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Large and small animal veterinary clinic Our services provide advanced affordable care for cats, dogs, horses, cows, and some small work on goats and pigs.

Our clinic offers laser surgery, laser therapy, digital x-rays, in house blood work, dentals, chiropractic adjustments on horses, and Purina and Royal Canin foods.


Due to Dr. Mihlbauer being unavailble, the clinic hours will be temporarily changed for the following date:
Mon. Oct. 24th 9am-12pm & 4pm-6pm
Tues. Oct. 25th SAME
Wed. Oct. 26th SAME
Thurs. Oct. 27th 2pm-6pm
Fri. Oct. 28th 9am-12pm
We apologize for any inconvenience!!


Temporary Office Hour Change:
Thursday Sept. 22 - closed @ 3:00pm
Friday Sept. 23 - CLOSED
Monday Sept. 26 - office will be open 8am - noon, 1pm - 7pm vet will be available


🌟Temporary Change in Office Hours🌟

Due to the vet being out of the office for the following dates, the hours of the clinic will be temporarily shortened…..


•Thursday September 8th 9am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm

•Friday September 9th 9am - 12pm

•Friday September 16th 9am - 12pm

•Friday September 23rd 9am - 12pm

•Monday September 26th 9am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm

We apologize for any inconvenience


Attention equine clients!
Check out Zesterra!! Zesterra is an all natural supplement meant to aid with digestion, stress - such as hauling, weather, and performing, mares that are to foal, weight gain and maintenance in the older horses, and increase the appetite of the slow picky eaters. Check out their website they also have products for cattle!. Blue Skies is now a dealer of Zesterra, so if you have any questions, let us know. 01/08/2020

Mauston riding stable says tainted hay to blame for 14 horse deaths - WKOW

Due to the unfortunate weather of the last two years, majority of farmers (from dairies to small hobby farms) have struggled to find an adequate and quality hay supply. Unfortunately, this has been very difficult to come by and forcing people to buy hay from unknown suppliers and unknown farms. In doing so comes with risks, risks that can potentially be fatal to the animal and financially detrimental to the owner. With recent news of the tragic event that took place in Mauston, WI at Red Ridge Ranch that took the lives of 14 horses and possibly more, it is important to educate ourselves on the dangers that come with buying food products for animals from unknown sources. Although, excluding the current case in Mauston, there hasn't been any recent cases in regards to blister beetle toxicity in horses in Wisconsin. Here are a couple articles on blister beetles and news article on the Red Ridge Ranch and the website for their go fund me. The last few months at Red Ridge Ranch in Mauston have been filled with heartbreak and tragedy. 08/14/2019

2 animals test positive for fatal equine infection in Taylor County Wisconsin’s first cases of equine infectious anemia in 15 years have been found in Taylor County.


Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic LLC

It's finally the time for nice weather. Your pet is wanting to be out and about more, but unfortunately so do those pesky fleas and ticks. Nexgard has been our number one go to preventative for dogs. This is an oral monthly preventative that specifically targets the neuro receptors for fleas and ticks and is safe for your dog. We currently have a special of buy 3 doses get 1 free or buy 6 doses get 2 free!! When you stop in to buy your preventative, mention this Facebook ad and get one additional dose FREE. A minimum of 2 doses need to be purchased at the time to receive the additional free dose. You also must be a client and we would need to have seen your dog within a year in order to sell the product.

* THIS PROMO ENDS 6/14/19*


It's finally the time for nice weather. Your pet is wanting to be out and about more, but unfortunately so do those pesky fleas and ticks. Nexgard has been our number one go to preventative for dogs. This is an oral monthly preventative that specifically targets the neuro receptors for fleas and ticks and is safe for your dog. We currently have a special of buy 3 doses get 1 free or buy 6 doses get 2 free!! When you stop in to buy your preventative, mention this Facebook ad and get one additional dose FREE. A minimum of 2 doses need to be purchased at the time to receive the additional free dose. You also must be a client and we would need to have seen your dog within a year in order to sell the product.

