Kokopelli Music Studio

Kokopelli Music Studio


Hey there, is the studio still available to rent for recording?

Rehearsal and recording facilities in Sterling VA near the airport. I also give private guitar, bass, and general kids and special needs lessons/activities

Operating as usual


Safety first! adding to the silly vibes round here 🙃

Safety first! adding to the silly vibes round here 🙃

hot995.iheart.com 09/11/2020

Be the OFFICIAL OPENING ACT for the iHeartRadio Music Festival on HOT 99.5! | HOT 99.5

My band could open at the iHeart Music Fest!! Please click here and vote


hot995.iheart.com I just entered to win an awesome prize!



email [email protected] to book rehearsal time in either room


Justin Shapiro Music

Thank you brother!! Always love jamming, even when you don’t know it 😆 (this BNL song/album is one of my favorites, when I heard Justin killing it I ran to the drums)

Hi friends! With Away In Your Dreams only DAYS away from it's release, I want to introduce you all to the other players in the band throughout the week. First up, David Ezra Chaletzky

First and foremost... you need to know what a BEAST Dave is. This video is a perfect example, and something I wasn't originally going to post. He took a simple video I did just having fun in the studio which some of you have already seen. I'm not playing to a metronome or anything, and he laid down the drum and bass tracks! (We are trying some stuff out to bring you something super cool we have in the works, but more details about that later.)

Not only did Dave play drums on Away In Your Dreams, but also played horns on "Like Bonnie and Clyde," filled in some killer lead guitar riffs, co-produced, and he is the engineer and owner of Kokopelli Music Studio. Oh! And a music teacher too!! I couldn't thank him enough for bringing my songs to life. Check him out, and get ready for Away In Your Dreams, available for download everywhere this Friday!




Late night vocals


Solder joint broke on one of the big speakers. Hard to tell if it was rattled off or a load issue.... Hopefully my terrible joint holds for a few more yrs.


New desk setup- liking the interface controls on the bottom, session on top


Drum tracking in the orange room


Some fast kicking action for the fast acting dbx160


Marshall stopped working right before tracking, but the VHT hit the spot


Tracking a 5 piece band together in the studio. Using all the gear! Mix is sounding great already (this is just what they’re hearing in the phones)


New Vin-jet ribbon mic. Sounds good on the kit (fatheads are still my fav), can’t wait to try on a guitar cab!


New setup- using the board more!


Guitar tracking


Orange Room Drums

Expanding the kit... Recording the Tama kit in the Orange Room with a sneak peak at a quick mix; mostly SSL channels on drums, Vcomp on the bus and the beautiful new Chromeverb bus in the newest Logic.


Glad my new computer is also a trash can- cause mine’s full of computers...


Drum Tracking

Drum recording process - in the lobby, Brian Rosenthal playing an old Ludwig (?), Meters tune


Kokopelli Music Studio's cover photo


Recording a tune with this old ‘Pooh’ kit- vids coming shortly


Rocking the red! Recording drums on my Ramsa board the way it sounds good- meters pumping!!


One door away from having a booth for Studio B


Studio B is coming along


My mixer sends (mostly for kick/snare and guitars) are now going into these old gems. Gated comp/limit into Symetrix eq, send 2 is the guitar preamp. Sort of like a transient designer- but with insane eq and distortion.


Got some new hi-fi MK speakers in the corners- super wide and super amazing sounding with the matching 2x12 (yes 2 12”) under the desk!


Added some rackspace to the desk


Only Suzie can sleep right next to loud speakers- a true studio cat!


New desk- making space for a control surface and other gear


414 • grace101 • avalon2044 current vocal chain


Trying to figure out my go-to overhead ldc for this room. MXLv69 and miktek are good,but I may go to ribbons- metal roof and windows make things pretty bright in here, but then again, the darker w87 didn't do it... hmmm

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Some fast kicking action for the fast acting dbx160
Tracking a 5 piece band together in the studio. Using all the gear! Mix is sounding great already (this is just what the...
Orange Room Drums
Drum Tracking
I do too



102 Executive Dr
Sterling, VA
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