Bill's Barn

Bill's Barn


New on Disney Prime.....
Sharing a great memory of a wonderful Bluegrass Brunch at the Barn when most of "the regulars" were able to make it. At about 4:20 on this video 😋, Ron recorded our bonded bunch playing & singing "Angel from Montgomery," (which has been one of my fave songs since college). I've been so happy to be able to find such a wonderful group of people to play it with, whenever possible. OH, and I am so glad that Rob *finally* let me be the one to sing "I am an old woman."

R.I.P. John Prine - thank you, thank you, for the music.

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As previously posted there will NOT be a Bluegrass Brunch @ the Barn this week do to Mustard recording. However Craig Hamilton has graciously offered to host this weeks jam at his home in Kingston!!! Yah and thank you Craig :-) do to privacy concerns this is not a Fully open public jam, but if you have ever been to or are part of the Bluegrass Brunch crew you are very welcome. Please P.M me or Craig for the address and details. Happy February, heading towards spring! Please pass this along to anybody that I may have missed or are not on FB that should know this information.
This Saturday is a cosmic event of epic proportion... don't miss it
Thanks to Bills Barn for hosting last night.
New Frustrations were superb. We had a great time.
To my Barn family: (yes, because you are a bunch of animals) thank you for such an amazing musical weekend, including letting me bang on your drums during brunch, Dave Saraiva, and for the technique tips, Jimbo 🙂 Thanks William Cordaro (and Sky, of course) for the hospitality, per usual.✌️🎶🍻
Bill warming up at Gonzo with the Sheep and his dog.

Bill's Barn is a private music venue located in Lakeville, MA.

Operating as usual

Mystery You - Bill Cordaro 02/21/2022

Mystery You - Bill Cordaro

Video from recording sessions @Bills Barn. Mystery You by Bill Cordaro with Susan Weber on accordion. The single will be available March 1st.

Mystery You - Bill Cordaro Mystery You - Acoustic single with footage from the recording sessions @Bills Barn. With Susan Weber on accordion.

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release 10/23/2021

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release A snippet of the tunes from the album. A peak into behind the scenes recording and some live shots of BC & The Wily Groove.

Boogyman Shuffle 10/09/2021

Boogyman Shuffle

Boogyman Shuffle

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release 10/01/2021

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release

BoogyMan Shuffle Album Release A snippet of the tunes from the album. A peak into behind the scenes recording and some live shots of BC & The Wily Groove.

Single Tree Falls, the single. Available now. 09/24/2021

Single Tree Falls, the single. Available now.

Single Tree Falls, the 3rd single off BoogyMan Shuffle, is now available wherever you get your music. For more information about BoogyMan Shuffle & Bill Cordaro & The Wily Groove check out their bios
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Single Tree Falls, the single. Available now. The third single being released in advance of the BoogyMan Shuffle album. For more info on The Wily Groove you can check out the bios @www.ormusproductions....

AngelsHowl, The Single 09/17/2021

AngelsHowl, The Single

AngelsHowl, The Single Featuring Stephanie Bates on lead Vox, here's a snippet of Angle's Howl - The second single off the BoogyMan Shuffle album.

BoogyMan Shuffle, The Single - Release Announcement 09/14/2021

BoogyMan Shuffle, The Single - Release Announcement

A long time coming, but I'm happy to say, the first single, the title track from BoogyMan Shuffle is now available. We'll be putting out a couple more singles over the next few weeks before the full album comes out on October 1st. Thank you to the talented members of the Wily Groove. We'll be introducing them along the way! This first single is a fine introduction to the splendid Saxaphone of Mr. Hanwar Harnett. Hope you enjoy this snippet- BoogyMan Shuffle, Bill Cordaro & The Wily Groove

BoogyMan Shuffle, The Single - Release Announcement A snippet of my new single, BoogyMan Shuffle. This is the title track from the album which will be available October 1st.Angel's Howl - single, coming out F...

Luke Jackson & Elliott Norris - Home 08/28/2021

Luke Jackson & Elliott Norris - Home

Well, this cat's agent reached out to Bill's Barn to check on booking a show. Luke Jackson, from across the pond. Apparently Bill's Barn is huge in the UK. Probably we're big in Antarctica too, from from what i hear. Luke - Neat tune - keep on keeping on -A link to his music/video and spread the music....

