Leaders in complex business process and document automation. HRworx provides employee life-cycle software solutions for government departments and agencies and the government’s core and non-core HR vendor partners.

We modernize data collection and streamline business processes between Federal agencies, their people, and the systems that manage the data. HRworx’s software and services increase productivity, generate cost savings, and minimize time all employees often spend on non-value added data collection activities. Our solutions link to all talent acquisition solutions, talent management solutions, and al

[04/26/21]   Looking for a full stack java developer. This is a remote position, so need to want and can work from home. Very competitive pay. If interested, please ping me and I can send a full description.

[08/22/18]   The Intelliworx workflow platform is now officially FedRAMP Authorized to host government secure data! 01/31/2018

Intelliworx | W-4 Online Tax Forms Success Story

We're featured in a Success Story from Symmetry Software. Check it out! 12/04/2017

IntelliworxIT | Automate Business Processes

HRworx has a brand new look, feel, and NAME. We remain the same great company that we’ve been over the last 15 years, but have expanded our platform to support any workflow you can imagine. Many fields of business, not just HR, can benefit from our technology. Welcome to Intelliworx.




Intelliworx's cover photo 05/24/2016

Onboarding New Hires: Fast Facts about OPM Certification for Federal Agencies - HRworx

In case you missed it earlier! Why does EOD #OPM Certification Matter for #Onboarding #newhires at #federal agencies? Check out our blog: #leaders #HR #hiring Are you thinking about automating your Onboarding process – or have you done so already? If so, you’ll need to … 05/24/2016

Onboarding New Hires: Fast Facts about OPM Certification for Federal Agencies - HRworx

Better #Onboarding! Fast facts on #OPM EOD Certification from HRworx, the first #HRtech company to partner with a #federal agency to help them get certified! Blog: #hiring #newhires Are you thinking about automating your Onboarding process – or have you done so already? If so, you’ll need to …

[02/04/16]   We had an opportunity today to talk with an agency about the automation of their 4700 forms. It's amazing how entrenched the government, and others, are in collecting information through forms.

How many of you would rather use an online Tax system than to fill out the IRS 1040...and associated hand, even if they are fillable forms?

Every form has an associated process.....why are we filling out this form? Who is going to see it? Approve it? What system does the information need to be sent to? These are the questions that need to be considered when thinking about automating a form. Would this form be better completed using an automated process like a tax program?

Looking through this agency's list of forms, I came across many groups of forms that could be combined into a into a single process, one that would be much easier for the person completing the onerous process, ensuring compliance for both parties, and giving the agency 'data' rather than 'forms' which is much more efficient to deal with.

We need to ask why we are making someone fill out a form and ask if there is a better way to collect the needed information and start to rid ourselves of such pesky things! 01/28/2016

Employee Turnover: 7 Ways to Predict and Prevent It - HRworx

Can you predict and prevent #employee turnover? Today’s hot blog topic for #Federal agencies! #leadership #data It’s that time of year when we see annual data roll out, revealing employee engagement levels, job satisfaction scores, and … 01/27/2016

Employee Turnover: 7 Ways to Predict and Prevent It - HRworx

7 tips to predict and prevent #employee #turnover for #Federal agencies! Check out our new blog #HR #leaders It’s that time of year when we see annual data roll out, revealing employee engagement levels, job satisfaction scores, and … 12/10/2015

Employee Separations Can Open New Doors - HRworx

Employee separations don't have to mean a closed door! Check out our blog for #Federal leaders: #offboarding #hr Most Federal leaders agree that hiring the right talent is a top priority for their teams. And, there’s a continued … 11/19/2015

Demystifying Employee Engagement for Federal Leaders - HRworx

A fresh view of #EmployeeEngagement for #Federal leaders! Check out our blog: #hr #talent #FEVS #leaders Employee engagement isn’t just a buzz-phrase anymore. It is an essential indicator in every good leader’s eyesight. Its permanent position … 06/11/2015

From the Armed Forces to the Workforce Why Veteran Hiring Is Both the Right Thing to Do and a...

Great article. Why Veteran Hiring Is Both the Right Thing to Do and a Smart Move to Make. #hireveterans From the Armed Forces to the Workforce Why Veteran Hiring Is Both the Right Thing to Do and a Smart Move to Make - While more and more companies are acknowledging that hiring veterans is the right thing to do, many still don’t recognize that it’s also the smart thing to do. 05/29/2015

Onboarding - HRworx LLC

Check out our new video and see what Intelleworx:Onboarding can do for your organization! Meet Intelleworx: Onboarding - HRworx' leading EOD and employee onboarding solution. Part of the Intelleworx employee lifecycle management platform.


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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Cam - our Project Manager and UX Specialist demonstrating a special talent the rest of us were convinced he didn't have. Enjoy...

