Parenting by Heart

Parenting by Heart

I am on a mission to REDEFINE "perfect parenting" so that parents feel don't feel they have to be perfect to raise great kids.


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The Mom TruthBomb says "it's almost like they save it all up on purpose just waiting for me to get comfy in there".

[09/18/17]   If any of you were dealing with a lot of sibling bickering this weekend, this one is for you!

Join me tonight LIVE on my "Rachel Bailey" Page around 8:00PM (right after I put my kids to bed! 😉) and I'll give you a simple tip for how to get kids to fight less.

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Tired of your child's dramatic behavior when they're upset?

Join me live tonight at 8:15PM (ET) on my "Rachel Bailey" page ( and I'll tell you what you can do to reduce the frequency and intensity of your kids' big emotions and dramatic behavior!

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Do you remember where you were?


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Do your kids get out of bed a lot at bedtime?

Two common reasons that kids keep getting out of bed are:

1.) They have trouble just "lying there." (They've been stimulated -- or even overstimulated -- all day long, and now they're asked to lie there, doing nothing, in the quiet and dark.)

2.) They feel disconnected from you. (Often bedtime is one of the only times we’re paying full attention to our kids, and it fills their need for connection with us. Naturally they don’t want it to end!)

One way to handle each of those obstacles is to have them make up a story* while they’re lying there that you will ask them to tell you in the morning.

Not only does that give them something to do while they’re lying there, but it also builds a “bridge” (between when they see you at night and when they see you in the morning) that helps them feel more connected to you.

Just be sure to remember to ask about the story first thing the next morning!

*This can also be a song or a poem. Or you can ask younger children to picture 3 things that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. The key is just to give them something age-appropriate to do in their minds.


Happy Hooligans

This is such an important article. We should all be practicing "exit car drills" with our children. Please share💗

Oh my goodness. Please read and pass along to anyone with children, daycare children or grandchildren. This is something we wouldn't normally think to do, but it can prevent a senseless tragedy:


Tonight I will be talking on the topic of "How To Set Firm and Loving Boundaries To Help Children Thrive" but first my afternoon pick me up. How do you get through that afternoon slump? #keepingitreal


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Do any of your kids take a long time to eat their meals?

Often "slow eaters" need to be engaged during mealtime in order to speed up their pace a bit.

One way to engage them is to play games that incorporate eating. These games will motivate them to eat without distracting them.

For example, you can say, "Can you eat 3 bites and then tell me 3 words that begin with the letter 'B'?" (Or ask other questions that are appropriate for the age of your child.)

Or you can play a game where your child has to eat one bite of each type of food on their plate... but only one bite. Then they have to move to the next type of food.

Or you can bring one die to the dinner table. Each person rolls the die. Whatever number they roll, they have to eat that number of bites off of their plate.

(By the way, sometimes I'm personally too darn tired to consider one of these games... But on nights when I do play them with my kids, dinners go much more smoothly!)


I found that it is harder to schedule in "me time" or "self care" over the summer monrhs. Here is a 30
Day Challenge that would benefit all of us. How are you making sure you are taking care of yourself too?


Our children learn by watching us. Here are 65 random acts of kindness you can do with them. Please share in the comments any ideas you have as well #alwaysbekind #settingexample


Rachel Bailey

I wanted to share this post from my Rachel Bailey page. It is where all the good stuff is happening so please like and follow that page. In the meantime let me know your thoughts on this video.

It's tempting to want to reward the behavior that you want to see in your children. But that can backfire...

Watch this video to find out why: 06/30/2017

Organizing Kid Clothes: A Mother of Six Shares Her 3-Part System

This is a great article about organizing kids clothes. I struggle with this. Do you have any tips or ideas you can share with us? Comment below 👇🏻 What to keep? What to give away? And what about hand-me-downs and off-season items? Use this proven system for organizing kid clothes and closets. 06/29/2017

The new Crayola nail polish is just for adults. Sorry kids!

OMG. These look so fun. Which one would you pick. Comment below😊 Check out the Sally Hansen and Crayola nail polish collection in 12 on-trend shades. No, there's no Burnt Sienna. 06/29/2017

Organizing Kid Clothes: A Mother of Six Shares Her 3-Part System

Fantastic article. This is something I struggle with and I am always looking for new ideas. 😜

Comment below any hints or tips you can share😊 What to keep? What to give away? And what about hand-me-downs and off-season items? Use this proven system for organizing kid clothes and closets. 06/28/2017

The Powerful Secret To Work-Life Balance (It's Not What You Think)

"Work-Life Harmony not Work-Life Balance is a much better way to examine and gain comfort from the challenge of work vs. life." Everyone one of us battles with the issue.


