Cathys Creations

Cathys Creations I raise Sheep and try to make use of every bit of them. I also sell by the cut, from my shop. Very warm.

I sell the lambs as "freezer lamb", which means, I sell a whole or a half lamb to someone to have butchered and processed as they wish. I retain the hides and have them tanned and sell them, also in my shop. The wool, which must be removed every year, I spin myself into lovely yarns and sell either as yarn, or knitted into nice hats, mittens, socks, etc. I also make a cozy slipper with the hides on the bottom, and a knitted/crocheted upper.


I have put the rams in with the ewes. So the new year of sheep has started.

My garden is starting to wind down a bit, but there is still a lot of produce to deal with yet. I will have lots of squash, so may be selling some of it at my shop. (another good reason to come see what I have) I also have an awful lot of potatoes. I will be canning some of them this year, as there is no way that I can keep that many potatoes over the winter. I've never done that before, so it will be a learning experience. I'm also going to try pickling some carrots this year.

The apples are coming all at once. I am trying to juice most of them. They are really good this year--no worms, and fairly good sized. I make cider vinegar to feed to the sheep. It is supposed to help with worms and also digestion.

I hope your summer has been going well.


It's been a bit since I posted anything. But it seems like time just zips by. Since my last post, I have been on vacation for 2 weeks. It was good to get out of the rat race for a bit. I had a wonderful garden picker that kept my vegies from becoming over grown. I had it mostly w**ded before I left--but not completely clean. (Is it even possible to get a garden completely w**d free?) I have a very large garden, so I would say -no it is not possible. But since I've been back, I have frozen cauliflower, and some beans. I had frozen lots of broccoli before I left. And of course, there is more coming. The pickles are going to over power me, and I must do something with the cabbages soon. We came home Saturday, and I'm still trying to catch up.

Something is killing my chickens (the laying hens) Fortunately I didn't get more this spring. I don't know what is doing it. They aren't always completely eaten, but they aren't just dying of old age either. Eventually, I may put out a live trap to see if I can catch something. It could be a coon--or a fox, or I suppose some sort of large bird. They are mostly found dead outside, not in the building.

But--I am back now and hopefully things will get back to normal. I will be in my shop during my usual hours again, so stop by and get some tasty lamb. I also have that summer sausage again, although in much larger rolls. Next time I have it made I will probably have the smaller rolls made. But it does taste the same, so that is good.

Hopefully, I will see you soon.


My garden is growing. I was gone for a week, and the w**ds grew also. Fortunately I had transplanted half grown plants to start with so they had a slight advantage over w**ds. Since I've been back, I have gotten the potatoes w**ded as well as the Brussels Sprouts, the fennel and the peas. I think I should have lots of vegetables this year. The snap peas planted in the water trough, will be ready to pick in a couple days. I must say, I tried to put a picture of my garden on here but can't seem to figure out how to do it. And with all the fiddling around trying to do it, I lost the post I had started to write.

I have the first batch of chickens in my freezer, ready to go. And the second batch in the cage in the orchard.

Also, I once again have craisen summer sausage. I found a butcher who could make it. It is larger than what I had before, but tastes much the same. The price will be a bit more, also. The sticks are about 2 1/4 lbs and the price per lb will be $8, which makes each stick $18.

I hope summer is treating you all well.


My garden is planted! I think I almost killed myself, but seem to be recovering nicely now. Too much work for an old person to do all at once. Hopefully it will grow nicely. Probably not w**d-less. That is too much to ask I think. I just want to be able to find the plants, and they just need to be able to grow without being overpowered by the w**ds.

I have started marketing lambs now. So if anyone wants to order, now is the time. One has already gone to the butcher and three more are due to go this week. I think summer is finally upon us.

My first batch of chickens goes to the butcher this week, with the second batch due to go outside in another week.


Things are going quite well. The chickens are very happy. Only one has died since I put them out and that was one with a crossed beak. I don't know how she lived as long as she did. I really don't know how she ate or drank. The cross was quite severe.

I have more things in the garden. I have planted the potatoes, the onions and shell peas. And I got the snap peas planted in the raised bed. Then I planted all the little onions that didn't fit in the main garden around the edge of the bed with the radishes and lettuce. No lettuce visible yet, but I am hopeful.

