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Custom Truck One Source Tampa offers rental, sales, parts, and repairs to a large array of heavy-duty equipment.

We have an extensive inventory of new cranes, bucket trucks, boom trucks, dump trucks, conveyors, digger derricks, pressure diggers, and aerial lifts and offer both new or used equipment customized to your needs. Along with rentals and sales, we have a 7-bay service center with an attached parts department and a vast inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts.

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Meet Jeff Meadus! Jeff works at our Calgary location as a Service Manager and has been with us for almost 5 years -- he will be celebrating his 5 year anniversary in December!

Jeff came to join our Custom Truck One Source family after being a Branch Manager from a company that sold cranes. When the downturn of the economy hit, the company had to close its doors which brought Jeff to us!

In his current role, Jeff oversees the service, welding, and production departments. He, also, looks over 3rd party service work on rental fleets across Canada. Prior to his current position at CTOS, Jeff worked tools on the shop floor, ordered parts, and completed park pickups.

In his free time, you can catch Jeff hunting, fishing, and camping. He also likes to spend time with his 3 dogs!

We appreciate all your hard work, Jeff!

View the Calgary location here >>>

Tooled-Up Trucks Tackle Jobs Quicker 10/21/2022

Tooled-Up Trucks Tackle Jobs Quicker

Avoid costly project delays while waiting on tools. Order a Custom Truck One Source toolkit with your next truck rental or purchase and cut lag time.

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Tooled-Up Trucks Tackle Jobs Quicker Custom Truck One Source sells tool kits that are loaded on your rented or purchased vehicles. It saves you from waiting around for a missing tool or glove that needs to be there before work can start.

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🇨🇦 We are looking forward to seeing our Canadian partners next week at the Canadian Utility Fleet Council. Be sure to stop by and meet the team and grab some swag.

CUFF is the only trade show that brings together fleet decision-makers from across Canada, driving safety and reliability with utility equipment manufacturers in North America. Fleet representatives and suppliers exchange ideas and best practices, as well as discussions on shared challenges to find solutions that benefit the safety of Canadian Utility Workers.

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Utility and telecom companies rely on pulling and tensioning equipment to install overhead and underground transmission systems. Shop used pulling & tensioning equipment >>>

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State of the Equipment Industry - Looking Ahead to 2023 10/17/2022

State of the Equipment Industry - Looking Ahead to 2023

Companies that buy their heavy equipment NOW will be in a better position for the upcoming year. Custom Truck One Source is fully aware of the heavy equipment marketing dynamics. We are ready to help you navigate future challenges!

Read a message from Joe Ross here >>>

State of the Equipment Industry - Looking Ahead to 2023 The equipment industry we serve is currently facing a multitude of challenges and uncertainties. Current supply-chain issues and policy changes on the horizon will affect equipment purchases, and businesses are looking for answers during these events.


Our El Reno team supporting with a luncheon.

Big shout out to Chad McLendon for organizing!


Day 2 of Lineman’s Rodeo! Come see us a booth #277! We are showcasing our utility tooling and supplies
Milwaukee Tool, Greenlee Tools, Columbus McKinnon

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Celebrating our CTOS Family in Forest, VA, for (Manufacturing Day)! Our team hosted a BBQ, and the candy bar was a huge hit!

More about Forest, VA. location- Custom Truck One Source Lynchburg is located off Highway 460. Our facility sits on a 28-acre campus that includes a 42,000 sq. ft. assembly plant, a 40,000 square foot fabrication facility, a repair shop, and five massive paint booths.

Our branch is the leading assembler of aerial lift trucks for the forestry industry and can upfit all Class 7 Chassis.

Our customer base includes independent tree trimmers to the larger production tree companies. Our campus stays stocked with chassis and lifts, which means we can deliver the products within weeks.

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is staging out of St. Petersburg, FL, clearing the neighborhoods so power can be restored. out of St. Petersburg, FL. It's probably been a very long week! Thanks, guys!

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Section 179 deductions are an important tax break for any small business. How will the 2022 changes affect you?

Read more here >>>

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It's that time of year! The International Lineman's Rodeo! 4 days of fun, food and giveaways!

We will be displaying our in-house-made fiberglass tools and stringing blocks, as well as gear we carry by leading brands, such as MilwaukeeTool, greenleetools, ColumbusMcKinnon!

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Moving tracked utility gear down south for .
The response from across the nation has been incredible. We are praying for the safety of all the crews working to restore resources to Florida. 🇺🇸⚡

A Guide to Extreme Weather and Railroad Tracks 09/30/2022

A Guide to Extreme Weather and Railroad Tracks

How does weather affect derailments, obstructions and delays?

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A Guide to Extreme Weather and Railroad Tracks If you work on the railroad, you know that weather conditions affect railway tracks. Read here for a guide to extreme weather and railroad tracks.


Our partner ready to help

Thanks to all who are working to rescue and restore Florida.

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It's that time of year! See you in Richmond at the MAC-ISA Annual Meeting!
Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center, Oct 2-4th.

