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Experience and recognition are most important factors, when dealing with area rugs. Each and every rug needs specific attention. We have work with hundreds

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Safe Rug Carpet Cleaners's cover photo

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New York Safe Rug Area Rug Cleaners Carpet Cleaners

We are the only area rug cleaners in tri states that have area rug cleaning machine, if the rug is not cleaned this way, then it is not clean.


Safer rug cleaning 05/29/2017

Rugs are area floor covering , it is a decorative part of floor furnishing , ... Rugs are area floor covering , it is a decorative part of floor furnishing , rugs acts as filters they absorb dusts and they need to be properly cleaned... - Mike Rightman - Google+


Persian antique unique one of a kind left from 1870 , wool pile cotton foundation , signature rug. This unique rug is a investment rug , Persian antique rugs of this era become double in value every 12 to 15 years.


Safe rug cleaning an antique persian rug. Rugs expert .

[05/09/16]   Safe rug.


A safe rug is a rug that does not harm residence of the room. Natural fiber like wool, cotton, and silk are ideal choice. Safe rug must not have synthetic fiber or glue in them; synthetic fiber will release harmful gases that are captured within they molecular structure when exposed to heat in the room or in hot weather climate. We can feel these gases in term of odor coming out of the rug.

The best type of rug for home is true handmade rug with natural fibers, tufted rugs are not an ideal choice for home specially if there are children around. A tufted rug is made of canvas where the yarn of wool is pushed into the canvas holes by machine and then the back is covered by latex or glue, then the glue is covered with linen. After a few years of use and cleaning the glue will loses its glue on property and deteriorate into the room air. Tufted rugs are not a true handmade. If you believe a computer is hand made since the finishing and packaging done by hand then tufted rug is hand made. Never buy a rug for your home if the glue is used in the rug construction.

Never steam clean or surface wash your area rug, it is harmful for both, the rug and you. Steam cleaning will deposit high PH detergent in the foundation of the rug, that in time it enter into breathing air and it also rot the rug in few years of repetitive cleaning.
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Safer rug cleaning


Safe area rug cleaning


Do not buy a rug that can not be clean with water and households detergent.

Safe Rug Carpet Cleaners

If the rug is not washed this way, then it is not clean. We are the only carpet cleaners in New York that has area rug cleaning machine

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New York  Safe Rug Area Rug Cleaners Carpet Cleaners
Safer rug cleaning
Safer rug cleaning
Safe area rug cleaning




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