I started cleaning out around the blueberries and putting down coffee grounds, and then mulching with straw from the barn aisle. The coffee grounds are supposed to keep the soil a little acid and act as fertilizer. I've read that you are supposed to trim them--kinda like apple trees and I've tried to do that, but don't know how successful I've been at it.

Today it is raining, so no outdoor work. Time to clean my house. YUK.


Now that makes me mad. I had written something and went somewhere else to check on something and the whole post disappeared. Very annoying.
So here goes again: I weaned the lambs on Mothers Day, before going out to dinner. All in all a nice Mothers Day. Then yesterday, I put the chickens out into their pen that gets dragged around the orchard. They seemed very happy about that this morning. But, the lambs had found a break in the barnyard fence and about 10 of them had gotten out and in with the ewes. I had to bring them all in again and separate them out again. Fortunately it was only about 10 of them, so it could have been much worse! I have now fixed the fence, hopefully permanently.
I have also gotten a lot of plants started for the garden, and have one raised bed planted with radishes and lettuce and parsley. I have another raised bed ready to plant snap peas, but have not done it quite yet. So I am well on my way for the garden. As usual I have started some things way too early, and some things, probably not early enough. Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out in the end.
In other news--I now have summer sausage with craisens again. They are made by a different butcher, so they taste a little different, I think, but I'm not sure if I remember how the old ones tasted.😊
They will be a bit more expensive--at $8/lb. They are bigger also, at 2.5lbs each. If anyone is interested, I will gladly give you a taste before you purchase.


The next step is weaning the lambs. I keep waiting for the grass to grow, so the ewes have something to eat, although I could put out a bale of hay for them. I would also like to have it dry up a bit before I put them out. Will spring ever come?
I also need to do some fencing before I put them out, and it has been a bit wet--and I am a bit old, so I haven't gotten to it yet. And then there is the garden that needs to be gotten ready. I have made some progress on that. It is mowed off, ready to be tilled. And I have started several plants, and moved my portable greenhouse to its spot on the patio. Just need some warm weather now. Spring is always so busy!


Hi, everybody. Lambing season is finally done. It wasn't bad, but I lost more than I wanted to. Heavy on the rams this year: 21 rams and 11 ewes. I also got 5 black--or spotted lambs. Only one that is truly black. The other 4 are different patterns of black. They will make some interesting hides.

I will be notifying those of you who order a whole or half lamb soon. I want to check out some different butchers. Otherwise, I will have cuts in my shop again. I have quite a few cuts on hand now, if anyone is interested.

I am now looking forward to spring. I have my seeds ordered, so I am ready.


Well, it has started! had the first lambs last night at chore time. When I walked into the barn there were 4 lambs with 4 ewes, and I thought, "oh dear, do I have enough lambing pens?" But as it turned out only two ewes had lambed. The other ewes were stealing. I got it all sorted out and the mothers put into pens with their babies. No more this morning, but I determined that one of the ewes doesn't have milk, so since I didn't really prepare properly, I had to run to Fleet Farm to buy milk replacer for them. She had a soft bag, but I can't get anything out, and it would appear that the lambs can't either. They are a bit thin. They are fed now, so all is well. Each ewe had one black lamb and one white lamb. It will be interesting to see how many black lambs I get this year.


We did have leg of lamb for Christmas. It was quite good. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I got the flu. it was not pleasant, but if I was going to get it, that was really the best time. There is not too much happening that needs my attention. I have now fully recovered and am feeling pretty much back to normal. It took quite awhile to get my energy back.
I have started feeding grain to the ewes in preparation of lambing. They are quite happy about that. :)
The chickens are not laying, although there is one chicken that lays an egg about every third day or so--but only one.
I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. We did.


Shearing is now done for another year. The sheep are all in the barn awaiting lambing. That will occur in February. So things are quiet here. No real snow yet, and actually no real cold yet.
I broke down and bought a turkey for Thanksgiving, but will surely have leg of lamb for Christmas.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I will try this one more time. So far I have been erased twice now. Very annoying.

