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Thank you for your excellent reference guide to Stanley trademarks. Between that and Woodworks equally excellent flow screens, I have been easily able to both understand the history of the planes I have come to love, as well as date them and use both resources often.

I came across a slight revision to the 'T' trademark this week on a 4½ I've just got my grubby little mitts on. I wanted to add it to the folio, but of course I cannot.

The plane was bought in Canada which may account for the omission of the location stamp and the inclusion instead of patent dates. I thought you might like it to add to the knowledge base. I am assuming same year brackets as the 'T' logo. 1909-1911 especially as it comes from a 'type 11'
The Art of Hand Engraving

Flat gravers are used for fill work on letters, as well as "wriggle" cuts on most musical instrument engraving work, remove background, or create bright cuts. Knife gravers are for line engraving and very deep cuts. Round gravers, and flat gravers with a radius, are commonly used on silver to create bright cuts (also called bright-cut engraving), as well as other hard-to-cut metals such as nickel and steel. Square or V-point gravers are typically square or elongated diamond-shaped and used for cutting straight lines. V-point can be anywhere from 60 to 130 degrees, depending on purpose and effect. These gravers have very small cutting points. Other tools such as mezzotint rockers, roulets and burnishers are used for texturing effects. Burnishing tools can also be used for certain stone setting techniques.

Source: Virginia Toolworks
Felicidades a los padres del grupo y lo demas EXCELENTE domingo Saludos cordiales desde colombia Monteria Córdoba
Source: Virginia Toolworks
I have seen these WWI artillery driving bands on his page before. I reached out with a couple questions since I have larger than normal hands.
He had this wider band and enough length to make a band for me.

I have had it a few weeks, I love this thing.

Thanks Virginia Toolworks!
So apparently I am one of y'all's top fans. I didn't do it. Y'all did! Best posts ever! Kimberly Clarke Gully, Britt Gully
Didja see this bad boy?
Sig P210 Target and Standard.
What's in your underwear drawer? 😁
did we talk about a Rig last week , was in Hospital ?
Went on this site to look at one item and spent an hour looking at past posts. Simply amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Sales, Preservation, and Historical Reference for Fine Vintage Hand Tools... with a love of God, cou Enjoy!

Founded in 2008, Virginia Toolworks originated as a dealer of fine vintage hand tools (primarily hand planes). Since then it has grown into a repository of information on the history, use, and preservation of hand tools, both vintage and modern. Please visit the main web/blog site at The Virginia Toolworks page serves to support the blog, build traffic, an


Forging for The Kitchen 🍳 Skillet Forge


..."northern confluence"..walnut...greg brown...american wood hampshire...born 1980...primarily wood...


Armet with a mask visor in the form of a rooster, Germany, ca. 1530

Instagram Photos 12/16/2022

Instagram Photos




Detail of the Hercules armor of the Emperor Maximilian II of Austria. Made in 1555.



Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer?



From my engraving archives: A C**t SAA featuring deep relief American Scroll, gold inlayed accents and a French grey finish. This C**t is shown on my workbench, laying across the tools I used to engrave it.
If you like this please check out American Scroll for my wearable art!


Probably not comfortable to play, but so badass!


A flight of N model P-40s - Jared in Hangar 180’s ‘Suzy’ and Rob in Warhawk’s ‘Parrot Head’.


Veterans Day - November 11th, 2022. We we stand united in respect for you, our Veterans, for your patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Veterans are welcomed free today at the museum - please claim your admission tickets in person (not on the website). 📷 Bradley Wentzel


“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

― Theodore Roosevelt


HBD, Marines 🥳
Hope you’re partying like it’s 1775!



I need a sword


Black Raven Armory. Pure Badass!

Timeline photos 11/01/2022

Timeline photos

1943 Moto Guzzi 600U | Italy 🇮🇹

The Moto Guzzi 600U is one of the prototype tricycles developed with the help of the Experimental Military Center to replace trucks. According to the documents, the tricycle was sold to the Royal Italian Armed Forces on August 26, 1943, several years after the last official delivery of U-type tricycles.

The 1938 ER model was taken as a basis. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine is installed horizontal, but not strictly horizontal, as on other Moto Guzzi models, but slightly turned upwards.

Moto Guzzi 600 U was supposed to be equipped with both light and medium weapons with anti-aircraft and anti-tank functions, which made this tricycle a versatile vehicle, especially valuable in wartime.

The tricycle from the Motorworld by V.Sheyanov collection is equipped with a Breda 37 machine gun mounted on a turret with a bulletproof shield and a lift for antiaircraft use.

Maker Profile: Night Watch Knives - Knives Illustrated 10/31/2022

Maker Profile: Night Watch Knives - Knives Illustrated

Alex Harrison is a good friend and a great maker!

Maker Profile: Night Watch Knives - Knives Illustrated Jim Cobb talks with knifemaker Alex Harrison of Night Watch Knives to learn about his company, mentors and more.

Photos from John Rigby & Co.'s post 10/28/2022

Photos from John Rigby & Co.'s post

An Argument for the No. 6 10/28/2022

An Argument for the No. 6

An Argument for the No. 6 Derek Jones’ No. 6 – his jointer. When Derek Jones was planning for his summer trip to teach at Lost Art Press, he asked if we had a No. 6 he could borrow. A No. 6? Really? I thought it was a…

Timeline photos 10/23/2022

Timeline photos

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Virginia Toolworks originated as a dealer of fine vintage hand tools (primarily hand planes). Since then it has grown into a repository of information on the history, use, and preservation of hand tools, both vintage and modern. Please visit the main web/blog site at

The Virginia Toolworks page serves to support the blog, build traffic, and provide a place to have a little fun. You'll find not only information and articles about vintage tools and woodworking, but tools of all kinds, as well as topics and posts that I find interesting - anything from vintage aircraft to fi****ms, and conservative values to bizarre things I've seen. Enjoy!

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U.S. Rifle, Caliber 30, M1
Snowing like crazy here in Davis, WV
My daughter enjoying a little target practice with the HK
Wooden Spiny Lobster
Oldie, but so classic!



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