The Harrington Pub

The Harrington Pub

The Harrington Pub is the name of our basement bar where we enjoy hanging out with family, neighbors and friends.

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 03/28/2021


In honor of International Whisk(e)y Day, here's a look at some of the distilleries around the island of Ireland 🥃 #FillYourHeartWithIreland #IrishWhiskey

📸 Drinks Ireland, Irish Whiskey Association


Gotta update this again. ‘22 or bust!

Gotta update this again. ‘22 or bust!

Pour the perfect pint of Guinness at home this St Patrick's Day 03/18/2021

Pour the perfect pint of Guinness at home this St Patrick's Day

A day late but how can you pour the perfect pint at home? Learn from the experts! (It’s pretty easy)

Pour the perfect pint of Guinness at home this St Patrick's Day Wishing you a Happy St Patrick's Day from the island of Ireland Discover more at thanks to the Guinness Storehouse for t...

Drinking a pint of Guinness without touching it 03/17/2021

Drinking a pint of Guinness without touching it

We can’t drink a Guinness together in the Harrington Pub again this St. Patrick’s Day, and really we don’t want to be touching too much stuff, so working on some socially distancing and hygienic drinking tricks. 🍻☘️

Drinking a pint of Guinness without touching it


Happy feast day of St. Patrick! Here’s a salute to the great man and his history. ☘️☘️☘️

[09/17/20]   Halfway to St. Patrick's Day. May March 17, 2021 bring much cheer, we'll all be ready for it!


Irish Whiskey Magazine

Beautiful magazine, I’ll definitely take advantage. 🇨🇮🥃😋

We are delighted to announce that we are adding to our Irish Whiskey Magazine print offering by launching the most comprehensive Irish whiskey online resource for the Irish whiskey community. All our issues are now available online.

A year in the making our site also offers the latest news, our podcast, maps for distilleries, whiskey bars and stores, tastings, learning aids, whiskey events, interviews, our Words On Whiskey podcast and many other useful resources.

We hope you will engage by commenting, rating and adding new content. The site is a living breathing resource which will develop and expand over time. We would love to hear feedback and hope you enjoy our offering.


All the things we like to do at the pub. 🤨 07/31/2020

The 10 BEST IRISH DRINKING SONGS of all time, Ranked

Listening to this is making me thirsty. 🍻 Ireland is known for having great music and great alcohol, put them together, and you’ve got the ten best Irish drinking songs. 07/11/2020

Homesick Irishman living in US builds his very own Irish pub in basement of home

Sweet. I have some catching up to do to match this home pub masterpiece. 🇺🇸🍻🇨🇮 The perfect place to be during lockdown.


Irish math is better math.


Tourism Ireland

Combining learning and alcohol, this is #Quarantine2020 homeschooling at the Harrington Pub. 🥃🇨🇮

Do you know the stories behind some of Ireland's iconic drinks? #stayhome 04/15/2020

Coronavirus Closed the Bars. America Stocked the Liquor Cabinet.

The Pub is fully stocked in anticipation for St. Patrick’s Day. #SilverLinings 🍺🍷🥃🍸


How to make the perfect Irish Coffee

It’s not the Buena Vista but if you’re quarantining with a need for Irish Coffee this will more than do the trick.

Everyone loves an Irish Coffee! Check out our step-by-step video on how to make it just right. Discover more at Fast Facts: 1. A tru...


Hey, it’s 10:00am somewhere, amirite? ☕️🍷🥃🤔



Until we raise a glass together again at The Harrington Pub! Or wherever you get your Irish on! ☘️🍻💚

We know that St. Patrick’s Day feels different this year. But we’ve been around for 260 years and learned over time that we’re pretty tough when we stick together. However you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, stay safe and be good to one another. Guinness today is committing $500,000 through our Guinness Gives Back Fund to help communities where we live, work and celebrate.


Yeah, I know that feeling. 🤨



Yeah, just having the one Guinness, right?



I helped make Guinness #1 again. I think I helped quite a bit actually. Sláinte! ☘️

Thank you for checking in with #Untappd in 2019! As the launch of Untappd’s Year in Beer approaches, we’re reviewing Untappd’s own Year in Beer insights! Here’s a list of the beers you drank the most including Guinness and Bell’s Two Hearted, which are back on the list again! What was your favorite beer of 2019? 12/29/2019

100-year-old woman says daily pint of Guinness is the secret to her long and happy life

A Guinness (or 2) a day really is good for you. 😁👍 The perfect excuse.


