Thank you to NPSOA for featuring Northern Ohio Printing in their latest issue, and on the front cover no less!
We've got some fun news for you.

We are officially a 2022 The Webby Awards honoree in the category of "Websites and Mobile Sites - Associations" for our work with NPSOA!

Awards and industry recognition are definitely *not* why we do what we do, but they’re fun to receive all the same. And if you haven’t checked out NPSOA's website, you should 🤩
Tri-State Printing is honored to be featured in October's NPSOA Magazine 😁

Happy Tuesday! Look what we have here! 😁

Recently, Mikayla was given the opportunity to write an article in NPSOA's magazine. She'll be doing this every month, focusing on the positives of the printing industry. 🖨✨

Attached, in the September issue, you'll see her very first article, "Good Vibes. Great Sales." When you get the chance, read through it. There are some great steps and pointers - not just for printers - but for everyone to live by! ✅

Stay positive, friends! The future is bright! 😎
We’re going into the weekend with great news! 🌞

Our President, Dennis Trump, and Manager, Mikayla Lehman, were featured in a magazine article published by NPSOA.

The author truly captured our good vibes at Trump Direct. Thank you, Marketing Ideas For Printers and NPSOA! What a special treat to see two of our team members in a national magazine! 🤩
Our agency is honored to have won two Gold 2021 Hermes Awards for some of our recent web projects.

Client: NPSOA

Client: AAMC Foundation's Denim & Diamonds

We're thankful for all of our amazing clients and the exciting work we're able to do for them!
As many know, success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better…a little wiser…a little stronger…than the day before. 🌱

We’re proud to have someone with an “always learning, always growing” mindset leading our business. Almost 43 years in the competitive print industry? You know he has to be doing something right! ✅

Dennis Trump is a founder and original board member of the NPOA that was formed in 2013. This year, the NPOA expanded into the NPSOA, and Dennis (along with Christa) attended and completed his 9th conference, which was held in Florida. 🌞

The annual conference has formed a culture of successful print owners, and Dennis enjoys connecting with like-minded people while listening to special speakers and exchanging ideas about business growth and profitability. 📈

Way to go, Dennis! We’re proud of you and your commitment to excellence! 🌟
Cool photo illusion
Sam Wright of Tri-State Printing attended the recent NPSOA (National Print & Sign Owners Association) in St. Petersburg, FL.

“It was good to be able to attend a conference once again – and meet with our industry peers. If the mood at this conference is any indication, it will be a busy year. I’m thankful I was able to get my vaccine before the conference. Let’s all get our vaccine, so everyone can be safe and able to enjoy more conferences like this. Thank you for a great conference and for all you do, NPSOA Board!”
2021 NPSOA Conference in St. Petersburg, FL.

Deborah Corn keynote for 9th Annual Conference!
This the PO List Post from Aaron.
"I got tired of the mylar feed strips getting sucked into the feed or not being sturdy enough to keep pressure on the envelope flap, so I engineered my own feed to keep the flaps down. Just wanted to share if anyone was wanting a beefier setup. "

National Print & Sign Owners Association provides you with the tools and connections you need to bet

The National Print & Sign Owners Association (NPSOA) seeks to serve the needs of companies, both large and small, by offering printing, copying, mailing, and sign-making services. The benefits of membership in NPSOA include access to a variety of key reports, spreadsheets, and studies that provide our members with practical and useful information on profitability, wages, and pricing within our ind


Can't wait to see you all at the SPRING CONFERENCE!!


Making Sense of B2B Payment Processing & NPSOA Member Benefits
Jan 26, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Description : Presentation on bankcard “wholesale cost” structure on Corporate Purchasing Cards (or “P-Cards”) and NPSOA member payment processing benefits with Pineapple Payments

Viewer Take Away : Understand how Pineapple Payments’ technology allows P-Card Interchange (“wholesale cost”) to be significantly reduced, resulting in drastic fee savings for NPSOA members

Presented by Kevin Lee, Pineapple Payments

Register in advance for this webinar:


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Type Tuesday Presents the Class of 2022: The Most Interesting Fonts of the Year 01/23/2023

Type Tuesday Presents the Class of 2022: The Most Interesting Fonts of the Year

The Most Interesting Fonts from the previous Year

Type Tuesday Presents the Class of 2022: The Most Interesting Fonts of the Year Which of our favorite fonts from the year is Class Clown? Most Likely to Run for President? Which would go viral on TikTok or join the ‘Euphoria’ cast? Find out!


