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✨Grateful to be part of such a great networking group (S.O.A.R.) that believes in giving back and helping out non-profits like Public Works Art Center.

✨Today we helped them clear out their storage areas in preparation for their yard sale. Thank you Jana Riley for the opportunity to serve you and your team.

✨Networking is crucial for any business. And we love that we are connected with some of the best folks in town.

✨Together, we are not only dedication to serving the community at large, but we are dedicated to supporting each other. And together, we make a difference!

S.O.A.R = Summerville Outreach And Referral

Meet the Group:
• AJ Hickey, 9Round Fitness
• Angela Herndon, Abri Insurance
• Martha Frazier, Abri Insurance
• Beth Greenlee, Southern Trust Mortgage
• Cindy Vollertsen, Eventfully Yours
• Brian Herndon, Sons 4 Hire
• Denise Bydalek, Pawsative K9 Training
• Eric Shaffer, S.B.S Automotive
• Jim Brantley, The Brantley Group
• Kelli Hickey, 9 Round Fitness, Summerville
• Meg Thompson, Creative Condulting
• Nicole Shaffer, S.B.S Automotive
• Robert McGuire, Abel-Hands LLC
• Stephen Slappey, Creative Consulting
• Terry Nolan, Terry Nolan, CPA
• Todd Vollertsen, U.R. Home SC Property Management
• Will Thompson, Edward Jones
We want to give a big shout out to Creative Consulting for their amazing work with us recently! We really appreciate this local connection and their work to help us educate others on the FootGuardian® device!
Five stars, Creative's! Thank you!
All of us are CHART! All of us are a Team! Whether you are a new member or a senior member; we all had a hand in creating this fantastic result! Thanks for a great year! Let's do it again in 2020!

Dennie Getz with Wilson's Carpet Plus, Inc.
Steve Nettles with Tax Pros Plus LLC
Michael Fox with Fox Family Team - Carolina One Real Estate
Joseph King with Ameris Bank
William J. Milton Jr. with Oak Capital Management, LLC
Bob Salamon with Lowcountry Chiropractic- Dr. Bob Salamon
Jeanne Hayes Doran with Jeanne Doran Insurance
Vincent Yee with Dreams To Reality :: Personal Jewelers & Custom Designers of Fine Jewelry::
Stephen Slappey with Creative Consulting
Christina Powers Bruno with Charleston Southern University
Bob Huddleston with Univera Nation
Angela Herndon with Abri Insurance
PJ Wilt with Trident Communications Inc
Denise Deaton with Under the Stars Massage Therapy & Spa
Jeremy Sonntag with Netcertpro
Dwayne Jones with Jones Painting
Will Priester with Synovus
Paul Ferrara with Ferrara Law Firm
Tres Kerns with Edgewater Sports Marketing
Joe Buono with Jasled
Lauren Crawford with The HUB Executive Offices
John Perrigo with Image Branding Group
Good afternoon FB. I will like to take this time to say "Thank YOU" a million to Meg Thompson and her professional staff. I am a brand new business owner and needed some direction on how to personalize my website. I met Creative Consulting at a business EXPO. When I met with them first, I only knew I needed a website to be more me and not so generic. Did not have a clue on how to really explain it but after leaving my consultation, they NAILed it. I hiring them to create and rebrand my site. I love it. This company definitely delivered on there promise.

Thank you!
So this week a personal special project of mine has been revealed: a for the growing and amazing Public Works Art Center in Summerville!

➡️Swipe to see their Facebook post about the site and my work, they’re so sweet! 🥰❤️

➡️ And definitely go check it out at

Creative Consulting Public Works Art Center
Big news! We now have a website!!! We were thrilled when Meagan Thompson from Creative Consulting, located right here in Summerville, offered to donate her web design services to Public Works Art Center. When she unveiled the final product, we were blown away! Check it out below, and make sure to give the very generous, very talented Meagan Thompson a follow through her business page, Creative Consulting!
Point 1! Something “Orange” from Bigby Coffee (north Chas and Summerville)
Second point!
First point!
Hanging out at the Charleston business expo with fun people and awesome businesses.
I'm so excited to team up with Cotton Down South and Creative Consulting by helping get professional pictures for her website.
📸 Candle Photo, Bathbomb, Beach/Lake and Dough Bowl Photos by 📸

