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Kristen Kirchner Mortgage Banker

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[05/30/21]   It’s a great time to refinance!! Rates are still very low!!

[05/16/21]   Right Now is a great time to Refinance!! Rates are still low, property values are going up and anyone who’s in an FHA loan paying MI can probably get a conventional loan and get rid of the MI payments and lower your rate 01/19/2019

11 Cheap Garage Updates (Plus an Expensive One)

If you’ve been neglecting your garage, it’s time to pay attention and give that hard-working space the makeover it deserves. If you've been neglecting your garage, it's time to pay attention and give that hard-working space the makeover it deserves. With these DIY projects 01/18/2019

10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers

How have you been able to incorporate art into your designs? Buy the art that you love, then boost its impact with decor 01/17/2019

Why Real Estate Builds Wealth More Consistently Than Other Asset Classes

While the down payment on a rental property might seem like a lot, your tenants will pay that off for you. Are you curious why real estate investors talk so much about why they love real estate? Want to know if there's any substance behind HGTV shows and glamorous remodel projects? Take a look as we pull back the curtain and show the nuts and bolts of why real estate investing grows wealth so well. 01/16/2019

How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to get started with one of the best kinds of investments. Individuals aged 36 years and younger accounted for the largest group of the real estate buyers over the last four years, according to the National Association of Realtors. It’s no doubt that this age group is now realizing the power that real estate investments has to make a lot of money.


How to get clean lines with painters tape

Are you the type of person that cringes every time you see jagged lines?

Media Contact: Website: Instagram: Email Address: [email protected] 01/14/2019

Indoor Halloween Decorations

One name comes to mind when you think of Halloween... Martha Stewart. Dress up your house in the spirit of the season with our best creepy indoor decor, followed by our cutest. 01/12/2019

7 Green Living Projects for Autumn | Greener Ideal

If you're looking to spruce up your home, check out these eco-friendly fall projects. Autumn is never short of green-friendly projects around the home and garden. Here are seven green ideas to keep you busy in the season of pumpkin spice, apples, cinnamon, and falling leaves: 01/11/2019

Buying a second home? Don’t overlook these key tax considerations

Owning a second home can enhance your family's lifestyle. Here's what you need to know. Second homes come with some key tax issues. Taking the time to plan ahead can save you money, and headaches, later on. 01/10/2019

Need a Reality Check on Your Home Before You Sell? Here You Go

When it comes time to sell your house, you need to take off those rose-tinted glasses and regard your house as a buyer would. Home sellers have to learn how to see their home as a buyer would. Here's how to get that reality check. 01/09/2019

A List of 30 Electricity Leaking Standby Power Appliances

Some of the biggest energy hogs in your house are the gadgets you turned off. Find out how to really unplug them off here. Stop wasting electricity! Here is a list of 30 electrical appliances that leak electricity when powered off & in standby mode. Save on your electric bill by killing the vampire appliances. 01/08/2019

Where the super wealthy are investing their money

You may never be super wealthy, but you can invest your savings as if you were. Ultra-wealthy investors aren't bullish on the markets but are positioning themselves well, says Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder of investment club Tiger 21. 01/05/2019

This Harry Potter–Themed Home and Lifestyle Collection Will Charm Muggles and Wizards Alike | Architectural Digest

The new Harry Potter home decor collection is perfect for wizards of all ages. A new collaboration between Pottery Barn brands and Warner Bros. films brings fans Hogwarts-themed wall decorations and tumblers with the house crests 01/04/2019

Home Staging Tips: Eliminate Clutter, Focus on Details, & More

See what this professional home stager has to say about the process of home staging + its importance for sellers. A certain rug, a particular couch, a well-chosen wall hanging—each decision can totally alter not only the look, but the feel of a room, transforming it from simple to inviting. Kelley Proxmire,... 01/03/2019

Weekly mortgage applications rise 5.5% as homebuyers edge back in

It may be due to a greater supply of homes for sale or price cuts, but buyers are making a comeback! Buyers are coming back to the market, and driving mortgage demand. 01/02/2019

30 eco-friendly alternatives for things you use every day

Even if you just make one change, you're making a difference. Here's how to be nicer to the earth, just by switching out stuff you use every day with better alternatives. 01/01/2019

27 Eco-Friendly Baby Products That Every Environmentally Friendly Mom Should Have

When it comes to baby products, there are many eco-friendly options on the market. There are some great natural products out there. 12/31/2018

What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home - The Simple Dollar

Trying to sell your home? You may want to hide the personal photos. I’ll never forget an open house I visited in 2008. I asked our realtor to look around for some larger homes – possibly a two-story deal or a roomy ranch 12/29/2018

10 Scariest Things a Home Inspector Might Find in Your House

Not a fan of costly surprises? Hire an inspector before you list your home to find out if you have any of these major issues. Home inspections are scary. Just when you've found the house of your dreams, a home inspector comes along and tells you all that's wrong with it. 12/28/2018

Eco-friendly Nashville neighborhood takes shape with unique homes, unspoiled spaces

What are your thoughts on an eco-friendly neighborhood like this? Nature takes the lead at Voce, an eco-friendly Nashville neighborhood being developed on property once belonging to Opry member Eddy Arnold. 12/27/2018

These High-Tech Home Gadgets Are Saving The Planet

Here are a few tech gadgets that make it easier and quicker than ever to cut down on your entire home's impact. AI all the way. 12/26/2018

10 Essential Elements of a Home Theater System

Everything you wanted to know about creating a home theater. A home theater system is a great way to enjoy watching TV and movies. Find out what you need to know to set one up... 12/25/2018

How to Use a Color Wheel for Decorating - How To Decorate

You're going to want to repaint your house after reading this guide. The color wheel is a crucial tool for designers when working with color. We'll show you how to use it to create color palettes for your home and beyond. 12/22/2018

New Homebuyers Face A Friendlier Housing Market, Thanks To Cooldown

It's a good time to be a first-time buyer! Here's how the cooldown in sales affected potential buyers. In many parts of the country it's actually gotten a bit easier, though not any cheaper, to buy a house. Housing sales are down nationwide, and the market is cooling off. 12/21/2018

Some millennials are raiding 401(k) plans to buy a house — there are better ways to do it

Don't rush into the home buying process without asking all the right questions. ‘This is a clear sign you’re not ready to buy yet,’ financial experts caution 12/20/2018

Solar-powered modern studio appears to float in midair

Plenty of homes give the illusion of floating, but this solar-powered studio in Australia, is, in fact, hovering over a drop-off. The 650-square-foot studio is powered 100 percent by the solar panels that line the roof. 12/19/2018

Unique options for eco-friendly building materials | Produced by Advertising Publications

If you're planning to build an eco-friendly home, look for materials that are naturally long-lasting, come straight from a trusted source and have recycled content. To achieve a look that balances nature with structure, you should look for materials that are naturally long-lasting, come straight from a trusted source and have recycled content. 12/18/2018

Investing in Real Estate to Survive a Bear Market | Investopedia

Investing in luxury/vacation properties will not help you sidestep a bear market. Investing in residential real estate can help you survive a bear market, but make sure you know the facts before you adjust your portfolio. 12/17/2018

Hottest Exterior Paint Colors of 2018

Neutrals are always a good choice, but blues and grays are gaining in popularity as well. Consumer Reports highlights the hottest exterior paint colors of 2018 from major paint manufacturers that scored well in CR's extensive tests. 12/15/2018

The best white paint – how to choose the right shade for your walls

What is your favorite shade of white? Brilliant by name and nature, white paint is the strongest style statement of all. Here's what you need to know to choose the perfect shade of white paint

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