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"A true leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Happy MLK Day.

NPSOA Spring Conference promo 01/12/2023

NPSOA Spring Conference promo

You should SIGN UP and here's WHY!

NPSOA Spring Conference promo For more information or to sign up, go to or email Nathaniel Grant: [email protected]


You won't want to miss the 2023 NPSOA Owners Conference

Take a tour of Adrian & Gidi's tiny paper dollhouse passion project 01/10/2023

Take a tour of Adrian & Gidi's tiny paper dollhouse passion project

Great design work!

Take a tour of Adrian & Gidi's tiny paper dollhouse passion project Take a tour of the creative duo's tiny paper dollhouse passion project.

Duolingo opens the ‘Museum of Wonky English’ 01/06/2023

Duolingo opens the ‘Museum of Wonky English’

We've all had these kind of things on jobs-- what's one of your funniest or most cringe worthy that made it to print?

Duolingo opens the ‘Museum of Wonky English’ The language learning app Duolingo has created a ‘Museum of Wonky English’ in Harajuku, Tokyo, poking fun at mistranslations. The campaign displays funny mistranslations and highlights the valuable lessons they can offer when learning a new language. The museum in Tokyo is open as an in-person e...



After a three-year absence, Michael Makin, former President and CEO of Printing Industries of America will return as a special guest at the NPSOA Owners Conference in Myrtle Beach.

For several years Michael leant his considerable print and business expertise to assist our organization with strategic planning, conference management and governance.

He has been a featured speaker, panel moderator and enthusiastic session participant at several of our events over the years and has always been warmly welcomed by our owners group and their families.

Since retiring from Printing United Alliance in 2021 (the organization that merged with PIA) Michael has focused his time on social media consulting and business development with a select group of clients on a part-time basis.

He has also become a social media celebrity in his own right with a popular Tiktok () account that is followed by hundreds of thousands of people and has been shared by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Freddie Jackson, Al B Sure, The Whispers, Boy George, The Isley Brothers, Jennifer Anniston and Mario Lopez, just to name a few. His TikTok videos alone have had close to 60 million views.

Last summer Michael was also a featured contestant on the NBC dance competition series Dancing With Myself with Shakira and Nick Jonas. He appeared on the season finale and made the top 4 with his closest competitors being at least 30 years younger. If that is not impressive enough, he has also been signed by Premier Models in Miami for acting and modeling work. Stay tuned for some movie releases later this year.

Want to Boost Your Creativity? Try These 12 Easy Hacks This Year 01/05/2023

Want to Boost Your Creativity? Try These 12 Easy Hacks This Year

Boost your creativity!

Want to Boost Your Creativity? Try These 12 Easy Hacks This Year Want to become a more creative thinker? Try these tips to boost your creativity, imagine new ways to solve problems, and think of new ideas.


Trying to figure out what MIS system or other managing technology to use? Or if these items are even necessary for your business?

NPSOA is conducting a survey of Print & Sign Owners about MIS Systems, CRMs, E-Commerce, Sales, and Sales Per Employee. We hope to glean data that will give a clear picture of the successes of certain managing technologies.

This is a SHORT survey! Results will be shared with everyone who participates and all data will remain anonymous. If there is enough interest, we could schedule some webinars on this topic.


Cheers to another year! Wishing you positive new beginnings in 2023.

7 Design Trends in 2023! 12/29/2022

7 Design Trends in 2023!

Design Trends for 2023!

7 Design Trends in 2023! 2023 is set to bring some fun design trends our way – and get ready to bring back your kindergarten books for inspiration when creating new graphic designs. ...