Please go check her out and make sure to tell her the sent ya.
My name is Kenny McKeithan. Many of you know me from taking one of the many classes I have taught through the Charleston Center for Photography. You probably don’t know that my history with the Center goes back almost all the way to the beginning. In 2003 I was asked by one of the founders of the Center, J. D. Cummings, if I would be interested in teaching classes for them. I told him yes but I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it since I had never taught a formal class before. I sat in on a class with another instructor just to get a feel for how they did things. My intent was to just sit in for the first couple of classes. I enjoyed the experience so much that I ended up sitting in for the entire 6 week program! I taught my first class the following year.
Over time my first program, “An Introduction to Photography”, which was taught entirely with slides, improved and was eventually converted to digital. In due course I added additional programs, Lightroom, Macro and HDR and others. I learned a lot about photography and a lot about myself and I have found that teaching photography is one of my favorite things to do. I often tell students that I have just as much fun teaching photography as I do when I am out shooting. I’m not sure they always believe me but it’s true.
In January of this year I took over as owner and operator of the Center. You may have already seen some changes and the website is getting a facelift and a new look. We have a great new logo you can see attached this page and on the website thanks to the efforts of a long time friend Meg Thompson, her partner Stephen Slappey and their marketing and design team Creative Consulting located in Summerville. If you are in need of a new logo or your old one needs refreshing or you are in need of marketing or social media assistance I cannot recommend a better team than these two talented young artists!

We provide every client with creative consulting and individual service with an all in house, local

Creative Consulting is a creativity-oriented company whose goal is to make the world a more creative and visually exciting place to live. With Graphic Designers, Creativity Consultants, and SEO Webmasters all working hand in hand, we can build a better, more creative environment or project for any individual or small business!

Creative Consulting: Your Full Service Design & Marketing Team 01/27/2023

SEO? Check. Eye-catching website? Check. Social media management? Check. Creative Consulting can do it all. Visit our website to learn more!

Creative Consulting: Your Full Service Design & Marketing Team Creative Consulting is a creativity-oriented, full service Marketing and Design firm. We help local business owner's succeed and grow.


We are a full service design and marketing team that is determined to make sure you stand out from your competition. Reach out to us today for a marketing analysis and consultation!


We're so good at marketing, it's scary. Happy Halloween from the Creative Consulting team!


When business gets hectic, marketing is the first thing that gets put on the back burner. Here are 3 tips to help you keep your marketing plan on track!

Prioritize customer relationships: You've created trust in your business. Maintaining that trust should always be a priority. Use social media and other marketing tools to connect with your customers on a consistent basis!

Ask for help: DIY marketing is great, but no one is capable of doing it all on their own. Don't be afraid to get help. You can hire an in-house marketer or an agency to do it all, or offload a task or two to an agency like ours!

Set goals, then set expectations: Reaching for major goals isn't a bad thing. But once you've set those goals, make sure your expectations are in line with reality. It often takes trial and error to begin to reach your marketing goals. Don't give up if you fall short the first time!



We're here to elevate your business through creative marketing strategies and brand design. Send us a message to learn more!


Are you ready to find a creative solution to your marketing needs? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts here:


Digital marketing is all about creating strategies that work together to get results. Social media marketing efforts may be more focused on elevating your brand identity and keeping your customers engaged, while SEO and pay-per-click ads increase your brand traffic. Your marketing efforts will always be more successful when you have multiple marketing tactics in place!


How can we support you in your marketing efforts? Send us a DM and let's connect!


Have questions about marketing? This is your chance to ask them! Comment below and we'll give you our thoughts 💡


Marketing is always changing. It's our job to keep your strategy on track.


Wishing a safe weekend to everyone here in the Lowcountry as we ride out this storm!


If marketing efforts are giving you a headache, we want to talk to you!
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Pay-per-click ads have become a lucrative source of web traffic, but did you know the majority of your traffic will still come from ORGANIC search?
That's why it's so important to have a high-quality SEO strategy!


When you're low on time, social media is one of the first things to get tossed on the back burner. If you feel like there's never enough time in your day, it's time to invest in marketing support!
DM us or schedule a free consultation here:


We get this question all the time.
"If I like my website, why do I need to update it?"

We recommend a website update every 2-3 years. It ensures that your website never looks outdated by current design standards. But more importantly, when we redesign your website, we'll look for any issues that could be affecting the functionality of the site, update your software and plugins, and even make sure your structure is appropriately set up for SEO!

Ready to talk about your redesign? Schedule a meeting here:



At Creative Consulting, we're always researching new trends in our industry. We want to be the marketing experts you trust when you need support!

If you want an expert to assess your current marketing strategy, send us a DM or schedule a consultation here:



Google's latest update is all about "people-first" content. But what does that actually mean?

It means that the content on your website should be written for an audience of REAL people, not an algorithm. Here are a few questions to help you determine if you should change your tactics:

💡 Is your content written by a real person?
AI copywriting is a major trend right now, but this new update makes AI-generated content a disadvantage.

💡 Is your content written for a well-defined audience?
Good content addresses a specific target audience. Make sure you're writing for the right people!

💡 Are you staying on-topic?
The topic of your content should be relevant to the audience you intend to attract.

