Books and Bottles

We package childrens books with infa nt formula (or nursing supplies) and dona te the packages to local area fo od banks in order to promote readi ng to young children.

Books and Bottles is an organizati on based in Sterling Virginia. We we re founded by a mother/daughter who want ed to promoted early exposure to readi ng by providing books to at-risk babi es. We work with WFCM and Gra ce Ministries


Thank you all so much f or donating formula to Books and Bottl es! We have 25 packages ready to go to St. Timothy's food bank!
If anyone h as formula, children's books, or baby food/diape rs to donate please contact me!


Our first donation of 2019 is goi ng to St. Timothy's food pantry! 20 ca ns of formula and 50 books!!


We're starting back up again!! Hoor ay! Most of all we need formu la. We also accept childrens boo ks and nursing supplies. Thanks everyone! Messa ge us to find out how to dona te.


Thinking of starting this back up aga in in the fall! Who has formu la or books to donate?!


Books and Bottles's cover photo 07/28/2014

Hillary Clinton Launches A New Campaign...F or Babies

Hillary Clinton launches campaign to encoura ge parents to talk, read and si ng to their babies OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Hillary Rodh am Clinton launched a new campaign Wednesd ay — to encourage parents to ta lk, read and sing to their babi es. The former secretary of state join ed community leaders in Oakland to kick-sta rt the "Talk...


Just dropped off $400 worth of formu la and books to Loudoun Interfaith Reli ef! Thanks to all for your donatio ns and help!


Expanding into DC! 50 packages of infa nt formula and childrens books going to t he DC Womens Shelter next week! Tha nk you all for your donations!


Donated to @food4loudoun today!


70 cans formula/books for @food4loudoun! 04/24/2014

5 Reasons Spring Play is Especial ly Important!

5 Reasons Spring Play is Especial ly Important! Enjoy this guest post from o ur friends at 1000 Hours Outside, a bl og that encourages parents to take the ir kids outside more and discover t he amazing benefits of play. We kn ow spring weather is hit-or


A child who READS will be an adu lt who THINKS! Let's teach our ki ds the importance of reading! Thanks Read2Ri se! 04/15/2014

5 Reasons Why You Need Ta ke Your Kids To The Library

5 great reasons to take yo ur kiddo to the library today! Than ks Reach Out and Read! Some say that the children's roo ms of libraries are an anachronism in a wor ld of mobile screens with books on dema nd. But I say that while childho od has changed quite a bit, childr en have not.... 04/14/2014

17 Children's Books We Still Ado re As Grownups

Childrens books we still love as grownu ps :) via Huffington Post! Whether it was your beloved bedti me storybook your parents read to y ou as a child or the inspiri ng novel you read in your hi gh school literature class, books have a w ay of transforming our lives. While the re are plenty of incredible books f or grow... 04/08/2014

Poor bonding 'hampers learning'

RESEARCH ALERT from Zero to Thr ee: The emotional parent-child bond has a great er impact on school readiness than previous ly thought. Research suggests children's ability to fo rm secure emotional bonds with parents h as an important impact on their educati on.


Got Books? We're collecting books a nd formula for our next donation dri ve!


Food 4 Loudoun says "thank y ou so much you guys are so wonderfu l!" =D


Packing party for Loudoun Inter-Relief! Dull es Moms


Thank you Laura and Jaime f or helping pack 100 cans of formu la and childrens books for Books a nd Bottles today!! How we managed to g et through them all with 4 cra zy toddlers running around beats me! Than ks SO MUCH! :) Picture of t he craziness coming soon, via Jaime, hopeful ly :) 03/28/2014

Why does Mommy Hurt?

Please support "Why Does Mommy Hur t?" to help children cope with havi ng a parent with chronic illness or pa in! Lots of rewards available. Please SHA RE! Thank you! :) "Why does Mommy Hurt?" is a bo ok to help children cope with t he stress of having a parent wi th chronic pain or illness. 03/27/2014

Mother Invented a Device to He lp Her Disabled Child Walk… and Smi le. |

Fabulous invention, by a loving moth er. Mother Invented a Device to He lp Her Disabled Child Walk… and Smi le. by Shannon | Mar 26, 2014 | Information al Moms | 0 commentsIsreali mother, Deb by Elnatan’s son has cerebal palsy. T he strain of helping him walk l ed her to invent something that is n ow coming to market to help oth er parents whose c...


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Tip: Boost babies language by ju st talking, singing, or reading to the m.. every day! 03/24/2014

How To Put A Toddler To B ed In 100 Easy Steps

Get ready for a laugh :) 72. Toddler will ask what t he plan for tomorrow is. Resist t he urge to say, "I won't be he re. I'm running away tonight."...


We need books to go alo ng with this GIANT donation! Thanks Thr ee Lil' Monkeys Kids Consignment =D G ot books? let us know! 03/13/2014

7 Reasons Why Reading to Childr en Wires Their Brains for a Bett er Future Books were ever-present in my boyho od home, housed in three large bookcas es that stood tall in the livi ng room like barricades against ignorance. With in arm’s reach was everything from t he multivolume Encyclopedia Americana to a fray ed edition of Robinson Crusoe, a fami ly heirloom that had been a


"Hitting Hurts" from @jackiebrandwood, early childho od education advocate, on twitter.


Please Share!! Did you witness a scho ol bus accident in Chantilly on 3 /7? My dad was injured. Contact @booksandbottleso rg or @potomacfallsmama thank you!!


Did you participate in Read Alo ud day on the 5th? Wh at are your favorite childrens books? We ju st got "Monster Trucks" by Kristen Nels on for Jimmy, its great; simple a nd clear writing, good photographs, and definitio ns for new words in the ba ck.


Mark your calendars! March 5th is Wor ld Read Aloud Day! Pick some boo ks, and have a reading party wi th your kids =D


"You are never to old, t oo wacky, or too wild, to pi ck up a book, and read to yo ur child!"


Science Activities for Toddlers . Scien ce . Education | PBS Parents

Great list of Science Projects f or Toddlers and Babies! Try some of these science activiti es for toddlers and instill a lo ve of science in your child fr om a young age.



COUPON! 20% off Three Lil Monke ys Kids Consignment in Sterling, VA! Wi th B&B donations. (Unopened/Unexpired infant formu la, childrens books for ages 0-3, diape rs, and baby food). Just s ay "books and bottles" to get t he discount. Or print coupon fr om our photos sections. 02/24/2014

We Need Your Help – Announci ng EMC’s Every Mother Kit Drive | Eve ry Mother Counts

Awesome cause alert: Make a essentia ls kit for new African Moms: Pl an a meetup! As Every Mother Counts focuses i ts global lens on maternal health in Afri ca this February and March, we’ll be shari ng stories about our grants, our trave ls and the people we partner wi th who are dedicated to ending preventab le deaths on the Continent. In additi on, we’ll be exploring the challenges w ...


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COUPON! Got Formula? (or diape rs, baby food, nursing supplies, childrens book s?) Donate at Three Lil Monkeys Ki ds Consignment or Platos Closet in Sterli ng and receive 10% off! Coupon co de: "Books And Bottles" Please Share!


Sterling, VA

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Monday 8am - 5pm
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