Reliable Guys Towing Service St Louis

Reliable Guys Towing Service St Louis


On October 18th I contacted this company because as I was pulling into the hospital my wheel axle broke and the whole tire fell off as I was pulling into a parking space. (Thankful that it happened there and not while I was on the highway!!) They tell me they will be there in 20 mins, awesome so I would have still had time to get my mri done. Unfortunately that was not true and they didn't get to me for another hour!! I call them back he tells me "oh I tried calling you and texted you and you told me that someone already got you". I said I did not receive any call or txt. He says " is your number 314-3something...." I say no that is not my number. The dude literally asked "are you sure?!" I said sir... I have had the same phone number for 15 years. Yes I am sure. So they finally get to me but i have to wait another hour for another truck to show up. Why, I'm not 100 percent sure or what the purpose of the first guy was. So 2 and a half hours later. (and a missed mri appointment) They get my car hooked up, I hand them my car key, and off we go to my husband shop. We pay them, they leave, all is good. Till several hours later we realized they never gave us our car key back. I call them and he says "ok I'll check with our driver". The next day I still haven't heard from them so I call them again. And I am told the same thing "oh I tried calling you". Whatever so they tell me they didn't find it. So after some words they tell me that they will make me a new key. For months I had to call them only to be told "oh call me this day", or "send me your car info and we will have a key made for you", (which I gave them my car info atleast 3 different times!!!) or I was just flat out being ignored! (why I didn't call the BBB beats me! I'm too nice and gave these people the benefit of doubt)
Now let's fast forward to January 13th. I call him and he finally tells me that they found my key and to call them Wednesday (the 15th) so they could drop it off to me. He even tells me that he will give me a 25$ gift card for all of our troubles. So I call them weds morning and no answer! For almost a week and a half I called him everyday and he is ignoring my phone calls. Finally January the 24th he answers my phone call and tells me that he just got my key and he will be dropping it off to my husbands shop. Next day there is no key! Then he starts getting an attitude with me like I'm a huge inconvenience and "oh what I'm just suppose to drop everything and get your key to you"! (all in text messages too!!!) FINALLY Saturday night (the 25th) I get a text message from him that he has dropped off my key. AND OF COURSE NO GIFT CARD! This company has been an absolute headache!! For being "reliable guys" they are so far from reliable!!! If you do use them then just beware! Keep a hold of all of your belongings, know that they will not show up on time, and they will also change the price that they quote you!!! I should have known from the start to stay away from them but I just had to learn the hard way! Just happy that finally after 4 months, I finally have my car key back!!
I know it's been a couple of days (dealing with sick kids and being sick myself) but I am still fuming mad from all of the lies, bu****it, and how much attitude I was given for something that was not my fault! I just don't want the same thing that happened to me, happen to someone else!! And trust and believe I will be spreading this word as far as I can possibly see!!! I will also add that we have 2 keys for this car. Which I guess is why I wasn't raising more of a stink about it!!

Looking for a reliable towing company in the St. Louis area? Why not choose the towing team with over 20 years experience exclusively in our proud Gateway City.

Whatever be your need; big or small, far or near, we’re more than happy to serve you. Give us a call at (314) 325-1016 and one of our knowledgeable towing service reps will help assist getting a tow truck to you so we can quickly get you on your way.

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