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Atlanta! I have openings for decluttering + home organizing projects on Tue, Apr 23 and Fri, Apr 26. Send a DM!

Being simply BEAUTIFUL 04/13/2024

Over time, we’ve come to believe that our possessions, our 'stuff,' is what defines who we are. But our possessions will never fully satisfy the inmost desires of our soul. They never have. In fact, most of the time, it distracts us from the very things that bring meaning to our lives.

Enjoy the deep wisdom of the video below...

Being simply BEAUTIFUL Stuff everywhere! Bags, clothes, cars, iPads. We love our stuff. And over time, we’ve come to believe that this 'stuff' is what defines who we are. But our p...


If an item doesn’t have an active use in your life (right now), you can release it. Less stuff = less stress


Try the 12:12:12 challenge! The rules are simple...

👉🏼12 items to throw away
👉🏼12 to donate
👉🏼12 to be returned to their proper place

(link in the comments to read how this worked for a young mom)

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 03/10/2024

There are two behavioral causes of a cluttered home:

1. ACQUIRING ITEMS: Shopping, gifts and taking free stuff

2. HOLDING ONTO THINGS: Not releasing things when they have expired their utility, they've been forgotten, or when you have duplicates.

Some homes we work in show symptoms of just one of these behavioral issues, but most have a combination of both.

The surefire way to tell that there's an "acquiring" issue, is if we see a lot of unboxed purchases or items with the original price tags still on them. That means that the client is acquiring things faster than they can incorporate them in their home and the newest things have just become clutter. Often, our clients have purchased the same thing multiple times because they can't find the original one.

The surefire way to tell that there's a "holding on" issue, is when a client is presented with an item they haven't used in a long time and it's suggested to donate (perhaps it's tucked away in a box somewhere and they forgot it existed) and they say "oh, I'm keeping that... I might need it one day." or "I can't get rid of that, it's worth money and I could sell it!" That often means that the client has a learned behavior (usually from their upbringing) that an item's utility or value is more important than having a tidy space. There was often a scarcity mindset instilled by caregivers. If the item hasn't been used in over a year and the client forgot it existed -- it should be donated to make space for what they WILL use.

The final surefire way that there's a behavioral issue causing clutter is if the client has a "junk room" or a "doom room." That means that they likely have BOTH an aquiring issue and a letting go issue.

What else could that room be used for? Perhaps a lounge space? Or a creative space? Or a fitness space? Or even a rent-able space for a roommate to bring in additional income? Imagine what would be possible if that room were an empty canvas to create whatever you want!

Clutter can affect our anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus. It can also make us less productive, triggering coping and avoidance strategies that make us more likely to snack on junk food and numb out with TV (including shows about other people decluttering their lives).

Which of these is YOU?
Is it BOTH?

If you're in the Atlanta area and you would like support with these behaviors and the clutter that's been taking over your home... we are available to talk! We offer a no-pressure, no-judgement conversation to hear about what's going on for you and go over the details of how we can help.

Click the link in the comments to schedule a call with us


"My goal is to no longer to get more done, but rather have less to do."
—Francine Jay
(a new mindset to adopt)

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 02/15/2024

When a client’s collections started to take over the second bedroom and duplicate items that felt too valuable to let go of… started gettinging in the way of having a functional space. We helped them declutter!

Not pictured:
One additional closet decluttered. The client released 4 bins of donation items PLUS a dozen empty file box storage containers and a massage table.

If you’ve been putting off spring cleaning for a few years, let’s break the cycle! Send us a DM and let’s talk about scheduling an organizing day in March or April!

🫶🏼Mira & Alex


PSA: “I might need this one day” is a sure sign that you should get rid of it. Only keep what is useful and functional in your life, now. 🫶🏼

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 01/27/2024

Our services are ideal for packing / unpacking to move, helping when your relatives need to downsize, in preparation for the birth of a new baby, after a season of grief (or really, any big life change).

We are non-judgemental, trauma-informed and our service is therapeutic in nature.

Many of our clients have either experienced a season of depression / anxiety, grief, addiction, or live with any number of physical or mental health experiences.

We would love to talk with you to see if we are a fit to work together 🫶🏼

Just send a DM!

Mira & Alex
Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing
A ministry of
[email protected]


As soon as an item is manufactured, it is already bound for the landfill (eventually). Donate and upcycle, when possible, but don’t let your home become the landfill.

Send a message to learn more


If you got rid of half of the things you hold on to “just in case” you’ll have room for the things you need, want, and actually use 🎤 ✨


Can you relate?


L👀KING for an easier way to DIY your home organizing project?

Here's a day-by-day format to follow. Invest in clear storage containers (there's some great 66qt Sterilite ones at Target) and use them to collect all of your donation items. Plan to make a trip to donate at least once every few days. Then re-use those containers to sort remaining items in your garage or storage room AND label them!

If you hit a wall and need to hire help, give us a call! Even if we're not in your city, we can recommend a pro nearby!