Luke Jackson & Elliott Norris - Home Luke Jackson - vocals, guitarElliott Norris - drumshttps://lukepauljackson.comNorderstedt, Music Star 26-11-2019 cameras: Heiner La...


mustard practice....happy spring

mustard paractice


Hello from the Barn. I hope everyone is doing well. Folks have asked about events at the barn, so I figured I'd send a note out. At the moment, I'm not planning any private "public" events. While we are just now working through band practice sessions and how best to manage those responsibly, I do look forward to a proper gathering down the line. In the meantime, we will look to host a "live from the barn" session soon and, there is quite a bit on the music front happening here, as I work through my debut album and with Colonel Mustard and Joe Patten, we all work through the Colonel Mustard release. I've been part of a number of great virtual jams and gatherings and can see lots of folks around here getting some good things out on the music front. The energy seems to have inspired some "different" musical adventures for a lot of us as well. UJB has mastered the virtual "together but apart" live broadcasts. Some live shows are starting up this weekend in the area. Play on, play well.


Starry Nights Ranch Bed & Breakfast, LLC

As things slowly open up, if you are looking for a splendid retreat in the beautiful, big sky country of southern Colorado, our friends and family west are open for business. I'll be heading back out there sometime soon myself. It's just outside of Mesa Verde, good proximity to Arches and Canyonlands. In fact, you don't need to go anywhere. The ranch itself is set in beautiful country with super views and hiking. They've just launched their new website. Congratulations, Fritz family west....

We are thrilled to unveil our new site: Find booking information, take a virtual tour, catch up on our latest blogs, and discover a bit of the magical history and beauty in our majestic corner of the world. We are blessed with ample room to safely accommodate visitors during this challenging time. We are wishing everyone well and hope to see you soon. In the meantime, check out our site and take yourself on a virtual tour of Starry Nights Ranch, Mancos, Colorado.


Bill's Barn

Bill's Barn is a private music venue located in Lakeville, MA.


Friendly Reminder, due to Mustard Recording sessions, no BGB at Barn today - however, do see Rob's post about alternate location @ CraigHamilton's¬if_t=page_wall&mailbox_id=1569320986727588&selected_item_id=2577074965952180


Due to Engine Five Studios and Mr. Joe Patten's Takeover of Bill's Barn for Colonel Mustard recording sessions, there will not be a BlueGrass Brunch this weekend. Please pass the word along and...stay tuned...

Untitled Album 01/28/2020

Studio Five Takeover Bill's Barn


There is NO BlueGrass Brunch This Sunday. We'll be away hosting the annual IPNE Conference and Book Awards. Please pass the word along. The Bluegrass will be happening in Marlboro Saturday night to cap off the award ceremony.


The Holding, Debut Novel by M.A. Newhall

Ormus Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of this riveting psychological erotic thriller. M.A. Newhall's debut novel, The Holding Broken. It’s the...


Independent Publishers of New England Enjoying the 2019 Boston Book Festival

Staring Eddie Vincent with cameos by David, Mark, Brian and a sneak preview by way of background music - A Bill Cordaro Ormus Production EP, BoogyMan Shuffle... 10/17/2019

Boston Book Festival Celebrating the power of words to stimulate, agitate, unite, delight, and inspire, Boston Book Festival presents year-round events culminating in an annual festival that promotes a culture of reading and ideas and enhances the vibrancy of our city.


Tomorrow night Colonel Mustard will be kicking off our joe p “one foot in the grave” celebration. Joe will be playing with many of his musical cohorts. As always only invite folks your comfortable vouching for.


BlueGrass Reminder - in lieu of the June Brunch, this month's Bluegrass will be held at 11pm this Saturday here at Gonzo Fest - The Bonfire Bluegrass Jam. There will be no BGB on June 2nd. Please share this with any of the BGB regulars.


No Blue Grass Brunch Tomorrow - we will be moving it out a week due to orders of the cosmos....will send out event early next week - in the meantime, there is some Antwerp's Placebo this evening in the Barn.


No Blue Grass Barn Brunch for February - a few maintenance issues at the barn to be sorted out over the next few weeks so no blue grass barn brunch for February. I guess there's some football game being played the first Sunday of February as well. There are a few barn regular events coming up outside the barn - Jazz Oddity at Yangtze on February 1st. Colonel Mustard and Sheeps at Yangtze March 1st. Will keep you posted. cheers


New Grass Blue Grass Cosmic Brunch - August Bluegrass Brunch will be hosted in Plympton, Ma Sunday August 5th. Mr. Rob Dragunas will be putting an invite out, which we will share. If you don't already know why this month's Bluegrass may have moved, message Rob Dragunas or me and we will give you the address. If you do know why, please, DONT publicize it here :-)


Friendly Reminder, the first Sunday of April is Easter, so there is NO Bluegrass Brunch. We'll gather again first Sunday in May!


