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Hello Everyone!

Today I had to serve as a grand juror and I’m being 100% honest when I say. Sometimes you just have to face some heavy stuff and my mind needs to chill for a moment. That said I am going to slowly respond to the many messages and emails I have in order, please bare with me. I JUST got my phone back and Monday is a tetris admin day for all of us.


Where are we at with kitchens? Is all light colors still the primary goal? I’ve been seeing more of these islands either painted or stained. This beautiful kitchen lives in Reston and is for sale.


⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ I’ve heard it myself. “They make too much money” “How are they a top performer” “I should just become a realtor” LISTEN LINDA!! Cuz you’re not listening. A GREAT AGENT works hard for the money…. but truth be told, the ones you want are the ones who’s primary focus is to serve. Money 💵 is simply a byproduct of a person who really cares about your biggest transactions in life. Thank you for coming to my Ted-Talk. ⭕️ always making sure things are just right.


Looking for a lakefront home? Nestled in between the most gorgeous volcanoes 🌋 El Salvador has to offer. You’d wake up every day to a teal colored lake where your locally grown and roasted coffee beans were just waiting to be brewed. Visit Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador 🇸🇻 I’m quitting photography and becoming a lake front realtor. Only lake fronts y’all Lol #🇸🇻 #🇸🇻elsalvador


has a beauty coming to market. I can’t wait for you to see it. Word on the street on the LITERAL street is there’s line of people wanting to see it this weekend.


Y’all, what’s for lunch??? 🤔

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 03/10/2022

Can we talk about how moooooody momma nature is this month? She’s having troubles making decisions. Grilling season is right around the corner though!!!! ☀️ 🌸 🌺 🌸 ☀️


Coming Sooooooon to Aldie Va. This home is beautiful. The perfect lay out for guests and hosting, two gyms in the property with a gorgeous kitchen and full wet bar. So many more details I could share but 🤫 it’s hitting the MLS this week.


Let’s normalize tranquility with the thought of spring 🌺🌸🌼🌻We’re all about to watch our president’s first State Of The Union Address. Idk about you but I’m anxious just thinking about it with everything going on lol

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 01/27/2022

Woke up extra sleepy today. This felt appropriate. Lol


2 bed, 2 bath coming in hot!!! Check out for their newest listings located in walking distance from Dc’s Eiffel Tower in NW DC. 👏🏽 Liz Morales] for making this place so cozy.
🛋 Liz Morales]

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 01/22/2022

Rockville MD!!!! HEADS UP!!! She's a cute one & she's LIVE!!!

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 01/17/2022

Veiled by beautiful trees and lush greenery presented this 💎 a few months ago. Who ever bought it was in for a treat! I loved this house.

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 01/14/2022

The closer you get to the “I spy” with my little eye, something yellow. It gets cuter and cuter! Great work to 👩🏻 and stager 🛋

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 01/12/2022

Coming to market! 🤫 As gorgeous as can be. When? 🤐 Where?🤐


Hi friends! For all of our new followers, first Thank You for joining our ig fun and following along, we truly appreciate every comment, emoji and DM you send our way. Second, I thought I would pop in and introduce myself, I’m Yvette the founder and owner of Foundry. That said, don’t get it wrong, by no means am I doing all of this alone, not by a long shot! The DreamTeam, as I refer to them, are the most creative, hardworking crew in the business, each working their magic for our store everyday!

My talented friend took this picture of me during this years Spring Market goes Fall, if you haven’t seen Mario’s work you need to head over to his page and give him a follow. He’s the only person who can get me laughing and relaxed enough to take a picture that doesn’t look as awkward as I feel! Thank You, Mario ❤️

The jumpsuit I’m wearing is and I’m obsessed with it! You guys need to know them and their work, I promise!
Also, the stunning beaded Union Jack 🇬🇧 cuff was made for me by the incredibly talented and its one of my most favorite pieces. Andrea creates timeless works of art for you to wear, each piece is a labor of love for her and you can feel it when you wear them. Her ig is simply stunning, head over and prepare to be amazed!
I’m also wearing a bracelet that I purchased years ago with my dearest friend when we were in High Point from and I’m not sure I’ve taken it off too many times since then, 8 years later. Friends, David is HANDS DOWN the most talented designer I’ve ever known, ever and if you want to be amazed by true creativity, go check him out, you can thank me later. Oh and Shannon’s jewelry is incredible, she has style and swag, she’s so cool!

