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Since 1977 Mecmesin has been designing reliable force, materials and torque testing solutions for qu

Founded by Jim Oakley, an accomplished design engineer, in 1977, Mecmesin remains a privately owned company with regional offices in the US, China, Thailand and France. In addition, we have a global network of distributors in more than 50 countries able to provide technical expertise and after-sales support to customers locally. The focus of the company has always been to provide high quality test


🎉 Celebrating 10 Years as part of the Mecmesin family! 🎉

July marks an important milestone for Alex Pereira, as he celebrates 10-years at Mecmesin in the USA.

1️⃣ Reflecting on the past, Alex says he was initially drawn to Mecmesin as an Assembly Technician. The allure of diverse testing equipment and the opportunity to work with a range of consumer products fascinated him from the beginning. Over the past decade, Mecmesin (now part of the PPT Group) has continuously supported Alex's professional development, nurturing his skills and expertise, which have now blossomed into a much bigger role.

2️⃣ A standout project that Alex is particularly proud of is a testament to his exceptional organizational skills. When he first started, he took on the challenge of reorganizing our shop and inventory shelves, creating a system that significantly improved inventory management. This achievement not only showcased his keen attention to detail but also honed his time efficiency – skills that have been invaluable to his personal growth.

3️⃣ As a seasoned member of our team, Alex has some valuable advice for new employees starting their journey with the PPT Group. “Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow, tap into the wealth of experience around you, and never shy away from sharing your unique perspective.”

4️⃣ Looking ahead, Alex aspires to keep pace with the ever-evolving PPT Group, taking on new challenges and assuming new roles within the company. With his unwavering dedication, we have no doubt that he will continue to be an instrumental force in our growth.

On a personal note, Alex's passion for coaching soccer at a high level has been remarkable, and we wish him the best in achieving his long-term goal of becoming the next "Jose Mourinho" in the world of football.

Please join us in congratulating Alex for his remarkable 10-year journey with the PPT Group.


Two enterprising educators at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, USA, turn the study of Materials Science into an engaging, hands-on experience that some of their students simply call ‘amazing’.
Having spent time with the Mecmesin team and seen their material testers in action, WPI invested in three Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5-dV testers – the ideal choice for the materials testing that Dr. Cote and Grubbs had in mind.

Read more here ...

Mecmesin | Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) finds Materials Science's sweet spot


Did you know our webinars are available on demand? All packaged up for you to watch at your convenience.

Maximize cost savings for your consumer packaging by minimizing excess material and “over design” while keeping your products protected in transit.
Packaging testing will help reduce packaging costs by identifying proper protection levels and eliminating unnecessary or excessive packaging materials.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the benefits of testing, when to test and what can be tested. We’ll then look to real-world packaging applications, such as top load, opening torque, peel and tear, wear and scratch, box crush, pump actuation, etc. Finally, we will review the types and advantages of the testing equipment that is used in consumer packaging testing.

Mecmesin | Essentials of Consumer Packaging Testing


To achieve accurate test results it's important that your sample is gripped and held correctly. Mecmesin provides a wide range of grips and fixtures for use with our force and torque equipment. Your test sample should be held securely, so it cannot move during testing and without being deformed.

Our interchangeable accessories turn a universal tension and compression tester into a machine to perform a test specific to your industry and your requirement. We have industrey-standard force, torque and materials testing accessories, including instrumentation that will also fit other makes of testing machine.

Mecmesin can design custom grips and fixtures for parts or components with unusual shapes or finishes. Using 3D printing and CNC machining our expert in-house design and manufacturing team can developed precisely what you need.

Browse Mecmesin's accessories catalogue


All in one place: your solutions for the common applications and test types used in the wineries industry, from cork extraction on wine, champagne and spirits bottles to transport packing compression and crush testing.
Abrasion testing can be used to determine the wear and scuff resistance characteristics of print on cardboard boxes or on labels.
The international test standard ISO 9727-5 describes the method for measuring the maximum 'cork-extraction force' of straight stoppers from a bottle, as such it is applicable to 'still' wines and spirits.
Testing the seam and tear strength of 'bag-in-box' containers is a key quality-control parameter.
Peel testing is a simple way of determining the adhesion strength of a material, especially in the case of a thin film deposited on a substrate.
Coefficient of Friction (COF) is a significant topic in the world of packaging and is an important property of all materials that run on packaging lines.

