Nina Thai-Chanthaphone: Allstate Insurance

Nina Thai-Chanthaphone: Allstate Insurance

Let us protect you and your family from life's uncertainties and prepare you for the future. Comments or Concerns at [email protected] Serving people has a special place in my heart.

When I was young, the United States sponsored our family's move to Northern Virginia. My father fought in the Vietnam War, so I was brought up to give respect and to help others, especially in our community. I am proud to be able to do that as an Allstate agent. I grew up in various areas of Northern Virginia since 1990, and now I am raising my own family here in Sterling. My husband, who is a mem

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Don’t Make These 5 Disastrous Hurricane Mistakes 06/14/2021

Don’t Make These 5 Disastrous Hurricane Mistakes

“The storm we can’t avoid. But the journey that we go on… is something we go on together.” Jerry Samson, Allstate National Catastrophe Team, Senior Manager of Response. Jerry’s expert advice on how to avoid common hurricane mistakes:

Move outside furniture ✅
Keep an inventory ✅
Carefully select contractors ✅

For more info, check out Allstate’s Hurricane Prep list:

Don’t Make These 5 Disastrous Hurricane Mistakes This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has blown in. The first named storm of 2021, Ana, formed near Bermuda on May 22. Last year’s hurricane season was a record-breaking season with 30 named storms, six of which became major hurricanes. The past five years have all been “above-normal” season...

Would you rent a stranger’s car? With rental prices sky-high, car-sharing companies — like Airbnb, but for cars — get a boost. 05/10/2021

Would you rent a stranger’s car? With rental prices sky-high, car-sharing companies — like Airbnb, but for cars — get a boost.

Are the high demands for rental cars interfering with your travel plans? Private car sharing is becoming increasingly popular against traditional car rental services. Read more about how Avail can help with your next trip!

Would you rent a stranger’s car? With rental prices sky-high, car-sharing companies — like Airbnb, but for cars — get a boost. Some travelers are trying car rental services like Turo and Avail after traditional rental car companies sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles amid the pandemic, resulting in a shortage of vehicles and higher rental prices.


Allstate 2020 Year In Review

2020 was a year for the books. Take a look back at the impact we made in our Year In Review.

Allstate updated their information in their About section. 04/14/2021

Allstate updated their information in their About section.

Allstate updated their information in their About section.

Winter Storm Relief Tips 03/01/2021

Winter Storm Relief Tips

As relief efforts continue to rebuild from the damage of the #winterstorms, here are some ways to get ahead of additional damage that may come as snow melts. Learn more:

Winter Storm Relief Tips

Timeline Photos 02/28/2021

Positive updates are coming from #Texas. Check out the FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency for additional disaster relief info.

Texas update: $2.8 million has been awarded to survivors to start their recovery efforts with more funds being added every day. An additional 31 counties were also approved for individual assistance.


Timeline Photos 02/26/2021

Here’s another resource to help you or somebody you know restore damages from the winter storm in #Texas. Follow the FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency for additional disaster relief info.

Texas: If you were affected by the winter storm, apply for assistance. If uninsured, apply online at If you have insurance, file a claim with them first & then apply to FEMA. We can't duplicate benefits if you received insurance from your provider first.

Allstate 02/26/2021


Mobile Claims Centers are on the ground in #Texas. Our centers are following social distancing guidelines and equipped with protective gear to assist those affected by the winter storm. Here are some exact locations we are stationed at: For immediate claims needs, here is how to file a claim quickly:


Timeline Photos 02/22/2021

#Texas, we’re here to help. Our Mobile Claims Centers are deployed and equipped with social distancing guidelines and protective gear. Find locations here and stay safe:

#Texas, we’re here to help. Our Mobile Claims Centers are deployed and equipped with social distancing guidelines and protective gear. Find locations here and stay safe:


This holiday season, pass down the gift of a secure financial future with Allstate life
insurance. Let's talk today and find the right plan for you and your family.


The holidays are a time to show your family just how much you care. This year, consider protecting them with a life insurance policy. It's the gift that truly keeps on giving. Call me for a quote.


Teton Saltes is the Captain of the 2020 Allstate AFCA #GoodWorksTeam! His hard work inspires us all 💪

And a huge shout out to the entire Allstate AFCA Good Works Team who, day after day, demonstrate leadership through giving back.

Check out all of their stories at 12/16/2020

Allstate My Money: In One Place | Allstate

From checking and credit cards to loans and investments, it can be hard to keep track of your accounts. Our new tool, Allstate My Money, will help you do just that. Call me today to get started. Do you have accounts all over the place?Allstate My Money can help you organize, analyze and plan all in one place.


With the New Year on the horizon, now is a good time to review your finances. It's never too late, or too early, to make sure your goals stay within reach. Call me today for a complimentary financial review.


The life insurance policy you have through work may not be enough to protect your loved ones. Call me today to take control of your family's financial future. 11/17/2020

5 Uses for Life Insurance Benefits | Allstate

Did you know that life insurance can cover things beyond final expenses? I like to think of it as a financial safety net that can provide income, inheritance and more. Thinking about purchasing life insurance? Learn about 5 uses for life insurance benefits and how it can help your family after you pass away.