Starbucks Redesigns Whole Bean Coffee Bags 12/27/2022

Starbucks Redesigns Whole Bean Coffee Bags

What are your thoughts on this redesign?

Starbucks Redesigns Whole Bean Coffee Bags Starbucks redesigns the graphics for its five core whole bean blends, with artwork that conveys each variety’s heritage, flavor, and quality.


Happy Holidays to you and your team!

People Experienced “Virtual Reality” 200 Years Ago With Accordion-Style Paper Art 12/21/2022

People Experienced “Virtual Reality” 200 Years Ago With Accordion-Style Paper Art

Paper Peepshows: How People Experienced “Virtual Reality” in the 19th Century

People Experienced “Virtual Reality” 200 Years Ago With Accordion-Style Paper Art Today, we have VR sets to experience virtual reality. In the 19th century, they had paper peepshows.

Almost 80% of Small Business Owners Offer Time Off During the Holidays. Here's Why You Should, Too 12/20/2022

Almost 80% of Small Business Owners Offer Time Off During the Holidays. Here's Why You Should, Too

Time off during the holidays?

Almost 80% of Small Business Owners Offer Time Off During the Holidays. Here's Why You Should, Too Not sure how to establish a time-off policy for your business during the holidays? Read on for some tips.


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5 Ways to Stay Productive and Focused During the Holiday Seasons 12/15/2022

5 Ways to Stay Productive and Focused During the Holiday Seasons


5 Ways to Stay Productive and Focused During the Holiday Seasons Even though there are gifts to buy and parties to attend, holiday distractions don't have to distract you from your work.


🎅🎁 7 Print Marketing Ideas to Boost Holiday Sales 🎁🎅
1. Creative Packaging
Use beautiful boxes, papers, and images when you send out items to customers.

They are more likely to hang onto them and remember you in the future. Plus, it creates a warm fuzzy feeling when customers receive such packages.

2. Door Hangers
Create fun, whimsical door hangers to put on customers’ doors.

These will receive a lot of attention and will solicit a response.

3. Coupons
Send coupons to customers on fun, holiday-centered postcards.

Include fun images, pictures, and sayings that will grab their attention during the holiday hustle and bustle.

4. Holiday Newsletter
Time and attention span may be limited this time of year, but a compelling and short holiday newsletter will get your reader to stop, read, and respond.

Put some fun quotes, tips, recipes, fun facts, a happy holiday message, and maybe even a coupon to help them save money during this time of year.

5. Subscription Package
A subscription package will keep them coming back throughout the year.

Offer special pricing, fun packaging, and items that will dazzle them. They can subscribe to your subscription box and receive great gifts throughout the year.

6. Gift Cards
A gift-card campaign allows customers to share your business.

It’s also an excellent way to offer deals. They can get something free if they buy a certain amount of money in gift cards. This is a popular way of helping people with last-minute and corporate gifts.

Make sure your gift card displays are front and center near your store’s entrance, checkout, and other high-traffic areas.

7. Loyalty Rewards
Mail special discounts to loyal customers during this time of year.

Research what most customers are buying this time of year, then send them a letter or postcard offering to discount it for them. Remember, it usually costs you a lot more to acquire brand-new customers than to retain the ones you have.


6 Steps to Find Your Print Marketing Target Audience

1. Determine who already buys your product.
Look at the demographics and patterns of your current consumers.
What age are they? Are they men or women or both? The better you understand the individuals already buying your products, the better you can reach new individuals who follow similar patterns.

2. Watch the competition.
Look at who buys your competition's products and services.
What are they focusing on right now? It could provide insight into what you should be focusing on at the moment too.

3. Develop personas.
Try to create 3-5 different types of personas—people who would typically buy your product or service.

Figure out what makes them tick. What do they watch on TV? Who do they vote for? What type of food do they eat? Build an entire personality profile of the person who would use your services.