Applications - Mecmesin | Wineries Test Solutions

Wine and spirits industry test solutions 12/19/2022

This video playlist shows a range of wines and spirits packaging quality control test solutions. Cork material and stopper extraction testing—pull-out and twist, screw cap torque, even can closure pop and tear performance. Beyond the primary packaging, we can help you access secondary and tertiary packaging test solutions from to label peel to box integrity. All capable of meeting your in-house or external international standards. Innovation is growing as a new generation of consumers push for more creative design and reduced environmental impact.
Whatever the packaging solution it requires physical testing to ensuring that the contents are securely sealed from leakage and contamination, but easy to open for the consumer.
Manually operated torque meters are widely used in production areas to batch-check bottles regularly coming off the filling lines, or 'first-off' checking a new machine set-up on the filling line.
Automated torque testers provide extra repeatability and are often installed in QC laboratories for more in-depth testing.
Standard tests include cardboard crush strength testing, such as edge crush testing (ECT) and box crush testing (BCT).

Wine and spirits industry test solutions

Wine and spirits industry test solutions Wine incites passion and has stirred the emotions for centuries. In more recent years the packaging of our favourite grape-based drink has also evolved enorm...


We share some tips for tensile testing in this November's Quality magazine - principles, test systems, grips and other accessories to meet your standards.

Tensile Testing: A Compressed “How-To” Overview


In case you missed any of our live force, torque or materials testing webinars, we have made them available on demand. The Fundamentals of Cork Pull & Elasticity Testing webinar is available now.

Natural corks need to execute several important functions within the champagne and wine industries in order to meet consumers’ expectations and also to guarantee the quality of the drink. There are multiple factors that play into cork selection, quality, and extraction. The material of the cork, it’s elasticity and compressive values, and it’s length.

Mecmesin | Fundamentals of Cork Pull & Elasticity Testing


Your partner of choice in winery quality control test solutions!
Mecmesin is a leading supplier of wines and spirits packaging quality control test solutions - from cork testing to label peel and box.
Innovation is wines and spirits packaging is growing as a new generation of consumers push for more creative design and reduced environmental impact.

Visit our microsite for an in-depth sampling of our capabilities.
Packaging testing solutions for wines and spirits - Mecmesin | Wineries Test Solutions


This Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for our customers and partners. You are a part of our family, and we appreciate you!

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed on Thursday, 24th November 2022 & Friday, 25th November 2022 and reopening on Monday, 28th November 2022 at 9:00 am (EST).

Should you wish to learn more about our products or contact us, you can do so by visiting our website:


Needles, syringes, scalpels and blades. Luer connectors, tubing, dressings, tapes and sutures, gloves and masks. Drug delivery devices and all associated specialised packaging. Our playlist gives overviews and detailed insight into how Mecmesin force and torque testing equipment is used to assess and ensure the quality control of medical devices and all related products in this sector. Watch and learn!

Mecmesin force and torque testing systems are used by manufacturers and processors to optimise the design and performance of medical & pharmaceutical packaging. Performing quality control tests at regular intervals to determine the mechanical strength of medical packaging ensures ease of use for the medical professional and that any pack contents remain sterile, secure and undamaged throughout transportation and storage.
Specific international standards are adopted for testing medical packaging with the most common being:
ASTM F88 – Seam strength of flexible barrier materials
EN 868-5 - Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices - Part 5: Sealable pouches and reels of porous materials and plastic film construction
ASTM D7860 - Measurement of Torque Retention for Child Resistant & Non-Child Resistant Packages
ISO 13127 - Mechanical test methods for re-closable child-resistant packaging systems
EN 14477 - Flexible packaging material. Determination of puncture resistance.
ASTM F1306 - Slow Rate Pe*******on Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films and Laminates

Medical Devices Quality Control Testing - Mecmesin Force & Torque Measurement


Register for our Mecmesin Mechanical Performance Testing of Medical Devices !

When: Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 11 AM -12 PM (ET) New York / 4 PM - 5 PM (BT) London
Free to attend (Registration required)
Where: Virtual - GoToWebinar

A virtual, hands-on Force and Torque measurement demonstration featuring Mecmesin's testers and fixtures, designed to meet the challenges of physical product testing in this industry.

Through proof of concept testing, building upon early design concepts and engineering evaluations, engineers and product designers can identify and execute the necessary early-stage testing of a medical device concept to prove feasibility.

We will provide an overview and test demonstration of the standards associated with vial sealing (ISO 8362-7), force testing of needles and syringes (ISO 7886-1), calculating pe*******on force and syringe plunger force, setting up actuation tests, and establishing pass/fail criteria.

Medical & Medical Device | Mecmesin 11/07/2022

Mecmesin solutions for the medical device sector. Medical device manufacturers operate in one of the world’s most competitive and highly-regulated industries, where patient safety is critical.

