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Colleagues - SAVE THE DATE to our Premier Dental Study Club on 10/27 and RSVP to [email protected]! First come first serve. Dinner will be provided😊

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- Charles with Cain Watters & Associates
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You may see a familiar name in this publication 👀

DTC’s CEO, Steve McNamara, is the author behind “A Three Decade Dental IT Journey” 📖

ASK DENTAL is a FREE journal dedicated to the dental community. If you’re interested in reading Steve’s article, or any of the other extremely valuable information in this journal, you can reach out to Arminco Inc. for a copy to be sent to your office 🦷🎉

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Our recent guest on The DMV Business Show, Artin Safarian CEO and President of Arminco Inc. shares great advice his mother gave him in high school.

His mother had the ability to not be afraid.

She pushed them in doing things they wanted to do.

One of the most important things we can do is not let the fear of failure stop us.

Take action!

Have a plan.

Push yourself forward!

Don’t miss Artin's full episode with the links in my bio above. 👆

In this week's episode of The DMV Business Show we have Artin Safarian, CEO and President Arminco Inc. with headquarters in Sterling, Virginia!

They are the premier dental, medical, restaurant, and retail space construction build-out and full project management provider.

He is Armenian and was born in Iran, left Iran in 1st grade and first stayed in New Delhi, India for around two and half years before immigrating to the United States and arriving to the Los Angeles area.

He moved to the DMV area during high school and has been here ever since.

He always wanted to have his own business that right after graduating from George Mason University he started the general construction division of Arminco Inc.

Artin believes in educating the client, and the more knowledge they have the better equipped they are to make the best informed decision.

So much so that they host seminars and CE (Continuing Education) classes for doctors, and have their own podcast Synergy Practices Dental Podcasts powered by Arminco.

He mentions about seeking to understand the other person by asking questions, observing, and putting yourself in their shoes.

They have grown their national dental build-out practice foot print averaging 40-50 practices annually and working on several West Coast projects although most of them are in the East Coast.

He mentions not having the fear of failure, don't be afraid and do it!

Catch the full episode with the bio links above. 👆

Our friends at Arminco Inc. has built another beautiful clinic. Arminco has provided their clients with the best equipment for their mechanical room, BaseVac Dental.

This 6 chair clinic has our 2HD4.40P (8 user Vac) and our D1.5 (6 user compressor).

Looking to move or start a new practice? Arminco Inc. has created a presentation to help you learn how to find the right location.

What’s happening at the office? 😲Really cool things! 🥰Alec from Arminco Inc. tells us all about it. We were cut off at the end but we will show you the final look soon! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Wonderful night of networking with other small businesses. Thank you to Arminco Inc. for hosting such a nice event. If anyone is looking for an all-inclusive design/construction company, please check them out. Thanks to Henry Tome' for the invite!

Also loved spending time with some of my favorite business owners, Luke Denton with Media Cure Productions, Alison R Mullins with Shannon Mullins & Wright LLP, and Lucia Tirondola with Manor Works Painting!
One of the pleasures of equipping a brand-new practice is the opportunity to collaborate from the ground up with expert design teams like Arminco Inc., who specializing in medical practice design and construction nationwide. Take a moment and check out Dr. Valerie Woo's beautiful, modern interior featuring Boyd treatment chairs, delivery systems, and exam lights, which fit right in alongside the office's unique "industrial-rustic" aesthetic. What are YOUR office design ? 😄
Thank you to Arminco Inc. for a wonderful workshop!

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Thrilled to be presenting for Arminco Inc. this November.

Register here:
We are 6 days away from our Night of Hope reception! Thank you to our Night of Hope Friend Sponsors; AmeriHealth Caritas DC, Amerigroup, Arminco Inc., Commercial Real Estate Advisors, KatzAbosch, Lockton Companies, Palm Facility Services, Robert L. and Janet R. Sloan, Tom and Elissa Davidson, USI Insurance Services, and WC Smith for their support! Thanks to your sponsorship we are able to care for families, improve lives and lead change. For more information about Night of Hope, please visit
Recognize any of our volunteers? Thanks to our clinicians and partners for changing the lives of 1,000 Marylanders this weekend! Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington University of Maryland School of Dentistry University of Maryland School of Public Health Arminco Inc. Patterson Dental-Baltimore/DC DES Dental Equipamientos & Servicios MB Precious Metals, Inc Guardian Life Schiff & Associates, LLC Chris Liang Jonathan Lang PlanmecaUSA Fortis College (Landover)

Arminco Inc is a premier provider of design, construction, project management, &equipment sales & service, primarily for dental, medical, & veterinary offices.

