Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx

Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx


Scenes from canvassing in the community: Black History is written on our Bronx streets. Growing up, Phyllis Reed and Al Chapman were bedrocks of our community and role models for me at the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition.

As leaders of Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx, both Phyllis and Al dedicated their lives to the neighborhood I call home. They were passionate in their fight for tenants' rights, school construction, and just development at the Kingsbridge Armory to turn it into a transformative resource for our people.

Al's gentle, loving presence was a constant. And I remember Phyllis daily tending to Kingsbridge Armory International Village Garden. Both of them taught me to fight systemic injustice and also to create spaces of care that uplift our humanity.

We honor their legacy not just with street signs, but with carrying forward the trails they blazed.

. . .

Escenas de extensión comunitaria: La historia negra se escribe en nuestras calles del Bronx.

Al crecer, Phyllis Reed y Al Chapman fueron los cimientos de nuestra comunidad y modelos a seguir para mí en la Coalición de la Comunidad y Clero del Noroeste del Bronx.

Como líderes de la Asociación de Mejoramiento de Vecindarios de Kingsbridge Heights, tanto Phyllis como Al dedicaron sus vidas al vecindario que es mi hogar. Fueron apasionados en su lucha por los derechos de los inquilinos, la construcción de escuelas y el desarrollo justo del Kingsbridge Armory para convertirlo en un recurso transformador para nuestra gente.

La gentil y amorosa presencia de Al era una constante. Y recuerdo a Phyllis atendiendo a diario el Kingsbridge Armory International Village Garden. Ambos me enseñaron a luchar contra la injusticia sistémica y también a crear espacios de cuidado que eleven nuestra humanidad.

Honramos su legado no solo con letreros en las calles, sino también llevando adelante los senderos que abrieron.
New data shows that Bronx bus lines are crowded, especially the Bx3 that runs through Kingsbridge and Fordham. Will this mean a COVID inspection spike in those areas? #thisisthebronx
With the city launching its Phase Two opening on Monday, watch the Bronx park commissioner open the gates at Fort Independence Park, the first of 190 playgrounds she reopened across the Bronx. #thisisthebronx
Here are the travails of two Bronx stores that got destroyed the other night, featured in the NY Times and the Norwood News. #thisisthebronx
How businesses and organizations can reopen was the subject of this week's BronxTalk on BronxNet. The Kingsbridge Social Club and the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club explained how they're doing it. #thisisthebronx #bronxtalk
US News and World Report has singled out the International Leadership Charter High School in Kingsbridge for the last few years.
The USPS is being urged to make sure workers are protected and to get stalled mail moving... and also to better communicate with customers.
First packages, then (hopefully) regular mail.
The empty KB Armory will soon be filled with food supplies during the crisis.
Senator Gustavo Rivera was the guest on BronxTalk this week. The chair of the seante's Health Committee evaluated governmental reponse to the pandemic, explained how the state legislature is functioning during the crisis, emphasized the importance of developing a universal health care system, and reported on constituent issues during the crisis.
This is the first. It's near Lehman College. He said there would be others, too.
In this week's thisistheBronX review, Adam McPartlan takes a look at a play about a Miss America from the Bronx: Bess Myerson (who grew up in the Sholom Aleichem Houses). It's showing at the MSD Little Theater.
The city is planning to drain the north basin of the reservoir permanently, affecting the environment, health, property values, and the visual character of the Bronx. Here's the information, also an online petition to sign.
Here's a nice review of the last decade.... including, Jerome rezoning, Kingsbridge Armory, local business, and more.
JAL Community Care is and Adaptive Support Care company serving Veterans, Seniors, and People with Disabilities. We provide Environmental Modifications (E-Mod)/Home Modification, Vehicle Modifications (V-Mod), Community Transitional Services, and Assistive/Smart Home Technology. Our dedicated professionals assess each individual and focus on optimizing their abilities and opportunities, to ensure each individual’s health, welfare, and safety.

We offer Adaptive Services to the following populations:
People with Disabilities
OMH - Funded Housing
Assistive Living Facilities
We offer home modifications funded through:
Workman Compensation
Self - Direction Fiscal Support
Private Pay
Manage Care Funding
Medicaid Wavier Funding

Environmental (E-Mod)/Home Modifications
Automatic or Manual Door Openers & Doorbells
Bathroom & Kitchen Modifications, Additions, or Adjustments
Cabinet & Shelving Adjustments
Climate Controls
Computer Equipment
Easy Use Fixtures
Grab Bars and Rails
Pull Out Shelves
Plumbing Adaptations
Security Systems
Smoothing Floor Surfaces
Software Tools
Stair Lifts/ Stair Glides or Lift Chairs: Hydraulic, Manual or Electric
Traction or Non-Skid Strips
Transfer Benches
Walk in Tubs
Water Faucet Controls
Wheelchair Ramps
Widening Doorways and Hallways

