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At Bella Fashion, we provide residential cleaning services to people in the Bronx, NY. Here at BellaFashion our Mission is complete customer satisfaction and get the most for their money.

We have the highest quality products and only hire experienced professionals. We over recurring maid services or we can do a one time clean. Call us today and let us professional clean your home

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[02/02/17]   Do you ever feel like you’d get more use out of your bathtub if it didn’t require quite so much scrubbing to get rid of the soap scum? Remember, no one ever said you have to be the one to do all that scrubbing on your own.

[01/31/17]   Refrigerator shelves and doors can easily get sticky and messy from leaking jars and other foods. To keep your refrigerator clean - and sanitary - wipe up spills as soon as you notice them. Find a secure place for jars and make sure lids are tightly secured.

[01/26/17]   Unfortunately, the bathroom can be one of the more difficult rooms to clean and to keep clean. If the idea of scrubbing the tub on your hands and knees isn’t your idea of the perfect Saturday afternoon, you may want to contact a cleaning service.

[01/24/17]   There are many reasons why it's important to keep house dust under control. Not only does house dust aggravate allergies, but it can also contain hazardous chemicals such as pesticides.

[01/19/17]   If your family is so busy that even the most basic cleaning chores are tough to get around to, completing a thorough deep clean could feel impossible. Remember, we’re always available to ensure that all those little nooks and crannies of your home are just as clean as you need them to be.

[01/17/17]   We know it can be difficult to handle every home cleaning project on your own, especially with the demands of balancing a family, a job and a busy schedule of activities. We provide reliable cleaning services to give you a little extra time in your day.

[01/12/17]   It’s important to remember that hiring a professional to clean your home isn’t always a luxury that’s out of reach. Let’s talk about the cleaning tasks you need done and the size of your home so that we can help you determine what services are within your budget.

[01/10/17]   One of the best reasons to hire a cleaning service is because the cleaners will have access to professional equipment. Instead of spending many hours of shopping and hundreds or even thousands of dollars for pricey supplies and equipment, you can let the professionals take care of it.

[01/05/17]   Are there parts of your home you want the maid service to avoid? Simply let the maids know and they will omit the specified areas from cleaning.

[01/03/17]   In the unfortunate event that you have to take care of a sick or injured loved one, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help take care of household chores. Keeping a home clean and tidy is an everyday chore that can fall to the wayside when unexpected life events occur. Let us help keep your home comfortable, clean, and inviting while you tend to your loved one.

[12/29/16]   After a busy, hectic week of work, the last thing most people want to do with their time off is clean the house. Hiring a cleaning service can free up your free time and allow you to fully enjoy your weekends.

[12/27/16]   If you or members of your family suffer from allergies or asthma, consider hiring a cleaning service to help you keep your home free of dust, mites, and other allergens. Regular professional cleaning can make a big difference in many cases.

[12/22/16]   Have you started a new job that is leaving you little time for cleaning and organizing? Consider hiring a professional housecleaning service to help you keep your home tidy while you focus on your new job. At the very least, hiring a professional to clean your home for two to four hours a week can make a huge difference.

[12/20/16]   What exactly did a parlor maid do? Parlor maids were very common in upper class households during the 1800s and even well into the 1900s and were responsible for caring for a home’s reception room and tea table and also had to answer the door in the butler’s absence.

[12/15/16]   Care to guess how many hours a day are typically spent on household tasks like cleaning and laundry? If you guessed 2.6, you're right. If you delay a lot of cleaning chores to the weekend, chances are you're spending prime time wielding a dust cloth or vacuum cleaner.

[12/13/16]   How often do you really look down at the baseboards in your rooms? Just like any other surface, they attract dust and particles that can accumulate over time. If this isn’t part of your cleaning regimen, we can make it part of ours.

[12/08/16]   When you’re having an important gathering at your home, you may have a lot on your plate to get ready for it in addition to house cleaning. If you need to ensure your home is ready to go, we can take care of the cleaning while you handle your other errands.