* THIS PROMO ENDS 6/14/19*


Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic LLC's cover photo


Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic LLC


!!! Attention !!!
**Starting Wednesday August 1st**
Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic LLC at our Phillips, WI location will have its final day of business. After hard consideration Dr. Mihlbauer has decided to close her Phillips location and focus on building her business at the Stratford, WI location. The business and loyalty of our clients and patients at the Phillips location during the last 14 years has been and alway will be deeply appreciated. Up until August 1st the Phillips location will keep their regular hours of 9am - 3pm Monday’s, 1pm - 7pm Tuesday’s and 8am - 3pm on Wednesday’s. After that North Country Veterinary Clinic & 4Paws Pet Resort will be taking over the clientele for Blues Skies (Phillips location). We recommend once we are closed you continue your vet care with North Country Veterinary Clinic (715-339-6777 or 715-762-2079). If before August 1st you wish to pick up your records or have them faxed you can do so during the business hours. Again, we thank you for your business and loyalty.

For our Stratford, WI location the office hours will be as followed:

Monday’s 8am - 7pm
Tuesday’s 8am - 5pm
Wednesday’s 8am - 7pm
Thursday’s 8am - 6pm
Friday’s 8am - Noon
Closed Saturday’s and Sunday’s


Get anything for your pet's needs from medications, to food, to supplements and more!


As knowledge of the canine influenza virus (CIV) outbreak in the Midwest is becoming more popular, we would like to share a little information about what it is, how it's transmitted, and preventive techniques.

What is the canine influenza virus?:
*Also known as the dog flu, CI is a very contagious respiratory virus among dogs that is caused by the influenza A virus. It is said to be closely related to the virus that causes the equine influenza and is said to be a mutation of that virus. There are two types of canine influenza: H3N8 and H3N2. The H3N8 strain is the cause of the influenza in the U.S. The H3N2 strain has been reported in Thailand, Korea, and China. Recent research has indicated that the outbreak is being caused by a virus closely related to the strain, influenza A H3N2 currently circulating the dog populations in southern China and southern South Korea. The H3N2 has shown to cause infection and illness in cats, but not the H3N8. Both strains have not shown evidence of transmitting to humans.

There are two clinical syndromes of the H3N8 strain.:
*Mild form - dogs may develop a soft, wet cough that continues for 10-30 days. Other symptoms also include lethargy (lack of energy), fever, and appetite loss. In some cases dogs can develop a dry cough mimicking that of kennel cough, which should be evaluated by a veterinarian to determine the difference. Regardless of the dry cough or wet cough, both conditions may be accompanied by thick nasal discharge.
*Severe form - dogs will have a high fever (104-106F), signs of pneumonia, along with symptoms of the mild form.

Is canine influenza fatal?:
*Only fatal cases of dogs with pneumonia, resulting from a secondary infection of the virus, have been reported, but the death rate is low. Most cases will recover in 2-3 weeks.

How is this virus transmitted?:
*Canine influenza is spread to other dogs by: direct contact, respiratory secretions in the air, and contaminated objects (i.e. clothes, hands, inanimate objects). It is required that any person handling a dog infected with the virus not expose other dogs. The canine influenza virus has shown to live up to 48 hours on inanimate objects (tables, chairs, counters, etc.) Therefore, any clothing, equipment, hands, and surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before handling other dogs.

How to prevent the spread of the CIV:
*Again, this virus is not transmittable from dog to human, but humans can inadvertently transmit the virus from one infected dog to others if they do not follow good hygiene and preventative practices. As stated above, any person who handles an infected dog should thoroughly wash his/her hands with soap and water. If not readily available, an alcohol-based hand cleaner will work. Also wear gloves and protective clothes when handling infected dogs, don't allow that animal to come into contact with others, clean cages or any other objects that have come into contact with the virus, separate newly arriving dogs from others that have been housed in a household/kennel/shelter for one week or longer, keep sick animals away from healthy ones, and routinely monitor for any signs of illness.

