Chesterfield Radon Testing

Chesterfield Radon Testing

Chesterfield Radon Testing is a Saint Louis area company designed to help ensure that the air you and your family breathe is clean and safe.

Chesterfield Radon is a family owned business with Mike Garrison as the principle owner. He is a life long resident of Saint Louis and recently discovered what unknowingly living in a radon enriched environment can do to the occupants. It made him wonder what he could do to help prevent it. Doing research and talking to radon associations, the common thread is people need to test and see how clean their air really is. Exposure to radon over an extended period of time has been proven to cause lung cancer. Per the American Lung Association, this is number 2 cause of lung cancer, right behind smoking, and leads to 22,000 deaths per year. The home is the #1 location for this type of cancer causing radon. With four grandchildren (hopefully lots more to come!) and numerous nieces and nephews with children, Mike wondered, what he could do to help his family regarding the quality of the air they are breathing. This is how Chesterfield Radon Testing came into being. We want to put Lung Cancer out of business and that starts with a radon test. For this reason, every radon test that is performed, a donation will be made to the American Lung Association to help in the prevention of Lung Cancer. How clean is your air? Test. Call Chesterfield Radon Testing at 314.238.0092

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Did you know that radon kills 58 people A DAY?? Make sure you and your loved ones are breathing clean air. Call us to get your air tested

[02/16/17]   Now that spring is in the air, don't forget to get the air in your house checked. Please contact Chesterfield Radon Testing for all your 48 hour radon test! 11/08/2016

3 Reasons Why Non-Smokers Get Lung Cancer

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. That is terrifying. Please get your home checked! Give us a call. Let us help you put your mind at ease. You don't have to smoke to be at risk for developing lung cancer; here are three other reasons non-smokers develop this disease. 10/20/2016

Be mindful of radon as winter approaches |

With the temperatures dropping, we will all be more home bound and sealing the house to stay warm. Now is a perfect time to get your air tested. As the article says..."Be Mindful of Radon as Winter Approaches". Give us a call, we would love to help make sure your home is safe! As residents seal their homes this winter to keep the warm air in and bitter cold out, they must also be aware that naturally occurring radon gas may be 10/11/2016

Is there radon in your child’s school? What parents need to know

This article is so true! Aside from the air they breathe at school, is the air in your child's home safe? They spend a majority of their time at home. The only way to know is to test, please test! Oyvind Birkenes is the CEO of Airthings, a Norway-based tech company that develops and manufactures products to easily monitor and identify radon levels in indoor air. The company is led by a team of experienced scientists, engineers and technology professionals who share a common goal: to educate p...

[10/06/16]   We have another announcement! Matt Duvall is joining the Chesterfield Radon Team! His focus will be on business to business. Welcome to the team Matt. 10/05/2016

Radon in the Home

Ever curious about what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about Radon...protect your home and family by getting the air in your home tested. Give us a call! Details on the radioactive gas radon and what you can do to protect yourself from harm. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

[09/29/16]   It is an older article (last year) but the information holds true. Radon is dangerous. Odorless, colorless, and can be deadly. Get your home tested.

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Do you know what "color" house you live in? Lets get your radon tested so you can breathe easier at night. They only way to know, is to test!


Jacquelyn N.

Meet Jacquelyn. She is a lung cancer survivor and now she is a Radon Advocate in PA. Learn from Jacquelyn's story. Get your air tested. In July 2015, I went to the doctor because I had shingles. I got the medicine for the shingles and the doctor then asked me if I had any other complaints that may need to be checked out as part of my Medicare health maintenance. I hadn't been to a doctor in 18 months. I was extremely healthy: never…

[06/22/16]   Did you know that Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer? If you worry about cigarette smoke, you should also worry about your home. Lets check your air! 05/31/2016

Radon testing can reduce risk of developing lung cancer

Another great radon article written in StLToday. Remember, better to be safe then sorry....get your air tested and make sure your home in safe. Tony Messenger's column "Couple wants nation to see a new face of lung cancer" (May 2) about the family that lost its daughter to lung cancer pointed out that the 05/19/2016

Radiation risks from West Lake, Coldwater Creek low, say experts

An article in StLToday in regards to radon exposure and landfill in our area. Get your home tested to make sure your levels are safe! Public perception of radiation risk misses decades of scientific study.

[05/12/16]   Hope everyone has been staying dry this week! Please let us know if you are looking to have your air checked for Radon!


It was so great to spend the morning with Gloria from Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction! She knows first hand the dangers of Radon. Please check out her page.

[04/15/16]   Don't forget to see us tomorrow at the Chesterfield Amphitheater! Great weather and great cause! 04/11/2016

7th Annual Lung Cancer Connection 5K - Home

Come see us at the 7th Annual Lung Cancer Connection Walk at the Chesterfield Amphitheater! Lung Cancer Connection 5K Run/Walk


Do you know how dangerous radon is? It kills 58 people a day. Scary! But the best is PREVENTABLE. Let's make sure your home is safe.


Want one of these beauties in your yard? Contact us and mention this Facebook post for a special price! Let's make sure your home is safe.


We had a great time at the Chesterfield Keller Williams Vendor Show! And met a lot of fantastic agents & vendors!


Chesterfield Radon Testing 02/29/2016

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Chesterfield Radon Testing checks your home's radon levels to ensure that they are below the EPA Standard.
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