We still have not gotten a freeze here, so things are still growing. We ate Swiss Chard last night, and have been eating broccoli all along. I have both of those vegies in the freezer for winter. I am waiting for the broccoli seeds to ripen and am going to try growing them to see what I get. I picked the beets that are left and will make pickled beets. I am waiting for the one eggplant to get as big as possible before I pick it. As soon as we get a good freeze I will mow the whole thing and be ready for spring.

The barn is cleaned and the rams have been removed from the ewe flock, so breeding season is done. I am now awaiting the next phase of shepherding--and that will be shearing. That should be done some time in November. The Skid Steer worked well for its barn cleaning chore. Hopefully it will continue through snow plowing.

I have taken the hides from this last year to the tannery. There are several black ones in the batch. I have enough meat in the freezer to probably last for 2 years, so don't know if I will butcher for that market next spring. I will still do the freezer lambs for anyone interested, and will be sending out a newsletter some time in March.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and consider having a let of lamb--or some other cut.

Cathys Creations updated their website address. 09/27/2021

Cathys Creations updated their website address.

Cathys Creations updated their website address.


Looks like I haven't posted in awhile. The ewes are with the rams. I put them with both rams, since the rams are lambs yet. I am not breeding the ewe lambs this year. It only works out about half the time, and these ewe lambs are the smaller of the batch, so probably not really ready for breeding.

The garden is winding down now. Last year I had a problem with deer and rabbits eating the garden. This year it is mice. I put up a deer and rabbit deterrent fence, which kept them out quite well, although this year it was impossible to keep the w**ds out--namely mostly grass, so the mice were quite happy. They ate the top of the beets which weren't doing all that well with all the rain we got. And they ate one of the only buttercup squashes I got. The bigger one, of course. Carrots mostly rotted as did the potatoes. Next year's garden will be much smaller, and hopefully better cared for.

Anyone wanting lamb--I have lots of it. We ate a loin roast last night, cooked on the grill and it was delicious! I have about any cut you may want. Come see. I am open Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and Saturday, all day.


Hi, everyone. Apple season is starting now. I have been making apple juice which I make into apple cider to give my animals. It is supposed to help with rumen health, and maybe even worm load. They also like it. :) I have an apple press. Anyone wishing to use it for their own apples or mine are welcome. Just let me know.

I have harvested the first muskmelon from my garden. It was rather bland. Probably too much water. There are more coming, so I will hope for the best. I even got a very small watermelon that must have made it through the rain--although the vine didn't. It was actually ripe--and I ate it!

I also thinned the beets a little and we ate baby beets last night. Hopefully the rest will get bigger. I will pickle them at the end of the season. Still watching the corn. It is close.

The sheep are now behaving themselves. I give them the apple pulp from the squeezing. They love it.

I will be at the Edgar Steam Engine show Aug 27-29. Come visit.


I have successfully made home from vacation. A much needed vacation. While we were gone, it rain more than 5 inches, and hasn't stopped since we got home. My garden is more or less under water. Some plants like that, and some don't, so I have lots of some things, and others are struggling. If it ever dries up, maybe some of them will recover. Needless to say--the w**ds love the water apparently. They are doing well.

While I was gone, the sheep behaved themselves, and stayed where they were put. After I got home, I had to move them, since they were running out of forage where they were. They were happy in the new pasture for about 3 days. Then, since there was no electricity in that fence, they left there and went into the hay field. That was just as it was getting dark. Decided that to fix the fence in the dark was crazy, so I moved them again to a more secure pasture. So far they are happy there. I don't think they really like all this rain either.

So I am back in my shop now, if anyone is interested in purchasing any lamb--or eggs--or chicken. Don't know how much longer I will have eggs. I haven't bought new layers in several years, so they are slowing down a bit with the egg laying.


I have been working diligently and have my garden all planted. If it all grows I'll have more than I can possibly use. But that is ok. Lately I have been trying to rid the garden of all w**ds. Probably not possible, but I am trying.
Since I had to use a different breed of ram for this year's crop of lambs, they seem to be rather slow to reach weight, although on the positive side, they seem to be growing at about the same rate. I usually have about half of them marketed already by this time. So if you are waiting for a lamb from me, be patient--it is coming. I will be taking 4 to the butcher this next week. If any of you want to order a whole or half lamb, it is still not too late to do so.


