recentley bought a Hygain tri-band 3 element beam TH-3JRS putting it together the instruction book instructions not real clear have all the traps in correct place just wondering but unclear on what elements the (what i will call joiners aluminium tube various sizes that have splits in both ends) got about 3 different sizes the longer was i have put in between the first 2 traps have 4 overs 2 x15cms 6" 2 x 24cm 91/2 inches and then i have 6 aluminum tubing which obviuosly go at end so can be moved in and out to be measured at correct lengths but then again which elements they go on eg Refector ,Driven Element and Director those sizes are 2 x 78cm approx 301/2 inches 2 x 81.5cm 331/2inches and 2x 80cm 311/2inches
Hi I am assembling my TH3-Mk4 beam - in the manual I cant find what is the distance between the Driven and the Reflected elements - in order that I can fit the clamp/bracket item - can anyone please advise.
many thanks
were can you get a plastic caplug kit for a th 5mm antenna
Found this little number in my Dad's radio equipment. Still in the box with a letter from 1958 to the merchandiser. Pretty neat.
Hi,I have bought an AV-640,ansambling manual on US metric system doing a lot of headache ...

Will be nice if you can do a tutorial for assembling and installing on YouTube,I'm sure many HAM's will appreciate that.

Although AV-640 is a great antenna,made many nice DX QSO even on poor propagation conditions.

73&DX's Val,YO6DDF.
Just got my Hy-tower this thing is going to take forever to put together...missing parts galore! No 10m stub and hardware , no 40m stub and hardware also bolts for the hinged plate are missing......WHAT A FREAKING NIGHTMARE! TALKED TO TOM STONE Last week about missing parts but have not heard anything.
I understand people make mistakes bit when I spend a grand on a new antenna by gosh it should have all the parts. If you guys can't get it together close the doors for good, I would just say give up but apparently you already have! I will be asking for a refund and calling my credit card company!
it has been over 1 month that I have been waiting for a response from Hy-Gain. I purchased a VB-215DX and it was missing the number 1 director element. I contacted MFJ which immediately put me in touch with Hy-Gain, and I am still waiting on a response to get this issue resolved. My tower has been down for over 1 month waiting for 1 element. No response from Tom or Joyce. I have lost a lot of faith in Hy-Gain
We have missed y’all!!!! Here is next week’s schedule, so make sure to come have lunch with us!!!OCH Regional Medical Center Wellness Connection Parker-McGill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Choctaw Regional Medical Center Hy-gainMFJ Enterprises Inc.Deep South PoutThe Welding Works Powerstroke Equipment

Hello HY-Gein I am looking for the parameters of such an antenna which I have in my possession.
I'd like to know what the weight limit is for the AR-500 antenna rotator.
Will it be able to work with MFJ's 1846 hex-beam (25 lbs) ?
Just great. Attempted (I repeat...attempted) to assemble the boom on the 440MHz antenna that's part of Hy-Gain's Oscar antenna package. One of the bolt hole's off about 1/8th of an inch so I can't insert the bolt. Do I really have to rework/redrill something I paid over $600 for? Since it was the 2nd bolt I had tried to install at the very beginning of the instructions, what other fun little surprises am I going to get? Disappointing.

hy-gain Antennas and Rotators, the First choice of hams worldwide! New Loop Fed Arrays by G0KSC, c

It's Tower Climbing Time! 04/06/2021

It's Tower Climbing Time!

It's Tower Climbing Time! - https://mailchi.mp/e8baabbccc18/its-tower-climbing-time

It's Tower Climbing Time!

On the 11th Day of Christmas . . . 12/24/2020

On the 11th Day of Christmas . . .

On the 11th Day of Christmas . . . - https://mailchi.mp/173e13199d4e/on-the-11th-day-of-christmas

On the 11th Day of Christmas . . .


Merry Christmas from Hy-Gain!

Live Stream - YouTube 11/03/2020

Live Stream - YouTube

Here’s today’s show. I did a review on the HyGain AV 680 vertical.

A wonderful antenna! Texas to Tokyo on the show through that antenna! Larry of Ham Radio Live reviews the AV-680 Hygain 10 band vertical.


Live Stream - YouTube

Yaesu 101 MP On The Air Work On 20 Meters With a Hy Gain AV 680 Vertical Antenna at Grayline 08/25/2020

Yaesu 101 MP On The Air Work On 20 Meters With a Hy Gain AV 680 Vertical Antenna at Grayline


Yaesu 101 MP On The Air Work On 20 Meters With a Hy Gain AV 680 Vertical Antenna at Grayline Find me on Twitter at “LeosCoast2Coast” You can purchase the AV 680 NINE BAND Vertical Antenna at this link: https://mfjenterprises.com/search?q=Av+680 You c...


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Hy-gain and its sister companies will close today through December 29, 2019 in celebration of the Christmas season. Thanks for all of your patronage over the past year, we look forward to 2020, our 48th year.

Hy-gain updated their business hours. 12/20/2019

Hy-gain updated their business hours.

Hy-gain updated their business hours.

