Add a Little Magic Apothecary: Crystals, Herbs, and More

Add a Little Magic Apothecary: Crystals, Herbs, and More

Adding magic to your life one item at a time.


Welcome to Add a Little Magic Apothecary. I am Jessica Pilar and I am the owner of this awesome little shop. I have been practicing magic and healing works on and off of for the past 20 years. I was once Wiccan, but now am a christiopagan healer and have found my true path and calling. I am formally educated in Biology, pre-medicine, health science, and herbalism. I love bring them all together to create things to aid in healing the body spiritually, mentally, and physically.
PSA: I do not prescribe anything for medical healing, but I will worl closely with willing Drs to create a plan that works hand in hand with thier protocol in your life. Remember plants are aids not cures.


New Shop Item!
Crystal Tiaras $50 each
One of each style right now.


Witch Rune Sets $20 each
(3 available)
These sets come in a cute little box with a pouch, boojlet, and rune set.


❄️Free Yule Event❄️

517 Tusculum Blvd
Greeneville TN 37754

⛄️December 17th 12-5pm

🎄16+ vendors

🙌🏼 indoor kids zone everything for kids is FREE!

🎅🏼pics with Santa & Mrs. Clause🤶🏻

🎄Ornament decorating

❄️⛄️Snow pit

✨Pretend axe throwing

✌🏼Live music!!!


A sweet, beautiful soul let us take a pic of her sweet little one in our baby witch hat today!!!
How stinking cute is this?!

These come as a set with a baby blanket.

$80 each for solid sets
We have this purple set available and more to come in the coming weeks.

$90 for multi colored sets
$100 for special made orders (2 -3 week turn around)

Ace does a beautiful job with these.


Yeshua/Jesus Witch Basics Kit
Archangel oracle deck, herbs, bowl, crystals, rosary, frankincense & myrrh, and candles.

(3 available)
$55 each + $10 shipping


Witchy Basic Alter Kit

Crystals, pendulum & board, herbs, candles, loose incense, stick incense, moon water, charcoal disks, and A.E Waite Tarot deck.

(3 available)
$90 each +$10 shipping


Cleanse the Soul Kit
Moon water, charcoal disks, candles, herbs, mental focus bath, bowl, crystals, incense, oracle deck, and Selenite wand (not pictured).

(3 available)
$50 each +$10 shipping

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Crystal Mystery Bags
$30 each ($40-$80 value)
Some of the items that could be in your bag are pictured.
Each bag is different and includes a combination of crystals, shapes, and jewelry.

These make great stocking stuffers


Another new shop item:

Yule witches bells for your door.
Bells on your door are said to ward off negative energy and entities.

$10 each

Photos from Add a Little Magic Apothecary: Crystals, Herbs, and More's post 12/03/2022

Yule candles and witches balls are ready!
Both are spelled with intentions of peace, love, and protection this Yule season.
Witches Balls $10
Yule candles $15


Working on Yule 12 day candles and Yule witches balls for the shop. 🤗 they are so pretty and smell sooooo good.


Mystery Grab bags
$30 each
$35 shipped
Now thru November 26th

These will include 10+ 1-2in tumbles
A tower
A mystery item (tarot deck, moon water, alter tray, candles, etc.)

Comment below to order.


We are considering opening up our shop in our home this Saturday and Sunday. Who would like to have a private shopping experience with us? I will also have timeslots opened up for tarot and oracle readings along with some energy healing as well.
Comment below if you would be interested.

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Ace's newest design.
Baby Kitty witchy hat
Comes with 2 bows that can be changed out.

$40 made to order.
Payment required upfront. 5-7business days for competition. Shipping available.


😱Where are all of our pagan/witchy friends that are expecting?😱
Ace's latest creation:
Baby blanket and witchy hat
$100 for the set.

Made to order & Can be customized.
Ships within 7 business days of order.

Available now: purple set
Grey set will be available Wednesday

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We are here in Morristown,TN at The Lily pad on Main St. Come out and shop with us today. This is our last morristown event until sometime after the new year.


We will be out there from 10AM-4PM


We are looking for some traditional norse, celtic, druid musicians to perform at our yule festival next month please reach out if you know someone.

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2 of the beautiful decks we have in stock.
I have both of these decks in my personal collection and I love them. They work perfectly together as well.
Archangel Oracle:$24
Good tarot: $26


We have new tarot & oracle decks and new bags for the tarot decks.
They will be available at our next vendor event
The Mount Carmel Fall Festival
Oct. 15th from 3- 8:30PM


We are entering vendor season.
Here is a list of events we know we will be set up at.

Mount Carmel Fall Festival Oct.1
Enchanted Haven Festival Oct 28-30
Appalachian Ren Faire Nov. 5-6th
Fall into Christmas College Square Mall Nov. 12

We have layered magic skirts on the way and will have a bunch of new boxes filled with alter items.
Tinctures and teas, Crystals, and everything inbetween.


We finally had a moment to picture our tumbles and our pendulums.
Check the shop out it has a lot of new items.


We are working on a new product.
Witch Hats of different colors.
Pay and pre-order now.
Colors we will be making first:
Candy corn (white,yellow, orange)
Sage Green
Neon Rainbow
Black w/gold glitter
Black w/rainbow glitter
Gray w/silver glitter

$35 each
Orders will be ready to ship or pick up in 2 weeks from order date. We will have them in stock at our fall events.

They will be a solid color & will not have the spoon as pictured. Picture is for reference and attention.


Weekend of 8/20-8/21
$10 off of $50+ purchase

Free shipping on orders over $100


We talked with our crystal supplier today. We have $500 worth of new product ready to ship to us. So we need to move some product this weekend so we can order these beauties!

This weekend only 10% off your entire order of $50 or more.

Plus free shipping on orders over $100.


Who else is excited for Hocus Pocus 2?
Today only I have these shirts $15 each.

$5 shipping


We have halloween T-shirts made up. Live show tomorrow night or post them in the shop?


We have halloween tshirts made up.
Live sale tomorrow evening @ 6pm, Thursday August 11th, or post what we have available in the shop?


Forgive us for not posting much this summer. All items are available that have been posted. We hope to have our crystals & crystal earrings pictured and posted in the next couple of weeks.


We will be harvesting some lettuce tomorrow. We will have somewhere between 5 to 10-64oz freezer bag mixs for $5 a bag
It will be a mix of iceburg, red romaine, sweet butter, chopped spinach, & chopped kale.

Pick up at our house.
Comment or PM if you would like some.

06/07/2022 06/07/2022

Good morning lovely people!
We have our FB shop set up now.
If you are interested in purchasing an item please click the "message" link under the item and we will get you set up with payment through square invoice.

New items will be added this month so stay tuned.


Ariel mural I painted last week😍


As you all know I am a Thirtyone consultant as well. I have to share this months special with all of you. You can call me now to place an order 😍


SAPling Creations's cover photo


SAPling Creations


Back at it. Sorry I've been away so long.
This style dress is $60 shipped


Order yours today!

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As you all know I am a Thirtyone consultant as well. I have to share this months special with all of you. You can call m...




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