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If you are going to design posters and signs for your business as a sponsor of a county fair, have fun with it. A few of these disappeared by the fair's end. So that's a good sign. (oh puns!)


Good freaking morning, spring Wisconsin weekend.


And then there is that illustration project I've been working on... Seamonkeys is the magic word. :)


Shining with Cookies

It was meant to be. Cookie Monster just needed to shine, so I decided to learn some basic video editing to let him do it.

I took one look at that toy in our hallway and this idea took over. After that I just had to make this video, it was out of my control. facebook: https://www...


clip of Jonathon Coulton My Monkey stopmotion

I made a quick homage to the music of Jonathon Coulton with this short stop motion (AKA cleaning out artroom, and the pile of random stuff comes alive to dance to some great music.)


A little illustration project from last Christmas.



The days are getting blustery, so snow ball fights are on my mind. brrrr. Animation fun from last night.


Hey Banana


Giraffe mania has struck. So Team Egg here you go:


One step closer to Spring...


Operation sunbird was a meetup that just needed something fun to jazz it up. Girl Graphic Designer to the rescue with these cute stickers. The design is super simple since I was working on a small budget-a fun challenge. Thanks for bringing this project my way!


A free freelance project I did for a certain wonderful teacher that I know. Now I just need to make one where he has his guitar. :)


What have I been doing lately at work?? This is my second year creating surveys for potential new customers. I changed up the style this year for a fun pop look with the retro computer twist. I like the imagery, but the real meat of this job was tweaking the actual survey, and it was a wild success. The small changes made the survey results far more meaningful for us, and more user friendly to our possible new customers. Yay!

Our Fiber Optic Neighborhood surveys are going out! If your neighborhood is up for consideration for Fiber this year you should be getting a letter in the mail from us. Print your address on the survey and return it, so that we know which areas have the most interest. Thanks! The decisions all hinge upon your interest. :)

kottke.org 01/24/2017

Abstract is a new Netflix series about design

Sometimes we need reminders to stop living in the moment, putting out fires, hunting jobs. We need to think big picture. Why are we designing? What can we do with this talent? This show looks like inspiration bottled up and concentrated. Feb 10 on Netflix! I can't wait!

kottke.org Abstract is an upcoming documentary series from Netflix that explores the art of design. Each of the eight episodes profiles a d


Last night snuggled into bed as the temp crept down lower and lower I sketched this.


Toxic Scull

Working on some After Effects skills, just for fun. Happy halloween! https://youtu.be/lgOdMylF1IY

This 20ish second video uses some basic AE effects such as audio spectrum, force motion blur, fractal noise, and polar coordinates. I've never done much more...


Sometimes the important details underlying the noise are obscured. I found this random document from my UWSP days. These are one of those things that I made to clear my mind - ironically.


Sud Busting Fountain Prank Stevens Point

Friday morning commute turned into an impromptu video editing project. Nothing like a bit of shenanigans to bring us into the weekend. https://youtu.be/gdY9fYtqjak

Happy Friday! Somebody wanted to add some spice to this morning's commute through Stevens Point. The Parks employees showed up bright and early to bust the b...


Amherst Communications / Amherst Telephone Company

Cute 30 seconds of AE & PremierePro 101. A little bit of text animation with some basic video editing thrown in. If I had more than an hour it would be more polished. But these are the days of youtube/facebook/quick and dirty.

You may have started to see our trucks and crews throughout the county. Yes, we are expanding our Fiber Optic infrastructure this summer. After a great Small Business Exchange at the Portage County Business Council, Inc. I had a chance to see our guys at work right outside. Soon the Portage County Business Park will be a Fiberhood!


Roosevelt on a moose. So people back in 1912 didn't just say "That is totally Photoshopped!", but it was - old school style.


PlayGround +

Hello there, random info cemented into a wall. So much for devices getting smaller and smaller, that's the hugest flashdrive ever.

They are found where you least expect them. Have you looked to see if there is one close to your home?


I'm loving seeing the logo that I made for VYC in shirt form. They are using it so well. I'm stoked!

forbes.com 02/04/2016

Think Yelp is Unbiased? Think Again!!

Yelp seems to be a scam. Have you heard of it? It's a review site online, however they selectively remove positive reviews of businesses that don't pay for yelp advertising. I noticed this issue with my company's page, and decided to do more research. I ran across many complaints both legal and social media. Here's a succinct article from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jimhandy/2012/08/16/think-yelp-is-unbiased-think-again/

forbes.com Many of us rely on Yelp for advice on restaurants, dry cleaners, retailers, handymen, gardeners, and so on under the assumption that it is a democratic site that supports all comments, good and bad, without bias. Nothing could be further from the truth. I found yesterday that Yelp filters results ac…


After reading the survey chapter from a recommended book on marketing, I have written & designed my first survey. It's been to the printer, mailed, and we've been getting responses in droves.There's something extra special about getting to see your design in action.

We have started sending out surveys to help us pick next summer's Fiber neighborhoods! If you were lucky enough to receive a letter from us, please open it up and return it with your opinions, and maybe your home will be in the Fiberhood next summer!!


Anne Sell Graphic Design's cover photo


Anne Sell Graphic Design


Just a little something that I whipped up. Thanks Old Navy for the respect. Alienating large portions of your customer base by insulting them may not go so well. @oldnavy

stevenspointjournal.com 12/12/2015

UWSP alum may design Mike's Harder can

My illustration plight is legit, in the local paper: http://spjour.nl/1NnYbTy

stevenspointjournal.com Online voting in Mike's Harder design contest ends Dec. 16.

zooppa.com 12/03/2015


My Mike's Harder Packaging project has been a fun exploration in illustration and package design. I'm done, and it was so worth it just for the motivation to illustrate again. If you have a moment please vote for one of my designs, and give me a chance to get mine into the final 10! https://zooppa.com/en-us/users/zoopper84783/portfolio
Just select the one that you like the most and then click "vote for this entry". I can't do this without you. Thanks!!

zooppa.com Don’t ignore that mild mannered fruit on its cute vine. It will transform you into the beast that can attack a giant killer shark eating a T-Rex chomping on skyscrapers. What, i...

behance.net 11/30/2015

odd fruity illustrations

Day 5: Angry Fruit. He started as a lucky slice of fruit with a keen eye for angry faces. I combined his anger with an ink painting I made a while back, and the rest . . .

behance.net In this one I was going got a combo of excitement factor, weird factor, and intensity. I was trying a new technique of digital painting too.

behance.net 11/28/2015

odd fruity illustrations

Day 4 : "in your mind" Weird energy busting out.


behance.net Passion is not something that just comes and goes. It is a state of mind. It stirs in your mind and grows and grows until it must burst out.

behance.net 11/27/2015

odd fruity illustrations

Day #3 of the illustration craziness. I tried a new method of digital illustration mixed with some inspiration of some three plate monoprints that I created a while back. https://www.behance.net/wip/1505965

behance.net In this one I was going got a combo of excitement factor, weird factor, and intensity. I was trying a new technique of digital painting too.


Ode to another evening spent learning the mysteries of digital illustration (basically painting with pixels in my case). Day #2 : Creeping Fruit, the flavor that sneaks up on you.


I have taken back my nights form TV and couch. Now I art instead. Project #1 is Create weird little creatures. Here's my first creation. He's Universt\ aka a universe busting out of fruity innards. What do you think?

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clip of Jonathon Coulton My Monkey stopmotion
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