Southern Trillium, LLC

Southern Trillium, LLC

Southern Trillium is an award-winning design & construction company, specializing in landscapes and Members of Urban Ag Council.

Southern Trillium is an award winning landscape design, installation, and construction company committed to providing you with the highest quality. Our industry leading designers take your goals and your vision and combine it with our knowledge and expertise to create your personal garden paradise. We set ourselves apart with our professional knowledge and licenses. Southern Trillium is a Georgia

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 03/19/2024

Yesterday was final cleaning day and start-up for normal operation of the large water feature we built last fall. We had to wait until all the site work was completed on the project to turn it on. A few more remaining details but it is ready to be enjoyed by all.


Recertified for another 2 years as a NDS Professional Drainage Contractor.


Next stage of work on this commercial site is installation of the raised planters for the residents to utilize as part of the horticultural therapy program. We designed the bed design in collaboration with the hort therapist, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. The pans allow patients to stand or sit at them and stay clean and dry. Many using them will be in wheelchairs. Drainage and irrigation is concealed inside the masonry support legs seen going in here.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 12/29/2023

Almost finished with the second water feature. Stonework is complete. All remaining is the water proof cementitious membrane on the inside and setting up the fountain in the center.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 12/08/2023

Part way through construction on the second water feature on this commercial site. When complete, it will have a 3 tier fountain in the center of this basin. Natural stone veneer and stone cap are next and then the cementitious membrane on the inside.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/26/2023

Today was equipment vault installation day. All the pumps and filtration for the feature will be out of sight in this underground vault. The custom fiberglass vault was made per our design, for this equipment setup. We pre-plumbed the vault to make on-site installation quicker.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/24/2023

We have been working hard on this large water feature installation. On week 3 right now. It was also a beautiful morning as the sun came up on the site.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/19/2023

Making progress on this large water feature installation. Next week will be the remaining boulders and installation of the below ground vault that houses the pumps and filtration.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/16/2023

Work continues on the water feature installation. Finished digging and shaping the upper pools, pulled liners, and began setting rock.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/13/2023

A fun first few days laying out the water feature and moving soil to create the footprint and the large hill for the streams and falls. Technology makes site layout much easier for us.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 10/09/2023

Day 1 on this commercial project that we have been getting ready for since late 2022.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 08/09/2023

We are getting ready for a large commercial water feature project soon to begin. Here is the custom fiberglass vault that will house the pumps and filter systems underground and out of sight. Thanks to InTown Wholesale for helping take delivery of this very large unit and reloading it for us.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 04/13/2023

We recently wrapped up this major drainage repair project. The original 48” steel pipe rusted out and collapsed and all soil under the driveway had washed away. With the old pipes removed and a gravel bed installed, the new 48” hdpe pipe was installed. 160 tons of crushed stone filled back in the trench. We repurposed the estimated 60 tons of granite from the old support walls to build a new headwall on the upstream side. And the remaining granite was used to stabilize the slope on the downstream end. With the concrete repoured in this section, the homeowner is able to safely come and go from her home again.


Another recently finished design. This one is primarily plantings with a redesigned walkway to the front door to begin behind a parked vehicle.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 04/06/2023

Concrete day. As we wrap up the replacement 48” drain pipe project, repouring the section of driveway is now finished. A-1 Driveway helped get this small pour finished this afternoon.


Owner Lyle Collins enjoyed speaking to several classes at his daughters’ school for career day. Although hard to put everything together into a one single category, his presentation showed the combination of skills used for our projects. Art, science, math, and even social studies are used to design and build custom gardens and landscapes that sometimes fall into historically significant areas and styles.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 03/15/2023

Water is powerful. Today was demo day to open up this driveway. We could see the void underneath which resulted from the collapsed metal storm drain pipe. From above, everything looked fine. But as the pics show once we removed the driveway slabs, it is a 10’ deep void that was under the driveway.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 03/14/2023

Sometimes a project requires very large materials, such as these giant drain pipes. For this emergency project, the 50+ year old metal stormwater drain pipe rusted out under a driveway and collapsed. The 10’ tall wall holding up the driveway hid the pipe failure while all the dirt supporting the driveway slowly washed down the ravine. The erosion resulted in the driveway to the house left suspended 10 feet in the air. With quick visits by city inspectors and private engineers, a plan was formed by all and approved for us to begin the work. The sections of 48” pipe were delivered today. Demolition of the driveway and walls begins tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes smoothly so the homeowner can once again safely get in and out of her home.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 03/13/2023

The stamped concrete patio is in. Tomorrow the crew will return to clean up lines from the stamping and saw cut control joints. A sealer will be applied after temps warm some more in a couple days. Stay tuned for more on this project as we are just getting started on all the new installations here.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 03/13/2023

Oh the time change. It makes for a sudden dark start to the morning when getting ready for an 8am concrete pour.