Yesterday was a productive day---I thought. I spent most of the afternoon planting some of my plants into the garden. I planted all the tomatoes, eggplants and the sweet peppers that I really like. Then I was tired, so I quit--fortunately. At around 7 or 8 o'clock last night, we got a nasty hail storm. I am not happy. Only time will tell if things recover. When I looked this morning it looked like the peppers and eggplants weathered the storm fairly well. Not sure about the tomatoes. Only time will tell with those. I planted all of them quite deep, so some of them may still come through.

I guess I should be grateful that I got tired and quit. The loss could be much greater. Of course, now I have to wait a bit till the garden dries out some before I can plant anything else. Along with the hail there was a fair amount of rain--that we really didn't need.

And so I soldier on.


It seems to have been awhile since I posted anything. A lot has happened. I injured my knee. Urgent care said it was a compression fracture. I think they were wrong, but I've been careful with it. I think I just stretched the ligament that runs down the outside of the knee. It doesn't bother me much anymore, but I still can't kneel on that knee--so I don't. They told me to use crutches. How does one feed the animals with crutches?

I have all my plants ready to go into the garden, and I was going to do that the other day. Then it started to rain. And now it is getting cold. Frost type weather. The rain prevented me from planting sensitive plants out. They are all in pots getting bigger. Hope, when I get to plant they aren't too big to make the transition. I did get the cucumbers planted out. Hope they are ok--and will withstand the cold. I usually plant most of those things directly into the garden, but thought I'd try something different this year. At least, when it does warm up again, they will have a head start.

The first batch of chickens are out in their cage, and the second batch is in the brooder waiting for the first batch to go to the butcher.

The lambs seem to be growing slower than usual. Hope They make weight in time for me to go on vacation at the end of July.

Hope summer is treating you all well.


I'd like to tell you about my roosters. I had 4 of them. I didn't order any of them. Three of them came with chick orders when I order laying hens, and therefore only want hens, and one of them hatched out when I didn't find a nest in the hay barn. Most of the chickens live in the ram building, but the hatched one in the sheep barn wouldn't really leave. For awhile there were a few hens that kept him company in there, but over the last year they all died, so he was alone in there (with the sheep and cats). He died this last winter. I think of loneliness. That left 3 living in the ram barn where all the chickens live. There were two that came with black hens, and one that came with brown hens. That rooster was white. And over the last year or so he has been very nasty to the younger rooster. Always chasing and pecking him. Finally the younger rooster got fed up with it, apparently, because the white rooster got really beat up. May have lost an eye. He finally left the ram building, and last I saw him he was residing in the orchard. He really doesn't look to much worse for the wear, but I don't think he will ever go back to the ram barn. Don't know what I will do with him when winter comes again.


I've started planting seeds. I am hopeful that spring is coming soon.
Tomorrow my chicks come. I have the brooder set up and am ready for them. I hope the weather doesn't keep doing this cold thing. But I have 4 more weeks before they have to go out into the outdoor cage.
I am giving away rhubarb plants. I dug my plants up and thinned them and am going to put them in a different spot in the garden. Of course as soon as I did that, and tilled a couple times, it started to rain and hasn't really stopped, so the garden is rather wet. Not sure I can even walk on it.
Today I took three ewes to the butcher. Two of them will be dog food, and I have a customer who likes mutton and so ordered an older animal.


Hi everyone,
Easter is coming. Do you have your leg of lamb for Easter dinner, yet? I have them available. Just come to my shop Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, or call and come at your convenience. I am also here on Saturday 9 to 4. See you then. 715-506-0096
The lambs are growing well. If you wish to order a whole or half lamb, now is the time to let me know. If no room for a whole or half lamb in your freezer, I will always have pieces available.
I also have lots of eggs at the moment. I have stopped selling eggs to Hewitt Meats. It just was not profitable for me--I was essentially losing money, so decided not to do it any more. I have not bought any new hens to replace those that die from time to time, and eventually I will start to get a more manageable amount of eggs. I have tried pickling some to see how I like them. I think they are pretty good, although, in truth I haven't tasted all the varieties I've made.
I'm getting excited about gardening now. The peppers I started have sprouted now. As soon as it gets warm enough, I will have to till the garden, since the manure I put on it last fall was quite compacted, and needs to be broken up a bit. I will probably have to till it a couple times, at least. Spring is coming!
Have a wonderful Easter!


