Dance of Life Doula Services

Dance of Life Doula Services

Birth is not only about the birth of a baby. It is also about the birth of a mother.

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I had the absolute privilege of supporting this special birth. She was one of my first clients (one I used for my training papers!) and we continued to keep in touch. When she expressed her desire for a second baby, I lifted her and the family up in prayer, and lo and behold, a new life was growing in her!🌱 She also expressed her desire for a home birth this time around. With her first, I learned that birth is beautiful despite environments, but I lifted this up for them too! On Tuesday, I got to see all things come together, including the dream birth team and a water delivery. We all said, “oh, how the stars aligned!” but we know who created the stars ✨ Baby was born right into love and peace, and as she was lifted right up out of the water, I couldn’t help but think of how this baby has been lifted up all along 🙏🏽
I am yet again, so humbled by being able to play a minuscule part and bearing witness to such faithfully answered prayers 🕊

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Birth assistant training complete! ✔️
It was extensive, informative, and wonderful! Thank you !!


WADDUP EVERYONE!! What better way to make a first post then to announce I just came home from an accidental homebirth (1 hour labor😱), got to capture those so-stinking-sweetly-intimate-postpartum photos and moments, AND made it back to get my kid to school. My doula heart is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼!! ♥️♥️


And I think it that involves the way we support our mothers!





😱😱😱 - Find Your Perfect Doula Now 03/15/2021

Beautiful BIRTHdays are still happening - Find Your Perfect Doula Now Find your doula among the thousands listed on DoulaMatch, including verified doula certifications and availability calendars.





When the day comes for you to meet your baby, there can be a lot of different things happening all at once: inside of you and all around you!
I’ve always imagined it being like climbing a mountain... but in the dark!
There will be new heightened sensations in your body, environmental factors at play, and an excited energy about you. Maybe you have all of the “gear”and you have prepared and researched this “climb” for many years. Nevertheless, it can feel a little shaky when trying to find your ground— your next steps on this unfamiliar terrain.

Now imagine someone who has been on this mountain before. Maybe even lived there. These twists and turns are familiar. Day or night, the footholds are known. She knows your story and your journey thus far- your strengths and your challenges, and while everyone will be watching and waiting for you to reach the summit... Her hand is there to support you all along the way and back.

As the Sherpa guides climbers to Everest’s heavenly peak, as does the doula with every woman who meets her baby ❤️


When anticipating the birth of your baby, it's crucial to remember that you, mama, know yourself and your body best.
There's no one way to birth. Do you need to feel heard during your pregnancy? What kind of environment helps you flourish and thrive? Does your provider support this idea and vision you've always dreamed of for this special journey into motherhood?
The time we live in shouldn't change any of this.
Consider your heart and voice the most vital aspect in this experience as you pave your way.
You are important, Beloved

Timeline photos 11/29/2020

Two births in the past 48hrs.

Birth isn’t supposed to be scary. It’s the most natural and beautifully hard thing a woman can experience in her lifetime.
Sink in, find your breath.
“Something amazing is going to happen”.




Had to 😂

I I right? Woah.


Too good not to share 😂🤣

Might have shared this before but still relevant. 🤣

Timeline photos 07/29/2020

Amen! Allow yourself to be open to what was already intended for you and your baby ❤️


I mean, honestly, what a terrible thing to call it! Library books have due dates. School papers have due dates. But babies are not “due” on a certain day! What our culture calls your “due date” is simply an average of when most babies tend to come. It is not a day that your baby is “due” by and he is not “late” if he arrives after that day.

(And just a side note – 40 weeks isn’t even an accurate average or accurate “due date.” The average for fmoms if left to go into labor naturally is 41 weeks and 1 day. So shame on the medical world for making us feel like our babies are “late” after 40 weeks).

Which leads to another point. A baby can’t be “late.” She is going to arrive right on time on the day that God ordained for her from the beginning of time. And an arrival anywhere between 38-42 weeks is totally normal and healthy! So 9 days past your “due date” doesn’t mean your baby is 9 days late. She’s still perfectly in God’s time, not late for anything!

God and your baby will know when it’s time, and they will send a signal to your body to start releasing the right hormones to begin labor. This is a sacred and beautiful process God designed that we can trust! And God’s timing is always perfect – He is never “late”.


For the mamas who can't seem to shake the anxiety today...


It’s a great day!! Doulas are now permitted back into the hospitals!!


-In an unprecedented time in history, the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology released a statement encouraging collaboration with Community Midwives!

-Evidence shows that home birth or birth center birth is a safe option for low risk birthing people who are interested in a low intervention labor and birth.

- Evidence also shows that Community Midwives & Community Birth provide the best outcomes for this group of people.

(Feel free to share)



Big news for our Chantilly location! We're now contracted (effective 5/1) with CareFirst, so there are no additional charges for facility fees for CareFirst members who give birth at Premier Birth Center Chantilly! - Find Your Perfect Doula Now 02/24/2020 - Find Your Perfect Doula Now Find your doula among the thousands listed on DoulaMatch, including verified doula certifications and availability calendars.


Just in case you need more convincing that midwives rock!!!
⭐️Here’s the alternative glucose screening test:
A glass of 100% pomegranate juice! (not that normal, yucky glucola drink!! 🤢)
So, cheers to things more natural AND more yummy! 😍☺️






I love this so much 🤣🤣


Yep!! 😏

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There you go!! 😂🙌


Some of us bumping into the weekend like 🤰😂

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