Vehicle Modifications (V-Mod)
Installation of Wheelchair Ramps
Portable Electric /Hydraulic and Manual Lifts
Wheelchair Lock Downs
Repositioning of Seats
Wheelchair Floor
Foot Controls
Deep Dish Steering Wheel
Hand Controls
Parking Break Extension
Other Ancillary Equipment or Modifications Necessary to Guarantee Full Safety in, a Motor Vehicle

Assistive Technology (AT)/Smart Home Technology
Direct Selection Commmunicators
Alphanumeric Communicators
Scanning Communicators
Speech Amplifiers
Adaptive Switches/Devices
Electronic Speech Aids/Devices, Voice Activated, Light Activated, Motion Activated and Electronic Devices
Therapeutic Equipment, not identified as Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Community Transitional Services
Community Transition/ Moving Services

JAL Community Care, Inc
Tiffany Achirem
Director of Development
244 5th Avenue - Suite T265
New York, NY 10001
Office (212)726-1055
Fax (212)726-3055
Mobile (929) 390-1957
Email [email protected]
The VA Center on Kingsbridge Road has found music and art to be effective tools in the rehab of veterans.

The neighborhood that won't Quit. Block and Community Association Serving All Diversities! We welcome change, improvement, ideas, and collaboration.

We welcome VOLUNTEERS!

Operating as usual


We’re always proud of our Dominican Heritage — and we invite you all to join us for our Independence Day Breakfast!

Don’t miss it: happening next Sunday at 11am at 809 Restaurant!

Tearful reunions at airports, borders across the country as COVID travel restrictions lifted 11/10/2021

Tearful reunions at airports, borders across the country as COVID travel restrictions lifted

Tearful reunions at airports, borders across the country as COVID travel restrictions lifted The US reopened its borders Monday after 20 months of travel restrictions — immediately creating wild miles-long lines of cars waiting to cross over from Canada and Mexico.


Climate Week


New York City Will Institute Weekly Coronavirus Testing in Schools

Latest Updates: Flooding From Ida Kills More Than Two Dozen in Three States 09/03/2021

Latest Updates: Flooding From Ida Kills More Than Two Dozen in Three States

Latest Updates: Flooding From Ida Kills More Than Two Dozen in Three States In the wake of the ferocious storm, President Biden and other leaders acknowledged the threat posed by the climate crisis. Our reporters and photographers are sending in live updates.

YMCA Northeast Bronx 09/01/2021

YMCA Northeast Bronx

YMCA Northeast Bronx Become a Member

Sign the Petition 08/25/2021

Sign the Petition

Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan Parents stand in solidarity with the Bronx Parent Leader Advocacy Group

As of June 2021, more than 60% of New York City students and their families, as well as many educators and school staff, participated either fully or partially in remote learning. With an uncertain start to the Department of Education’s Summer Rising programming this July, questions remain about public school-based mask wearing, social distancing, staffing, and properly prioritized funding in our hardest-hit zip codes. Due to the continued uncertainty that Covid-19 presents to school communities, and the disproportionate impact of the virus on our vulnerable students, staff and families, we stand with the Bronx Parents Leaders Advocacy Group to amplify the questions and concerns laid out in this open letter.

While families who do not require a remote option seem to take precedence in the Department of Education’s planning, we ask: where is the equity and excellence in removing an option that the majority of NYC parents, largely Black and brown, clearly prefer and even require to ensure their family and community’s safety?

In addition, many historically marginalized students and communities have found solace in virtual learning due to the lack of bullying students have faced for common in-person behaviors that are often shunned and criminalized. Cultural hairstyles, clothing, use of informal speech or languages other than English, and social and emotional needs that do not fit into the mold of ‘normal’ behavior are often met with over policing rather than care. The absence of this resulted in dramatic improvement in the lives of our students.

Parents across New York City stand in solidarity with Bronx parent leaders and educators fighting for a remote option. We also demand transparent communication regarding health guidance in a city that has essentially made all Covid-19 related health mandates optional as new variants of the virus continue to be discovered, and the long term effects of Covid-19 on our city’s youth remain unknown.

What does mandated in person learning with no remote option and lackluster health guidance mean for our immunocompromised families and teachers? For our pregnant and nursing guardians and staff members? For our students with disabilities? For our students in temporary housing and our multilingual families who have continually been the last to receive pertinent Covid-19 and school reopening related information in languages that they can understand? What does this mean for families of our youngest learners for whom vaccinations are not yet available, and those who have made a commitment to adhering to safety guidelines to protect public health?