22 amazing student-athletes. Which 1 will be captain of the 2020 Allstate American Football Coaches Association #GoodWorksTeam?

Vote: 11/16/2020

Top 10 Home Repairs to Make Before Winter -- Allstate Blog

Check out these tips to help get your home ready for winter. Before cold weather bears down on your area, there are a few home repairs to make before winter you may want to consider.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk turkey about life insurance. Let's find the right plan that will fit your family and your budget. Call me today.


The 2020 calendar is winding down. Let's touch base to make sure your life insurance policy and beneficiary information is up to date. Call me today!


If you’ve been affected by #HurricaneZeta, our mobile catastrophe units are deployed and ready to help. Find location info:


“Put action to passion!”

Here’s a clip from yesterday’s conversation with Tim Tebow and 2020 Allstate AFCA #GoodWorksTeam player, Teton Saltes.

It’s all about giving back.


Your world can change in an instant. Make sure your family is protected from life’s uncertainties with Allstate life insurance. Give me a call today.


Arguments don’t have to drive us apart. Having better arguments can actually bring us together. At the heart of the Better Arguments Project are 5 principles to follow to turn arguments into tools for solving problems. To learn more visit #ArgueBetter


As you look toward 2021 and beyond, now is a great time to review your finances to make sure you're on track to reach your goals. For a complimentary financial review, call me today.


Protect Personal Papers

99% of domestic violence cases include financial abuse. Help lock out abuse before it starts: Secure your important documents, birth certificates and social security cards with someone or someplace you trust. Learn more from The Allstate Foundation here:


Help pass down a bright financial future to your loved ones. Call me to find out how Allstate life insurance can help.


Shred Confidential Documents

99% of domestic violence cases include financial abuse. Help lock out abuse before it starts: Shred your bank statements and take steps to protect your other personal information. Learn more from The Allstate Foundation here:


Apply Security Settings

99% of domestic violence cases include financial abuse. Help lock out abuse before it starts: Apply your security settings, use 2-step verification and keep your passwords private. Learn more from The Allstate Foundation here:


How do you turn an argument into something that engages people and benefits communities? You start at #ArgueBetter 09/28/2020

What to Consider About a Backyard Fire Pit | Allstate

Before you start dreaming of toasted marshmallows, here’s what else to consider about planning a fire pit. Thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard? Here are some important things to consider before you buy or build a fire pit.


Household Items That Can Be Dangerous to a Pet's Safety | Allstate

Window screens and potted plants are just a few examples of items that could pose danger to your pet. Learn more.

Have a four-legged friend at home? Learn about household items that could be dangerous to your pet and tips to help keep them safe.


Allstate's cover photo 09/23/2020

Types of Home Insurance Policy Forms | Allstate

Have you ever read your insurance policy and wondered what terms like HO-3 or HO-4 mean? Learn about home insurance forms here. There are different types of home insurance policy forms based on your living situation. Learn about forms such as HO-3 and HO-6 and what they cover.


Proud to recognize the 2020 Allstate AFCA #GoodWorksTeam: student-athletes protecting those in need through acts of service. 09/23/2020

LifeTrek | Allstate Insurance

If you’ve been thinking about getting life insurance, but not sure which type is right for you and your family, this tool can help. Choosing the right life insurance doesn't have to be hard. Answer Allstate's easy questions for a plan to help protect you and your family.


Taking Charge of Credit

99% of domestic violence cases include financial abuse. Help lock out abuse before it starts: Keep tabs on credit and accounts opened in your name and try to pay bills on time. Learn more from The Allstate Foundation here: 09/19/2020

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers? | Allstate

Thinking about lending your car to a friend? Here's what you should know in case there's an accident. What happens when someone else drives your car and they get in an accident? Learn how your car insurance may help cover other drivers.




Don't let financial hardship stand in the way of your kid's dreams. Pass down a secure financial future with Allstate life insurance. Don't wait. Call for a quote today.


Despite COVID-19, teens are more worried about their mental well-being (56%) than their physical health (49%) this school year. The Allstate Foundation and its nonprofit partners provide ways to help them manage their complex emotions. 09/14/2020

What Those Car Noises May Mean | The Allstate Blog

Grinding brakes? Squeaks under the hood? Learn what these car sounds (and more) might mean. From squeaks to hisses, what do those noises from your car mean? Learn what those odd sounds from your vehicle may be trying to tell you.


Teens already stress about school. But this year, their major concerns are COVID-19 (78%) and racism (68%). The Allstate Foundation put together these resources that can teach them skills like resilience and stress-management to help them through this time. 09/10/2020

Be Prepared With an Emergency Fund | The Allstate Blog

Even if you start off small, an emergency fund can help you prepare the unexpected. Learn more. While unexpected expenses are part of life, you can be prepared financially. Here's what you need to know about setting up and using an emergency fund: 09/09/2020

What Is Hazard Insurance for Homeowners? | Allstate

Hint: Hazard insurance refers to coverages in your homeowners policy that help protect your home against certain risks. Hazard insurance is a term sometimes used to describe the coverages in a standard homeowners insurance policy. They help pay to repair or replace your home or belongings if they are damaged by hazards such as fire, theft or vandalism.




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