So I guess the moral of this post is, I’ve been truly fortunate to have been surrounded by some of the most talented, creative wonderful people on the planet! I “plug in” to them and their beauty, both personally and professionally daily and I’m deeply thankful to have them in my life. ❤️

Tell me something about yourself please, let’s chat!


Demo Day!!!! 🏚🏡and Dogs in Del Ray! 🐕 🐩 🐶


Some nights call for relaxation therapy. This coming soon home in the heart of Fairfax offers just that. has the secret sauce.

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 04/16/2021

This week’s biggest secret 🤫 brought you by Bidwell Properties Group Oh and just like that, It’s SOLD!!!!!


Could you envision yourself relaxing here with a few bombs 💣???


I remember when I took this shot in Lovettsville, VA for and thought to myself, this would be a wonderful detached workspace. A perfect medium, away but home but still close by. A studio space has really been on my mind recently. I love being home but man do I miss the grind & vibe at a cafe or work space. Literally saying nothing to no one but the ambiance is just GET WORK DONE. ⁣

Is this the extroverted part of me talking or can you feel me on this?? 🤷🏽‍♂️⁣

Don’t you want some in person coffee meetings???👨🏽‍💻☕️


I was reading some articles online concerning real estate marketing. Did you know that in the year 2020 97% of all transactions happened through online commerce!⁣

Also ⁣

97% of millennial interested homes buyers are searching online for homes before they’ve even made a call? ⁣

Makes me think...... just how important your first landing image is on Social Media and the MLS??? ⁣

I’d say extremely important. Especially in this Covid conscious world that’s pushed even the most outgoing generation to consume 97% of its content via internet sources. ⁣

Food for thought!


I’m so ready for spring, will these cold months drag or breeze by?


Who knew a little over 3 years ago when I was faced with a tough decision, that I’d be here today with a consistent workflow and amazing clients that actually want to work with me. ⁣

I had one objective 3 years ago, be there for my ailing mother. Back then I had to take the leap. Do something on my own for flexibility in schedule OR...... find a “real job” for a sense of security. Everything that is today seemed unimaginable. I’m not some celebrity photographer or the busiest one in town, I’m just grateful for every step of where I’ve been and where I’m going.⁣

If I could go back and talk Mario then, I’d tell him about all the great people in this world, In my network that allowed me to be a part of their teams. I’d tell him to stay close to God, something in 2021 I need to get batter at. I’d say, things are gonna be ok and to just be who he was and is today. Something so simple that my dear friends and told me to do when social squad first started and I was struggling to utilize social platforms in an effective way. Every man fears disappointing the love of their life. I’d want the Mario then to know that Courtney would believe in him and be proud of him today. Making the decision to be in business that much easier. ⁣

2021 still presents a lot of uncertainty for all of us but I’m optimistic about the year to come. I chose this picture for two reasons. ⁣

1. My awesome and talented homie took it and she’s 🔥

2.If I had to show you how my friends and clients have made me feel as your chosen photographer, this would be it. ⁣

Cheers to 2021 y’all! ⁣
May God be in your heart and in your mind. ⁣

May health and wellness be the one thing we desire. ⁣

Thank you so much everyone. Much love to you all.


Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals and a Happy New Year.


I mean..... look at this guy. 🤗

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 11/25/2020

Good Morning Everyone!!! 🎅🏼

Only one more sleep until thanksgiving and 2 more sleeps until our 🎄Christmas Mini Sessions (socially distant edition) We are so grateful for those who have booked and wanted to update you on slots we still have open. Remember! 100% of all proceeds will be gifted to a family we know in need this Holiday season. Below is what’s available and what’s included.

Friday November 27th:
1:30pm - AVAILABLE
2:30pm - AVAILABLE
3:30pm - AVAILABLE

Sunday November 29th:
12:30pm - AVAILABLE
2pm - BOOKED
2:30pm - AVAILABLE

What: Family Christmas mini sessions. 15 minute photography session, 5 digital images, online gallery, and print release. $100 per family due electronically at booking.

Who: You! Come join us wearing your holiday best, or be silly in your Christmas PJ’s or ugly Christmas sweaters!

Where: Sterling, VA. Location will be announced at booking.

When: Friday November 27th & Sunday November 29th.

*If you are interested in booking, please email us with your preferred date and time slot based on the available times below.


We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, we are booking CHRISTMAS MINI SESSIONS! (Limited slots available)

We have a Festive holiday set, here in Sterling, and are looking for families to come join us for a great cause. All proceeds from this event will be donated to a family in need this holiday.