Merry Christmas :)


Ventris Gibson. CHCO at HHS talks at the Onboarding and Retention in the federal government workshop 06/03/2014

The litany of woes for government HR

The litany of woes continues... Here are some ideas for fixing the hiring, engagement and retention problems we're facing. 05/29/2014

Use every trick in the book -

We like Sir Richard, and his philosophy! What's the best trick you've picked up in business? Let us know and we'll share the best ones.... 04/23/2014

An "Earth Day" Gift! - HRworx

Q: What does 178 million gallons of water, 60 acres of trees, and the federal government have in common? Since we are observing “Earth Day” today, I think it is worth noting some of the benefits of HR software designed to eliminate all paper in the HR’s most paper-filled workflow process – the onboarding process. I recently designed a “cost avoidance” and ROI calculator for government agencies interest… 04/04/2014


Our federal employee life-cycle - from the perspective of data capture and distribution management HOW HRworx's ON-CORE DATA CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY INTERACTS WITH THE CORE AND NON-CORE IT SYSTEMS THROUGHOUT THE FEDERAL EMPLOYEE LIFECYCLE 04/01/2014

56% of Professionals Rank Talent Brand as Top Factor When Picking a Job

Is yours a "best place to work?" HRworx is ! If your talent acquisition team has to get one thing right this year, it must be your company’s talent brand. As part of our Talent Trends 2014 report, we asked 18,000 fully-employed professionals across 26 countries what is the most important factor for them when picking a new employer. 03/28/2014

How we do it - HRworx

Read Scott's (HRworx's CTO) take on our PaaS offering to government agencies. The INTELLEworx Platform is an enterprise level platform for rapid data collection, export, process workflow, and form population when needed. We offer online solutions for agencies that are in need of a more modular data collection system with the intent of automating paper to paperless or data col... 02/27/2014

4th Annual Telework Week - March 3 - 7 - HRworx

Get ready for "Telework Week" The Federal Government’s continuity of operations exercises will be in full swing next week during the forth annual telework week. From March 3 – 7, agencies will be stress testing their help desk support services and volume capabilities of remote logins and associated data security. Nearly 140,000… 02/24/2014

The Onboarding process is arguably one of the most important components of the employee lifecycle.

Read Tom's post about onboarding... Onboarding is one of the most under-rated talent management processes available to HR today. Show me an organization with tenure problems, and I’ll show one without an onboarding process. Show me an organization with productivity issues, and I’ll show you one with a poor ... 02/07/2014

Government IT Shops Automate

A great article about the time and money savings from automation technologies.

Keep an eye on the HRworx website for our "cost avoidance" calculators for our technologies automating the processes in onboarding, offboarding, telework and financial disclosure data collection. Vast majority of public sector IT workers say automation has saved their organization time and money. 01/21/2014

Reverse Psychology - HRworx

Reverse Psychology NEVER works! It’s not uncommon for parents to occasionally apply the reverse psychology method of argument on their children. Parenting is often the best platform leaders of organizations use to hone their management skills to motivate their workforces to meet the mission. Anyway, a very readable journal entry… 12/19/2013

Getting to the Top of the 'Federal Employee Viewpoint' Survey - HRworx

How to top the "Best Places to Work" report.

All the analysis so far overlooks five basic data points for immediate action. Radio, newspapers, newsletters, and e-magazines are littered with the general poor and declining health of job satisfaction of federal workers. The government-wide results have declined for the third year in a row !!! Agencies’ scores are determined by three Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey questio... 12/18/2013

2013 Report on Status of Federal Teleworking - HRworx

Teleworking for Feds - an opportunity for increased productivity and lowering of operating well as a better work-life balance...and of course less DC traffic! The logistical inconvenience of establishing telework agreements between agency managers and his/her employees seems to be the major bureaucratic obstacle to maximizing the benefits telework provides, like increased productivity, and lowering operating costs. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)... 12/06/2013

Introducing a Federal "On-Core Solution" at the HCMG Conference - HRworx

Bridging the stove-piped, paper-filled, and labor intensive gaps between the federal government’s existing Core and Non-Core HR layers, systems and functions... HRworx introduced the “On-Core Solution” at the HCMG Conference at the Sheraton Pentagon City this week. It is designed to bridge the stove-piped gaps between the federal government’s existing Core and Non-Core HR layers, systems and functions. The addition of the On-Core layer enables agencies wit... 11/14/2013

E-FILING: URGENT 11/18 TOWN-HALL MEETING FOR FEDERAL DAEOs The following note is from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), an agency of the Department of Commerce. NTIS hosts, within its secure federal cloud, the e-filing software for federal agencies’ January 1, STOCK Act implementation deadline requirements. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NTIS recog... 11/12/2013

Is Telework the Future?

Telework Trends The United States of America, the world’s economic engine-room of innovation and operational efficiencies, is lagging behind Mexico, India, Indonesia, and many other countries in the rate and pace of workplace telecommuting. Recent research from Forrester shows that currently… 11/07/2013

Let's Talk About TSA

Remembering that our EODonline system onboards around 2,000 new hires for the Transport Security Administration each month, this blog from former DHS CHCO, Jeff Neal, shines a light of respect on their peoples' work. Last week, Transportation Security Officer Gerardo Hernandez was killed in the line of duty at Los Angeles International Airport. Officer Hernandez was the first TSO to die in the line of duty. He ... 11/06/2013

#2 HR Priority for 2014 is HR Transformation – What Ranked #1? | CEB Blogs

Great news re org intent to exploit tech innovations in the HR space... Our recent survey of the world's leading Chief Human Resources Officers found that in the coming year, nearly 50% are focused on fostering innovation in the




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