DIY Mold Inspection and Testing

DIY Mold Inspection and Testing

Indoor Mold Solutions: Is the air in your home or office making you sick? We have solutions for any budget. Safety Environmental Testing is a professional residential and commercial indoor air quality service company specializing in state-of-the-art indoor mold inspections, testing, and mold removal services.

We also provide "do it yourself", professional mold testing for individuals and businesses all over the United States.

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Mold Testing and Inspections | Indoor Mold Solutions | St Louis

Buying a home this year? Don't buy a house with a mold problem. Learn more at: Safety Environmenatl Testing porvides indoor mold solutions inlcuding professional mold testing, inspection, and remediation consulting. 05/16/2019

Recent rain leaving homeowners tackling mold, bugs

Mold in the Media - Many homeowners are still dealing with mold and bugs after historic flooding swamped the metro area. 04/12/2019

Tens of thousands of library books lost to black mold

Mold in the Media - Tens of thousands of library books lost to black mold - The library was a huge link to the community. It saw 60,000 visitors each year. But it's been closed for two years. Councilman Ashby Foote blames the city. 04/04/2019

Signs of mold in your home and how to prevent it

Mold in the Media - The City of Pelham is still waiting for the final results for how bad the mold issue is and what will need to happen to fix it. 03/27/2019

Home inspectors worried about mold as residents return home after flooding

Mold in the Media - GREEN BAY (WLUK) --After dozens of homes were condemned because of flooding, some Green Bay residents are finally able to move back in. Last week, residents were worried about cleaning up the mess left behind by flooding, and now new concerns about mold and mildew are creeping in. "There are about 1... 03/19/2019

Recent rains cause spike in mold growth

Mold in the Media - Residents across San Diego County say they've seen more mold in their homes after recent rainfall. 03/15/2019

Historic flooding stands to increase mold as allergy season approaches

Mold in the Media - Historic flooding stands to increase mold as allergy season approaches - Spring is right around the corner - flowers are already starting to bloom and the trees are beginning to bud. With that welcome sign of warmer weather also comes the cause of unwanted allergens. 01/31/2019

The Musty Truth: Does Mold Have a Taste?

Mold in the Media - For the vast majority of people, seeing a blue, green, and white film in the middle of a sandwich and smelling the not-so-charming scent of the mold is enough to completely kill the appetite. Howev… 01/16/2019

Health expert warns of mold-related illnesses after Hurricane Florence

Mold in the Media - As cold weather continues, many may find themselves facing winter illnesses, but if you have symptoms you cannot seem to shake, one Wilmington health professional wants you to be aware of an unexpected potential cause. 01/10/2019

Mold remediation will force 1,100 IU students off campus

Mold in the Media - IU has enough space in other residence halls for next school year's freshman class, but some upperclassmen will have to live off campus. 12/10/2018

Renovations Set At Indiana University Dorms Plagued By Mold

Renovations Set At Indiana University Dorms Plagued By Mold - Mold in the Media - Indiana University will start a $56 million renovation project next summer to address ongoing mold problems at two Bloomington campus residence halls. 12/05/2018

Keep Mold Out Of Your Home - Delray Newspaper

Mold in the Media - Keep Mold Out Of Your Home - Delray Newspaper - By: Christel Silver Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers Mold is an organism and like most living organisms, mold (mildew) needs food and water. It grows anywhere there is water, high humidity or damp conditions. Mold cannot grow in the absence of moisture. The most common mold has a musty, sta... 12/01/2018

Mold in the Home – Is It Making You Sick?

Mold in the Home – Is It Making You Sick? - Mold in the Media. - Mold is a surprisingly common problem that most households might experience at some point. It can come in a few different forms and appear in any room at your home. You’ve probably seen the orange … 11/28/2018

Mold in dorms: What should colleges do to protect students

Mold in dorms: What should colleges do to protect students - Mold in the Media. It’s every college’s worst nightmare: mold. 11/20/2018

I have mold growing in my house: What now?

I have mold growing in my house: What now? Mold in the Media -

If you need help with your mold problem, we have a low cost, on site professioinal consultation with a certified mold inspector at your home or business. During the consultation, we will educate you and help you with the solutions that makes the most sense for your situation. Whatever your mold need is, Safety Environmental Testing can help. We have solutions that include professional inspection and testing from a certified mold professional with over 1000 inspections conducted over the last 7 years or less expensive, "Do it Yourself" solutions with our professional grade equipment and training. Go to or to learn more. Additionally, another option availble to you is leaving us a message here on FB with your questions. Finally, you can call us at 314-562-3812 with your questions as well. So you have mold growing indoors. Should you panic? Here's what to do to get it fixed. 11/16/2018

Lawrence School District spends nearly $200,000 to battle mold

Mold in the Media - Lawrence School District spends nearly $200,000 to battle mold -,109234 The heat and humidity that many people endured during the summer also caused a problem in the basement of the Broadway Campus building that houses both the middle school and Lawrence Elementary … 11/08/2018

Mice. Mold. Messes.

Mold in the Media - Hundreds of Americans live in deplorable rental properties and their landlord is the federal government. The properties need $50 billion in repairs. Uncle Sam now is hoping that private investors will save public housing. 11/06/2018

New documents reveal how Cherokee Co. Schools responded to mold concerns

Mold in the Media - New documents reveal Cherokee Co. Schools' response to mold concerns - There are new developments over mold concerns some parents have complained about inside Cherokee County schools. 10/31/2018

Connecticut elementary school closed due to mold

Mold in the Media - The Board of Education said in a statement that tests showed the contamination appeared to be spreading at Westover Magnet School. 10/24/2018

'Tremendously Wet' Storms: Bad for Homeowners, Great for Mold

Mold in the Media - First Come the Floodwaters, Then Comes the Mold The likelihood of more storms like Michael and Florence in the future means that more Americans will deal with post-flooding mold in their homes.



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