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Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial updated their website address. 10/08/2021

Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial updated their website address.

Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial updated their website address.

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 06/28/2021

Pride was a flipping blast!
The energy was wild & so positive!
This is why i love
Thank you to all who walked the path & fought for our right to be seen, heard, and learn self acceptance.
Continue to celebrate pride every damn day of the year!

First time out in NYC with a full beat!


A lil' sum sum I whipped up for my weekend escapades with @kikicurves & @muvamucci


Trashy but classy??.. 😇

Just feels kinda nice to be getting back to sewing & designing.
After the surgery,I couldn't find the inspiration nor had the physical ability to create.

Timeline photos 06/02/2021

It's one of the most freeing months of the year!
I'm so happy to be queer, despite all the hate & negativity our community often receives.
So let your flags fly proud & set an example by living your life loudly and proudly!
Enjoy my first 😘

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 04/09/2021

The draping process
Starting my first project since being discharged!
I've already started sewing using the final fabric.

PS- Feel Free to DM for your own custom design/look

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 02/04/2021

The last thing we did for the competition was to create a hero persona with back story.....
Meet Star Fly:
🌠Star Fly🌠

She was a humble worker at the ☣Aeronautics Nucleosynthesis Exploration Space System☣– but when an evil gangster accidentally knocked her into an experimental nuclear fusion reactor at A.N.E.S.S, she was transformed beyond recognition! Now, her powers will help her track down the gangster responsible for her strange new life!
Her super powers are:

🌟Star Creation - Her powers give her the ability to create miniature stars, tiny super-heated suns that you can manipulate and hurl as weapons or imbue her trusty sword & hands with heat up to a recorded 20.5 trillion kelvin! Even with the ability to create low level constructs.

💠Niflheim Realm Connection - Due to the unknown elements within the reactor she now has a connection to one of the primordial realms of ice & frozen rivers. Void of any warmth. (Where she usually sends the universes most vile)

🔮Precognition (limited) - She has the ability to see a few seconds into the future, giving her great luck and incredible reaction times when fighting the evil of Koochtopia.

🤹🏼Telekinesis - She has the power to move and manipulate any object with her mind!

💪Absolute Conditioning - She has a supreme mental, physical condition, & durability. Her strength, speed, mind and other qualities are vastly superior to that of all other beings in her universe.
🧘🏽‍♀️Astral Projection

She Is now the anti-hero known as Star Fly. Now she protects Koochtopia from petty criminals while also battling the universal evil plans of The Mad Pediculosis Pubis! 🦀😡🦀

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 12/05/2020

This Was the first true week of competition on @quarantintadragcomp
With this weeks assignment/challenge being Drag Inspiration.
I wrote a quick elevator pitch below that explains what inspires my drag.

So go check out what myself and the other contestants turned out this week. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY GO TO THEIR STORY AND VOTE FOR ME! GIMME A 'TOOT'
Public opinion counts. Now help me win this, BC I deserve it!!
Hi it's ya girl Karlie Lola Dior again! 33 years old currently living in the Bronx New York. I just started drag in June 2020 and am still learning what inspires my art.

However, I created & made this look and most of my drag looks which are inspired by horror/the supernatural, high fashion specifically paying homage to historical fashion houses and designers, with a splash of any form of domination or authority.
This look encapsulates what I'm good at: being a creative fashionable oddball with a twisted sense of humor that goes against the grain & can turn out fully well made looks in a matter of days or hours.


You all do not know how excited I am!!
Very proud to be a contestant in the @quarantintadragcomp
Along side vseveral other talented queens, kings, & everything in between.
Here's the promo video introducing this "Qunt"
I joined @quarantintadragcomp to push myself & get a platform during these crazy isolating times to share the zaniness that is Karlie Dior
MAKE SURE you follow @quarantintadragcomp to keep up with the progress of my self and the other artists taking this journey with me. Feel free to comment & like whomever you want.... lol in no way is this a self serving PSA 😅
HOWEVER public opinion does have a slight hand in judgment. So your opinion does matter!!
Be heard! Lol

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 11/28/2020

All hail the Queen Medusa 2020!!
She's ascended from her crypt with
a renewed vitality.....
Get into it!
I hope that each time you see me I've improved my skills in some manner.
As always,TIPS go a long way!
Cash App: $KarlieDiorNyc

Timeline photos 11/22/2020

Felt like a little movie snack🍬🍏

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 11/16/2020

Just your average weeping
blood sucking mistress of the night
wanted to explore other characters
& makeup looks.
how'd I do??

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 11/07/2020

Ooky Spooky bitch!!
Honestly had so much fun
creating this look. From the
blazer to the makeup to the wig.
There are things I'd do to enhance the details next time I experiment.
I'll be selling versions of the blazer for $150
@ Bronx, NY


Sorry to have been
slacking on posting, but I
was working on the beauty for 6 straight days!!
Have A few more adjustments to make, like adding ruffles
where there's gaps, adding more top stitching, & inserting shoulder pads.
I live for this lewq!
It's a statement piece on its own,
no pants necessary!
PS as always you all can feel free to hit me up for your own custom orders or recreations of my lewqs


30 hours in on this catsuit
and I'm almost finished!!
Really wanted a lace catsuit, so
I made one......
Ain't she a bad bitch?!?
Letting her dry while I work on adding rhinestones to the matching gloves I made.
Oo oo oh, Chile!
(Will prob make in size S/M-L/1X)

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 09/29/2020

Well, if anything is certain,
I'll have wigs for days!
Meet, Lucille
100% virgin Peruvian hair
Watercolored with 4 colors
Come thru fall🍂🍃🍂
Will prob post this to sell
Comment or DM (4now)


Improving on the body+comfort
New corset (steel boned)✔
New hip pads✔
Graft/transfer a portion of hips to the ass✔
Tits?... who needs them❓..✔
I think I happy with the balance.
Platinum lvl Achievement!

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 09/27/2020

Baby went out for the
first time in full drag
to deliver a birthday cake,
bc she's domesticated & has a
baking business @addictivecravings
The top of the box kinda shushed the top of the cake un during a hug😑
But it was great!
Received compliments and zero negativity, which was surprising!
Can't wait to do it again!!

Photos from Karlie Lola Dior Unofficial's post 09/16/2020

I KNOW I say this every single
time I create something, but.... .
I _💕_her
Love the way I feel when
I'm wearing her.
Also available for sale (a copy, not this exact one)


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