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Teachers, today Little Kids Rock officially became Music Will, largely based on feedback from you that all kids aren’t little and they love all kinds of music, not just rock.

Thank you for all that you do to bring our modern band curriculum to life in your classrooms. Today’s announcement is 20 years in the making and we would not be here without you.

Here’s a link to the official announcement that includes legendary artists finishing the Music Will sentence and a powerful quote from one of your own:

Long-time music teacher at Miramonte Elementary in South Los Angeles, Jose Vergara, believes music education is an essential factor to the social and emotional development of every child. “Music is life changing,” says Vergara. “It makes shy students confident, creates community, builds friendships and provides a safe place to express yourself.”


Interesting Facts: GVOS doesn't include educational classes in VoiceOver. However, I can recommend several experienced businesses in this area locally and nationally.

If you are interested in VoiceOver, send me an email and I can recommend several listings to get a person started. It's a slow, pathway for many, but rewarding.

This is my 12th year in business. A few highlights are below:

1. Went to LA to audition in film and VoiceOver in the summer of 2010. Stayed for one month. Realized that most of my auditions were in VoiceOver. Went to the Disneyland VO conference and met co-creator, Penny Abshire, and several VoiceOver talent there.
2. Rob Hassett, entertainment attorney, and I started Geter Voice Over Services upon return to Georgia. Mr. Hassett named the company since I didn't know what to call it in December 2010.
2. Joined AFTRA in 2012 right before the merger. SAG-AFTRA merged in March 2012.
3. Trained with several VoiceOver coaches throughout the years. Currently study with BrainTracks Audio with Nancy Wolfson from LA.
4. Degrees come from music at Georgia State University, BMU in 1993, and drama from New York University in 2004. Focus was on music and theatre education.
5. Taught music for 28 years and drama at theaters for approximately 7 years.
6. Currently, VoiceOver degrees on the university level don't exist. It's a performance art that is trained by artisans and small businesses across the world.

Let me know how to serve your business.

Geter Voice Over Services



103 years ago, the women of the Ziegfeld Follies chorus elected Marie Dressler as president of the newly formed Chorus Equity Association. Chorus Equity would participate and support Actors’ Equity during the 1919 Strike. The two organizations would eventually merge in 1955.

Here's to over 100 years of chorus worker rights!

How "Star Trek" actress Nichelle Nichols changed NASA 07/31/2022

How "Star Trek" actress Nichelle Nichols changed NASA

How "Star Trek" actress Nichelle Nichols changed NASA The TV series "Star Trek" predicted everything from tablet computers to flip phones and a diverse space program. "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Michelle Miller has the story of how "Star Trek" actress Nichelle Nichols played a key role in NASA's effort to recruit both people of color and the f...


Happy Juneteenth 🎶❤️🎶


Happy Father’s Day!


Enjoy Memorial Day!


Happy Mother’s Day 🌺


Happy Easter 🌺
Happy Passover 🌸
Happy Ramadan 💐


Hope all is well! Wanted to share a few thoughts at this time.

I've worked in multiple jobs for years, but as a teacher, I'm so thankful for Spring Break!

The End :)


Congratulations to VO Atlanta for an amazing nine (9) years in Atlanta, Georgia.

The last day of VO Atlanta is today. I am watching it via Instragram live with Georgethetech and Nethervoice along with many other voice over talent.

Over the years, I concentrated on my voice over training with Nancy Wolfson. Since training was expensive and I went the first four years to VO Atlanta, I concentrated on my private training.

Around the same time, I started teaching at a performing arts school, and I'm still teaching currently at the school.

Atlanta is now the Hollywood of the South. It's been an amazing journey to see VO Atlanta with Gerald Griffith among many others that made the conference successful.

Take care and hope to continue on this journey and see many VO talent in the future.

Kim Geter


Enjoy the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday!


Happy New Year 🎆


Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Kimberly Geter - YouTube 12/16/2021

Kimberly Geter - YouTube

Check out my virtual choir videos and student film. See them on my YouTube channel:

Kimberly Geter - YouTube Arts educator, choral director, singer, actor, and VO actor


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽


Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!


Hello, it’s been a minute.

Since teachers are considered front line workers, it’s been extremely busy to the point of exhaustion. I’m thankful to remain well. The SBA and Facebook grant funding that I received was extremely helpful in building my business with technology and training for which I’m grateful.

Unfortunately, I had to stop auditioning for filmwork in August 2021. Schools don’t have substitutes and when I needed to leave for doctor appointments, substitutes didn’t show up that booked to sub for my arts classes. I’m unable to leave the school for prolonged amount of time during a pandemic so I stopped. However I still audition for voiceover.

The difference is a booking normally last for one day compared to a couple of days or weeks. In a pandemic, all hands are on deck in the schools.

So, I will return to film auditioning when I retire which is a few years. It sucks but that is my position for now. Good news is that voiceover auditions are my jam and my new travel gear is awesome.

