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Homemade crafts, new and restored furniture pieces.


I made a small cutting board and wood burned this into it. It’s wood burning with chemicals and it’s food safe but now I need to find a cutting board oil. I’m super happy with it!!!


Ok everyone…. I’m having a crafters block & need some inspiration. Post pictures of things you like!! Thanks all ♥️

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Set of 3 bathroom signs. $40

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A few things I’ve made recently that have already sold. The wreath was a custom order and I just love it!

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At the craft fair in Bangor 1404 Broadway, Bangor ME. 04401
If you’re out and about, stop in and see me!!


I’ve been working like crazy to get lots of things done for the upcoming craft fair at the Bangor Shriners on Outer Broadway for this coming Saturday November 6th, 2021. Come see what I’ve got and say hi! ❤️😁❤️


Happy Tuesday everyone. Have a great day!!

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Vacation in Florida with my Friend has been great but I’m ready to get home and get back to working on orders that I have. I’ve worked hard help with Carlene’s new home and can’t wait to get back again soon! I’m absolutely in love with the weather in FL and know Maine will be freezing when I get back…lol
Be back on Sunday, I can’t wait to see my Husband Michael and family and friends. I’ve missed you all terribly. 😘


This was just sent to me by someone who bought this from me. It looks amazing in its new space, I love it and thank you for your business Megan!!


Happy Friday everyone!!


Drop a comment about what you’ll be doing on this fine Saturday!!


Thank you Gregory Bean for the shirt order. I really like how they came out and am so glad you love them!!


Happy Friday Everyone!! Post a picture of something you’re proud of!!


Business is really starting to pick up and I couldn’t be more please! Custom orders, a rather large T-shirt order, business signage all while trying to get ready for upcoming craft fairs. I do need to post a few of the items I currently have for sale as well. I am also making mugs and tumblers!! ♥️🇺🇸♥️


Guess what guys???? I can now also make t-shirts!!! If you have one you’d like made let me know and I’ll see if it’s something I can do. I really love this one…..♥️❤️♥️

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Finished product. I really like it. I do need to perfect my style/craft but I really like this one!!


EPOXY….say what?!?!

So check this out guys. I’m trying my hand at epoxy tumblers….of course my Hubby gets the first one!! ♥️


Ok creative people….I need some ideas, inspiration and pictures if you can find any that would help.
I don’t know what to do with these but I’d love to make something out of them.


If anyone of you have ordered or bought anything from me, post a picture and leave some comments!!
A post with a picture that gets the most comments, will receive 20% off their next custom order from me!!!!


You know what’s the best thing.......being contacted by someone asking if I could make something for them......I absolutely love this!! 💗💗

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Craft fair, Rt 1 in Frankfort at the Public Boat Landing. Come see me!! 😁


Available to order. I made this one and my Husband claimed it!! Lol

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More custom orders.


A custom piece I did for a special friend. I love how this turned out!!

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A few signs that I have been asked to make for folks. I absolutely love doing custom pieces for people!!!

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The start of some new projects....just wait.....the guys will love these!!!!


A few more custom orders from people just today!! I’m so loving this new business venture of mine❣️


I’ve been working so hard the last few days on orders I’ve gotten. People should have there things this week!!


My heart is filled with so much love. I have received 17 orders for things in less than 24 hours.


So what are some signs or home decor pieces that you’d all like to see?


GUESS WHAT GUYS?!?! My hubby bought me a Cricut machine so stay tuned for new really cool items to be posted very soon!!!


Hope you all have a great day!! ❤️❤️

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Really cute restored corner shelf. (Accessories not included) $45

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Set of cute wall decor. “Kirkland’s” inspired. $18

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Set of 3 8x10 kitchen utensil decor pieces. $18

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Working in the kitchen today on a few projects. You never know where I’m gonna end up working on


Reorganized my booth at the craft shop yesterday. I will post pictures of my new items❣️❣️





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