The Irish Post

I did my own ranking a while back, the sausages are way underrated here, they are superstars, and you can swap them with the baked beans to get closer to my list.

Where do you stand on baked beans?


Ohhhhh, we’re half way there. Oh oh, livin’ on a ... Guinness????

A half and half seems like the perfect way to celebrate that we’re HALFWAY TO ST. PATRICK’S DAY!


Where do I get this? Sounds awesome!

Has it been a year already?! To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening of Guinness Open Gate Brewery US in Baltimore, we made a special brew. Introducing our 1st Anniversary Barrel Aged Grand Cru, available exclusively at the brewery in Baltimore. We blended an Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with a Belgian-style Golden Ale aged in rum barrels. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about it!


What the ... bourbon barrel Guinness????!!!
That’s got to be crazy good.

Didn’t get to try our Guinness Stout Aged in Bulleit Bourbon Barrels last fall? Good news… it’s back in limited quantities! Stop by to grab a 4-pack of this special release brew while supplies last, and enjoy the full-bodied notes of bittersweet chocolate and aged fruits with an added layer of oaky richness. 06/05/2019

Whiskey makes you live a longer, healthier life, says science

She blinded me with SCIENCE! 🇮🇪🥃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Slainte! New scientific research shows that drinking whiskey will make you live a longer, healthier life, and be more creative.


Been to a few of these, still more to explore. 🥃

It's #WorldWhiskyDay! With their distinct tastes and extraordinary flavors, let's raise a glass to Ireland's celebrated whiskeys!

Learn more 👉 03/19/2019

How to pour the perfect Guinness Draught pint

I’ve heard three different ways to pour a perfect Guinnness Draught, all from Guinness. This is a two part pour, similar to Guinnness from the tap. I’ve also seen the one part pour at 45 degrees and I was taught at the Guinness Academy to just turn the can straight upside down and empty it. I’ve tried ‘em all. Verdict - they’re all good, Sláinte! This St. Patrick’s Day you might not be venturing out to your favorite Irish pub but that’s no reason you can’t enjoy a perfect pint of Guinness Draught at home. The experts from Guinness have put together a guide on how to get the best out of your can ...


Eight Degrees Brewing

Somewhat surprised to say I think I’ve only tried #25. The range in Ireland expands way beyond Guinness and Jameson. Sláinte! ☘️

Lots of great Irish drinks producers on this list from GastroGays - no excuse not to think differently this St Patrick's Day!


Sharing this for the craic 💚💚💚💚

☘️ ...but not knowing the words should NEVER stop you from singing along
🥂😊☕ Sláinte


One month to St. Patrick’s Day! 💚☘️

It’s officially one month to St. Patrick’s Day, so start planning now! Celebrate with us and enjoy live music, games, and a special tap list of classic Guinness and Irish beers on March 16th and 17th. Our brewers are working on a special beer of their own in honor of the holiday, so head to our website ( to grab your tickets before it sells out! 02/12/2019

How to Drink Scotch, According to a Guy Who Does It for a Living

The article is great, but wait, what? You can drink Scotch for a living?!?! 🥃🥃🥃 RealClearLife has partnered with InsideHook, the essential lifestyle guide for adventurous and established men. Sign up to get the best of InsideHook’s recommendations and advice delivered to your inbox every weekday. Yes, you should drink whisky however you want. Any good drinks professional will...


Also available without croutons upon request. 🥃


[01/30/19]   I need a favor, people. If you have the Foursquare app please go and check in and rate The Harrington Pub, Potomac Falls, VA. I'm trying to get it added to Foursquare. Cheers!


The Irish Post

The way to start your Friday on National Irish Coffee Day. ☘️☕️

Happy National Irish Coffee Day! 😂


The best way to start any day in Ireland. But how do the elements rank? Start with coffee and then add in order...
1. Sausage links - these are magical, like little buttery pork desserts melting in my mouth.
2. Fried eggs - like regular fried eggs but the stars of the show
3. Bacon - not like bacon, called a rasher, thick, meaty and awesome.
4. Black pudding - don’t think about it. Dip it in the egg yolk and enjoy.
5. White pudding - still good, this one could be 4B
6. Brown bread - the bread is dense and tasty, but as a base for that rich, creamy Irish butter, it’s breakfast awesomeness - who needs the English and their muffins that aren’t even muffins.
7. Mushrooms - sautéed, grilled, fried, whatever. They work.
8. Beans - Not bad, really, but I’m not big on them for breakfast. Might not get eaten.
9. Tomato - purely garnish for me, give me some extra sausage

Sunday morning is made for this!
Irish Eats






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