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How can sealing your pavement make a difference? Check out our site to learn the facts.


Consider how your road will be used when deciding what kind of asphalt to get. If you're paving a small parking area, you'll want different asphalt than for driving.

Protect Asphalt Parking Lots and Driveways by Regular Seal Coating 02/26/2020

Do you want to learn more about pavement seal coating? Check this article out to learn all about it!

Protect Asphalt Parking Lots and Driveways by Regular Seal Coating Seal coating protects driveways and parking areas from deterioration. Learn about the costs, as well as tips for doing the work yourself.


Asphalt isn’t a new construction material. In fact, the first recorded use of asphalt as a road pavement material was in Babylon around 625 B.C.

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At Quality Seal, Stripe & Paving, we work hard to provide our clients top-notch paving services at competitive prices. Give us a call today!

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Did you know that asphalt is the number one most recycled material in the U.S. at nearly 99%?


Maintaining an asphalt area is generally simple. Weeds should be pulled and debris cleaned. Have a professional company come out regularly to reseal.

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Sealcoating is an awesome option to keep your asphalt in top condition. Learn more here on our site.


One of the several benefits of asphalt paving construction is that it can be completed quickly, reducing traffic delays for both commuters as wells as long-haul truckers.

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When was the last time you had your pavement updated? Share with us in the comments!

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We have years of experience providing our clients the paving services they need. Learn more about what makes us special.


Asphalt is poured in one, two or three layers depending on the anticipated amount of traffic and specifications of the area. Each layer must be poured correctly.

The history—and future—of our roads 02/12/2020

Roads have a lot of history behind them, and exciting changes in the future! Check this article out to learn more.

The history—and future—of our roads Human civilization wouldn't be the same without our busy streets and scenic byways, but they've changed a lot over the last few thousand years. Challenges such as extreme weather and carbon emissions mean our expressways must evolve even further, so engineers are turning to futuristic fixes to keep....


Walking on newly poured asphalt could cause it to cure and dry unevenly, which can result in dimples or damage to the surface.

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We put our clients' needs first to help provide them with the very best paving services possible. Give us a call today to learn how we can help.


The soil should be prepared carefully before concrete is poured and asphalt is applied. Improper preparation can cause the road to wear prematurely.


The best time to seal cracks in asphalt is when the weather is above 50 degrees at night. If it's too cold, the hot rubber won't cure fully.


Impervious pavement forces water to run off into ditches, which can cause localized flooding or even contamination of rainwater depending on the direction of the flow.


Newly paved asphalt shouldn't be sealed right away; it needs at least one year to cure and be ready to absorb the sealing materials.


Overlaying, or pouring new asphalt over old, isn't always appropriate. If the paving is severely damaged and needs to be cut out, new asphalt should be poured.


Torn-up old asphalt can be reclaimed and recycled. Sometimes old asphalt is even used in custom mixes to make it more sturdy.


Do you know why asphalt is sometimes called “macadam”? In the early 1800s, John McAdam, a Scottish man, perfected the use of mixing sand and stone with tar to create a roadway.


When it comes to asphalt driveway cleaning, one cleaning method that you might consider using is a pressure washer. Be sure to take safety precautions before using the pressure washer to clean the driveway.


Large areas in your home like driveways can cause heavy run-off during rains and other problems with the drainage. Porous asphalt pavers decrease the run-off and let you improve the drainage.


According to studies conducted in Iowa, Kansas, and Ohio, asphalt pavements were more economical than concrete over the study periods. In fact, asphalt pavement gives the best return on investment of any paving material.


Can you name some of the materials commonly recycled into asphalt pavements? Well, some of them include rubber from used tires, asphalt roofing shingles, and glass.


According to research, asphalt reduces highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) and more because it is porous. Due to its air voids, it not only helps water runoff but also helps absorb road noise.


Do you know that recycling asphalt roads save American taxpayers more than $2 billion each year? Asphalt materials are 100% recyclable.


Asphalt occurs naturally in both asphalt lakes and in rock asphalt. But do you know that 80% of old asphalt pavement removed each year is re-used?


Smoothness matters a lot to road users. One of the best things about asphalt pavements is that they start out smoother and stay smoother throughout their lives.


Can you list a few reasons why asphalt is preferred over other road paving materials? Well, some of them include smoothness, ease of maintenance, speed of construction, least user delay cost, ease of repair of utility cuts, recyclability and more.


How long should one stop using the asphalt driveway after seal coat application? Well, we recommend at least 24 hours to allow the seal coat ample time to cure. In wet weather conditions, we recommend an extra 24 hours.


Since porous asphalt paving allows stormwater to percolate through it, it avoids the chances of slips, trips, and falls! Hence, they not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide safety to your family and guests.


It’s a common myth that asphalt used on the roadways is the same asphalt used in residential driveways. In reality, they are different in many ways. Those differences may include different aggregate types, sizes, and proportions.

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