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We provide professional and respectful towing and roadside assistance services to our community 24/7 Towing and Recovery Services 24/7
Roadside Assistance Services: Jump Starts, Flats Changed, Fuel Deliveries, Lockout Services 24/7
Roll Back and Tow Truck Services Available

Operating as usual


Always here to help 24/7. We have the equipment and people to support most every towing and roadside need.


Trying to keep the towing prices low as possible. It’s hard when this is going on everyday.


Not a good Saturday for these guys.


Mathiston mobile has almost finished the engine work on our flatbed. Can say enough how grateful I am.


McCluskey Towing getting it done 24/7


When your quick stop is closed at night turn the FIN lights off.

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We can help with many jobs so please give us a call. 662-323-1939


Starting to look like a motor again. Big Thank You to Lenord and Mathiston Mobile.


Y’all we can’t ride these from Mathiston to the Cookout on hwy 12 in starkville for a little to go supper.


This is a great thing to receive from the people we help each and every day. We will always do our best to get people where they need to be and help resolve any issues they may have that we can support them with.

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I just wanted to say thanks to all of the volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel that help with these accident scenes. I know it would be almost impossible for one driver to work some of these accidents by themselves.
Thank y’all for all your help.

Photos from Danny McCluskey Towing Company's post 01/22/2022

Be careful driving out there when y’all come to these bridges at night. These people were very lucky the guardrail that came through their truck came through around the floorboard.


Supporting the FedEx group first thing this morning.


Less than 6 months old and already having motor issues. I would ask a lot of questions before buying the new Chevy or GMC V-8 trucks or SUVs.
They are giving this man a hard time about making the repairs under warranty.

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Little after dark winch work. Hoping to keep the customers happy and worked finished 24/7.
Thank you to these guys for the call.


The last couple of days we were able to assist some of our local college students get their cars back on the road with one battery change out and one positive terminal connection replacement. Please continue to keep us in mind for your towing and roadside assistance needs.


I could not have asked for a more professional and experienced mechanic than MR Lenord who owns Mathiston Mobile Truck Repir.
I have struggled with finding a quality and honest mechanic since I bought this business 4 years ago.
Since my first time calling on MMTR I have had nothing but successful and timely repairs.
I would encourage anyone needing diesel repairs to give him a call.

I would encourage anyone seeking the services of any individual or company on FB or any other platform to seek references outside of their personal or business pages. Advice given from personal experiences.


MHP tearing that tail up on hwy 12 today.


Everyone please drive carefully.


Need to put this out there real quick. It takes a sorry POS to do towaways on the night before Thanksgiving in Starkville, MS. Not all companies carry these kinds of values nor will we ever. Everyone is aware that the students friends and families are coming into town for the holiday. I guess this is just a good time to take advantage of the situation for some companies and their employees.
In addition the tow companies refuse to answer the phones and release the cars they towed the night before.
I encourage people getting treated in this manner to first call the local law enforcement for assistance. I would also suggest they contact the apartment property management and tell them the way their contracted towing companies are running their businesses.
I do agree that people should have the proper parking passes or park in the designated visitors spots however the towing companies do not have the right to hold cars.
I was once asked about releasing cars by another tow company. I told them if you can snatch and grab them all hours of the night and day then you have to release them all hours of the night and day.


A double for a Saturday afternoon


Here is a good one for today y’all. Found this on campus. Look at the white lines and the nice note on the window.


We found a credit or debit card on the sidewalk at the fast break on hwy 182 at the hwy 25 intersection.
It was turned into the night cashier at the store. Go by and get it if ya lost it.


Here we go


Good ole MS roads. Always getting these flat tires


Keeping us busy today. Thanks to everyone and please keep the calls coming in.


Y’all keep the calls comin we will keep these trucks rolling. Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya.


I wish we could post every how and roadside stop we made however we just don’t have that kind of time most days.
We do try to put some of our work up for awareness and notifications of everything the company offers.
Please call, text, or message us if you need assistance or have a question as to the services we offer.

Thanks again to everyone that keeps the calls and referrals coming in. Thank you thank you thank you.


Watch out for the deer this morning y’all


Y’all be careful driving with that sun in your eyes this morning.


We are here to help on this Labor Day 2021.
Early morning winch out.


Danny Mccluskey Towing will be operational during the heavier winds and rain we will be getting over the next few days.

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Heck of a recovery on hwy 12 this afternoon. Y’all be careful on these wet roads over the next few days.


Super clean truck on a Sunday morning tow.


Slow down on hwy 25 everyone. Two in the ditch and one laying on its side




Starkville, MS

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