Marcus Fields - Senior Loan Officer / NMLS #659408, Sterling, VA Video October 26, 2018, 4:07pm

Videos by Marcus Fields - Senior Loan Officer / NMLS #659408 in Sterling. I provide a wide array of mortgage products with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. My business principles always focus on the consumer first, and I bring a common sense approach to lending. I take pride in helping dreams come true!

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Merry Christmas 2020!

I’m EXHAUSTED, and I have to tell myself that it’s ok to feel that way....but I won’t STAY that way. I’m recharging for the days ahead. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, as there are many people to help along the way. This is part of my calling/created purpose = I’m built for this. 💪🏾 . . #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁 #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁

God 1st. Family 2nd. Then, my career....For once, my “out of office” is on and I’ve disconnected (for the most part). . . Applications are still rolling in/ preapprovals are going out/ many loans are in process. My team has my back to ensure smooth closings....but I needed this. I/ we will do this more often. . . #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁 #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁

Coach’s Corner Vol. 9, “Introduction to Game Plays”
There are times where we need things broken down to us in a very basic way. Not because we lack intelligence, but sometimes LESS is MORE. . . Join me weekly as I break down the mortgage process, and put you in the right position to WIN! This new series is called “Game Plays”. When you’re on my team, getting the 🏆 is always the focal point. . . Shout out to all my folks at @footlocker & @nativesupply for the dope T-shirt. #HisGloryAlone . . #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁 #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁

Coach’s Corner Vol.8, “Leave a Legacy”
In every aspect of life, it’s important to inspire others, and set them up to reach for and achieve greatness. Check out how I break down an easy way of doing that. . . Shout out to @mambasportsacademy @mambamambacitasports for the dope hoodie. #2♾24🐍 . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁

Coach’s Corner, Vol.5....the “Do’s & Don’ts”
Buying a home is easy. Understanding the process and what to do/ what not to do can be challenging. Allow me to break it down for you- I got you covered. . . Special shout out to @georgetownhoops (diehard fan since ‘85) & @absolutevictoryeveryday for the dope hoodie. 🤷🏾‍♂️ This blurred video would make one think I have a Samsung....ABSOLUTELY NOT. 😂 If you want the crystal clear version follow my Instagram page @mortgagecoachmarcus. . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁

Coach’s Corner, Vol.5....the “Do’s & Don’ts”
Buying a home is easy. Understanding the process and what to do/ what not to do can be challenging. Allow me to break it down for you- I got you covered. . . Special shout out to @georgetownhoops (diehard fan since ‘85) & @absolutevictoryeveryday for the dope hoodie. . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁

“How Many J’s?”
Coach’s Corner Vol. 4 is out now! Take a few minutes and watch/listen to this. It’ll really help with your perspective AND give you the tools for your success. Investing made easy.

F R E E Homebuying Seminar! Here’s my personal invitation to you! 💌 . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #RoadToVictory🏡🏆🏁

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! . . Since I’m a little OCD, part of the grammar police, and spelling bee champion from 3rd to 6th’ll NEVER have to worry about seeing these errors on my emails and documents. 😂🤣 . . Have a great weekend, and call/ message me for scenarios. I’m here to help you and your clients WIN! . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #PlayTheRightWay🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁

#ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #PlayTheRightWay🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁

#MCM The man that hired me as a loan officer in 2003, passed away recently. It wasn’t expected. My heart and condolences go out to his family, as they have always been dear to me. I’ll continue to pray for & support them during this time. A lot of what he taught me still comes out in conversations with my clients, colleagues & referral partners. What a great legacy he leaves.... . . . I didn’t fully understand the level of responsibility back then, but I’ve learned over time that when I was hired, I was given the task of managing dreams. Anyone can buy a house, sell a house, complete an application for a loan, notarize documents etc....but what about helping someone’s dream come true? How about making sure that their dream doesn’t become a nightmare? That was my job. And he hired me to be the best at it. I mean, who wants to team up with mediocrity? No one. We want EXCELLENCE. . . . My approach my be different than others, and that’s ok. In my heart I know that I’ve operated at the highest level of service, integrity & excellence that I can give (and buyers will have an AMAZING mortgage loan). I give my 100% focus to each client & their dreams. I understand how important it is to them. He once told me “people work with those that they know, like & trust”. Let’s get to know one another & build relationships that will impact our communities for the better....the dreams of dreamers are depending on you and I. . . . #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁 #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁 #Realtors #RealEstate #HomebuyingEducation