Lambing is finally done. And after a few disasters at the beginning, things went very well. That ram I had to borrow gave the lambs some real crossbred vigor! It was really phenomenal. They came out bouncing almost, and the first one had eaten before the next one got here. It feels good to be done, however. No more having to go out 4 times a day to check on them, just the two chore times to feed. I have 4 lambs I am supplementing, but that should end soon. They are starting to eat creep now.

I'm thinking I should be starting seeds soon. For a couple days there it actually felt like spring. Today is a bit nippy, though. But I am confident that spring will arrive soon.🌱


It almost seems that spring is trying to come. The last week has been rather spring-like. I now have only one ewe left to lamb. The other ewe I was waiting on had triplets. All seem to be doing well. I have two bottle lambs, and they are doing well also. The lambs are starting to eat creep feed, so that is good.

I have ordered my seeds for the garden. And I have started the dahlias I had dug up from last year. This is the second year I have done that and it seems to be working well. My plan is to put them across the front of the house under the windows, where I have tulips, in addition to in front of my shop.

I don't know how many of you that read this are in the area, but, I will be sending out my newsletter for ordering whole and half lamb soon. If you are not on my mailing list and would like to order a lamb, please let me know so I can send you the form to fill out for the butcher. Otherwise, I also sell lamb cuts in my shop.


Lambing is now winding down. I think I have only two ewes left to lamb. The season started out rather badly and I was worried that the whole season would be bad, but things got much better after the first few disasters. The one thing that surprised me was the number of black lambs I got. If I had really thought about it I might have realized that the ram I ended up using likely carried black, although he was white himself. I had originally thought about not doing hides anymore, but since I got so many blacks, that is out of the question. I will not throw away a black hide, so looks like I will be doing hides at least one more year. I have plenty of white hides on hand already.

I have also decided that I will not do wholesale eggs anymore. It is not at all profitable for me. I will still sell them in my shop, so if you want eggs, you will have to come to my shop to get them. I have raised my price to #3.00/doz also. The price of feed keeps going up. And although I try to only buy it on sale, and in bulk where I can get the best price, I still don't make any money on them.

It looks like spring may come after all. 🐑 😊


Lambing has started--and not too well, I may add. First 4 ewes were problems. Then finally, the 5th ewe did it right! I now have three black lambs. I was going to stop saving hides, but it looks like I won't be able to do that this year. I just can't throw the black hides away. Doesn't seem right. I may be more picky about which hides I take, though.
Hopefully it will warm up before the rest of the flock lambs. I should get a small break, since there was a couple days between rams.

I have decided to make myself a sweater out of some grey in the same pattern as the blue one showing on this page. I really like the pattern, and it should be warm. And I already have the yarn spun waiting for me to decide on a pattern. So now I spin in my shop and knit in the house in the evenings. Keeps me busy.


Working on the second sweater now. Making a heavier yarn. So it will be awhile before I get that one done.

I would like to report that my chickens are starting to lay again. Not a lot, but I now have a few eggs to sell, if anyone is interested.

Lambs haven't come yet. I figure that with the sub-zero weather that is coming this weekend, that's when they will start!


I finished the girls sweater. It turned out quite nice, if I do day so myself. And she liked it. So all is good. The guys sweater will be a little more challenging I think. He picked out something fairly bulky. The wool spins up fairly fine. I am going to have to decide what I am going to do. Either make a heavier yarn--or alter the pattern for a little lighter weight yarn.

We finally got a little snow. I got the skid steer out to plow, and even managed to plow a good deal of the driveway--before it lost power. I'm hoping they will come soon and fix it. Always something. I hope they can fix it.

I think I have about a week left before the lambs come. I hope it doesn't turn really cold and windy. I would hate that. I suppose I should just be grateful that things have been so mild so far.