These are the questions students, parents, guardians, and school staff have been asking since the school year ended. As we gear up for reopening, our expectation is that our Chancellor, Mayor, Governor, City Council and the NYC Department of Education will lead with compassion and equity at the center of their thinking rather than a desire to be the ‘largest school district to fully reopen’ at all costs.

The 700,000 remote learners who received no systemic support throughout this pandemic refuse to be this city’s collateral damage. We will not allow our children to be packed into already overcrowded school buildings that are not prepared to adequately meet their needs just so the outgoing Mayor can build his legacy on the backs of our students and their underpaid and overworked educators.

What’s more, if indeed schools have low spread, it is because the majority of public school parents have prioritized public health by remaining remote, allowing families and schools to be responsible and diligent about maintaining safety protocols, and facilitating communities prioritizing their most vulnerable families in both mitigation and prevention. It is irresponsible and ignorant to remove all those mechanisms that kept everyone safe and expect the same results on the backs of our students.


A centralized remote option that prioritizes social emotional learning and culturally responsive curriculum, and allows for student voice, parent empowerment and teacher autonomy. This can be borough or district based to avoid the staffing issues schools experienced last year.

Free universal broadband.

A QUALITY, working, internet connected device, headset and/ or keyboard where age appropriate in the hands of every public school student who needs one. Our suggestion is a keyboard for every middle and high school student since long form writing and essays are difficult to perform on a tablet or phone. This may apply to older elementary students as well and should be considered.

Language justice, translation and interpretation in line with all remote options.

Snail mail in addition to digital correspondence updating families and educators on the status of remote options this fall.

Opportunities to collaborate and make remote learning work for all stakeholders who require it.

When New York City educators, students and families look back on this time they won’t remember being ‘the largest school system to reopen.’ They will remember whether our city’s leadership prioritized it’s most vulnerable students and staff and created a feasible remote option for the majority of New York City’s public school families.

We hope you will make the right decision in supporting our school communities.

In Solidarity with Public School Families and Staff,

Bronx Parent Leaders Advocacy Group
Black Lives Matter At School NY Steering Committee
Movement of Rank and File Educators - UFT Caucus
Community Education Council District 14
Community Education Council 4
Parents for Responsive Equitable Safe Schools- PRESS NYC
Parents Supporting Parents NY
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families
Frack Outta BK
Showing Up For Racial Justice- SURJ NYC
Teachers Unite
D14 Revolution

Sign the Petition Support students, educators, school staff and parents fighting for a remote option!


Get Vaccinated Or Miss Out On NYC

Photos from Eric Adams's post 05/27/2021

Photos from Eric Adams's post


On April 29th, I will receive the Lifetime Community Service Award from @HostosCollege. Proud to be receiving this and privileged to have worked w/ Hostos for 40+ years. I invite all of my friends to join in the virtual event, please register for free at: https://www. hostosbenefit .com/registration


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is the city’s strongest, most effective leader on behalf of the Bronx & Latino New Yorkers -- & I’m honored to have his support. Ruben & I are from different boroughs, but we come from the same place, & together, we’ll fight to make this City fairer for all.

Friends of Pelham Parkway host Earth Day cleanups – Bronx Times 04/23/2021

Friends of Pelham Parkway host Earth Day cleanups – Bronx Times

Friends of Pelham Parkway host Earth Day cleanups – Bronx Times On April 17, Friends of Pelham Parkway hosted an Earth Day cleanup event with Councilman and Borough President Candidate Fernando Cabrera.


Health and Wellness Chat

Photos from Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx's post 04/08/2021

Councilman Fernando Cabrera for Fernando Cabrera for Bronx Borough President 2021 vote June 22!

Senator Gustavo Rivera on New York Nursing Homes | New York NOW 03/23/2021

Senator Gustavo Rivera on New York Nursing Homes | New York NOW

Senator Gustavo Rivera on New York Nursing Homes | New York NOW The controversy over the Cuomo administration's handling of nursing homes continues. Senate Health Chair Gustavo Rivera, D-Bronx, has an update.Learn More: h...

Photos from Hon. Gustavo Rivera's post 03/23/2021

Photos from Hon. Gustavo Rivera's post


Let our neighborhood support one of our own!

He is:

A resident in KH
A faith based leader in KH
A Councilmember for KH
And let’s make him our NEXT Bronx Borough President from KH!!!!!

Community Mural For Earth Day 03/03/2021

Community Mural For Earth Day

Community Mural For Earth Day Join me and make a gift to the Community Mural For Earth Day!

NYC Town Hall on Environmental Justice 02/28/2021

NYC Town Hall on Environmental Justice

NYC Town Hall on Environmental Justice An overview of NYC's Environmental Justice Program & information on how you can help develop the first Environmental Justice for All Report.

