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A new product coming soon....

Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore...Moon Phase Incense Burner Vessel...for incense sticks and cones

My products will always vary and will usually be limited I shop around for items that are a little different and envision how I can bring them to life...I kind of like the stuff no one have just 8 of these...
Dragon Spirit Fairy Ornament

This Laser craft art ornament captures the impression of a moment in time between the Soul of a Dragon and the Heart of a Fairy...
Copper Crescent Moon 🌙 Tree of Life wall decor

Laser cut wood crescent moon, painted metallic copper, black metal Tree of Life with purple hidden gems... 19.75 inches H

I just Love the combination 😍!!!

Design inspired from a home warming gift I received from my son James, a sign for my front gate now hangs in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot...well now they both actually do...but the one from my son of course is not for sale, but this one is 🙂...
8pc Wood Gift Tags available in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot or contact me for a custom order...

These can be put up and reused year after year...
Tis the Season !!!
May your celebrations for this time of year be safe, joyous and blessed!!!
Made this one as a gift for my oldest son's birthday...he loved it!

Lighted Shadow box with 4 inner laser cut layers, etched photo engraved for background layer and etched poem on glass front. Usb Rechargeable lights.
With so many choices for custom Laser Products why choose Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore?

Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore is a personalized service, not just another online shop. I am an independent, one woman shoppe that takes my customer service to the ultimate level of face to face interaction. Face to Face interaction has become a lost art in this day and time and I pride myself in being able to communicate beyond the keyboard virtual Avatar/Logo online experience.

I have personal pride in everything I do and take the time to schedule an appointment with you in person if local or via a video call. Face to Face communications offers us time to gain perspective on what you are looking for and fosters a mutual understanding of the finalized product design that can be lost thru virtual text communications. In addition, as a bonus for you as a customer and for me as a business, we get a know one another a little bit and we get to put a face and have a human connection with one another beyond just a name.

My Personalized Service includes the following appointments:
Appt 1: Face to Face Connection.
During our 1st scheduled appointment time, we will discuss in detail what you are looking for, go over possible design options for graphics and materials, as well as an estimated delivery time. I do have some one of kind unique items, that I have found when I go market shopping and will propose these if they are applicable for what you are looking for.

Appt 2: Creative Concept
***** I will design some prototype samples for you to choose from and create an estimate for your approval.
***** If local, I will schedule a time to bring you the samples to see, feel and touch.
***** If out of area or if more convenient we can schedule via a video call.
***** Once approved, you will receive an invoice for your custom laser craft design order. All custom order payments are required in full to begin production.
***** You will receive a final sample for approval before production is ran.

Appt 3: Fruits of our Labor.
***** Free Personal Delivery if local.
***** If out of area a video call for you to look over your custom design order before shipping.

If anything should go array with our agreed arrangement, I am an olde school traditionalist and it is my personal honorable Creed to do the right thing!

Photo on wood....

Did you know that I can transfer your handwritten notes, recipes, child's art, photos, etc. to make into a framed artwork for you?
Newest Lunar & Lore Laser Craft editions !

12 x 16 Slate Serving Trays
4pc Slate Coasters
Cheese boards with 2pc utensils

Available online for shipping and locally at Whistle Stop Depot.
It's Spooky season!!!

In celebration, newest Lunar & Lore Laser Craft decor....5 different designs of each style...available now in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot!!!
Lunar & Lore fantabulous coaster sets available now!

Unique Laser Craft custom engraving, Home Decor, Personalized Gifts, themed event decor, corp biz log

For custom estimates, local delivery or if you see any products you would like to order that is not in my shop, I am available on Messenger �.

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 10/02/2023

Hello Fall and Happy Spooky season...Fall is definitely in-between creating I shall be blowing leaves today....

It is always spooky season out at my studio!!!

The witch, I have had since my kids were little and decided she finally needed a make over...especially since her cape got blown away in the storms of August....

Also, in celebration and inspiration of the season, I have included some pics of my newest canvas engravings....the Owl set and Lady Autumn is available in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot in Franklin. The Full Moon Witch and Dragon set are listed in my Etsy shop, but of course if you are local you can save me on Etsy fees and purchase directly with free local delivery/pickup.

I am trying out different ways to display my canvases, so please let me know what you think...mostly what I find challenging with trying to put them into a room scene is trying to show them in the correct sizing scale to the scene....

Till Next Time...


Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/28/2023

Woo-hoo...finally finished these....a lot of hand sewing for this pair that seemed to fight me at every needle insertion point....

Can you guess what I named them?


Working on some new canvas engravings today that I prepped over the weekend...trying out some new paint as well...I am thinking I am liking it...I only bought purple, but it seems to be really the only color coming thru really good on this one...will probably add some hand painting to the moon to make it a bit more majestic ✨️.