💡 Is your content valuable?
If your audience reads your content, will they learn something of value to them? Will they leave feeling that you are an authority in your industry?

We hope this helps you adjust your SEO strategy for Google's newest update. If you want to know more about how we're adapting our services to better serve our clients after this update, send us a DM!


Do you feel like you can never find the time to finish every task on your to-do list?
We get it!
Marketing a business can quickly eat up all your time. We're here to offer simple, comprehensive solutions to all of your marketing needs.

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Don't settle for bare minimum from your marketing agency.
Schedule a consultation with one of our marketing experts and let's have a conversation about how we do marketing differently!


It's easy to get caught up in all the daily difficulties of running a business, and when it happens, you may find yourself putting marketing on the back burner.

That's why we do what we do. We want to make marketing simple and stress-free so that our clients are able to focus their energy on other aspects of business development.

If you're ready to get serious about marketing your business, reach out to us today!


Marketing your business online can get seriously confusing.

Our goal is to help you decipher exactly which marketing tactics are best for your business and support you in creating and executing a strategy.

Schedule a meeting with a marketing expert here:


In the age of social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising, you've probably heard someone say that SEO is obsolete.

In reality, Search Engine Optimization has simply changed over time. Google's latest update is guiding SEO best practices toward "people first" content, meant to be read by real people rather than algorithms, but that website content still matters.

And even if you're running paid Google ads, you STILL need to keep your website's keywords relevant.

Want a detailed report of your website's current optimization? Send us a DM to set up a meeting!

Website Design | Creative Consulting 09/07/2022

If you're ready to level up your business with a brand new or redesigned website, our team of creatives are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about our Web Design services, or send us a DM!

Website Design | Creative Consulting When it comes to website design, it's not so much about the tools or website editor platform, and more about the skills of the designer. Our team works in a variety of platforms to create a website specifically and uniquely fit for your small business.

Timeline photos 09/03/2022

We offer comprehensive solutions to your modern SEO needs.
Our team is always on the lookout for the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization, and we implement those new changes into your strategy month-to-month to keep your search engine ranking high!

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

At Creative Consulting, we're all about collaborative processes. We don't just take the reins and keep you in the dark. We meet with each of our clients on a regular basis to discuss current metrics, goals for the future, and the strategies we need to use to get the best results!

If you've been let down by marketing agencies who don't take the time to explain what the numbers really mean and have honest conversations about your goals, it's time to reach out to us!

Timeline photos 09/01/2022

to this branding project for The Ridgeville Bakery !

Timeline photos 08/25/2022

Is your website meeting your needs?
If you can't confidently say yes, it's time to schedule a chat with one of our marketing experts.
Get on our calendar now:

Timeline photos 08/20/2022

Are you planning to attend the North Charleston Business Expo? Be sure to stop by our booth and meet our team!

Timeline photos 08/19/2022

If you aren't applying Search Engine Optimization best practices to your website, you're leaving money on the table. 💸

Want to know more about how SEO strategy works? Send us a DM!

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

We're excited to be a vendor at the upcoming North Charleston Business Expo !
If you're attending, be sure to stop by our table and say hi. We can't wait to see you!

Timeline photos 08/15/2022

Need a new website?
Contact us today to find out more about our Web Design services!

Timeline photos 08/12/2022

Why does blogging matter? ❓

It's easy to think that blogs are becoming irrelevant, but here's the truth:

Blogging keeps your website at the top of key search results. It's the easiest way to implement search terms seamlessly into your website--especially for voice search.

It's also a great way to stay relevant as your industry changes! It gives you the opportunity to share your perspective and insight on new topics and developments that your client base cares about.

As a bonus, blogs also make fantastic social media content!

But we know that writing a blog takes a lot of time. To optimize for SEO purposes, you should be posting 2-4 blogs per month, between 1,500 and 2,000 words each. That's a lot of writing. And it gets especially time-consuming when you're also researching the keywords you should be using! 😴

That's why our SEO packages include blogging. Our SEO Specialist and Copywriter work together to ensure you are receiving SEO-optimized blogs on a regular basis to keep your site ranking high!

Want to know more? Schedule a free consultation with us here:

Social Media Strategy: How to Use Social Proof in Marketing : Social Media Examiner 08/11/2022

Are you using "social proof" in your marketing strategy?

Social Media Strategy: How to Use Social Proof in Marketing : Social Media Examiner Learn how to find and use social proof in your organic social media marketing campaigns and discover social proof examples to inspire you.

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

Have you been thinking about reaching out about our Branding packages? August is the perfect time!

We're offering 250 FREE business cards for every client who
signs on for a branding project in August. We'll design them to fit your new branding, and even print and ship them to you!

Want to chat with our design team? Schedule a consultation here:

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