Yes, I continue to train with Nancy Wolfson with Braintracks Audio. She costs a small fortune so I normally can take a session with her every six weeks. She’s currently in 2021 $190 per session so I’ve taken a slow route to complete my studies. Really, I needed her time. I’m not the VO talent that I was before taking privates from her. Her training improved my reads immensely.

So, thrive. Stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. You will need it in this pandemic age.


Small Business Administration 07/17/2021

Small Business Administration

Thank you to the Facebook Minority Grant and the SBA (Small Business Association) EIDL Advance (Targeted EIDL Advance and Supplemental Targeted EIDL Advance) grants for small businesses. Geter Voice Over Services received grant funding in the amount of $17.5K during the pandemic.

Apply to the SBA EIDL Advance, Targeted EIDL Advance, and Supplemental Targeted EIDL Advance grants at The Facebook Minority Grant has expired. Remain well.

Small Business Administration We support America's small businesses. The SBA connects entrepreneurs with lenders and funding to help them plan, start and grow their business.


Enjoy Independence Day everyone. Thankful today. 🇺🇸


Hope Memorial Day was a peaceful and restful day for everyone.


I had 5 film auditions due within a few days plus 2 voiceover auditions. I prefer a taping service for the film auditions. However I have the recording setup now for both at home. That had never happened before but it’s a good problem to have.


Happy Weekend!

VOAtlanta Virtual 2021 is this week which is an International Conference! I'm hearing and reading amazing things from the posts about the conference this year started by Gerald Griffith!

Unfortunately, I'm not doing the virtual conference this year. I'm still studying with Nancy Wolfson which has taken an amazingly long time. The training is expensive and I've learned a lot. However, my finances can only do so much for the long haul.

Sometimes, a person just has to focus on a few things which during this pandemic has been my choral/voice students and private VO sessions with NW. I audition as a film actor with KSA. I've also worked on my finances with stocks, eliminated debt, worked as an ESL tutor, and created a new e-commerce business. I've applied and received two grants for GVOS and I'm updating my VO equipment as I type as well.

It's an amazing amount of work, and I just chose to rest.

Thanks everyone for checking in on my business page. I see you. :)


Happy Resurrection Sunday!

The State of Voiceover in 2021 01/16/2021

The State of Voiceover in 2021

Voice Actors of NYC sponsored the survey below. If you are a VO actor, complete the survey. It is anonymous.

The State of Voiceover in 2021 This survey is anonymous. The questions do not include any identifying information, and we are not collecting IP addresses. Please answer as honestly as you can. The results of the survey as a whole will be made public, but no individual responses will be published. Please fill out the survey only o...


Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this weekend.


Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!


Geter Voice Over Services, LLC wants to thank the Facebook Small Business Grants Program for Black-Owned Businesses for the grant received today! It's greatly appreciated! GVOS is located in Atlanta, Georgia. If your company needs a voice-over for radio and television commercials, audiobooks, eLearning and training videos, we are available. On-camera training videos are included. Thank you. Contact us at


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Home 11/07/2020


Good afternoon!

I have a blog called GVOS and ME on Wordpress if interested. It’s on my site. Other than that, these are my updates.

I’ve been auditioning in VO through Stars Agency in CA mostly instead of locally in GA. Occasionally I will get a VO audition through Play Talent Agency in VO.

I’ve been VO coaching with Nancy Wolfson for four years now. She’s not cheap. Is she worth it? I believe so.

I’ve also have gotten some outstanding union film auditions in GA. My last one was Halloween. It’s a lot of work to audition and keep an educator job in the performing arts. Still no excuse for not booking more (I acknowledge). However my mortgage is paid. I’m thankful that I’m a single person in the arts during a pandemic that has a paid mortgage. Recently I worked with local actor Robert Pralgo. I’ve known him for over 20 years and loved his class. We were both in Steve Coulter’s class many years ago. It was great to hear his take on things in this market and workout in his Zoom class. I hope to continue to work with him. Also the DeKalb Choral Guild had music theory classes instead of choral performances. I took a break from that to concentrate on my music students but I heard good things.

To that end, I remain forever thankful. I would like to have more to say. However I won’t say much except that I’ve never worked more to support myself and assist my family. I’m working on protecting my health and sanity during these strange times.

So I continue to teach in a performing arts school, audition, train, and work ESL gigs.

Hope you and yours are well.


Home Located in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Kimberly has a fully equipped home studio with Source Connect and access to ISDN studios in metro Atlanta. Contact Kimberly for a quick quote with rates that will work within your budget at 1(800) 284-GVOS (4867), 404-295-9162 text, or email at [email protected]...


Happy Labor Day!

I want to give a shout out to Studs Terkel RIP who wrote Working, the musical. It’s a musical that I performed in and was a favorite honoring the worker around the world.

As a female minority business owner and educator, I’ve experienced discrimination in education and in business. It was difficult to keep going. However I’m in better shape during COVID-19 than in my previous years.