And still trying to finish up the one red lamp set that has been fighting me all the way...while the engraver is have to be really careful with lasers and stay with them while running...I have seen a lot of fires in my I never leave mine running without being right there....

Till Next Time....


Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/23/2023

Happy Fall Blessings Ya'll!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the first day of Fall...I know I am!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to share some of my earlier art works. I used to do Pastels, Watercolor, and interior design art work...

So even though these days my art of choice is laser engraved canvas paintings, I still could do traditional works of art if I really wanted to. As an artist, even with using a Laser Engraver, I follow a lot of the same steps and processes as a traditional artist.

I prep my canvases, I paint them(although not all the details, but most of the time I do add hand painting techniques to bring out more color details) and then I do a final top coat varnish.

One of the reasons, I prefer the challenges of laser engraving canvases(yes it is challenging to get the paint right, the image settings right and the laser settings right), is because I am so detailed oriented that I struggle with the littlest details when doing traditional art and I will spend so much time in making sure I put in ever little detail...

I guess that is because in some ways my brain works a bit different than others...they say most are either right brained or left brained....well I have an Accounting degree with a minor in the Arts, which is a little unusual....I think for me I am both equally right and left brained and it is a constant battle of which side wins in the end or to find the compromising balance.....

Also, some of you may not know that I legally changed my name a year or two these pics I am sharing of my earlier art creations are signed in my old name...

Till Next Time...


Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/19/2023

Happy Tuesday!!!

Had this little guy from Wednesday night to Sunday night while his parents had to go out of town due to a family death, well actually they were murdered...not sure what this world we live in is coming to or what the future holds for the young...

But Atlas and I had lots of fun and took many walks...gathered rocks and sticks, and of course did some star gazing...and we didn't worry about all that, we just enjoyed the moments of time we had together...

Then I spent yesterday and this morning getting caught up on my Etsy orders...

Now after an hour of trying to rebalance my energy... back to the Magic....

Till Next Time...


Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/15/2023

Newest canvas engraving....available now at
Enchanted Butterfly Murphy NC


"Mystical Journey"
18x18 engraved canvas, framed 23x23
Available now in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot- Franklin, NC.

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/10/2023

Part of my process for making a panel canvas is recycling frames. Sometimes the frame itself inspires what goes on the canvas. Also purchasing from habitat and the human society thrift stores helps their causes, so a win win all around.

Some frames are easy and need nothing more than cleaning, but others need a little magic which sometimes doesn't take much and other times some can be a real chore...

Yesterday I started working on a pair of frames and they were a real chore...the glue was really sticky and nothing I used would deactivate the sticky...I tried googone, 99% acolohol, acetone, and denatured acolohol...whatever glue they used to stick the paper to the back of them frames...well I need some of that glue for other things I do...guess they just don't make glue like that it was just the old rubber cement kind we used to use back in the old days of primary school....

Well, I finally got them painted today and hope they turn out as I have envisioned....

Yesterday I was really busy trying to get some canvases cut and painted in between the rain so didn't have a chance to post...

Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!!!


Late night art painting pondering....

For sure we each have our very own taste when it comes to art is personal as to what speaks to us....and it is up to our individual interpretation...

But wondering if you know or recognize this painting or artist?

Please comment if you do...

If you don't.. can you guess the name of this painting?

No scanning/ Googling please....just be honest...

Either much would you pay for it?

I will post the artist in the comments in the next day or two...

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/08/2023

Happy Friday!!!

As much as I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman, because I have had to learn to be and so I have been told by a few men...the type of woman that doesn't need a man....sometimes you have to have a little help....

So a big shout out to Asha at or for helping me get my car back yesterday from the body shop! Asha has lots of unique aromatherapy products for your body, heart + please go explore her pages and show her some ❤️.

I am still working on those red lamps, a lot of hand sewing for this set, but I was able to to get this green glass "Natures Magic" one completed...

Till Next Time...


Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 09/01/2023

Restoration it is all about the shades....

If you aren't sure what all goes into lamp restoration, it is a lot about inspecting, replacing/adding hardware, sanding and cleaning....lamp cords are the dirtiest....

Also, if you restore lamps...well your business liability insurance in a little bit I have to know what I am doing...


Today's major project is restoring this set of lamps...they need a little TLC and magic ✨️ so someone will ❤️ them again...

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 08/29/2023

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Remember all those canvases I was working on....this how they turned out...not bad for where they began with random spots of paint on a canvas...

I am also so excited to announce that I have now setup a space at The Pieces in Blairsville, GA(50 Pappys Plaza).

Can you guess what pieces(no pun intended) I have decided to put in that guessed it!!! LOL

Of course my I want my space at The Pieces to focus more on the artistic side of engraving vs the everyday home goods and wares...which was the main reason I invested in my laser engraver...

Till Next Time...Blessings!!!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 08/21/2023

Hope everyone is having a beautiful blessed Monday!

