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We manufacture large capacity bird feeders out of eastern white cedar.


Not all that much to say but I did have an email from a potential customer looking to buy a covered platform feeder. He was complaining about the cost to ship it to Western Massachusetts so I tried to explain that due to the size of the feeder the shipping is based on dimensional weight and there was not much I could do with what FedEx charged.

Please keep in mind that I have no control over this. I did get a quote from USPS and it was fairly close. Either gas in Maine $ 4.20 per gallon and # 2 heating oil at $ 5.00 per gallon what an I supposed to do?

Photos from Ridge Bird Feeders's post 01/10/2020

I have spent the last two and a half days milking feeder parts for the covered platform feeder trays starting with rough cedar boards. So that represents trays for 10 feeders.

Before that I milled parts for B 10 and A 10 feeders then assembled four of each for stock. Hard to believe the time spent and we have never had a price increase on any feeder.

It is all about the birds!

Timeline photos 01/23/2015

Today seems to be Goldfinch and Redpoll day here.

Zenfolio | Karl Gerstenberger Photography 07/25/2012

Zenfolio | Karl Gerstenberger Photography

Check out the Kegerstenberger Slide Show: http://kegerstenberger.zenfolio.com/

Zenfolio | Karl Gerstenberger Photography Becoming more aware of birds and animals -- where they live and how they behave -- changes the way you think, act and live forever after -- no matter when this interest begins in your life. A deeper appreciation of birds became an even more important part of our lives when we were almost 70. No m...


Here is a link for some excellent bird pictures from one of our customers kegerstenberger.zenfolio.com We would recommend viewing as a slide show. Soon we will have a link set up on our page.


We would like to thank all of you that gave us a like on face book with a 15% off sale on all our feeders.

Catalogue 06/21/2012


Your online guide to birds and bird watching 06/20/2012

Your online guide to birds and bird watching

To learn more about birds, visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website HERE

Your online guide to birds and bird watching Use our Bird Guide to identify birds, learn about the life history, listen to the sounds, and watch bird behavior on video--the most comprehensive guide to North American birds

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Timeline photos 12/31/2011

Timeline photos



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