Product reliability and lives hinge on compliance to standards, time-to-market and traceability.

Mecmesin force & torque test systems are ideal for testing the physical strength of all kinds of medical devices. Our test software ensures traceable results with full storage of raw data, a robust audit trail, full operator security and guaranteed repeatability.

Whether it is testing the torque integrity of Luer connectors, the glide force of syringes, the physical strength of drug delivery devices, prosthetic joints & bone screws; Mecmesin testers provide you with an easy-to-use and affordable solution.

Medical & Medical Device

Medical & Medical Device | Mecmesin Mecmesin solutions for the medical and veterinary sectors. Medical device manufacturers operate in one of the world’s most competitive and highly-regulated industries, where patient safety is critical.


The magic formula for a quality-controlled - force, torque and materials testing products Re-apply as necessary to maintain a look to the highest standards.

Mecmesin's range of testers and accessories enables manufacturers across all industries to meet their own, and global text standards.

This example is testing the fracture resistance of a lipstick bullet for a cosmetics brand, but whatever your sector - we can help.


Don't laugh! It's - Primate bites force and fracture. Research organisations and universities study tooth evolution and strength to help future generations. Mecmesin compression testers are in use in places of learning globally, enabling experts to scientifically test physical attributes and develop solutions to challenges.

Photos from Mecmesin USA's post 10/27/2022

There are many ways to pull the crimped wire termination from an electrical cable. Manual or motorised benchtop pull-testers provide a quick benchtop solution. A digital gauge on a tensile tester can utilise an existing system by adding specific grips and accessories to hold the cable securely. High-capacity twin-column systems can handle the largest crimped terminals with ease.

Mecmesin | Crimp testing cables

Crimp Testing on MultiTest 25-i 10/24/2022

Software-controlled pull testers enable different testing routines to be applied easily by operators, collecting and graphing data using automatic calculations for a clear pass or fail sample status.
Motorised or automated pull testers are essential to guarantee compliance with international and industry standards since they apply force at a constant speed.
Manual testers are a cost-effective option where a constant pull speed is not essential.

We have a range of solutions from benchtop dedicated testers through to twin-column high-capacity software-driven systems.

Crimp Testing on MultiTest 25-i

Crimp Testing on MultiTest 25-i A leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment for over 30 years, Mecmesin offers precision test instruments and systems that are acc...

Wire Terminal Strength & Crimp Testing Webinar 10/13/2022

Join us for our Wire Terminal Strength & Crimp Testing
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
11AM -12PM (New York) / 4PM -5PM BST(London)

The only way of really knowing the strength of a crimped terminal is to pull it!

This can reveal production problems, where strand nicks, incorrect crimp height, or effects from changes in terminal supply, may not be clearly apparent.

• Measuring and analyzing the strength of crimp, solder, ultrasonically welded and lug wire connections in wiring harnesses and electronic cable assemblies.
• Identifying, and troubleshooting variables that impact tensile testing results.
• Setting up repeatable tensile tests.
• Establishing consistent testing standards for your products.

Wire Terminal Strength & Crimp Testing Webinar The only way of really knowing the strength of a crimped terminal is to pull it. This can reveal production problems, where strand nicks, incorrect crimp height, or effects from changes in terminal supply, may not be clearly apparent.


Our crimp testing expertise is collected together in one microsite in a concise and focused resource for the wire terminal strength sector. From benchtop to high-capacity, our pull tester range features manual through to software-controlled solutions - enabling you to get a grip on testing to your in-house or industry standards.

Our testers from Alluris and Mecmesin help meet international standards including safety-critical aerospace and military organisations.

Mecmesin Wire Terminal Strength

Photos from Mecmesin USA's post 10/04/2022

ISO 11040 covers several physical testing procedures for pre-filled . Our custom fixture with interchangeable accessories enables several of these to be performed with one system. Here's Annex C1:

Mecmesin testing to ISO 11040-4 Annex C1 fl**ge break resistance


Our Touchscreen Controller for OmniTest Materials Testers is a fully featured PC running VectorPro software. It enables operators to control materials tests from outside the safety enclosure of our twin-column systems.

VectorPro is our intuitive and powerful software environment, with built-in security features and an easy-to-use GUI to build tests. Calculate all the fundamental material properties of your test specimens to international standards.

Mecmesin | Compression Testing in Top Load Applications 09/07/2022

In case you missed it - our Compression Testing in Top Load Applications is available on demand.

