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Have you ever purchased cakes or cupcakes that looked great but didn't taste great? So have I, which is why I started making my own!

My goal is to work with the client to create customized, eye-appealing cakes & cupcakes, that are JUST as delicious as how they appear to be! I specialize in Gourmet Cupcakes which come in seasonal flavors, OR you can create your own! I will also work with you on a cake for ANY occasion! Just send me something you like and I'll send you the flavors I can do it in! To top it all off, I also cater t

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 12/10/2022

Hot chocolate with marshmallow frosting and dark chocolate peppermint!!!! 🧁

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 12/06/2022

The last several days my 2 year old has been singing “oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree” and my oldest 11 year old boy has been constantly playing it on the keyboard. So in honor of them, here are some yummy SUPER moist vanilla mini cupcakes with mini Christmas Trees and mini ornaments and a mini tree topper! 🌲🎄🤶🧁
holla at me! 873.257.9211 🤣

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 12/04/2022

This weekends order! This cake probably doesn’t LOOK that challenging, but it had me nearly defeated. It’s hard to make frosting this vibrant because it loses its consistency and flavors. It took me over 12 hours in total to make. This was made for a very special girl turning 6 who LOVES rainbows and vibrant colors!


SO EXCITED to release my Christmas Menu! All orders MUST BE placed by Dec. 16th and will be delivered on Dec. 23rd. Payment is due IN FULL on the day that your order is placed and at LEAST ONE WEEK advanced notice is required! Thank you and have a blessed Holiday!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/24/2022

Happy Thanksgiving! I feel so honored that I will be a part of someone else’s Thanksgiving! I love sweetening up people’s days! Below are Sweet Potato cupcakes filled with sweet potato cheesecake topped with light and fluffy Whipped Sweet Potato Cheesecake Buttercream, Dark Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream, and Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Bean Buttercream. I hope you all have a very blessed holiday with those most important to you!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/13/2022

Tomorrows order! Another birthday celebration with dark chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter buttercream! I just LOVE these tulip cupcake liners!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/12/2022

Today’s order for a birthday party tomorrow! Dark chocolate cup cakes with chocolate buttercream, moist vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla buttercream (made with real vanilla bean) topped with sprinkles, and my SPECIALTY cupcake, Peanut butter and jelly!!! Vanilla cake stuffed with peanut butter and grape jelly, topped with peanut butter buttercream and drizzled with peanut butter and jelly! SOOOO GOOD! I hope the birthday boy enjoys them!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/09/2022

French Toast flavored cupcake 🧁 Seasonal flavor🚨! Buttery🧈, crumbly, cinnamon-vanilla cake with maple buttercream sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with 100% PURE maple syrup. Fall is in the air! 🍁
CALL OR TEXT 863-257-9211 to order!


NEW ITEM!!!! Cake pops!!!! 2 pops for $5! Flavors are limited and seasonal! Kid tested and approved by Damian! 😜


Please order by November 14th! All orders will have to be delivered Nov. 23rd or sooner. Thank you!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/05/2022

Final result of the Sushi Cake!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 11/05/2022

My son asked for a Sushi Cake for his birthday (because he loves sushi) and I was thinking, ”that’s gonna be a challenge!” I usually don’t work with fondant and I always say I learn something new every time I make a cake! That’s why I LOVE baking! This time, I learned not to cut corners! I applied the fondant on the side of this cake without allowing the buttercream in the center of the cake to cool and set first, so the fondant (which is heavy) pulled down the top layer of the cake resulting with the buttercream in the center to squish out too much causing a bump that goes through the entire perimeter of the cake. Lesson learned for next time! All the rest came out how I wanted! I added some gold luster dust and food coloring texture to the fondant to make it look more like seaweed and I’m really happy with how it came out! I still have to put the final touch, the fish eggs (fruit pearls) on the top tomorrow before we sing to him!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/31/2022

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding last night at the FL Aquarium! So honored to be a part of EVERY wedding opportunity to make the Bride’s cake dreams come true!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/30/2022

2 orders including 60 cupcakes this morning!!!! Wow! The first order is for 48 and it’s Lord of the Rings themed! I made the rings out of fondant and painted them gold then wrote on them with a food color pen.
The second order is for a birthday party with a gold theme!