Getting ready for lambing. Have vaccinated the ewes against "overeating disease". I have set up the lambing pens, and yesterday I bedded them, so I am ready to go. Several ewes are bagged up, so I am going to have some lambs.
The weather has been holding up, but there is talk of that changing. We will wait and see. I suspect that as soon as the lambs start coming, the weather will turn bad for some reason.

I have been working on a consignment project. It requires spinning the wool, dying it and knitting the sweater. They are for a couple, so I have two sweaters to make. So far I have one of them well on its way. As soon as I finish the first one, I will start on the second. Maybe I can finish by the end of winter--and maybe not. But I will be close.


So--Happy New Year to everybody!
We made it through Christmas quite smoothly. It was very nice. Lara made a delicious breakfast and we opened our presents, then came home and relaxed. I made dinner that evening for Bruce and me and Rich's mother. It was all very nice and relaxing.
And now we are into a new year. The Skid Steer repair place called just as we were about to go pick up what we thought was a repaired machine to say that there was still a problem with the steering. So now we wait again. Fortunately, we still don't have too much snow, but not sure how long that will last. I am reluctant to put the bucket on the big tractor because, I still have people calling about the hay I have for sale, and It is the only way I have to load it for them. I am playing it by ear at this point.
My shop did quite well at the end of the year. Several people bought Lamb for Christmas dinner, and I also sold several hides and a couple blankets I have had for years. I won't have any more of them, as I sell my wool elsewhere now.
I am now in the process of making sweaters from a customers wool. When I finish that project I will have to make some more slippers, as I noticed that I am quite low in some sizes.
I hope you all had a very successful Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Am slowly learning how to use the new phone. Fortunately I was able to keep my old phone. All the phone numbers didn't transfer to the new phone. I keep having to go to the old phone to get them. I'm hoping that eventually I will get them all transferred as I need to use them. It is a little frustrating though.
It is almost Christmas. It will be a bit different this year. Lara isn't able to leave her dog alone, so can't come here. He had surgery on his hind leg and can't walk on a slippery floor. And that's all I've got here. So we are trying to figure the best way to do Christmas. I guess we will all go to her house at some point. At the moment, I'm thinking breakfast, and then open presents. Maybe have dinner with just us--and maybe Rich's Mom. Lara can't really do Christmas dinner at her house, since she bought a new business and her house is rather crammed at the moment with saddle stuff.
Hoping your Christmas is a happy one, and goes smoothly amid all this craziness.


Got a new cell phone yesterday. It has screwed up everything. And now I have to learn a new thing. Not sure my brain is up to it. Also messes up my email program on the computer. Lara is going to have to come fix it. I tried all morning and made no real progress.
I'm glad the weather is holding out. At least I don't have to worry about snow for the moment. I'm sure it is coming soon enough.
I did get a newsletter sent out, encouraging everyone to eat lamb for Christmas dinner, and to buy some wool gifts from my shop.


Today I have been busily making my portion of Thanksgiving dinner. We divvied it up this year, so I am not doing the whole thing. I like it. I am making pies and the turkey and some cranberry sauce. The rest it for the guests to bring. It should be good.
Then the day after tomorrow, I should send out a newsletter encouraging people to eat leg of lamb for Christmas dinner.
In a couple weeks I will be starting the ewes on some grain, but first I have to find some. The person I was buying it from last year, is going to use what he has himself, so I have to look elsewhere. Another chore for the day after tomorrow.
I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Dinner.


The sheep are sheared. The weather wasn't too bad; just windy and a little cold. Today it can't decide whether to be sunny or not. It is good to have that chore done for another year.
I will be getting new rams come spring, and life will go on. I am busily spinning a customers wool to make them sweaters. That chore should take me all winter, as I have to spin the wool, dye it and then knit the sweaters. They have picked out the patterns. So far I have been making good progress on the spinning part. I will be doing the girl's sweater first mostly because it will be the easiest. Keeps me busy.
Lambing should start the first of February, so I have time to worry about that. Hopefully most of them are bred.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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What's Cooking With Mary Wussow? What's Cooking With Mary Wussow?

'What's Cooking With Mary Wussow?" is a special page to share great cooking ideas, recipes, culinary