The MAC-ISA is a trade association for arborists, urban foresters, and others involved in the caring of trees. mission is to promote a culture of safety while fostering education and research that support the care and benefits of trees.

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Kicking off the 2022 NACD Conference in Indy!

The mission of the NACD Procurement & Fleet Group is to raise the level of procurement and fleet professionalism among the members by advancing the strategic value of procurement and fleet to the dealers we represent.

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2022 Texas Tree Conference happening this week in Waco, TX!

Make Sure Your Lineworkers Are Protected 09/23/2022

Make Sure Your Lineworkers Are Protected

Incorporate a solid lineworker changeout program from your PPE to increase efficiency and avoid any safety compromises on the job.

Read more here >>>

Make Sure Your Lineworkers Are Protected A consistent PPE changeout program is a must for every company involved in utility services to ensure safety and efficiency. Custom Truck One Source can help you get started.

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Our team in Humble, TX celebrating ! 🍦
Who doesn't love a drumstick?🤷♂️


Kicking off the SCTE 2022!

Booth #11053 - Larson Cable Trailers Inc.

Boom Lifts, Cranes and Bucket Trucks 09/19/2022

Boom Lifts, Cranes and Bucket Trucks

Choosing the right equipment can sometimes feel like a daunting task. This blog will help you weigh the pros and cons of boom lifts, cranes, and bucket trucks.

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Boom Lifts, Cranes and Bucket Trucks Equipment used to elevate workers into position on tall buildings, trees or other structures varies slightly in their capabilities but all work similarly. Learn about a few options for work requiring an employee lift below.


Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll find our Lynchburg location. We have all the equipment for your #forestry and #treeservice needs. Our 28 acre facilities feature an assembly plant, fabrication facility, a repair shop and paint

Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll find our Lynchburg location. We have all the equipment for your and needs.

Our 28 acre facilities feature an assembly plant, fabrication facility, a repair shop and paint booths -- we can do it all!

View the Lynchburg location here >>>

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Stop by booth #11053 and meet the team!

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo is the largest cable industry learning and networking event in the Americas. Our Custom Truck team looks forward to seeing our industry partners SCTE 2022!

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We look forward to seeing our industry partners in Milwaukee next week!

We are SO excited to welcome you all to Milwaukee! 🤩

Outside of the conference, we encourage you to explore our host city and take advantage of all the great attractions it has to offer. From the Milwaukee Art Museum to boat tours, there are endless must-dos!

Visit to learn more about the many things to do while you're in Milwaukee!

Utility Arborist Association

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CTOS Employee Spotlight 📢

Meet Larry Dobyns, our Quality Control Manager, at our Forest, VA office! Larry has been with Custom Truck One Source for 27 years. Before his current role, Larry held positions as Equipment Assembler, Final Paint, Yard, and Chassis Prep.

Larry came to CTOS when he was hired to wash trucks. While working and learning more about the business, he was able to grow his career. In his current role as Quality Control Manager, Larry oversees quality control, outgoing and incoming equipment, and yard and material handling.

During his free time, you might catch Larry hunting, fishing, kayaking and other activities outside!

We appreciate you! Thanks for being part of our family!

View the Forest location here>>>

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Canadian Utility Engineering & Equipment show 2022!
Electricity Distributors Association September 13-14, at the International Centre.

Dump Trucks By Class 09/07/2022

Dump Trucks By Class

Equipment hauled in a dump truck will play into the Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Knowing the precautions will help ensure that you have a smooth ride.

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Dump Trucks By Class If you want to be a commercial driver, it’s important to learn the different dump truck classifications. After you start working in the industry, you should be able to categorize...

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Enjoy the long weekend!

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Our team will be in Frisco, TX. next week for the UTA_TSDOS be sure to stop by suite #305 and say hello!

From the Wheels Up: Bucket Trucks 08/29/2022

From the Wheels Up: Bucket Trucks

The first bucket truck was originally used to help pick fruits. See how it has evolved since the early 1900s.

Read more here >>>

From the Wheels Up: Bucket Trucks In the early 1900s, bucket trucks were known as cherry pickers. Read more to see how they have evolved over time.


Happy #nationaldogday to our employees' pups🐕 #37CTOSlocations #NationalDogDay2022 #NationalHoliday

Happy to our employees' pups🐕

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See you soon - stop by and meet the team, booth #427.
Check out the event and education schedule >>>


Truck Chassis Classifications 08/22/2022

Truck Chassis Classifications

Why do truck chassis classifications matter? It goes beyond the potential of needing a CDL.

Read more here >>>

Truck Chassis Classifications The chassis is what determines the size of a commercial vehicle. Keep reading to learn how your vehicle is classified according to its gross vehicle weight rating.

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Have you checked out our website?



Fort Worth has you covered!

​Located in the southern hub, just inside the NE Loop 820. You’ll find equipment for all industries we serve -, , , , , , , -rail and .

Sales, rental, parts, and exceptional service. We also have seven field-service technicians that are available 24/7 to service your equipment, ensuring minimal downtime.