I’m still here. Technology is a cool gadget. You can earn passive funds or work anywhere around the world if you choose.

A goal is to teach my students how to earn funds while pursuing their art in business. Multiple streams of income was and is the best thing for me. It will keep you busy so take care of your health while working.

That’s all I got. I enjoy performing and VO but I’m an introvert that likes being around my people who enjoy the same things until I’ve “talked” enough.

Breathe, exercise, eat healthfully, get more sleep, and drink more water.

Keep working doing what you enjoy.



I'm doing well and thankful. Stay healthy everyone!


Well..filming for a class. Glad to finally have a film setup at home.


Have a restful holiday.


Facebook, Google and PayPal are setting up grant programs that support black owned businesses. Information is forthcoming.


EIDL portal from the SBA will be up next week for grant and loan applications if interested for non-agricultural businesses.


Thank you for being a supporter of GVOS. Geter Voice Over Services, LLC is an African American company owned by a female sole proprietor LLC.

Please continue to support African American aka black businesses in your counties and states.

I do not condone the looting, damage, and destruction of businesses. As a minority, I understand the frustration as a citizen of the United States of America. I also appreciate the peaceful protests. These statements dwell within my heart as I prepare to vote early within my county.

The encouragement that I can pass on to others if this helps is to to meditate for inner peace, pray for the USA and mankind, and vote as a positive action for change.

Thank you to the volunteers who worked together to clean our city in downtown Atlanta after businesses were structurally damaged and looted.

I encourage everyone to create a small business or side hustle to focus on to keep the mind and heart busy doing something that is enjoyed while providing extra financial resources for your families

Our world remains in a pandemic so remain safe, healthy and well.



Heartfelt greeting on Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers. I would also include loved ones who died during this pandemic. They are remembered.


So, I went ahead and got Netflix, HBONow, AppleTV when I was able to afford it. However, I still haven't watched any shows on them. Most of my time is spent learning about finance. I have learned so much about business, small business, and finance during my time in quarantine than I have in the past five years.

New thing that I learned today that may interest people. The first Cares Act if you ask your mortgage company about it includes a mortgage forbearance. I've learned today that homeowners can probably get mortgage forbearance for 12 months that would be tacked to the end of the mortgage. It doesn't matter if you need it or not. Call your mortgage company and see what they say about it. Paperwork from what I learned more likely is not needed to prove that it's needed. Just ask about it...Assets equate to wealth.


Thoughts: Did you know that every performer should think of themselves as a small business? This first thought came to me by reading a book that changed my way of thinking called Self-Management for Actors by Bonnie Gillespie.

As primarily an arts educator, I thought that I was limited due to time constraints. There are some limitations with my set hours; however, self-taping and recording around the country changed the landscape for me. I could work from home. My focus gradually shifted to online work while working as an educator about ten years ago. I met Bonnie Gillespie in Atlanta and went on a reconnaissance mission to LA for a month. Came back and started working on mostly voiceovers. My journey was long and arduous. Many lessons were learned about business, living in a right-to-work state, practicing, healthy eating, drinking more water, exercising, and rest habits, recording, editing (a favorite), and keeping technology up to date. I’ve done this part-time and it’s not for the faint of heart. During quarantine, technology was updated, many lessons were taught online, and I tried to keep a consistent healthy schedule by taking breaks (still working on this).

My skill sets are easily transferrable. During quarantine, I’m working on my “new normal.” When the planet recovers from COVID-19, the world will not be the same. It’s almost inconceivable how online work has become the norm for many employees. I’m emotional thinking about it. I had no idea ten years ago that my little online side gig would tremendously assist me during a world-wide pandemic.

So, I encourage people to get a side hustle. Earn a little extra money, learn about finance and figure out if your hobbies can assist your families.

Stay safe, healthy, and well.



Good morning! I spoke with an accounting firm as a sole proprietor LLC about the PPP Loan Forgiveness. Every company is different and obviously every owner must do what is best for them. I was encouraged to apply even though I was satisfied with the EIDL grant; however, I declined. The terms are low: 1% with payment within a few years. Strict accounting practices must be applied as always with documentation to have the funds forgiven which makes it a grant.

Needless to say, these programs were confusing. The EIDL initial grant with a loan if needed is not forgiven, and the PPP Loan Forgiveness program that is a loan but can become a grant is forgivable.

As a small business, if interested in applying, the window to apply may be today or the next few days. A company must use the funds for payroll within eight weeks.

What is interesting to me is that I don’t recall hearing about this information on the news, or maybe people are constantly bombarded with information everyday and the information was widely available among financial resources. I eventually heard about it through finance channels not cable news.

Knowledge is power. Do your research.

Good luck to all applicants for assistance.


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Geter Voice Over Services provides the voiceover for advertising marketing broadcasts for radio and television, business narration and audiobooks. Located in Atlanta, GA. Contact at 1(800) 284-4867 or

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