Sneak peek at a couple of the canvases I have been working on...before I add my magic ✨️ touch to them...

Before and after pics: Spot painting before the final black layer pics and the after engraving pics...

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 08/19/2023

You know what I love best about the weekends?

It is my creative time...while thru the week I am working on realtor closing gifts, Lunar and Lore items and other online engraving orders...which I do love doing... the weekends are for my one true!!!

This weekend, I got multiple projects going on...

1. Laser Art Gallery canvases, which require a smaller test piece...because unlike traditional can't rework got one shot to get your paint layers and engraving settings correct!

2. Making some art canvas panels for some frames I found that I want to put my own laser art in...and sometimes without special ordering you can't find the right size canvas to fit your frame.

3. you know what the best kind of home decor is...making it yourself out of natural I have been drying a bunch of tree these branches and am now spraying them with some preservative spray....I wanted some garland branch fairy lights to go around a rather than purchasing faux branches, I'm making my own branch garland out of natural branches!

Have a beautiful blessed weekend!!!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 08/17/2023

Blessings Everyone!!!

I don't know about you, but for me it has been a hectic couple of weeks with the storms that came through. I have been juggling quite a bit...but thankfully everything seems to be coming together and I am very grateful.

Luckily, the tree that fell on my car, seems most of the damage was to the windshield. Although, the tree clean up has been slow going, I have been cleaning it up and hacking away on it little by little. My oldest son was going to help me, but he had a big old pecan tree come down on his property and luckily missed their house, but had to replace the power pole and unfortunately, he just found out he has 2 hernias, so please keep him in your prayers.

If you will please, another prayer request for one of my biggest fans, that everything turns out well with her medical test.

Also, I am very excited about an upcoming opportunity, so please stay tuned for my announcement coming up at the end of the month for September.

In the mean time during all the chaos(the good and not so good), I have been working on a lot of ideas, some of my Live Edge Plaques and some Realtor Closing Gifts,. So if you know of any Realtors that would like to offer a special personalized touch that their clients will Love, Adore, Cherish and most importantly, remember and appreciate them for years to come, please share my page or website. I offer free delivery around the local area.

Till next time....



Working the magic...

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 07/29/2023

This week I focused on tweaking my laser settings for bamboo...

These items now available in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot....

Realtor Closing Gifts 07/20/2023

More Exciting News!!! And you probably were wondering why I was being so quite these last couple weeks...busy...busy...busy....

I have revamped my website to include Realtor Closing Gifts!!! They also make for wonderful housewarming gifts!!!

Please check it out!

Realtor Closing Gifts Realtor Closing Gifts they will Love, Adore, Cherish and most importantly Remember & Appreciate you!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 07/19/2023

Very Excited to introduce Custom Aluminum Signs and License Plates made in the USA 100% and 100% Quality....being at .040" thickness these are not the flimsy ones from overseas.

These are great for Welcome Signs, Business Signs, Parking Signs, Package Delivery Instructions, Garden Signs, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Parties, Events, even as a Housewarming or Realtor Closing Gift. The possibilities are almost endless....

a) Garden/Wall Signs = 12"x18" x .04 thick
Engraved 1 side = $64.99 * 2 side add $15

b) Sign 1 = 12" x 9" x .04 thick
Engraved 1 side = $34.99 * 2 side add $15

c) Sign 2 = 12" x 12" x .04 thick
Engraved 1 side = $44.99 * 2 side add $15

d) Street Sign = 18" x 4" x .04 thick
Engraved 1 side = $24.99 * 2 side add $15

e) License Plates = fits most 12" x 6" x .04 thick
Engraved 1 side = $24.99 * 2 side - NA

Custom Sizes available upon request and Hole placement can be landscape, portrait, all 4 sides or none at all. Stakes/hooks/hangers not included.

Available colors:
Black (Matte or Gloss)
White (Gloss)
Bright Red(back=gloss white)
Victory Red
Chevron Blue
Ivy Green
Bright Orange(back=construction orange)
Purple(back=gloss white)
Hot Pink(back=gloss white)

I am so excited to offer these, I haven't even had a chance to add them to my website yet, so Please Message me for more information or to place your order today!


Have a safe blessed 4th!!!


Did you know...

Live Edge Basswood can be engraved with any prayer or poem and graphics you would like...not just Viking Prayers...

Most purchase these for memorials, coworker farwell gifts and Norse/Viking Weddings...


Sneak peak at my latest vintage 2pc lamp set design...

If you have missed any of my previous design creations, you can find them under my photo section...

Due to shipping cost and possible damage from shipping, I mainly sell these in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot in Franklin, NC and are not available on my website.

If you are local, I also accept commission if you have a lamp design in mind or have some lamps that you no longer love, why buy new...I can work my magic and you will fall in ❤️ with them all over again....