If infected, what is the treatment?:
*Like other diseases caused by a virus, treatment is supportive. Depending on the dog's condition, depends on the course of treatment. This includes the absence or presence of any kind of secondary infection, dehydration, pneumonia, or any other current medical condition (pregnancy, compromised immune system, etc.). More than likely your veterinarian will prescribe an antibiotic for any secondary infections and/or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory to help relieve any fever, swelling, or pain. If the dog becomes dehydrated, fluid therapy is required to restore and maintain hydration status. In cases that are severe, hospitalization may be necessary.

Is there a vaccine?:
*There is a vaccine for canine influenza, but it only vaccinates for the H3N8 strain. The vaccine protocol requires a series of 2 injections, with the second injection given 2-3 weeks after the initial dose. Once the booster is given, the dog's body builds protection after 3 weeks (in most cases).

We highly suggest that you vaccinate your dog for the CIV. This is a vaccine that the Blue Skies Lg. & Sm. Animal Clinic LLC does carry. And remember, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's health, please contact a veterinary professional.


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Happy Halloween!!


There have been multiple cases of parvovirus amongst dogs around the Phillips, WI area! It is crucial that all owners have their dogs FULLY vaccinated, not only for parvovirus, but for all other diseases. Parvovirus is a severe disease that if contracted, even with the best veterinary care can be fatal!!

What is parvovirus?:
It is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce a life-threatening illness. The virus most severely affects the intestinal tract. It also attacks the white blood cells, and when young animals are infected, the virus can damage the heart muscle and cause lifelong cardiac problems.

General symptoms:
General symptoms of the virus are lethargy (sluggish), severe vomiting, loss of appetite, and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhea that can lead to life-threatening dehydration.

How is it transmitted?:
This is an EXTREMELY contagious virus that can be transmitted BY any person, animal or object that comes into contact with an infected dog's f***s. It is highly resistant and can live in the environment for months and can survive on inanimate objects such as food bowls, shoes, clothes, carpet, floors, and soil. It is common for unvaccinated dogs to contract the virus from the streets, especially where there are many other dogs.

How is it diagnosed?:
Dogs are diagnosed with the virus by a veterinarian based on clinical signs and laboratory testing. The test veterinarians use to aid in their diagnosis is performed on the dog's f***s and takes only 15 minutes. Other blood tests may be performed.

What dogs are prone to parvo?:
Puppies, adolescent dogs and canines who are not vaccinted are most susceptible. The virus affects most members of the dog family including wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc..

How can parvo be prevented?:
VACCINATE! Dogs can be protected from this potential killer by making sure he is up-to-date on vaccines. Parvovirus should be considered a core vaccine for all puppies and adult dogs. It is usually recommended that puppies be vaccinated with combination vaccines such as the "5-in-1" that protects the puppy from distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

Generally, the first vaccine should be given at 6-8 weeks of age and boostered every 3-4 weeks until the puppy is 16-20 weeks old. A puppy's vaccine program is not complete before four months of age. Older dogs who have not received full puppy vaccination series may be susceptible to parvo.

Even with excellent cleaning, parvovirus can be difficult to get rid of. This virus is resistant to many typical disinfectants. A solution of one part bleach to 32 parts water can be used where organic material is not present. Toys, food and water dishes from infected dogs should be properly cleaned and then disinfected with this solution for 10 minutes. If it is thought that you walked through an infected area, the soles of your shoes can be disinfected with the bleach solution. Areas that are harder to clean, such as grass, carpeting, and wood floors may need to be sprayed with disinfectant, or even resurfaced.

How can this virus be treated?:
THERE ARE NO DRUGS AVAILABLE THAT CAN KILL THE VIRUS. Treatment is generally straightforward and consists of aggressive supportive care to control the symptoms and boost the dog's immune system. Infected dogs require intensive treatment IN A VETERINARY HOSPITAL.