01-27-2018 Original Sin Night at Bill's Barn : Bill Cordaro & The Abettors : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Bill Cordaro and the Abettors Sound Tracks from a Night of Original Sin, courtesy of Joe Pennacchio...

01. Intro02. Ballad of Grace and Sin03. Bill Talks04. Peculiar Rain05. The I Train06. Bill Talks again07. Reflecting on Shadow08. Light of the Dying Sun09....


The State of The Barn

Two hundred and twenty eight years ago, on the eight day of January, then president George Washington delivered the first joint message to congress, what is now known as the State of the Union. It seems only fitting, at such a momentous time that, when some will celebrate and some will lament the address to be given by the current occupant of the oval office, we take this opportunity to present the first State of the Barn.

It was nearly one quarter of one score years ago in the ancient lands of the Wampanoag when the Barn doors opened, greeting all who love music and ringing out the melodies of the cosmos. What was once a sawmill had transformed.
The early pilgrims survived that first winter in a cold and smoky room, heated only by an unsafe and rather unhealthy hand welded tin wood stove. We pause to honor the years of our future lives that we sacrificed breathing in that air. And though the early winters were cold, the music kept us warm. We take a moment to reflect on Neighbor Dave’s great contribution to the community in rebuilding the central heating and reducing the toxicity levels.

There has been much debate about the facts and fake news in recent times and it is incumbent upon all of us that we put aside our predispositions and prejudices and open ourselves to truth.
Some of our constituents claim that the FACT is that the best music comes from the BlueGrass Brunch sessions. Others claim that it is Gonzo Fest. Some will say Colonel Mustard, some will say Dupree’s, Viper Allstars, The Sheeps, The Dead Jams, Antwerp’s Placebo, Smoke Break, Jazz Oddity, The Dribbs, or Open Mic. But let’s agree on the facts. None have ever said Mudslide. And Joe P will always say it has to be either Dupree’s, Jazz Oddity, Dead Jams or Antwerp's.
Still, others will say it was amateur comedy night even though there was no music played that night.
The facts: All will agree that the Halloween Costume Jam when Kilgore wore his skin tight naked costume and Mudslide Jim wore his baby costume complete with diaper, was the best costume night of the Barn.

We have overcome great challenges and trying times. There was a man falling into a fire. Then there was another man falling into a fire the following year. Then there was a woman falling into a fire the year after that. Maybe we should reconsider fire.

As we may be distracted by this other address tonight, let us remember, facts actually do exist, nothing will be said that will ruin the music and at this moment, we are not falling into a fire.

The Barn


No Bluegrass Barn Brunch for January....Due to lack of parking (occupied by snow), the trailer being snowed in and the sub 0 temperatures, the first Bluegrass for 2018 looks like February. Please pass word onto anyone who may not get Facebook updates. May the music keep you warm.


NO BlueGrass Jam in December
There will be no Bluegrass Jam in the Barn in December due to scheduling conflicts. Please share this notice with any BG page or lists that will let folks know so they can plan ahead.


Bill's Barn PRIVACY Reminder
While we've had a great run and very few issues at the barn, I feel like this is a good time to send a Bill's Barn Reminder out in hopes to not have to reset things. So, for all the "Friends" of the Barn, please remember this is a private backyard establishment, not intended for, nor open to, the public. So, please, do not share Barn events publicly on your page. You are welcome to invite any "good" people you are willing to vouch for and be responsible for. We have a very good thing going and would like to keep a very good thing going. If you know "good" people you would like to include in this scene, have them "like" or "friend" the Barn site and they will know what is on at the Barn. In that way, we will know who and how they are connected to the Barn and we'll continue to keep a good thing going without issues.
And...If music be the fruit of life, play on, play on.


Bill's Barn

No Bluegrass Jam in June - The Bluegrass jams have been splendid to date and we look forward to picking back up in July, but as always, the weeks after festivals, barn has some recouping and re-assembly to do. Please pass the word, the Barn will not be hosting Bluegrass Jam in June. We will resume in July.


No Bluegrass Jam in June - The Bluegrass jams have been splendid to date and we look forward to picking back up in July, but as always, the weeks after festivals, barn has some recouping and re-assembly to do. Please pass the word, the Barn will not be hosting Bluegrass Jam in June. We will resume in July.


Happy New Year Everyone! May we all shine our light as bright as our light might shine going into 2017.
For those who have inquired about the bluegrass jam - due to the holiday weekend, tomorrow night's open acoustic jam will take the place of the Sunday Bluegrass jam. The Bluegrass jam will return Sunday, February 5th.


That would be Sheeps practice


Ships practice in the the barn tonight, around 8ish...

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mustard practice....happy spring


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