Ham Radio Satellite Contacts, Hy-Gain DB-2345/Wouxun KG-UV8D+ 08/28/2019

Ham Radio Satellite Contacts, Hy-Gain DB-2345/Wouxun KG-UV8D+


Ham Radio Satellite Contacts, Hy-Gain DB-2345/Wouxun KG-UV8D+ I made a few satellite contacts this evening, using my new Hy-Gain DB-2345 yagi and my Wouxun KG-UV8D handheld. This was SO-50 satellite. Pass was 45 degrees...


Take a look around Hara Arena after the tornado.

I remember when we visited over a year ago. The Zamboni and everything was still there. Here is that video: https://youtu.be/wBPVB_xnJnU


Amateur Radio Station K6LPM uses the TH7DX Thunderbird at 56 feet above average ground level.

The TH7DX may not be a computer optimized antenna design and predates many of the newer trapless designed antennas that have become popular.
However, the TH7DX is a PROVEN and very worthy antenna. The design was optimized on the antenna test range, where real performance is actually quantified and measured!
Yes, the Thunderbird is a big antenna and it if moderately heavy. It is also very heavy duty and able to withstand some pretty intense weather conditions.
I am not subject to ice or snow, but I am in an area of California that often sees the high intensity "Santa Ana" wind conditions. These windstorms often hit my QTH at 80 plus miles per hour. The measured windspeed isnt totally indicative of these conditions but it is more the raging gusts of unstable air whipping in multiple directions that is responsible for tearing up the antennas around here! Believe me this antenna still stands in the same location others have failed.
This antenna is highly directional with outstanding front to back that very few triband beams can compare. It is like aiming a laser beam. In some situations the beamwidth might even be a bit too narrow and if you operate as a Net Control Station, this might give your rotator a bit of workout and might not be the antenna for regular roundtable operations.
What this antenna is for is DX! It is a DX powerhouse. This design is amid the select few that have become traditionally known as the ones to compare all other triband beams. I believe that this tribander will exceed or at least equal any other big triband beam you could put up against it. Off the top of my head I can only think of two or three other tribanders that are in the same league. This antenna is really in the top three for DX performance in the big triband beams.
Ive heard alot of talk about traps being less reliable and lossy when compared to the newer design multiband Yagis. In my experience running legal limit, reliability has not been an issue. As far as lossy? Maybe in theory? Certainly not in use. I can notice no less performance and even greater performance from comparison with a trap less computer optimised multiband yagi I have here.
My TH7DX vs my Force 12 C4XL the Thunderbird outperforms in every way and is quieter and less prone to common mode types of interference too.
Price point per dollar for performance this has to be the best bet in big tribander performance. This antenna ranks up in the top four or five best most powerful tribanders and does it at more bang for the buck without any compromise.
Unfortunately for me, this is the antenna that I must judge all my other antennas to, and anything else requires a major investment to raise the bar any significant distance higher. Brian Suarez, K6LPM


Love getting care packages from our friends!! Thank you Diana from Gentry Electronics!


Happy Thanksgiving! We appreciate your business. MFJ and its sister companies will be closed Thursday, November 22, and Friday, November 23, 2018 in observance of the holiday. We will return to normal action on Monday, November 26, 2018.


Some of our guys enjoying life!

Hy-Gain Super Penetrator SPT500 10/12M Vertical 07/18/2018

Hy-Gain Super Penetrator SPT500 10/12M Vertical


Hy-Gain Super Penetrator SPT500 10/12M Vertical 10M and 12M are 2 of my most FAVORITE bands on HF and I wanted a super antenna to operate these bands. The SPT500 Super Penetrator goes back to the late 70's...


The Hy-gain TH2-MK3 rides high above the Ham Radio Outlet store in Anaheim, California for "HAM JAM" an HRO store function organized by Janet Margelli. Thanks to Chip Margelli for the picture and good luck with the antenna's future endeavors in an exotic location soon!


Last few days of the Xenia Hamvention prep week. Loading an 18 wheeler on Friday this week bound for Xenia with all kinds of lovely goodies on it. The early crew leaves on Monday, May 14 including four guys in a car and two guys in the regular MFJ truck. We start work on Tuesday, May 15 on the MFJ, Ameritron, Hy-Gain, Cushcraft, Mirage, Vectronics, Xiegu, Messi and Paoloni, YouKits and Remote Shack booths. Tuesday through Thursday, pallets will be unpacked, demos will be placed on shelves, antennas built and put up and an enormous amount of time making the stuff look pretty! Stock will be sold to dealers arriving early. It's beginning to look a lot like Dayton! See all you bargain starved hams on Friday morning!!! Looking forward to another fun event on the Greene County Fairgrounds in beautiful Xenia, Ohio!


New AR-500, $129.95.

UHF/VHF/6-Meter, MFJ-1886
Rotator/Controller and Remote
For use of small VHF/UHF, 6M, TV, FM, the MFJ-1886 wide band receiving loop and other lightweight ham antennas.
Unlike other TV antenna rotators the Hy-Gain AR-500 Rotator is built in a weather-proof one piece cast aluminum housing with precision steel gears, steel thrust bearings. Includes rotator, controller, remote, clamps, and all hardware. AR-500 remembers up to 12 directions even after a power outage! Use remote control or direct console. Displays location and relative position. User selectable 110V or 220V.



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