the various woodwork options that could be a perfect fit for your room.

[11/18/14]   Custom woodwork trim may be flat or raised, curved or square, and comes in a wide array of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Choose from stained or painted wood, and know that you are able to use just about any type of wood or combination of woods.

[11/13/14]   Interested in updating a room? Visualize the changes you would like to make with custom cabinets. There are so many options available today that just about any look can fit in just about any budget, allowing you to make your room truly your own.

[11/11/14]   While you are welcome to bring us the measurements of the cabinetry you want, do not forget to take measurements of the areas where they will be installed. In addition, if the room has a door, consider the swing radius so that cupboards and door can peacefully coexist.

[11/06/14]   Installing trim in a house is not as easy as it looks. To have everything meet up cleanly without any stray edges is an art. Hiring a professional trim installer is the best solution to finishing off your house in style.

[11/04/14]   When your home has a staircase visible from the front door, it has the potential to be an eyesore or an amazing architectural feature. When you’re ready to turn your ho-hum staircase into something grand and sweeping, we may be able to help.

[10/30/14]   We recognize that few homes have the absolutely ideal kitchen when you first move in. If you’ve found that there’s not room to store everything in logical places, we’re always happy to help you create custom cabinets that will better meet your needs.

[10/28/14]   Our custom cabinetry work includes integrated panels to conceal appliances – including dishwashers and even refrigerators – for a seamless look. We can also craft custom entertainment centers to create a stylish and unobtrusive look for any room.

[10/23/14]   At their core, cabinets are a pretty straight forward piece of furniture: A box with a door mounted on hinges. But starting in the 1700s, cabinet makers started to add embellishments and design to the wood, including incredibly intricate wood carvings and paint work.

[10/21/14]   While it may be easy enough to put up the basic trim you’ll find at home improvement stores on your own, you may not always get the polished look you were hoping for. When you need a professional job done right the first time, we’re always here for you.

[10/16/14]   Contemporary design involves smooth profiles; minimal, if any ornamentation; solid or very subtly patterned fabrics; and no clutter. Speak to your custom woodwork trim professional to ensure that your trim remains in line with the sleek feel of your contemporary home or rooms.

[10/14/14]   When designing kitchen cabinets, there are a number of materials you can use, like maple, cherry, oak, or walnut. You choose the look and function of your custom cabinets, a huge advantage if you have an oddly-shaped kitchen or a curved wall. You can even highlight a special kitchen feature.

[10/09/14]   French country effectively combines refinement with a rustic look that includes painted, distressed cabinetry; handmade hardware; and sleek finishes. Be sure to speak to your custom woodwork trim specialist to find the best trim to coordinate this elegant, yet comfortable style.

[10/07/14]   No two people have the same possessions, storage concerns, and display needs, which is why custom cabinets work well to store and display the items in your home. Built for what is important to you, custom cabinetry works to store and display items in ways that suit your particular needs.

[10/02/14]   It’s important to remember that the readymade cabinets you can purchase at home improvement stores won’t always fit into the small space you have in a guest bath. When you need something taller or narrower than you can find, we may be able to custom create it for you.


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[09/30/14]   Some types of wood—such as hickory, pine, and certain species of oak—have a rustic finish. This means they may feature knots and other natural markings. Rustic wood cabinets are ideal for traditional country décor.

[09/25/14]   When choosing custom moulding and trim, always consider the architectural style of your home. While modern homes trend toward colonial style mouldings, Victorian style homes will usually feature deeper baseboards.

[09/23/14]   Although having decorative arches in your home can provide a stunning look for any room, you may find them a little plain. When you want to turn an arch into an eye-catching feature in your home, adding the right wood trim can make all the difference.

[09/18/14]   Custom cabinets not only offer an excellent way to personalize your space, but they are also much more durable and well made then standard cabinets. In addition, they can add overall value to your home.

[09/16/14]   Mid-Century Modern is a retro look that harkens to the 1950s. Wood elements are prominent and not hidden. Be sure that the wood moulding chosen brings the look together and enhances the feel of the room without overpowering any of the room’s design elements.

[09/11/14]   The Industrial Revolution brought steam-powered machines to manufacturing, making it easier and quicker to make furniture. As a result, cabinets moved from the ornate, hand-made furniture of the wealthy to the more affordable utilitarian furniture we know them as today.

[09/09/14]   When you have heavy items to store on the shelves of your cabinets, you may discover that the particleboard options that come standard in some homes are simply too flimsy to do the job. Let’s talk about material options for your custom cabinets that will be the sturdier choice.

[09/04/14]   Custom cabinets can really shine in a kitchen remodel where the space is limited and the dimensions are unique. Sometimes, customization is the most efficient way to make full use of the allotted space.

[09/02/14]   If you are going for a contemporary architectural style in your home, then you will want your custom moulding to accentuate this. Modern moulding designs eliminate any undue ornamentation and instead feature simple, clean lines.

[08/28/14]   The beauty with custom cabinetry is that you choose the style based on your and your family’s needs and tastes from traditional to modern to vintage to retro. You can even choose to expose the wood, incorporate glass, or paint wood.

[08/26/14]   It’s important to remember that not all cabinets have to feature a boring wood door. When you need cabinets that provide more interest to your room, we’re always happy to go through the less common cabinet options with you.

[08/21/14]   Trim moulding dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Its installation provides a seamless transition between different building materials, as well as adding a decorative touch. It is the cherry on the cake for decorators.

[08/19/14]   It’s important to remember that certain types of mouldings and trim options can take a nice feature of your home and elevate it to something grander. When you’re ready to help your home reach its full potential, we’re always here for you.

[08/14/14]   The idea of built-in cabinets started taking off in the 1920s and 1930s. Kitchen designers were looking to make the kitchen more efficient. Cabinets made things accessible while working on the multiple linoleum or steel workspaces of the time.

[08/12/14]   It’s important to remember that you don’t have to rearrange the way you live in your home just to accommodate the cabinet space available. Let’s talk about how installing custom cabinets can force your cabinets to live around you instead.

[08/07/14]   When decorating a room with open space, clean lines, and forms, be sure that every piece in the room counts, and that the molding you choose follows those lines and forms. Your custom woodwork trim professional is able to easily bring a room’s aesthetic together, so that moulding enhances, and does not detract, from the theme.

[08/05/14]   Keep all of your possessions within reach by having custom cabinets installed throughout your home. Traditionally, custom cabinets were thought of for kitchens and baths, but they can be installed in any room to increase storage and display space.




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