A typical challenge in packaging and bottling applications is trying to balance product integrity, where the container might be too weak and crush under load, and excessive raw material cost, where the container is too strong. Top-load testing accurately indicates the buckling or failure point of a container, allowing you to adjust the design (during R&D) or monitor your production process.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss identifying and troubleshooting variables that impact compressive force testing in stacked packaging and bottling applications, setting up repeatable compression force tests and establishing consistent testing methods for your products. We’ll talk about real-world applications and show top load tests in action.

Mecmesin | Compression Testing in Top Load Applications A typical challenge in packaging, and bottling applications is trying to balance product integrity, where the container might be too weak and crush under load, and excessive raw material cost, where the container is too strong. Top load testing accurately indicates the buckling or failure point of a...

Page-pull tester. 08/10/2022

Re-reading an old classic, or discovering a new classic-to-be on , no one wants to find the last page missing!
Our 'Smithers Pira' Page Pull Tester enables bookbinders to test the adhesive joint strength to the 'Binding Endurance Test' standard.
Mecmesin has a range of dedicated testers for specialist quality assurance checks compliant to these unique industries.

Page-pull tester.

Page-pull tester.'s Page Pull Tester, formerly known as the Smithers Pira Booktester, enables the evaluation of the page adhes...

Mecmesin | Cap Closure and Removal Torque Testing 08/04/2022

In case you missed it - our Cap Closure and Removal Torque is available on demand. Our expertise across all industries and container-closure designs has enabled our customers to perform accurate and repeatable tests for security and openability.

This webinar will focus on the proper process for selecting an ideal torque testing system, identifying and troubleshooting variables that impact torque values, setting up repeatable torque tests and establishing consistent testing standards for your products.

Mecmesin | Cap Closure and Removal Torque Testing The primary objective for measuring and analyzing the torque characteristics of a container cap is to accurately determine not only the quality of the part or process, but also the root cause of a wide variety of defects. This webinar will focus on the proper process for selecting an ideal torque te...

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

We are pleased to announce that Lansmont Corporation has joined the PPT Group, alongside the Mecmesin, James Heal and Alluris brands. The Lansmont Corporation provides advanced shock and vibration measurement, and testing technology to the world’s leading companies, government laboratories and educational institutions.

As such, customers in markets like aerospace, defence, electronics and packaging rely on Lansmont technology to discover product vulnerabilities, design optimised protective packaging, and ultimately find the perfect balance between a product’s intended environment and its durability.

The Lansmont Corporation perfectly complements the other brands in our Group – Alluris, James Heal and Mecmesin – enabling the PPT Group to provide end-to-end testing solutions across the globe.

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

To push or turn a control - under control - automotive switchgear must be manufactured to exacting standards. Electrical connections need to be made and the user must obtain positive feedback from the physical movement of the button, switch or dial.
This tier-1 supplier to major OEM manufacturers used our compression and torque test systems to push the right buttons to control quality.

Compression testing was done on push buttons including triggering the event when the switch closed.

A torque tester measured the rotational effort for the rotary switch commonly used to select left or right door mirrors.

Automotive switchgear controls testing systems

Timeline photos 07/28/2022

Good luck in the final! Hoping that everyone performs to the highest standards!
Manufacturers in the sports equipment and clothing business can win big by adding quality testing solutions to their team.
Across all industries, Mecmesin has provided solutions for safety and performance testing.
From leather and textile tear resistance, sports shoe accessory ease of application, netting strength and artificial sports surfaces, we have off-the-shelf and bespoke testing systems.

Industry solutions

Packaging Test Solutions - Mecmesin Force & Torque Measurement 07/25/2022

We all know that damaged packaging costs money and negatively impacts brand perception. And that consumers are less likely to purchase a product with damaged packaging and far more likely to return a box that arrives dented.
But, did you know that the average eCommerce package is dropped 17 times on route to its final destination and 34% of packaging-related returns are due to product damage?
While protecting end-user packaging is vital, it is only one part of the equation - designing packaging that is easy to open is the other. The growth in environmental regulation creates unprecedented pressure to produce packaging with minimal waste and expense, whilst still being fit for purpose.

Mecmesin can help you on both accounts, by identifying proper packaging protection levels (thus costs) and eliminating unnecessary or excessive packaging materials (thus meeting environmental demands and reducing costs).

Packaging Test Solutions - Mecmesin Force & Torque Measurement

Packaging Test Solutions - Mecmesin Force & Torque Measurement Want to perfect your packaging?We all know that damaged packaging costs money and negatively impacts brand perception. And that consumers are less likely to ...

