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Thanks Tino and crew for a great job. We really enjoyed having you guys out.

Our tree service has over 15 years of experience serving the Northern Virginia area .We are licence and insured and service both residential and commercial accounts .our services include tree removal,pruning,trimming,lot clearing,stump grinding,firewood, deep root fertilizing, crown reduction, We also install cable , free wood chip delivery .

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[08/20/13]   So how often exactly should you prune or trim your trees and bushes? We recommend a professional pruning either in late winter or in early spring before the trees begin to open their buds. It's also important to avoid pruning during bouts of extreme heat and extreme cold.

[08/15/13]   By pruning in mid summer or late winter your trees will not be affected by loss of energy or harmful pathogens. They will also have plenty of time to heal before the next growing season.

[08/13/13]   Do you have a tree that is no longer alive cluttering your yard? Not only is this unsightly, but it can be dangerous as well, as dead trees can fall over without warning. We can remove your old dying tree and even replace it with a new one to give a much needed boost to your yard.

[08/08/13]   Did you know that you could permanently harm your tree by incorrect placement and improper care? For this reason, it's very important that you understand your tree needs early attention after planting, and correct care and attention as it matures.

[08/06/13]   Did you know that deep root fertilization not only promotes the health and longevity of your tree and shrubs, but it also provides essential nutrients for growth and stability? This treatment has the added benefit of aerating your soil and reducing compaction.

[08/01/13]   Trees come in many shapes and sizes, and often change dramatically over their lifetime. Some grow tall, some grow wide and some have extensive root systems. These are all things to consider when planting a tree in your yard, to prevent damaging utility lines, or your property.

[07/30/13]   Transplanting large shade trees to optimal locations around your house could reduce your monthly electric bill. Inviting an arborist to your property will help you make the best decision in tree placement.

[07/25/13]   An arborist can help guide you through the concept of preventative maintenance to keep your trees in good health, which will help the tree better defend itself against insects, disease, and site problems.

[07/23/13]   Trees benefit from being pruned in the third quarter of the moon phase, the week following a full moon. Moisture and sap levels are at their lowest during this time.

[07/18/13]   Pruning trees is an important part of tree maintenance and care, and offers many advantages. Not only does removing dead or dying branches substantially improve a tree's health, but it will make the tree much more attractive looking as well.

[07/16/13]   A major key to tree health is the level of air to soil exchange. This can be affected by a variety of factors, including soil depth, soil compaction, soil condition, and water levels.

[07/11/13]   If you have a tree that is dead or poses a risk or danger to you or your family or your property, then a professional evaluation is needed. We can help assess the danger the tree might pose and either remove it or replant it.

[07/09/13]   Unfortunately, there are circumstances when it is necessary to have a tree removed. This is usually done as a last resort, but it is recommended when the tree is dead or dying, is considered irreparably hazardous, or is causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected with pruning.

[07/04/13]   If you have a tree or trees that are unhealthy or malnourished, then it may be time for professional assistance. With the proper diagnosis, you will know how best to treat your tree's condition, whether it's caused by disease or infestation.

[07/02/13]   Did you know that well maintained trees and shrubs in your garden can increase your property value by up to 15%? Vegetation can be the key factor in a buyers first impressions of your house.

[06/27/13]   Did you know that when a tree saps, it is sometimes indicative of your tree's health? We can assess the current state of your tree while determining those branches that are dead or diseased and need to be removed.

[06/25/13]   A young tree needs more water than an older tree. The root system of well established trees will find water at deeper levels. However, it is also important to not over water as this can over saturate a younger trees' root ball.

[06/20/13]   Both the time of day and the season are important factors to consider when watering your tress. In summer, watering in the daytime will evaporate the water before it can pe*****te the roots.

[06/18/13]   Taiga is a specific biome that is made up of coniferous forests. These are also referred to as boreal forests which are made mostly of larches, pines, and spruces. Taiga is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth.

[06/13/13]   A tree's roots need oxygen respire, or "breathe." There are very few species that can live in a permanently waterlogged soil such as the pond cypress and mangrove trees.

[06/11/13]   When you plant a tree, you much think about how your tree will impact existing utility lines, as it grows taller or wider. This is an important consideration to make when deciding where to grow your tree, as the effects may not happen until years from now.

[06/06/13]   Defoliators are essentially insects that feed on your trees leaves. This includes scale insects (suckers), beetles, and caterpillars (chewers and borers) that feed off of your tree's vegetation and can in some cases eventually kill it.

[06/04/13]   Buttress roots are roots that flare from the lower part of the tree's trunk. These roots help to brace the tree and provide stability. They are common in the rainforests where roots are close to the surface and soil is poor.

[05/30/13]   A grove is a small wooded area with very little or no undergrowth. A small wood or thicket of trees and bushes is known as a coppice or copse.

[05/11/13]   Young trees that are not balanced will bend toward the heaviest side. Prevent this problem by properly trimming and shaping your trees. This serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

[04/26/13]   To avoid storm damage, carefully consider where to plant your young trees. As trees grow and mature, they will expand tall and wide, so it is important to avoid planting trees near wires, too close to buildings, or in shallow soil or on steep banks.

[04/23/13]   Did you know that a tree usually decays from the inside out? Eventually, it forms a hollow cavity within the tree while sound wood is added to the outside as it grows. If you suspect a tree is rotting, consult a tree professional.

[04/20/13]   Don't plant a tree and realize later that you made a big, expensive mistake. Call a tree service professional before you buy that sapling. We'll help you choose the right tree for your landscape needs. Whether you want shade, autumn color or low maintenance screening, choosing the right tree now will save you time and money.

[04/17/13]   Not sure whether your storm-damaged tree should be removed? If the tree has snapped off at the base, is leaning and cannot be straightened or re-staked, the root ball has dried out, or the trunk is cracked, it is advised that you hire an arborist to remove the damaged tree.

[04/14/13]   If you have an established tree encroaching on nearby power lines, extending over your home's roof, or expanding over your property line, it'll be cheaper and safer to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Call a pro and ask for a free estimate.

[04/11/13]   If you have been victimized by severe weather, professional tree services will help assess any damage and make recommendations about correcting the problem.

[04/08/13]   One way to tell if a tree is getting enough water is to inspect the leaves first thing in the morning. If you slide a leaf between your fingers and can detect a slight bit of moisture, then this is a sign that the tree is properly hydrated.

[04/05/13]   There are undesirable suburban landscape trees, like willow trees that can compromise underground sewage tanks, water and sewer lines. An undesirable tree may also be one that's dying, too large for its location, or one that poses a threat to nearby structures during windy or wintry weather.

[04/02/13]   Trees can only be transplanted during certain times of the year. Most deciduous trees can be transplanted when they are in their dormant season, when foliage is lost. This may happen in the fall, after a couple of hard freezes, or in the spring, once the deep frost is gone, but before budding occurs.

[03/30/13]   Even if you regularly fertilize your yard and lawn, this doesn't mean your trees are getting everything they need. Typically, trees need to be fed at the root zone, which can be determined by noting the circumference of the tree's branches.




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