4. Conduct surveys.
Ask for information from those who buy your product.
You can do this with more formal methods like a paper or online survey, and you can even offer an incentive for participation. You can also take a more informal approach by simply talking to customers about their desires and preferences for your products and services.

5. Be flexible in who you reach.
Your target audience can change depending on the offer you are making.

That is why it is so important to get specific about who you want to see it. Don't generalize!

6. Use marketing metrics.
Metrics help you take the guesswork out of knowing if your marketing is reaching the intended audience.
Over 75% of businesses are already using marketing metrics to report how their campaigns directly influence revenue.
When focusing on your target audience, be specific. And make sure your marketing materials are fulfilling the goals of your customers.

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2023, as predicted by the creative industry 12/05/2022

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2023, as predicted by the creative industry

Looking ahead to 2023!

The biggest trends in graphic design for 2023, as predicted by the creative industry What will be big in design next year? We ask the industry for their trend predictions for 2023.


🎁Mobilize YOUR resources to achieve the BEST upcoming holiday season🎯

"Unfortunately, the inflation sting doesn't create optimal conditions for the retail sector in 2022. Therefore, retailers should brace themselves for challenges such as supply chain delays and rising operation costs. Furthermore, consumer spending has reduced significantly owing to inflation that has peaked in most parts of the world. Nevertheless, retailers can mobilize their resources to achieve the best in the upcoming holiday season by adopting the following strategies."

For the full article:


Are Your Customers Tired of Sending Static Postcards?

WEBINAR -THIS FRIDAY 🎯 Dec 2, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time

Take Direct Mail to the Next Level by Making a Commercial on a Postcard in Less Than 2-Minutes and for Less Than $2.00!

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Christmas shipping deadlines 2022: FedEx, UPS and USPS say these are the last days to ship gifts 11/28/2022

Christmas shipping deadlines 2022: FedEx, UPS and USPS say these are the last days to ship gifts

Good Reminder!

Christmas shipping deadlines 2022: FedEx, UPS and USPS say these are the last days to ship gifts What is the last day to ship gifts in time for delivery by Christmas? It depends on UPS, FedEx or USPS. Here's what to know.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

6 Ingredients That Help You Plan for the Coming Year | Full Focus 11/21/2022

6 Ingredients That Help You Plan for the Coming Year | Full Focus

Success in 2023? This is a good article for jumpstarting your new year planning.

6 Ingredients That Help You Plan for the Coming Year | Full Focus Too often, business owners launch into the new year without a clear plan. Here are six ingredients for making an effective strategic plan.


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🎯Money Matters: Shifting Focus to Profit from Growth - Deborah Corn🎯
Nov 17, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time
As the print world adjusts to the ’new now’ and navigates supply chain and workforce development issues, new business development focused on doing more work with current clients could be a very profitable sales strategy. In this session, Deborah Corn, the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse at Print Media Centr, shares some actionable ideas for increasing wallet share and creating more collaborative relationships with your print customers.

Basic premise… we can't count on supplies, people or pricing so why mess with new business and potentially ruin a relationship from the start? My strategy is to do more work with the customers you have, find out what they are doing with other people, and make technology investments to get that work and that will ultimately help you win bigger and better clients when the time is right.

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5 Key Trends in Marketing To Different Age Groups 11/14/2022

5 Key Trends in Marketing To Different Age Groups

Marketing Trends for Generations!

5 Key Trends in Marketing To Different Age Groups What are some marketing trends bubbling up from the need to be conscientious about generational preferences and differences?


Today we honor those that serve and those who have served this country. Thank you for your service! 🇺🇸

The creative legacy of Gifs: Past, present and future 11/09/2022

The creative legacy of Gifs: Past, present and future

A little history lesson on GIFs

The creative legacy of Gifs: Past, present and future The invention of the Gif transformed creative practices overnight, and gave birth to a whole new medium of expression. We dissect this history (or giftory?) speaking to experts and artists about the continued evolution of the funnest file type.