Timeline photos 07/21/2022

In case it slipped your mind when live - our on Coefficient of Friction (COF) Testing is available on demand.
This webinar will focus on the most common method for COF testing in accordance with ASTM D1894 and the types of equipment used in COF testing, as well as best practices for selecting the ideal fixtures.

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

Mecmesin ball compressive deformation strength and cover material tensile strength. A complete all-rounder of a sports equipment testing system.
This universal testing machine performed compression measurement on the ball and with a change of fixture - tensile strength testing of the leather casing.

Timeline photos 07/18/2022

Before you can have your injection/jab/shot we have to take the needle protection cap off the syringe. We want that to be easy to do, don't we? Our automated syringe test system can be adapted to perform this check - for up to 12 syringes per batch. The tester rotates the cap 120 degrees and records the peak torque and angle of the peak torque for each spcimen. Mecmesin's Special Applications team designs custom fixtures and systems to meet test standards or bespoke checks that in-house product design departments demand.

Essentials of Grip & Fixture Selection 07/11/2022

Join our Essentials of Grip & Fixture Selection

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Time: 11 AM - 12PM (Eastern), 3:00 pm (UTC/GMT)
Cost: Free to attend (Registration required)
Where: Virtual - GoToWebinar

This webinar will focus on the importance that grip and fixture selection has on your test results, as well as some of the most commonly used grips and fixtures and applications they’re used in. We’ll also briefly touch on custom- and 3D-printed grips & fixtures.

Essentials of Grip & Fixture Selection When physically testing a material or component, the ability to apply load to a test specimen is important—but having the ability to apply that load correctly is just as crucial. Grip selection can make or break a test, as an incorrectly gripped specimen will yield invalid results. For a test to w...

Timeline photos 07/07/2022

Tennis ball compression test . Our Mecmesin Special Engineering team sport all the skills to design and manufacture bespoke force and torque testing automated systems. Automatically picking, weighing, pre-conditioning and performing the industry-standard compression test on a batch of up to 12 tennis balls.
We have added 2022 robot HMI technology for a new customer.

Timeline photos 07/05/2022

The industry is working hard to be green. Blue-sky thinking is enabling manufacturers to bring options to consumers. These products must still perform as well as their conventional superseded alternatives.Top-load to measure column crush strength is one of the essential ingredients for a robust quality control mindset.

In this , a further test method was developed to perform a ‘dual bottle stack’ test, which was instrumental in differentiating the crush and buckling strength characteristics of bottles with different resins.

The Mecmesin OmniTest 5, in conjunction with VectorPro MT software, was deployed to carry out the tests and enable back-to-back comparisons with conventionally produced water bottles.

Mecmesin | Top-load Testing of Plant-based PLA Material Bottles

Timeline photos 06/24/2022

Manufacturers of wooden and laminate furniture parts cannot guarantee the results of DIY assembly but can take control of the quality of the component items reaching the customer. Testing bend strength and peel resistance of FPB to BS EN 310 and OEM standards is straightforward with a software-controlled, twin-column UTM and easily interchangeable fixtures.

Suppliers to well-known furniture brands need to test to quality acceptance methods stipulated by the OEM. Bend jigs and peel accessories in a wide range of capacities enable the Mecmesin tensile/compression testers to perform these checks. Software-driven test procedures allow exact implementation of these test standard steps.

Mecmesin | Wood for furniture and flooring large-scale bend and peel testing

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Essentials of Cork Pull & Cork Elasticity Testing #webinar Wednesday, April 27, 2022 11:00 AM - 12:00PM (New York) / 15:...
Sharing a way to test variations in snap strength due to #chocolate formulation changes. Our range of fixtures enables t...
Testing times for the #easter Bunny. #qualityassurance #testing #engineering #testingsolutions #forcetesting #torquetest...
Stack them high - but do not crush the #packaging or the #eastereggs inside. Top-load testing of primary, secondary or t...
Cracking way to test variations in crush strength due to #chocolate formulation changes. #easter #eastereggs #confection...
A six-pack of applications for #packaging testing specifically for the wine and spirits industries. From opening #closur...
It's in the can! Can your customers get to it? Packaging solutions have facilitated a move to wine ‘on the go’. The air-...
The winery industry has developed Roll-On Tamper-Evident (ROTE) / Roll-On Pilfer-Proof (ROPP) screw cap designs as alter...
Season's greetings from Mecmesin. #textureanalysis
Season's Greetings from Mecmesin. #torquetesting
Season's Greetings from Mecmesin. #forcetesting
How hard can it be to get the same candy crush? #mouthfeel - it's easy with a texture analyzer! #textureanalysis #confec...



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