Owner Lyle Collins recently completed the OSHA 30 safety training. The 30 hours of training cover an overview of the hazards a worker may encounter on a job site and emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention.


This is what we like to see, a signed off building permit that all work is completed to code and passed by the building inspector. As we like to say, the inspector is a neutral set of eyes verifying our work so our clients have an additional layer of security that we all did our jobs correctly. Now to wrap up the remaining details and this porch and deck project will be ready for years of enjoyment.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 01/12/2023

The porch project is looking more complete with the windows trimmed out. 64 individual pieces ripped and cut and installed on all the windows and doors. Biscuits used in some joints to keep them flush and tight. Once the floor is in, the baseboard section will be installed and this porch will be ready for final inspection and years of enjoyment.


Cutting the window jambs and casings in the shop today for the porch project. A little time planning out all the pieces and cuts means little waste and faster production.


Owner Lyle Collins completed another of Hunter Irrigation’s training certificate programs over these cold holidays. This 3 hour program covered installation fundamentals. We have provided irrigation services to our clients for many years, but it’s always good to keep up to date and have these trainings by the major manufacturers.


Owner Lyle Collins completed the 4 hour Irrigation Designer training from Hunter Irrigation. It seems appropriate for this very cold morning as it is 16 degrees outside with a wind chill of -1. Looking forward to warm weather and creating more beautiful gardens and landscapes.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 12/14/2022

The porch and deck project is nearing the final steps. Rough framing, electrical, and insulation inspections complete. All siding is installed and deck cable rails are in. Drywall goes in on Friday.

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 11/19/2022

What a great day it was at the Georgia Arborist Association “Trees Unite Us” conference. A day of continuing education on lots of topics. Owner Lyle Collins presented one session at the conference. The final session attended on aerial rescue shows the importance of safety in the industry as it is important to know how to safely get someone out of a tree in the event of an accident. Thanks GAA!!

Photos from Southern Trillium, LLC's post 11/08/2022

What a view of the trees and forest from this porch project we are currently building. Rough framing inspection passed this morning so work now continues toward the finished 3 season porch. The large windows at 4’ wide by 6’ tall provide for the amazing view 20+ feet off the ground.

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Our Story

Southern Trillium is an award winning landscape design, installation, and construction company committed to providing you with the highest quality. From the initial meeting to the final walk-through, you will work with owner, Lyle Collins

We set ourselves apart with our professional knowledge and licenses. Southern Trillium is a Georgia State Licensed Contractor -Residential Basic #RBCO006317 and also has an ISA Certified Arborist® on staff – Lyle Collins #SO-9986A. Lyle is also a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional.

Awards won include: 2018-19 Georgia Urban Ag Gala awards: Distinction and Merit. 2016 Urban Ag Gala awards: Distinction, Merit, and Green Star. Also, the Pike's Play in the Dirt award and the Pauline Minnich Trophy from the 2013 Southeastern Flower Show for the garden we designed and installed for the Atlanta Koi Club.

Members of Urban Ag Council and Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA). Lyle Collins is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Georgia Arborist Assocation. We hold the following licenses and certifications: Georgia Certified Soil and Water Conservation Commission License, Georgia Pesticide Applicator License, Georgia Pesticide Contractor License, Georgia Live Plant License, Georgia Seed Dealer License, and City of Tucker Business License.

The name Southern Trillium reflects the original 3 founding members’ interest in native plants and woodland gardens. It also carries special meaning in that it represented the three original founding members, supported by their faith in the Trinity, working to create beautiful gardens. The founding members were Lyle Collins, Charlie, Jackson, and Scott Uthlaut. Lyle Collins, now President and owner of Southern Trillium, is the primary designer and also oversees the installation of our custom projects.

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