Future Defining Technology: The new RICOH Pro Z75 Digital Press
🎯Nov 8, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time 🎯
Description: Get a in-depth view of the all new RICOH Pro Z75 Inkjet Digital Press
Viewer Take Away: Understand emerging technologies in digital printing and defining the production market for larger digital sheet-fed presses.

Presented By : Mark Little, Sr Manager Marketing Business Development – Commercial Print - RICOH USA
Register in advance for this webinar:


Great Article...Get your Holiday Production Up!!
"4. Tap into nostalgia.
The holidays are surrounded by a glow of memories of childhood and magic – times when the snow was thick and Santa Claus was real. Why not design your marketing campaign to tap into holiday nostalgia? Consider using black-and-white pictures, old-style fonts, and nostalgic photos from times gone by. Whether you’re planning an in-store display or an online landing page, nostalgia can guide your campaigns this year."
For the rest of the article follow this link:

The new Olympic identity is the first of its kind since the games began in 1896 11/01/2022

The new Olympic identity is the first of its kind since the games began in 1896

A brand refresh ... what do you think?

The new Olympic identity is the first of its kind since the games began in 1896 A balance of “tradition and modernity”, the Olympic brand refresh aims to bring the games into the future, allowing its visual branding to exist on various online medium and channels.


Happy Halloween


Best Practices To Ensure Both Sides Benefit From A Partner Marketing Campaign - for full article see link below!
"Confirm Cohesion Between Brand Partners First
A partnership must be authentic to ensure mutual benefit. When you lose cohesion between brand partners, you lose customer buy-in. Therefore, before choosing a brand for a partner marketing campaign, confirm that there is sufficient overlap between your customer base, a clear throughline between solutions or services and continuity between your brand values and ethos."


October 27th at 2PM


An Introduction to EOS

Are you ready to start getting more of what you want from your business? Even the most successful entrepreneurs occasionally find running a business more challenging than they expected. Most business owners are regularly frustrated by one or more common issues: lack of control over time, markets or the company; people who don’t listen, understand or follow through; profit—there’s not enough of it; and growth—inability to get to the next level.

PRESENTER : Joe Carr - EOS Worldwide

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Sterling, VA

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Sterling Young Life Sterling Young Life
Sterling, 20165

What's going on with Young Life in Sterling va!? Here it is!

INMED Partnerships for Children INMED Partnerships for Children
21630 Ridgetop Cir, Ste 130
Sterling, 20166

Since 1986, we have built alliances with public- and private-sector partners in more than 100 countr

Rotary Club of Sterling Rotary Club of Sterling
P. O. Box 650471
Sterling, 20165

Meets first Tuesday of the month at 12:15pm at Bungalow Lakehouse in Sterling, VA, and the 3rd Tuesday of the month online at 6pm

NVVA Adult Volleyball NVVA Adult Volleyball
45685 Oakbrook Court
Sterling, 20166

The NVVA Adult Volleyball program is designed to provide a full cycle solution for adult players by offering sand and court lessons, leagues, and tourneys!
Sterling, 20165 is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates for character.

Inova Blood Donor Services Inova Blood Donor Services
45745 Nokes Boulevard Ste 160
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Our donors supply lifesaving blood and blood products to 24 different hospitals in Northern Virginia

Freedom Alliance Freedom Alliance
22570 Markey Court
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Advance the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the

Loudoun Literacy Council Loudoun Literacy Council
46175 Westlake Drive Suite 450
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Loudoun Literacy Council is a community based literacy organization.

Orphan Foundation of America Orphan Foundation of America
21351 Gentry Drive, Ste 130
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OFA is the oldest national organization specifically focusing on support, education, and workforce d

ADAMS Community Service ADAMS Community Service
46903 Sugarland Road
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ADAMS Community Service organizes countless activities year-round to nurture an American Muslim ide

Healing H20 Healing H20
44900 Acacia Lane, Ste 105
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Prophetic Ministry in Dulles, VA -God continues to bless w signs & wonders "Once you've stepped

All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS)
46903 Sugarland Road
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All Dulles Area Muslim Society(ADAMS) is one of the largest Muslim communities/mosques in the DC Met