A concrete textured wedding cake for this Sunday! There will be flowers on the top 💐🌹🌸🌺🌷🌻

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/24/2022

Another one in the books! I always feel SO HONORED to be a part of someone’s special day! Mami Cakes collaborated with Local Mini Donut Co. which provided those adorable and delicious mini donuts for the guests!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/23/2022

While everyone is out enjoying their wedding parties, us bakers are pulling our hair out trying to make these wedding cakes perfect. It’s a LOT of pressure!
Dark chocolate cake layered with salted caramel buttercream, with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream to make it white!


Cookie order for a good friend. ❤️ Always made with lots of L💜VE!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/15/2022

What’s better than homemade Cinnamon Rolls???? APPLE Cinnamon Rolls! My oldest son, Cam’ron wants to call these Becca’s Buns…. So that’s what they’ll be!


Mami is creating a VERY special seasonal surprise! 🤔 Stay tuned!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/11/2022

Cinnamon Apple Banana Bread with cinnamon streusel topping. So moist and delicious! Tis the season.

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/08/2022

I love cookies!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 10/01/2022

This cake was especially challenging for me for a few reasons:
1. It is for my Mother who used to bake, decorate and sell cakes herself, so she is SUPER critical of my my work in order to help me grow and succeed. She always gives me tips and advice for “next time” because she knows what she is doing. Que nerves.
2. It is my first Geode cake and I wanted it to LOOK as realistic as possible, like rock, which includes layers of texture of different substances which include white chocolate and buttercream.
3. I am a perfectionist and for me NOT to make this cake perfectly smooth took A LOT of self control.
4. It was my first time making sugar crystals, which were SO much fun to make! And it was VERY difficult to place them into the buttercream in a way that looks natural. I really had to think about it and be as precise as possible.
I love baking because I’m CONSTANTLY learning. There are a couple things I would do differently next time, but overall, I think it looks pretty realistic.
Happy Birthday Mom! Chocolate cake soaked with bourbon caramel, and salted caramel buttercream. 💜 💜

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/28/2022

Surviving a category 4 hurricane is all about how much you prepare for it. I prepare for it by making enough non-perishables to last a few days 🤔….🤯 COOKIES!
Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies with peanut butter chips and Ghirardelli’s Milk Chocolate Chips! Yum!
I’ve been working on this recipe for months, trying to think of ways to make the PERFECT peanut butter cookies. I just HAD to try to make these before our power goes out, and BOY does the Hubby regret leaving me in the house all day while he worked on boarding up! 🤣

Would you rather buy a pack of two small for $3 OR a pack of 2 large for $5? I personally like the way the bigger ones look.

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/24/2022

I love what I do. 💜


A hint on what my next creation theme will be…. 🤔🤫

Local Mini Donut Co. 09/23/2022

Local Mini Donut Co.

Have you all heard of the Local Mini Donut Company located in Tampa? AMAZING GOURMET mini donuts with a HUGE variety of flavor combinations! They also cater to weddings and special events! Check them out!

Local Mini Donut Co. Local Mini Donut Co. welcomes you to enjoy our delicious and fresh flavors where the customer always comes first!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/18/2022

Top tier was confetti cake with strawberry buttercream, middle was butter cake with key lime buttercream, bottom cake was chocolate with peanut butter buttercream. Message me for custom orders! My baby turned 2!!!!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/17/2022

Can’t WAIT to put this bad boy together tomorrow!!!! 3 tier Pocoyo birthday cake for my baby boy who’s turning 2!!!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/11/2022

What a successful day! Everyone loved the packaging and flavor combos! So much fun. Thank you to everyone that came and supported me! It made me realize I have a lot of friends down here! It means the world to me to have so many people routing for me! 💕🍪🧁🤗 Also, I would NOT have been able to do this without the help of my lovely and supportive Hubby, and my kick ass son! I love my boys!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/11/2022

