Pastor Roderick Robinson Jr

Pastor of Greater Mount Pleasant MBC


Faith and Finances: Leave God Stuff Alone Pt. 2 | 10:00AM Service w/Pastor Roderick Robinson

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Photos from Pastor Roderick Robinson Jr's post 07/24/2022

Great day of worship. Thank you for adding to the church!!!!

Photo credit: Alisha Bradley


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Don’t think it’s strange when God show you stuff that other people don’t understand. Your dreams aren’t for everyone. Keep dreaming. Daniel 2:1-10


Be careful who you “sleep” on. You never know when you will need them. Acts 20:7-12


You’re too gifted not to live with a purpose. Live life on purpose and be purposeful while you’re living. Romans 12:3-8


When you’re “sailing” with Jesus, your job is to listen, follow instructions, and watch what happens next. Luke 5:1-11


At some point in your life you have to make sure you have some friends with faith. You never know when they will have to carry you. Matthew 9:1-8


It’s not always what it appear to be. Question you have to ask yourself is, what are the end results? Proverb 14:12


Don’t allow the facts to cause your faith to waver. You serve a God who can do the impossible. Romans 4:18-25


The better version of you is put on display once you’ve gone through the process of destruction and reconstruction. John 2:18-22


Sometimes Jesus has to turn over some things in your life to get you back to the person you’re supposed to be. Mark 11:15-18


Your destiny is greater then your downfall. Dont unpack, you won’t be there long. Ephesians 4:1-10


There are times in our lives in which we have to deal with pressure in order to take possession. Read Matthew 11:7-12


Stepping out on faith can be scary at times. If you hear God, move accordingly. The reward is far greater than you’ll ever imagine. Read Genesis 12:1-4


Listen! Some stuff you have to take to Jesus. By doing so, experience will show you who he is. Read Luke 4:38-44


Don’t discredit your past or where you’ve been. The genius of your journey is that it is packed with enough substance to draw someone to Christ. Read John 4:39-42


Everyone won’t appreciate your gift and what you have to offer. It’s okay. Never force it, learn when to stay and when to keep moving. Read Matthew 13:53-58


Taking an “L” is not the end all, tell all! Jesus has the power to give back to you what you thought you lost. Read Luke 7:11-17


There’s a lot going on around us. Don’t stop looking up, it’ll help prevent slips and falls. Read Psalms 121


Get to the other side. Something big is coming out of this. Read Joshua 4:1-9


Silence can be a good weapon. Know when to speak up and when to mute your voice so that he can vindicate you. Read Luke 6:1-5


I think it’s imperative to understand that everything we deal with in life isn’t about us. Some things are designed to put God on display. Read John 9:1–12
-Pastor Rod


A miracle is also a matter of mind. Put mind over matter. It will produce positive results. Read Mark 5:21-34
-Pastor Rod


Don’t allow the uncertainty of “what’s next” to detour you and turn you around. Keep going. The outcome is working in your favor. Read Ruth 1:5-18
-Pastor Rod


Success will sometimes require YOU to remove some things and break others things in your life while you’re trusting God. Read 2 King 18:1-8
-Pastor Rod


Note2Self: everything we are, everything we hope to be and everything God has for us is embodied in Jesus. Hebrew 1:1-4


Transition happens in time. Time works out the details. Move accordingly. Read Matthew 2:19-23


Never give up on what you saw. It will surely come to pass. Read Genesis 37:5-7; 41:41-43


There’s a difference between an attack and being overtaken. You MAY get attacked but it won’t overtake you. Read Jeremiah 1:17-19


Today I challenge you to SHINE! Your light is a magnetic force. It will draw the wealth of the land to you. Read Isaiah 60:1-7


You’ll conquer new territory when you learn how to strategically press past the pain. Mourn but be ready to move. Read Joshua 1:1-6




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