Arminco has grown from a small family business to a 50+ employee, multi-million dollar company. Arminco Inc. is an all-in-one design, architecture and construction firm. We offer a unique design-build concept developed for our medical and dental clients and expanded through our position as a dental equipment dealer. This process allows for a faster project turnaround time and a decrease in costs f

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 10/04/2022

Who needs hand pieces???
Reach out to Arminco and take advantage of these amazing promotions today!🎊🎊

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 09/29/2022

We don't know if curved ceilings are the best, but they're definitely up there! 😂
Bad puns aside, we love the unique ceilings our designers create for our clients! 🎨


Arminco designs a full solution to sterilization.
Beautifully designed Steri Center with BrandMax Ultrasonic Cleaner, Tuttnauer T-Edge with Autofill/Auto Drain feature in tandem With the Oso-Pure SC100 dental water system, you never have to buy distilled water for your autoclave and you always have pure water for all your dental delivery units


Next edition of the ASK DENTAL journal is shipping out this week. 🎉
Our director of design, Penny, provides insight into the world of Dental Design!

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 09/15/2022

Arminco inc. is proud to announce we've broken ground for the brand new clinic area of Howard University's dental program! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Stay tuned for updates as we build this beautiful new dental school🦷

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 09/13/2022

Sara, one of our consultants, held a fun networking event in Baltimore! 🎉

"What a fun few days it’s been! Connecting with other great people in the industry is always a treat. ESPECIALLY when we get to spend time out of the office!!" 🌊🌊

We couldn't have said it better Sara!


Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 09/09/2022

Wayfinding is a powerful design element that can be incorporated via color to create an intelligible reference for the end user. As designers, we should constantly strive to provide a detectable wayfinding system to help navigate interior environments


Be on the lookout for more new projects on our website soon! 💻🎉


Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/30/2022

We love our animal friends as much as our human friends! 🐕🐰🐱🐶 A well designed and well organized clinical area ensures the safety of our non human loved ones. 💕💕


Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/25/2022

Tooth Clues
Vani Takiar, DMD
Who says trips to the pedodontist's office must be boring? 🦷 Dr. Takiar worked with our team to create not only a unique and fun design but a functional design! The office doubles as a giant board game where the patients work as junior detectives to find the hidden "teeth". Our design team used pops of color and unique materials to really accentuate the fun atmosphere 🧰🎨

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/24/2022

Amazing open house showing off Dr. Obholz office. Gotta love the beautiful glass and archways✨



we swoon for pretty wall coverings✨💫


Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/16/2022

T he sophisticated design of Dr. Hart's office is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see the finished product

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/15/2022

Gorgeous sleek, full white reception desk! Simple, clean and elegant! ✨✨


Photos from Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington's post 08/12/2022

Photos from Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Washington's post


Arminco is your comprehensive source for Dental, Veterinary, and Medical Practices!!
🦷 ⛑🏥Our team is our most valuable asset consisting of seasoned experts in various fields. Including Engineers, Project Managers, Architects, Contractors & more.

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 08/05/2022

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER💪🏽Educational meeting today with our friends at BaseVac! 📚 📕 📖 🧠🎉


Design presentation days are our favorite days💕💕💕

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/28/2022

Putting the final touches on yet another beautiful dental office! 🎉Stay tuned for final pics soon📸

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/26/2022

Cleaned up the space to begin building an exceptional office for AMG Plastic Surgery in Herndon 🧰🛠🧱🔩

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/21/2022

Checkout this beautiful mosaic tile murals from Trend Group. We love ❤️ getting inspired from fellow designers and architects. Clients can customize any design to suit their needs....decorative, wayfinding or a logo wall!
Architect: .karhard

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/20/2022

A neutral pallet combined with bold blacks and bright whites was used to bring our clients vision to life. 🎨 also, what do you think about the rope accents?? Pretty cool right!!

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/14/2022

Can't make it to us? No problem! Our designers can bring the presentation to you. 🏃‍♀️
Seeing materials and paint samples in person is a big part of visualizing the project. 🎨📐


We swoon for beautiful buildings! 🏚🏬 Especially when we design and built them🎉🎉🎉

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 07/07/2022

The project manager, site supervisor and equipment specialist all working together to layout The utilities for the future equipment locations!! 👥🎉We are proud to always work as a TEAM 💪🏽 💪🏽


Be on the lookout for the first issue of ASK DENTAL newsletter! 👀 👀
ASK DENTAL is a FREE journal dedicated to the dental community that provides knowledge and insight from experts in their respected fields. 🎉
ASK DENTAL was created to provide dentists with helpful information minus all those annoying sales pitches. New issues come out quarterly. Don't hesitate to reach out to Arminco Inc. if you'd like a copy sent to your office.🦷🦷🎉


Neutral earth tones with cool undertones serve as the design substrate to support biophilic elements and organic components 🪴 🖼

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 06/28/2022

The inside of our walls are just as pretty as the outside. Fitting your practice to perfection. Construction 🚧 🧰

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 06/23/2022

Our team has always prided itself in being the foremost authority on all things dental. 🦷 🦷
The Arminco team is constantly provided refresher educational courses by our season directors. Most recently, our Director of Operations utilized a beautiful dental office we recently designed and built to provide a crash course on modern sterilization centers. 📚 🤓


The Arminco team was proud to attend of the Women in Healthcare, Healthcare Professionals Night at the Park. ⚾️ ⚾️
Even though the Nationals lost, our team still had a great time meeting fellow women in Healthcare!✨

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 06/16/2022

Just wrapped up 3D drawings for a brand new plastic surgery office! 🎉🎉Our architectural team creates photo realistic 3D drawings to help clients see our vision. 🛠🪚

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 06/14/2022

Dr. Han approached Arminco Inc. with the task of remodeling his existing dental practice. 🦷 🦷
Our team was able to reconfigure the floor plan to include a larger waiting area, a functional front desk, and a separate check-out area.
Our team then utilized bold blues and neutral off-whites to create a calming but modern atmosphere ☮️

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 06/10/2022

Arminco goes to Lima Peru!!
Welcome to the team Jessica 🎉🎉
Our new senior designer wanted to share her culture with us. WE LOVED IT 💕


Twist of Modern & Rustic! What do you think?? Can’t wait to present this to the Dr. 🥼
New dental office coming your way! Stay tuned for the results 🎉

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 05/31/2022

let’s bring out the beautiful flower patterns and that vine green!!


Why can’t this be my house!!!🖤🖤🤎🤎
We loved creating this for a client.
P.s. You can never go wrong with dark ceiling beams

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 05/24/2022

Thank you to everyone that came and saw us at the Miami .info conference‼️ We had so much fun meeting new people and hopefully we can work with some of you soon🎉🎉🎉


We love attending all our clients open houses.🎉This beautiful pediatric office will definitely have kids smiling!!🦷 👧 🧒


Arminco is looking for hard working, growth oriented individuals to join our expanding construction team! 🛠🧰


Come for the possibilities, stay for the growth💪💪
Apply through any hiring platform today🎉🎉🎉


This week’s Red Card segment hits close to home, working with a doctor from Maryland. She’s been recently told that she needs an elevator.

Our team dives into this scenario, we go into the initial offer where a study period is presented, making sure you’re protecting yourself.

We go into the difference between a change in use scenario vs a space that was meant to be a dental practice.

Listen to this sweet episode:
Red Card Ep. 27 Lifting your elevator expectations

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Red Card Ep. 26 Myth behind permit fees

In this week’s episode, we spoke with a Doctor that called in frustrated with his permit fees. He’s based out of NYC, Orthodontist and finds himself frustrated with his current permit fees. He mentioned he had a specific number in mind that it would be for the permit fees, approximately $1,500.00. He now finds himself dealing with quite different numbers, he was quoted at around $7,000.00 in permit fees.

There are many variables that go into permit fees, understanding the fees that go into the total number in permit fees is key to best understand everything that’s being taken into consideration to get to the total number. It depends on the space you’re going into, the number of restrooms, if the restrooms were already there v.s. constructing new restrooms. The number of sinks is a big variable and deciding factor in permit fees.

Check out this episode to better understand what goes into permit fees.

Available now on:

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Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 04/15/2022

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are a few ideas for your next sterilization 👍

Photos from Arminco Inc.'s post 04/13/2022

The design was to reflect elegant and bright whites and light greens while maintaining a warm and inviting environment.

Treatment room simplicity was key, with minimal cabinetry, and maximum working space for doctors and staff. Utilizing the window line and simple accent walls, we were able to bring the design full circle to the equipment upholstery selection.

Not only will patients feel the spa-like atmosphere, but staff will enjoy a meditation room as well.

Thanks for trusting us, Dr. Khaliq. Your beautiful practice is one to turn heads. Greater Maryland Endodontics

Clean and Fresh: How To Update Your Medical Office Design 04/08/2022

Clean and Fresh: How To Update Your Medical Office Design

Is your medical office in need of an update?

A revamped medical office design can transform your office. Simple aesthetic upgrades can allow your patients to feel welcomed and at ease. Continue reading to learn more on how to update your medical office design.

Here’s a short read that can help with the ideas you’re looking for!

Clean and Fresh: How To Update Your Medical Office Design Updating your medical office design can help breathe fresh light into your offices and help your brand stay up to date and on-trend. Click here to read more.


Stay tuned for more photos from this amazing practice with all of the design and construction wows you could ever imagine. The keyword here is “details in design”. Stay tuned!

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Arminco, Inc. is an architectural design, consulting and construction firm as well as a distributor of dental equipment and supplies located in Sterling, Virginia specializing in dental clinics.

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