Today I would like to give a shout out to one of my biggest fans...if not my biggest fan!!!

Thank you Fay for all you do!!!

As a maker/artist, without a little feedback and or recognition, it is often difficult to stay inspired, especially when the reason you make is to inspire others and hope that what you do make, brings a little joy with something meaningful to others heart and soul.

We makers/artist are like flowers as well, we need a little sunshine/nourishment to fully bloom...without it, we wither away... So yes, we need inspiration and appreciation too, as it isn't all about the money, or atleast for me it isn't.

Fay, I just want to thank you so much, for always inspiring me to keep going!!! Blessings!!!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 06/02/2023

There is no higher compliment in old norse than to call a man or woman drengr...a term used by the Vikings to describe a warrior of honor and bravery.

So in English, Drengr Fadir means Badass Father!!!


Happy 😊 Mother's Day!!

Have a beautiful blessed day !!!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 05/13/2023

These are the finished art canvas panels I was engraving the other day.....

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 05/13/2023

If you were entering an artist contest and could only choose one of these, which would you choose for your entry?


Charmed ♥ Art Garden Portal

Do you think my mother is going to like it for Mother's Day?


Today I am working on this one for a Mother's Day gift....

Luckily and thankful my mother doesn't have internet and is not on social media...she is not good with technology and I know if she was online, I would constantly be trying to help her to keep her from getting yes very thankful she is not...

I will be posting the last of the Enchanted Hollow series collection "Dragon" this evening so stay tuned...



Enchanted Hollow *Swans*

#3 of a 4 part collection

Laser engraved background canvas with natural foliage gifted by nature...

Adding light and life to art!


Enchanted Hollow *Mermaid*

#2 of a 4 part collection

Laser engraved background canvas with natural foliage gifted by nature...

Adding light and life to art!

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 05/03/2023

Good Afternoon Wednesday Blessings!!!

Did you know that Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore offers free local delivery? If the delivery address is within 30 miles, you will see the option to select it upon checkout thru my website...

I would like to give a big shout out to Ashlee from Colorado!!!

She found my shop website listing online and gave me call, as she wanted a different kind of gift, other than the normal flowers for her local friend's birthday yesterday.

I quickly dropped what I was working on and changed my priorities around to make it happen! I pride myself on exceptional customer service, so of course, I did!

Her friend was very happy and giddy over her special delivery from her thoughtful friend in Colorado! It was a very heartfelt moment to experience!!!

This is what Ashlee texted me after the delivery "You are amazing! Thank you for making both of our days. Hope to meet you sometime!"

This right here is exactly why I love ❤️ what I do!!!


Working the lunar magic on this one...

For the floral parts of my art, I mainly use natural elements from nature....sometimes I add a little magical bling to them to bring out their own natural enchantment into the piece...


Happy Friday!

Looky...Looky at what I am engraving

9.75" Lazy Susan Turntable Viking Norse Style!!!


Testing this crescent moon wreath design I created today on a scrap piece of wood to see how it looks...


Enchanted Hollow

This is the 1st of a 4 piece collection that I have been working on. A combination of art, engraving and natural nature elements.

I made the canvas panel, prepared it for painting, spot painted it with the colors layered in the corresponding areas of the image, let it dry, then a final top coat of black paint. Once dried, I laser engraved the image.

Then of course I worked in some lunar magic 🪄 ....

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 04/14/2023

Happy Friday!!!

Been down for a few days with the flu 🤧 or something and the Tax filing blues...but back at it today...

I bought this unique piece many months ago...haven't been able to decide what to engrave on it. Reminds me of a looking glass, thought it might be pretty as a decor dresser tray or something similar 🤔.

What do you think, any ideas...let me know in the comments, if I pick your idea you get 1st dibs to purchase, as I only have this one and or a one time use discount coupon promo code to purchase any other item from my website

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 03/20/2023

Did you know sometimes, I make my own canvas panels...that was part of the prep work I did last's a little bit of work, but they turn out with the look and feel of canvas. 🙃

These are 12" x 12" layered with different colors of spray paint with a top coat of black, then the image is laser engraved. I wasn't completely happy with the results, so I pulled out some of my 🎩 🪄 painting techniques to add a little sparkle ✨️ The one laying flat I haven't worked my magic ✨️ on as yet.

I am using these fixture covers for frames, not sure if they are light or exhaust fan covers, but when I looked at them, I saw them as shadow box frames...

I will post an update once I have them completed...

Photos from Zanna Moon Lunar & Lore's post 03/18/2023

Spring is almost here, don't miss out on these unique creations! The ceramic platters and the heart slate cheese boards are a limited edition as I will not be making any more of these, with the exception of the one more platter that I have left.

All the items pictured in this post are now available in my booth at Whistle Stop Depot in Franklin, NC. The slate coaster sets will be available on my website soon within the next couple of days.


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