Such a long day yesterday! I literally baked from 10am-10:30pm. Before and afterwards was used to make boxes, bag cookies, etc. I had to make all of the buttercream fresh, pipe, fill cupcakes, decorate. I have over 200 cupcakes which I don’t know HOW my hubby fit them all in the fridge, and about 350 cookies. I literally would not have been able to do all of this myself! Hubz & Bubz we’re there with me the whole time helping me with the tedious duties, my in-laws babysat 3 days this week, and my Mother’s advice and hands on practice last weekend helped me a bunch too! Come see me to try my delicious goodies if you’re not doing anything today! 🤗 I’ll be in the TECO building!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/09/2022

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. These are the BEST pumpkin cupcakes you will ever have the pleasure of touching your tongue on! Just saying 🥇🏆🙌🏻🎃


Pumpkin 🎃 😋


Birthday Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. (Rihanna’s voice)

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/09/2022

Good morning Sweeties! I wanted to apologize for not posting much baking on my page recently. The last week has been TREMENDOUSLY busy for me! As you all know, I will be attending the Fall Festival Market THIS SUNDAY! Over 400 people will be there and over 3,000 are interested in going. I have been BAKING MY BUNS OFF!!!! Because I am only one person, it’s taken me a while, but I won’t build an empire without some long days and painful nights! I have made 6 batches of Ooey Gooey Chocolatey Chip Cookies, 4 batches of Double Dark, 4 batches of Cinnamon Oatmeal Apple. Not to mention over 200 cupcakes of different flavors, including Pumpkin, Birthday cake, Chocolate salted caramel, and Cawfee. Yes, my menu has changed a bit due to unrippened bananas and lack of cotton candy flavoring, but nonetheless, everything will still be fabulously delicious and delectable! Here are a few pics of my progress. I will post plenty the day of the market, and again, if you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, or just want to try my creations, please stop by! Flyer is below ⬇️ 🤗🧁🍪👩🏻‍🍳


Mami Cakes will be a Vendor at the Babes Doing Business Fall Festival Market at the Strawberry Festival Fairgrounds TECO Building in Plant City, FL!
Sunday, September 11, 2022, 11AM-4PM.

Bring the family for a FREE fun-filled Fall Themed Market with 90+ Women-Owned businesses from Central Florida!

Event Link

👍Give them a follow/like to show support!

Photos from Mami Cakes's post 09/02/2022

Thank you Oldham Corner Creations for these beautiful custom shirts and hand towel!!! My brand is coming to life with the help and support of friends and family! If anyone needs quality custom shirts, try this company. She is a perfectionist!


Say “some more cookies” 5x…… you’ll get s’more cookies! 😂 I get my jokes from my Dad. Chocolate chip cookie dough rolled in graham cracker crumbs with dark chocolate center and a big marshmallow on top! Mmmmm… What summer treat is better than this!?!

Videos (show all)

NEW ITEM!!!! Cake pops!!!! 2 pops for $5! Flavors are limited and seasonal! Kid tested and approved by Damian! 😜
A concrete textured wedding cake for this Sunday! There will be flowers on the top 💐🌹🌸🌺🌷🌻
Pumpkin 🎃 😋
Birthday Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake. (Rihanna’s voice)
Say “some more cookies” 5x…… you’ll get s’more cookies! 😂 I get my jokes from my Dad. Chocolate chip cookie dough rolled...
And this is why I spend 29 hours making my creations! To see the reactions on my clients face! It’s so rewarding.
Ooey gooey Chocolatey chip M&M cookies!
Ombré cake! VERY difficult to do with the colors I chose (black and white.) I will attempt again with colors more alike!
Churro batter. Mmmmm so silky and smooth!!!
To cut down on the butter content in a crisp, I mix honey and pure maple syrup 3:1, and drizzle it over the top of your ...
Oh the PASTAbilities!
Yummmm cinnamon rolls.





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