[12/06/16]   Before contracting with a residential housecleaning service, it's important to get organized, as this will ensure you get the help you need. Write down specifically what you want done, including rooms, specific furnishings, and other items like floors or dishes.

[12/01/16]   Hiring a cleaning service to deep clean appliances is a great idea. Ovens, dishwashers, fridges and kitchen cupboards are often neglected for long periods and can be potential health risks if left unattended.

[11/29/16]   Green house cleaning involves using products and methods that promote both a healthier environment inside and outside of your home. A product that is truly green should not contain harmful toxins or chemicals that may irritate skin.

[11/24/16]   One way to save money if you hire a cleaning service is to do tidying and organizing like reshelving books and picking things up off the floor yourself. This leaves the cleaning service free to concentrate on tasks like dusting, mopping, and sweeping.

[11/22/16]   If you’re about to put your home on the market, dust matters because it can draw attentions to imperfections. Having your home professionally cleaned before you start showing it is a smart idea.

[11/17/16]   Spring cleaning is not just for the spring anymore, especially if you have a large family. Each seasons brings new levels of clutter and dirt into the home. Our cleaning service can help with these seasonal transitions.

[11/15/16]   What was laundry blue? This was one of the most common laundry additives used to brighten white clothes and hide yellow tints on older or stained pieces of fabric. Laundry blue was sold well into the mid-1900s and was most often crafted with a blue color pigment known as ultramarine.

[11/10/16]   Did you know that the Whirlwind was the first vacuum cleaner? It was invented by Ives McGaffey on June 8, 1869, was made of wood and canvas, and required users to pump it by hand.

[11/08/16]   Do you feel like dust is accumulating on surfaces to quickly after you've cleaned the house? If you have an ionizing function on your fans, consider using them to neutralize dust particles.

[11/03/16]   What was a mangle woman? This was a woman who would collect cleaned linens and laundry during the 1700s and 1800s to press the laundry using a device known as a Baker’s mangle. Two people were needed to operate these large heavy presses that could take out even the most severe wrinkles.

[11/01/16]   Ever wonder how soap actually gets things clean? Soaps are made of sodium or potassium fatty acid salts that are produced from the hydrolysis of fats in a chemical reaction called saponification. Soap acts as an emulsifying agent, suspending oil and dirt in such a way that it can be removed.

[10/27/16]   If you’re going to be hosting your family for a holiday or special event, you know that your home will be under scrutiny. Let us ensure there are no errant dust bunnies for that nosy aunt to uncover.

[10/25/16]   The beauty of working with a cleaning service on a regular basis is that your home won’t have the ability to get all that messy between visits. Not only will your home be ready for surprise visitors, but you’ll also get more enjoyment out of it during your free time.

[10/20/16]   Did you know that throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s, it was customary for maids to have multiple uniforms to wear throughout the day? These uniforms included morning, afternoon, tea and dinner uniforms in addition to the more formal uniforms worn during special occasions.

[10/18/16]   What was a scullery maid? This was the lowest ranking maid in households from the 1600s up to the 1900s. A scullery maid, also known as a hall girl in the U.S., was in charge of cleaning floors, pots, dishes, stoves and sinks.

[10/13/16]   Can you provide the supplies for a residential home cleaning yourself? Some clients prefer the use of specific cleansers, like green or hypoallergenic products. For that reason, most agencies will accommodate a client's preferences and price the job accordingly.

[10/11/16]   Did you know that odor-producing mold and bacteria can grow in the bottoms of garbage cans even if you put liners in these containers regularly? This is because moisture becomes trapped between the trash liners and trashcans.

[10/06/16]   The number one reason people decide to hire a cleaning service is a busy schedule. Work, family commitments, or other tasks often take precedence over cleaning. Having a professional help with home upkeep can reduce stress and enable you to focus on other things.




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