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When the Dr.'s hands are really cold


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Living Better

Summers is coming!!
Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the backyard.


Happy Wednesday!


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Merry Christmas from the Blue Skies Staff!


Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware Consumers should be cautious when buying pet drugs online and should not let Internet pharmacies


Through the month of December ALL INSTOCK flea and tick preventative is 10% off! Get it while it lasts. They would make great stocking stuffers and don't expire!

Also through the month of December, ALL INSTOCK furminators are 10% off! (while supplies last).

***During the month of December we are also offering a chance to win a $100 gas card. For every $25 dollars spent at the clinic you will get 1 entry. The drawing will be on January 2nd, 2013. Good luck to all!***


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“Do we give more to our pets or do our pets give more to us?”

The Human-Animal Bond is the dynamic relationship between people and animals in that each influences the psychological and physiological state of the other. Human-animal interaction has profound physiological consequences. People, in the contact with animals experience a decrease in blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and a general feeling of well being. By observing the behavior of animals, children learn to be more nurturing and perhaps better parents to their own children. The therapeutic value of animals for socially isolated individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and prisons has been documented. People in the presence of animals are often perceived to be more happy and healthy. 05/03/2012

Pet Owners Say Dogs Died After Eating ‘Waggin’ Train Jerky Tenders’ Treats Made In China - CBS New Y Heartbroken dog owners in our area and across the country, who claim their dogs have died after eating certain dog treats made in China, are sending a warning to others.


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The ticks and mosquitoes have begun to make their appearance. Now is the perfect time to stop in and pick up your pet's tick, flea, and heartworm preventative. Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic LLC has a special offer on the different preventatives:

Frontline - buy 6 doses get 2 free or buy 3 doses get 1 free!
Certifect - buy 6 doses get $12 off or buy 3 doses get $5 off!
Vectra - buy 6 doses get 3 free or buy 3 doses get 1 free!
Heartgard - buy a 12 month supply get $15 off!

Stop in at either one of our locations for this special offer. We hope to see you soon!


Is your pet in need of some dental work? No problem! Just call Blue Skies Large and Small Animal Clinic.


ATTENTION!!!!!: Please, if you have not already, vaccinate ALL your horses with the EWTF(eastern, western, tetanus, influenza) vaccine. There have been numerous cases in the past two months, that we know of, of horses dying from eastern encephalomyelitis. Even if you have vaccinated for this this past spring it would not be a bad idea to give a booster now!


When you come in for an appointment of any kind ask us about our free 4lb sample bag of Loyal dog food. We have four different types: puppy formula, active adult, lamb and rice, and adult maintenance. Get one while they're still here!


Come in today and check out our new Furminator brushes!! Also try the Furminator shampoo and conditioner for your dog.


Right now we have a limited time offer of buy 6 doses of frontline and get 2 doses free! Or buy 3 doses and get 1 free! Offer ends 12/31/11


For over 14 years, Blue Skies Large & Small Animal Clinic LLC has been caring for your pets and farm animals. We take pride in treating your furry family as one of our own. We care for them the way we would our own pets and animals. For your peace of mind, know that we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Call us at 715-687-3310 to schedule an appointment.

A healthy pet is a happy one. Take them to an experienced vet who will treat your fur baby like a child. Your puppy or kitten will feel like they're at home with our experienced and excellent staff. We offer amazing service at a reasonable price. Putting your pet's life in the hands of a reputable vet should be the most important part of your pet's health. Our great vet has been finding the best prognosis and advice for keeping your pets safe and healthy for the past 14 years!

Taking all your horses and cattle to get a checkup can be difficult. Let our vets pay you a visit. Give us a call and we'll stop by to look at your horses and cattle. Our licensed staff understands your needs to keep your horses and cattle healthy.



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Monday 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 3pm

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