Just a reminder that it's a good time of the year to go through your linen closet and your coat closet and see if there's anything you want to get rid of!! Animal shelters will happily take blankets and towels. Unhoused shelters would love coats and other warm things. (We just sent four fuzzy blankets off to the animal shelter since we have more than we need)


If your home were on fire and you could only save 5 items, what would they be?


"At some point I realized that I wasn't organizing my life; I was organizing my clutter. That's when I changed my strategies: I went from world-class organizer, to world-class declutterer. Instead of arranging and containing things, I got rid of them. Instead of shuffling them around in side my home, I escorted them out of my house." --Francine Jay

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 11/22/2023

When a client’s shopping addiction and travel schedule make it hard to keep the bedroom tidy… she had been sleeping on the couch to avoid the overwhelm.

Not pictured:
Two closets decluttered. The client released 12 bins of donation items including 40 pairs of shoes, and 8 bags of trash… mostly packaging and shoe boxes.

If you need an emergency organizing session before the December holidays, send us a DM and let’s talk!

🫶🏼Mira & Alex


How many pairs of pants is optimal in your wardrobe? 14? More, less?

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 11/15/2023

When you have family coming into town for the holidays and need to declutter that guest room…
Hire us 🫶🏼



TIP 1: Let your cart simmer for at least 24 hours (sleep on it) before you hit the purchase button and see if you can remove 50% of those items before completing the order.

TIP 2: Be SURE you have a PLAN and a PLACE for each item. Then once the package arrives, go through your house and remove an equal number of items to send to a donation center. If 3 new items come into your life, let 3 old items leave your life.

TIP 3: When gifting holidays come around, and you already have a LOT of stuff... consider re-gifting unused and still valuable items like books, candles, art and gadgets. If it's sitting on a shelf, unused, and someone else in your life might LOVE it. Why not? (Consider it an opportunity to clear your space.)

If you need professional support to clear your clutter, consider hiring us in the area or try Thumbtack (app) if you are outside of Atlanta.

Mira & Alex

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 10/22/2023



1. Expired medications (many pharmacies will dispose of these for you)

2. Dried out nail polish or other cosmetics

3. Unused hair accessories like bobbi pins or hair clips

4. Expired sunscreens and lotions


5. Outdated prescription eyeglasses

6. Books or magazines you’ve read, or don’t plan on reading

7. Excess sets of towels or linens

8. Outdated or unworn seasonal items (bathing suits, scarves, hats)

9. Old holiday cards (consider scanning or taking photos of the most memorable ones)

10. Unused curtains


11. Old batteries (hardware stores like Lowe’s can recycle these for you)

12. Unused/duplicate garden supplies

13. Unused sporting/exercise equipment

14. Holiday decorations that seem to always stay in the box

15. Well-worn pet toys or bones

16. Old paint cans (any leftover latex paint must be dried out, and oil-based paints must be disposed of through a recycling center)


17. Spices that have lost their scent and/or color

18. Duplicates of kitchen items (peelers, presses, graters, etc.)

19. Small, unused appliances

20. Travel mugs

21. Cracked or chipped drinkware

22. Homeless plasticware (lids with no container, or containers with no lid)

23. Condiment packets

24. Unused cookbooks

25. Unused baking tins or pans


26. Dried out pens and markers

27. Outdated electronics (Best Buy offers in-store electronics recycling nationwide)

28. Manuals for discarded or replaced products

29. Duplicate cords and cables

30. Outdated media (CDs, VHS, DVDs)

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 10/20/2023

Has clutter taken over your home sanctuary and now even HOME feels like a stressful place?

Is it hard to relax because all you see are more unfinished tasks to be handled?

If it feels too overwhelming to even know where to start, do you know you can hire a professional to help?

If you’re in the area, Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing is at your service.

If you are in any other city, try a Google search for “professional organizer” or download the Thumbtack app and submit a request to be matched with a pro.

You can expect to invest $60/hr per organizer on average and it will be WORTH EVERY PENNY to reclaim your peace.

My inbox is open if you have questions 🫶🏼


We have openings for home organizing on Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat this week. Got a DOOM room you need help with?


Pull out your, calendar and write in a few of these. The more you can edit and purge your belongings, the easier it will be to maintain 🫶🏼

Photos from Calm The Chaos, Decluttering & Organizing's post 10/12/2023

Today’s client had a bunch of home renovations and clutter has been displaced all over the house. We spent 4 hours helping her categorize and label different items for donation, selling on FB Marketplace and giving away on ‘Buy Nothing.’

Next session we’ll tackle the playroom!

If you are overwhelmed with a decluttering and organizing project, we’d be happy to help!

Click the link in the comments to read all about what we do, find more before / after pics, and scan the testimonials 👇🏼


Five common decluttering excuses:

You might need it someday (even though you didn’t earlier).

You want the items to go to a good home. (does that place even exist?)

Your stuff is “not hurting anyone.” (except possibly your mental health)

Your children might want this. (trust us, they don’t)

Guilt over how much you paid for an item. (financial mistakes happen!)

Send a message to learn more

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