Photos from Mayor Bill de Blasio's post 02/28/2021

Bronx Proud


#SBLV: Amanda Gorman Performs Pregame Poem


Black History Month Conversation

High school students could be fully trained plumbers and electricians by age 20 | CBC News 02/07/2021

High school students could be fully trained plumbers and electricians by age 20 | CBC News

High school students could be fully trained plumbers and electricians by age 20 | CBC News Windsor-Essex electricians and plumbers could be fully qualified to work by the time they are 20 years old. That's if they take advantage of an expanding skilled trades program the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and St. Clair College have been working on.


The Pierre and Tana Matisse Scholarship 2020

The Pierre and Tana Matisse Scholarship 2020 The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation is committed to supporting people from communities who directly experience the consequences of injustice and discrimination every day of their lives. In partnership with UNCF, the Foundation has developed The Pierre and Tana Matisse Scholarship program to provi...

Photos from Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx's post 02/02/2021

From our Councilman Fernando Cabrera

Gardens have pulled America out of some of its darkest times. We need another revival. 02/02/2021

Gardens have pulled America out of some of its darkest times. We need another revival.

Gardens have pulled America out of some of its darkest times. We need another revival. Despite the headlines, Victory Gardens aren’t back. Not yet.

Photos from Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx's post 01/31/2021

From Senator Gustavo Rivera

Photos from Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association/Boogie Down Bronx's post 01/27/2021

Bronx Always Representing !

2021 Borough President 01/23/2021

2021 Borough President

2021 Borough President Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.


We are Community Activist working toghether to improve our neighborhood

Description & History
The Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, Inc. (KHNIA) was incorporated in 1980. We are a community-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to organizing neighborhood residents to stabilize and improve our community. KHNIA is committed to using a grassroots approach: community leaders are involved by working on issues and making decisions affecting this neighborhood and the neighborhood association. We bring together tenants, parents, homeowners, religious leaders, merchants, and community members to organize for better schools, decent and affordable housing, community reinvestment, safer streets, community development of the Kingsbridge Armory, and a better quality of life.



2805 University Ave, Apt B
The Bronx, NY

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

Other Nonprofit Organizations in The Bronx (show all)
Bronx Zoo Bronx Zoo
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The Bronx Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s flagship park, has created a unique window into the natural world for city dwellers in the heart of the Bronx, and serves as a springboard for conservation efforts across the entire planet.

Pregones / PRTT Pregones / PRTT
571 Walton Ave
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Pregones / Puerto Rican Traveling Theater — Two Great Stages, One Great Theater! Get on the Bronx-Manhattan Theater Express!

Casita Maria Center For Arts & Education Casita Maria Center For Arts & Education
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The first and oldest Latino serving charitable organization in NYC, founded in 1934. Presents diverse, contemporary visual & performing arts & education programming for all ages.

The DreamYard Project The DreamYard Project
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DreamYard uses the arts as a tool to improve teaching and learning & to build community. As the largest arts learning provider in the Bronx, DY impacts the social and intellectual growth of thousands through safe, and creatively challenging programs.

Congregation Tehillah Congregation Tehillah
4450 Fieldston Rd
The Bronx, 10471

Learn more about our community that is committed to an environment in which all are welcome wherever they or their families find themselves on their Jewish journey, inclusive of any age, race, orientation, gender identity, ability, and economic status.

Bronx Community Health Network - BCHN Bronx Community Health Network - BCHN
1 Fordham Plz, Suite 1108
The Bronx, 10458

BCHN assures access to quality, affordable medical, behavioral and oral health and related services for over 114,000 children and adults annually at 21 network health centers, including 9 school-based health centers.

Community Connections for Youth - CCFY Community Connections for Youth - CCFY
369 E 149th St, 7th Floor
The Bronx, 10455

Building Community Capacity for Juvenile Justice Reform

Maharat Maharat
3700 Henry Hudson Pkwy
The Bronx, 10463

Maharat is the first yeshiva to ordain women to serve as Orthodox clergy and was founded in 2009.

WFUV Public Radio WFUV Public Radio
441 E Fordham Rd
The Bronx, 10458

Music discovery starts here. |

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women Sauti Yetu Center for African Women
The Bronx

Sauti Yetu Center for African Women, is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing poor and low income African immigrant women to improve the qualities of their lives, strengthen their families and develop their communities.

Affinity by Molina Healthcare Affinity by Molina Healthcare
1776 Eastchester Rd
The Bronx, 10461

Non-Discrimination Notice:

En Foco En Foco
15 Canal Place
The Bronx, 10451

En Foco is a non-profit that supports contemporary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific.