Books and Bottles

Books and Bottles

We package childrens books with infant formula (or nursing supplies) and donate the packages to local area food banks in order to promote reading to young children.

Books and Bottles is an organization based in Sterling Virginia. We were founded by a mother/daughter who wanted to promoted early exposure to reading by providing books to at-risk babies. We work with WFCM and Grace Ministries

Books and Bottles provides local area food banks with infant formula that is packaged with childrens books and information on the benefits of reading to children. The combination of infant formula and childrens books provides needy families with the tools required to ensure healthy development of their young children during the most critical period of development; 0-3. Although food banks provide an extremely important and vital service for the needy, they do little to break the cycle of poverty. Programs most successful at lifting children out of poverty are early intervention programs, most notably, the Harlem Childrens Zone and Headstart. One of the main goals of these programs are to encourage parents to read to their infants and toddlers. Research has confirmed that the earliest years of a childs life (0-3) are key to a childs brain development and future educational success. By the time impoverished children are in school, the building blocks of their minds have already been set. Parents and caregivers have almost exclusive access to thier children during these formative years, and the best thing they can do to ensure their childs success is to read to them. Parents who read aloud to their young children are doing much more than just sharing the joy of reading. Reading aloud to children has a massive impact on their language and communication skills- skills that will shape the rest of their lives, in school, relationships, the workplace, and beyond. Additionally, children who are read to early in life perform better in school, have better social skills, higher self esteem, and fewer behavior problems. Even Spanish speaking households can benefit from this service. Although the parents may not be able to read to the child, simply having books in the house has been shown to be beneficial to a childs success. The child will undoubtedly find the books and be curious about them. Two of the most important factors for success in school and beyond are proper nutrition, and exposure to reading at a young age. We need your help! Please donate unopened, unexpired infant formula (all types), and childrens books. We are also accepting monetary donations, however we don’t currently have 501 (c3) nonprofit status.

Operating as usual

[03/25/19]   Thank you all so much for donating formula to Books and Bottles! We have 25 packages ready to go to St. Timothy's food bank!
If anyone has formula, children's books, or baby food/diapers to donate please contact me!

[03/24/19]   Our first donation of 2019 is going to St. Timothy's food pantry! 20 cans of formula and 50 books!!


We're starting back up again!! Hooray! Most of all we need formula. We also accept childrens books and nursing supplies. Thanks everyone! Message us to find out how to donate.

[08/05/16]   Thinking of starting this back up again in the fall! Who has formula or books to donate?!


Books and Bottles's cover photo 07/28/2014

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[07/17/14]   Just dropped off $400 worth of formula and books to Loudoun Interfaith Relief! Thanks to all for your donations and help!

[05/15/14]   Expanding into DC! 50 packages of infant formula and childrens books going to the DC Womens Shelter next week! Thank you all for your donations!


Donated to @food4loudoun today!


70 cans formula/books for @food4loudoun! 04/24/2014

5 Reasons Spring Play is Especially Important!

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[04/23/14]   A child who READS will be an adult who THINKS! Let's teach our kids the importance of reading! Thanks Read2Rise! 04/15/2014

5 Reasons Why You Need Take Your Kids To The Library

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Poor bonding 'hampers learning'

RESEARCH ALERT from Zero to Three: The emotional parent-child bond has a greater impact on school readiness than previously thought. Research suggests children's ability to form secure emotional bonds with parents has an important impact on their education.

[04/08/14]   Got Books? We're collecting books and formula for our next donation drive!

[03/29/14]   Food 4 Loudoun says "thank you so much you guys are so wonderful!" =D


Packing party for Loudoun Inter-Relief! Dulles Moms

[03/29/14]   Thank you Laura and Jaime for helping pack 100 cans of formula and childrens books for Books and Bottles today!! How we managed to get through them all with 4 crazy toddlers running around beats me! Thanks SO MUCH! :) Picture of the craziness coming soon, via Jaime, hopefully :) 03/28/2014

Why does Mommy Hurt?

Please support "Why Does Mommy Hurt?" to help children cope with having a parent with chronic illness or pain! Lots of rewards available. Please SHARE! Thank you! :) "Why does Mommy Hurt?" is a book to help children cope with the stress of having a parent with chronic pain or illness. 03/27/2014

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Tip: Boost babies language by just talking, singing, or reading to them.. every day! 03/24/2014

How To Put A Toddler To Bed In 100 Easy Steps

Get ready for a laugh :) 72. Toddler will ask what the plan for tomorrow is. Resist the urge to say, "I won't be here. I'm running away tonight."...


We need books to go along with this GIANT donation! Thanks Three Lil' Monkeys Kids Consignment =D Got books? let us know! 03/13/2014

7 Reasons Why Reading to Children Wires Their Brains for a Better Future Books were ever-present in my boyhood home, housed in three large bookcases that stood tall in the living room like barricades against ignorance. Within arm’s reach was everything from the multivolume Encyclopedia Americana to a frayed edition of Robinson Crusoe, a family heirloom that had been a


"Hitting Hurts" from @jackiebrandwood, early childhood education advocate, on twitter.

[03/09/14]   Please Share!! Did you witness a school bus accident in Chantilly on 3/7? My dad was injured. Contact @booksandbottlesorg or @potomacfallsmama thank you!!

[03/07/14]   Did you participate in Read Aloud day on the 5th? What are your favorite childrens books? We just got "Monster Trucks" by Kristen Nelson for Jimmy, its great; simple and clear writing, good photographs, and definitions for new words in the back.

[03/04/14]   Mark your calendars! March 5th is World Read Aloud Day! Pick some books, and have a reading party with your kids =D

[03/04/14]   "You are never to old, too wacky, or too wild, to pick up a book, and read to your child!"


Science Activities for Toddlers . Science . Education | PBS Parents

Great list of Science Projects for Toddlers and Babies! Try some of these science activities for toddlers and instill a love of science in your child from a young age.



COUPON! 20% off Three Lil Monkeys Kids Consignment in Sterling, VA! With B&B donations. (Unopened/Unexpired infant formula, childrens books for ages 0-3, diapers, and baby food). Just say "books and bottles" to get the discount. Or print coupon from our photos sections. 02/24/2014

We Need Your Help – Announcing EMC’s Every Mother Kit Drive | Every Mother Counts

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COUPON! Got Formula? (or diapers, baby food, nursing supplies, childrens books?) Donate at Three Lil Monkeys Kids Consignment or Platos Closet in Sterling and receive 10% off! Coupon code: "Books And Bottles" Please Share!


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