Happy #NationalSunglassesDay! Let's see your pics in the comments😎 06/26/2017

5 Nightly Rituals of the Most Successful People

5 nightly rituals of the most successful people. Do you do any of these? If you don't do these things before bed, you won't wake up ready for success. 06/23/2017

15 Ideas for Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids Stumped for kid-friendly snacks during these long, lazy days? Try one of these fun, easy-prep ideas.


Sharing some patriotic ideas for your 4th of July Celebrations


Timeline Photos 06/17/2017

4 Steps to Start an Amazing Family Movie Night Tradition - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Have you ever tried family movie night? What's your favorite movie to watch with the kids? Photo via Decoholic. Remember a time when technology brought people together? When the whole family would gather around the only TV in the house instead of spreading out to separate rooms and… 06/16/2017

100 Free Summer Activities For Kids (free printable) - Natural Beach Living

I printed this and put it on my fridge. Summer is a great time for making memories but there is also a lot of down time. Do you have any other activities I can add to my list! 100 Free Summer Activities for Kids, Awesome List of things to do this summer! Great Ideas for Family Fun, Free Printable Summer Chart keep the family happy 06/16/2017

Family Vacation Tips - 10 Way to Make Traveling with Kids Easy

Here are some great tips on traveling with kids. Share yours in the comments below👇🏼 visit for Family Vacation Tips including 10 Ways to Make Traveling with Kids Easy so you can enjoy your vacation


Join A Community To Help Reduce Parenting Guilt

A space where we have open discussions about what it is really like to parent these days
Conversations about parenting fails (so we can share with people who understand us)… and parenting wins (so we can celebrate each other’s successes)

Tips for how to feel handle that those deep-down fears (that we are messing up our children) and feelings (that we wish we could just take a break from parenting… at least for a little while!) 06/15/2017

DIY Projects for Kids Inspired by Race Car Tracks

These ideas are so awesome🚒🚧 In case you are searching for some projects for your little boys, which can be kid’s toys or fun decorations of boy’s room, you are on the right place to be. As a parent we know that boys of all ages… 06/14/2017

Mother Daughter Bucket List - Susan Merrill

Wow. This is a great idea👩👧
What would you add to your list? Last week, I visited Emily at Samford University. She is loving being a senior there and has big plans for this year. To make those plans, she and her room mates made a “Senior Bucket List” and…


Summer is here. Where are you going for vacation. Comment below🏖🛩🛳


Rachel Bailey

How To Get Kids Off Of Electronics More Easily


Do you get 5-7 hours of sleep each night? 😴 06/13/2017

Keep Your Kids Entertained and Having Fun Outdoors! #TRUPowerUpFun - The Mommyhood Life

Some great ideas!!!j This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Duracell/Hasbro/Toys’R’Us. The opinions and text are all mine. NERF N- STRIKE Summer break for kids has either started or is close! With… 06/12/2017

Parenting Community Description - Rachel Bailey

Did you know I offer a private online parenting community?

When you join you will receive the solutions and support you need to make parenting less overwhelming.

You will receive:

▪️Effective, Realistic Strategies to Reduce the Stress of Parenting

▪️Regular (but not overwhelming!) positive parenting reminders and tips so that you don’t slip back into old habits.

▪️Clear scripts that tell you what to say and do so that you can effectively handle your children’s behaviors (lack of cooperation, disrespect sibling fights), moods (dramatic emotions, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, anxiety), and other “real-life” situations that you face on a daily basis.

▪️Tips for keeping your cool and building your confidence so that you can finally conquer the pressure associated with raising children today.

▪️Direct responses to YOUR parenting questions… when you need them. You know how you WANT to parent. But… …You become too distracted and busy (once real life happens) to remember what you are “supposed to say” to motivate your children to make positive choices.… 06/10/2017

Backyard party ideas: Host the best summer party on your block.

Some great ideas☀️ Whether you're hosting a kids' birthday party or a summer soiree, these creative backyard party ideas will make every party extra fun.


I just love this for Father's Day💗


Rachel Bailey

Why You Must Be Imperfect to Raise Great Kids - Reason 4




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