#MCM (yes, it’s Tuesday)....🤷🏾‍♂️ . . . Even while on travel & vacation, I make a great effort to stick to my foundations (faith in God, giving my undivided attention to my family, and THEN to my career). Things don’t always happen the way I want them to, but as I’m maturing I find joy in NOT being perfect. So yeah, I missed posting on Monday....and I feel good about it. . . . It’s been such a sweet time with my wife and daughter as we’ve traveled. I won’t get this time in life again, so I’m making sure I’m fully present. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been challenged to make sure I capture & embrace each moment properly. We live in a world that craves attention and we have to capture moments so we can build brands/ post to get likes/ make connections, etc. - and it really makes us “zombies”🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️....we are there but not 100% present. FYI- that’s not a sustainable lifestyle & pace. . . . So I’m capturing moments with 100% of who I am. Feeling every part of it. Sometimes it’s a picture/ video moment, sometimes it’s not. Everything doesn’t have to be shared with the world- privacy & special times still are VITAL to healthy relationships (call me old school, which is fine with me 😂). Whatever happens while I’m away- I’m 100% going with the flow, I’m 100% all in, and I WILL capture all of it. . . . #LeadingYouToVictory🏡🏆🏁 #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁

#MCM I took a leap of faith in 1999 and purchased a 1BR/1BA condo....I was a college failout/dropout, but I knew I HAD to turn all of it into a positive somehow. Complete failure was NOT an option for me. I already felt like I let my family down, so I went into overdrive. I had a full time job, a part time job AND cut hair on the side. God provided every step of the way and He’s still providing (and I’m still in overdrive mode). 🙌🏾 . . I remember it like it was yesterday: Ms. Pat & Dave (my realtor & loan officer) gave me the greatest experience ever! I had no idea that I’d become a loan officer in 2003, but I knew right away that it was the right thing for me. For the last 16 years, I’ve kept that feeling at the front of every single transaction I’m involved in. It’s truly something I’ve built my career on. Funny thing is that the two schools I attended couldn’t teach me or give me what I needed to be successful as a LO....I was BORN with the tools. . . My heart’s desire is simple: I want everyone I interact with to walk away better, than when they first arrived. I apply that to my profession as well. My promise is that you’ll be better off for having chosen to walk through the home buying process with me. It’s exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time- but don’t worry, Coach won’t let you down. . . #LeadingYouToVictory #ChangeTheGame🏡🏆🏁

It’s taken 15 years to build & get to this point, and I believe I’m just getting started. Sometimes you have to build slower than others but don’t quit- BUILD. In the end, you’re guaranteed to be VICTORIOUS, because long term success never happens overnight. So, tune in weekly for amazing content that will share my heart/ vision/ passions, and ultimately help you WIN! Oh- and it’ll be fun and relevant as well. #ChangeTheGame

Beat the Rush
You know spring is the best time to list a home, but many home sellers wait until summer when the market is saturated. Statistics show that on average homes sold in the spring sell faster and for more money.

Tobe Nwigwe making it plain....Thank you bro. 👊🏾#BeConsistent #Purpose #FindTheWHY

Congrats to the Petersen family & welcome to country living! #FauquierCounty Debbie Baxter- you’re the BEST! We make a great team!

....keep going, young man! ↗️ #CantStopWontStop #ColdAsAllGetout

I belong here, and I’m committed to my purpose! In case you were unaware, YOU belong as well! 👍🏾 Shout out to my favorite coffee spot and 365 Life for the hoodie. #InvestingInYou #StriveForGreatness

I’ll help with conversations with creditors, etc. we will get through this TOGETHER

🚨 #HomebuyingEducation #Realtor

🚨 is almost here! Stay tuned for updates! #ChangingTheGame #HomebuyingEducation #PrepareForSuccess

Smart Move
Many people buy their first home with little money down and not always with the best credit score, resulting in a higher interest rate and PMI. As homebuyers become more established in life be sure to talk to them about the opportunity to sell their current home, get a nicer or larger home, and take advantage of their current equity to make it all happen.

Investing in yourself is NOT boring (obviously)!....Snoop is excited about what’s coming in 2019!

Educating the community! Stop by the Homebuying Seminar if you’re in the area!

Can You Relate?
“The house needs some renovations, including solar panels, new windows and doors, and new insulation.” “The house we found is in an excellent neighborhood. But it needs some renovation, especially in energy efficiency. We’re looking for a loan that will help us finance both the home purchase and the renovation, all in one loan.” “We’re getting a HomeStyle® Energy Mortgage Loan, which covers both the home purchase and all of the energy upgrades we want—all in one loan!” Limitations, conditions, and requirements apply. *Both the HomeStyle Energy and HomeStyle Renovation mortgages may be combined with a HomeReady® mortgage for low- to moderate-income homebuyers Can you relate? Call me! #academymortgage #canyourelate