Gulley Septic Services, Stevenson, AL Video June 14, 2016, 5:27pm

Videos by Gulley Septic Services in Stevenson. Gulley Septic Services, a division of Gulley Construction LLC, Pumping, Installation, Maintenance & Repairs. Licensed dealer in precast tanks, pipe, pumps and so much more.

Crust Buster at work. We pump it.256-437-8691

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Setting the Tank

Watch that paper just disolve. Never use your commode for a trash can! You should

Pumping sewer lift station
We’re not bobbing for Apple folks. Those would be grease balls.

Replacing a section of pipe watch those field lines
It’s Monday! Let’s get things flowing 😊Chris Gulley Brandon Hubbard Larry Humphrey

Happy Monday 🌞

Jetting clogged pipes. The water💦 clears the line.
As an Essential service we are Open For Business! Septic Pumping, slow drains or clogged pipes?We’ve got you covered. Call 256-437-8691

Jetter for the win 🏆
Grease and other matter can build up in your pipes over time. No grease down the sink or it will build up much sooner. We have just the thing to clear those clogged or slow draining pipes. Jetting = Problem Solved! Call today 2564378691

Gulley Septic Services
Sometimes you have to dive on in....just getting it done! We go where noone else wants to. We pump septic , jet & camera sewer and septic lines, install Septic & Sewer lines, maintendnace and repair....we pretty much do it all when it comes to waste management! One call takes care of it all! A division of Gulley Construction 256-437-8691

Just another Saturday doing the Poo 💩 Thing👍🏻

Pump that tank for Christmas!

Treats 500 feet... not yards... to err is human 😀

That didn't go as planned🙄

‪Septic installation, pumping, maintenance and repair. Free estimate 256-437-8691‬

Camera inspections can help avoid unnecessary digging saving time, money and inconvenience for you as a customer. 256-437-8691

Camera inspections for City Sewer as well as Septic can aid in locating the problem quickly. This technology allows us to pin point the problem and avoid unnecessary digging. 256-437-8691

This customer understands the need for routine filter maintenance. Our pricing is much lower than Mr. King shares with you. He always makes for any enjoyable service call. 256-437-8691

Pumping alone would never fix this problems. Among other problems with this system, accumulation of grease build up in the pipe has this system backing up into the house. Is your system draining slowly? Call 256-437-8691

Crust Buster at work. We pump it.256-437-8691

The crust buster at work. Making sure we get it all! When we pump your tank pumped we get both liquid a solid sides. If the others don't only half the job is done. You can trust us to do it right the first time.256-437-8691

We arrived just in time. Waste water was bubbling to the top of the ground. Fortunately for the home owner it hadn't made it back into the house yet but that would have been next.