​We employ ASE/AED certified technicians to help solve any service requests combined with over 20 service bays, a full paint and body shop, a complete fabrication shop, and over 4,000 sq. ft. of parts.

Rail Merger and Acquisitions 08/17/2022

Rail Merger and Acquisitions

The rail industry will be completing their 30-billion-dollar deal combining the United States with Canada and Mexico this year.

Get up to speed on recent updates here >>>

Rail Merger and Acquisitions Recent activity in the rail merger will change the way that the United States, Canada and Mexico trade with each other.

Changes to 2024 Fuel Emission Regulations 08/13/2022

Changes to 2024 Fuel Emission Regulations

A new set of rules that will prevent a few billion tons of carbon dioxide will also save you money at the pump.

Read more here >>>

Changes to 2024 Fuel Emission Regulations Anyone that works in the infrastructure industry needs to know about the recent changes to 2024 fuel emission regulations. Read here for more info!

Stringing Block Maintenance During the Summer Slowdown 08/10/2022

Stringing Block Maintenance During the Summer Slowdown

Did you know a tiny rusty spring could trash your whole line-stringing job?

Read more here >>>

Stringing Block Maintenance During the Summer Slowdown Regular stringing block maintenance can prevent costly on-the-job mistakes and injuries.

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

Foundation Building Materials gives Second Half of 2022 Market update. >>>

Timeline photos 08/08/2022

Meet Will Hill!

Will is Custom Truck's Service Lead in Fort Worth. He has been with CTOS for 8 years – serving in his current position since day one. Will joined us when CTOS overlapped with his military career.

Will’s day to day responsibilities as the Service Lead include overseeing and tracking all the work completed in the workshop as well as assigning tasks to Service Technicians. He also troubleshoots any problems that arise in the shop and conducts quality control inspections.

Will’s favorite part of his position is his co-workers and the location at Fort Worth. His favorite part about working for CTOS is that our company is family oriented.

In his free time, you can find Will at a car show or chowing down on some seafood!

View the Forth Worth location here >>>

Adding Solar and Wind Energy to the Power Grid 08/06/2022

Adding Solar and Wind Energy to the Power Grid

Have utility companies near you been allowing customers to use their own renewable sources? This could be due to the fact that their power grid infrastructures are undergoing some major changes.

Read more here >>>

Adding Solar and Wind Energy to the Power Grid Did you know that utility companies are now using green energy? Click here to learn how solar and wind energy are added to the power grid infrastructure.

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Today we celebrate Christopher, Chance, and ChaNia as they have been hired after completing a 4-week internship at Custom Truck One Source.

Our partnership with Lyrik's Institution gives impoverished youth from the local community an opportunity for a permanent position with Custom Truck.

Welcome to the CTOS family!

For more information on Lyrik’s Institute Internship In the Now, scroll to the bottom of this page >>>

Evolution of Crane Control 08/02/2022

Evolution of Crane Control

Have you ever wondered about how cranes have evolved overtime? From a simple 4 lever mechanical system to our Load King LK-1 electric system and everything in-between.

Read more here >>>

Evolution of Crane Control Without the existence of cranes, most of our world as we know it would not be the way that it is. Cranes can be used on any construction site and...

Timeline photos 08/01/2022

Meet Madalynn! She has served as our marketing intern this summer. During her time at Custom Truck, she has updated spec sheets, helped create graphics for the Summer Giveaway, presented new technologies to HR, and helped with various projects.

Madalynn is studying graphic design at Benedictine College and is finishing up her last semester this fall.

Thank you for all of your hard work this summer, Madalynn! Maybe we will see you back at CTOS soon😉

Photos from Custom Truck One Source's post 08/01/2022

Working in the skies in New York.🚁


Come tour our headquarters in Kansas City with Cassidy, our Digital Content Specialist, and Brittain, our Digital Marketing Coordinator.🤩 #37locations #KCTourSeries #kansascity #tour #37CTOSLocations #commercialtrucks #sales #rental #finance #usedequip

Come tour our headquarters in Kansas City with Cassidy, our Digital Content Specialist, and Brittain, our Digital Marketing Coordinator.🤩

Timeline photos 07/27/2022

The Load King Voyager P Service Truck >>>

The Voyager® P propane service truck boasts an all-aluminum bed, side rails and headache rack with E-Trac. The Auto Crane EHC-6 lifts up to 6,000 lbs., reaching 20.4 ft. fully extended. Standards include rumber flooring, concrete block storage holder under body, and LED compartment light kits in storage boxes.

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

New & Used Pulling & Tensioning equipment in-stock 🏷️ >>>

Crane Training and Certifications 07/23/2022

Crane Training and Certifications

What are the requirements for becoming a crane operator? It all depends on where you are in the U.S.

Read here to see specific requirements for your location >>>

Crane Training and Certifications This article will help you to better understand what is required during crane training and help you get started to get your certification.




7906 Baseline Court
Tampa, FL

Opening Hours

Wednesday 6am - 5pm
Thursday 6am - 5pm
Friday 6am - 5pm

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