What: Family Christmas mini sessions. 15 minute photography session, 5 digital images, online gallery, and print release. $100 per family due electronically at booking.

Who: You! Come join us wearing your holiday best, or be silly in your Christmas PJ’s or ugly Christmas sweaters!

Where: Sterling, VA. Location will be announced at booking.

When: Friday November 27th & Sunday November 29th.

*If you are interested in booking, please email us with your preferred date and time slot based on the available times below.

Friday November 27th:
11am - BOOKED
11:30am - BOOKED
12pm - BOOKED
12:30pm - BOOKED
1:30pm - AVAILABLE
2:30pm - AVAILABLE
3pm - BOOKED
3:30pm - AVAILABLE
4pm - BOOKED

Sunday November 29th:
11am - BOOKED
11:30am - BOOKED
12:30pm - AVAILABLE
1:30pm - BOOKED
2pm - BOOKED
2:30pm - BOOKED
3pm - BOOKED
3:30pm - BOOKED
4pm - BOOKED


Fall Family Portrait Season is slowly ending and transitioning to Christmas EVERYTHING!! Are you ready for Christmas and can you believe only 34 more sleeps till we wake for the big day!??? 🍂 🌲 🍂

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 10/16/2020

Creativity and Vision. Honestly not everyone has it. Leave that to us! Some people (consumers) are logical and detailed individuals who may get discouraged from seeing a property because they can’t foresee what the space COULD look like. They may be UNABLE TO SEE 👀 🧠 how the space can be used. Ever heard “where would the couch go?” 🤷🏽‍♂️ This uncertainty will lead them to continue scrolling in this digital age, searching for the home or space that visually and emotionally captures their attention all because “that agent” was clear and effective with their marketing. Be “that Agent.” Lol


There was a time when using season specific decorations could hinder your marketing or there was uncertainty about days on market. Not in this market! It’s still very competitive and who doesn’t like a little pumpkin patch outside their door? 🍁 🎃

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 10/12/2020

Why? Why would you digitally enhance an image to show something that truly isn’t there. First, let start off by saying that NOTHING replaces a physically staged home. However there are situations in which staging just can’t get done in time or it’s not feasible in the marketing budget. However you still desire to represent a clients home well. As shoppers and more recently “Online Shoppers” we “Marie Kondo” more than you realize. We pick,view,visit and purchase things that spark us joy. It’s true! You tell me, out the two images I’ve posted here. Would you be more inclined to visit the non staged location or the staged location? Which one ⚡️sparked⚡️ joy?I think the answer is clear.

Timeline photos 08/25/2020

Welcome Sileni to the Real Estate Industry! She’s gonna hit the road running with one of her newest headshots . Doesn’t she look great!?

Timeline photos 08/17/2020

Good night everyone! Tony Rivas of Servant Realty has placed charmer on the market. Stay hydrated y’all! This market is genuinely on 🔥

Timeline photos 08/14/2020

Yay or Nay? Could you live here?

Timeline photos 08/01/2020

Ohhhh if every summer night could end as pleasant as tonight. 77 with a cool breeze is good therapy. This charming home will hit the market tomorrow in Silver Spring Maryland. It’s cute, someone with an appreciation for vintage details and a modern taste for design will make this a wonderful home. I hope you all have a great weekend! and don’t forget, 😷

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

“Let’s grow old together, hold hands, you and me, today tomorrow... and forever. I adore you” 💍 2020 💍

Timeline photos 07/22/2020

Think of your family today and every day thereafter, don’t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family. As unbelievable as if may seem we’re only 8 weeks away from 🍂autumn 🍂. Now booking fall portrait sessions before this year fades away.

Photos from Mario Mineros Photography's post 07/20/2020

What a special day!!! It’s my buddy birthday and they’ve got a major present 🎁 for all of us today! The secret is out! Join me in congratulating , David and their puppy Margo (such a good girl 🐶) on their new season in life. @ Manassas National Battlefield Park

Timeline photos 07/13/2020

Good Morning Everyone! I know right I just wanna go back to bed but this week is coming in Hot 🔥 I hope everyone has a good week. This beautiful room is available! Staged by and Listed by own . ☀️ 🏝 🏡 ☀️

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⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ I’ve heard it myself. “They make too much money” “How are they a top performer” “I should just bec...
Demo Day!!!! 🏚🏡and Dogs in Del Ray! 🐕 🐩 🐶
1000 Friends!Thank you to all my instabuddies!!!!Oh instagram what a difference you’ve made.@instagram Thank you for cre...




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