LECE Gator Room

LECE Gator Room


Our last lunch together this school year! So wonderful sitting all together! We also read a camping story called Come Home Already about a bear who goes camping. After our story, we moved our bodies to a variety of Bear Hunt songs.
After reading a story about camping, we brainstormed things we can do in the summer. We also did "newsball" where we take turns rolling the ball so share out. Today we shared out what we are most excited to do this summer!
During our Beach Day, we read and played on our towels, danced on the "beach" with scarves, explored sea shells, built homes for sea creatures and more!
We had an amazing Open Door Day with the Kangaroos & Monkeys!
Look at our kites fly!
All of our hard work designing and creating our kites paid off! We took them down to the track and had an amazing time. We had to make some repairs while we were there but we had all our supplies with us.
It might take a few days to get the hang of our new "QUIET AREA" carpet, but we sure are excited!
Showing confidence, patience and literacy skills during Newsball this morning! Tell us something fun you did over the weekend!
This week, the Gators will be reading a variety of stories about wind & kites. We will design our very own kite and follow this design to create our final product!
We created our very own Spider Web during large group today! We took turns rolling our spider silk to our friends and taping it down. We discovered a variety of shapes hidden in our web and used it for gross motor practice!
The Gators played an amazing game of partner Listening Bingo today during large group time! Utilizing our listening ears, turn-taking and cooperation, we listened to letters and letter sounds and put coins on our boards as we found them!
We are pretty excited about our new carpet!! Block area, quiet area...not sure where it is going yet but we are excited!
Plus we had a birthday today!!

Lauren Jenkerson has been a preschool teacher since 2011. She received her bachelor's degree and certification in early childhood education from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Lauren believes in creating a welcoming and warm classroom community. She strives to implement exciting, hands on activities that engage students and inspire them to be life-long learners.



Hello 2022-2023!
We are so excited to start the new school year. Please know that LECE classrooms, including our Gator Room, will be using the SeeSaw app this year to connect with families and share classroom happenings rather than our class page, so please be sure to download that app and register. I will send you an invite for SeeSaw!
If you are wanting to receive information through Facebook, please be sure to like the LECE page: Lindbergh Early Childhood Education. On that page, you will learn about school-wide events!
It's going to be a FANTASTIC year!!!


Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 08/15/2022

Last week we discussed the circus and all that comes with it. We even got to see a magic show, Abra-Kid-Abra! The bunny and umbrella tricks were our favorite!! The Gators loved playing bowling and throwing the ball into the net with holes for points. They even took score and did an awesome job with it!


I forgot to post our Favorite Stuffed Animal pictures on Friday....so here they are! The Gators had fun telling their friends about their special stuffed animal. They waited patiently and quietly for their turn and did a great job taking turns!


Reminder tomorrow is favorite sports team day. You do not have to pick a St. Louis team. Choose whatever you like!



Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 08/05/2022

We had a great day today! We finished up our arctic and zoo animal study by painting the different animals, freeing the arctic animals from frozen water, scooped and poured ice/water as well as painted in it and lastly the Gators conducted a science experiment with baking soda and vinegar on their own!


Reminder: You can keep the one at school or bring in a new one to share.

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 08/04/2022

The Gators are having so much fun with zoo animals and arctic animals. We've done a scavenger hunt, moved like animals and listened to the sounds they make, and learned about the different places animals live.


Reminder: It's our LAST water play day of the summer!

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 08/02/2022

The Wild Bird Sanctuary visited our school today. They brought (in the order the birds are posted) Stella a Kestrel Falcon, Clarence a Raptor Hawk, Oliver a Gray Screech Owl, and Cecil a Great Horned Owl.



Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/29/2022

We learned a lot about farm and jungle animals this week! Next week, we will be discussing zoo and arctic animals!



Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/26/2022

We've had some fun learning about farm animals so far this week. We made puppets to have a puppet show once they dry, played a barnyard game matching colors and animals, done some farm puzzles and built bards and farms with several different blocks.



Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/22/2022

We had open door day with the Monkeys and Kangaroos! During this time, the gators got to play between the monkey room and the gator room. They can play in both rooms or in just one. It was their choice! The monkey and kangaroo friends also got to choose which classroom they wanted to play in at worktime, so all of the 3-4s had a chance to play together. I'd say they had a wonderful time!

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/20/2022

I'd say we really enjoyed the Bubble Bus this morning. There were so many bubbles!! It was definitely a bubble extravaganza...the music was fun and bubbly as well.


Reminder to be here by 9 am if you want to join the bubble bus fun!

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/18/2022

Finishing up our Beach days. We are having a tv installed in our classroom on Wednesday, so with the tv going in our dramatic area, we have to cut our beach days this week. We also made books to write and make pictures in.



Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/15/2022

The gators had a wonderful week learning and doing ocean activities! We will continue our discussion and exploring with a vacation theme next week. We will talk about all the places we have traveled and gone to on vacation.

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/13/2022

We had our last day with the book mobile for the summer today. The gators really enjoyed picking out the books they wanted to look at/read. "It was really fun!"





Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/11/2022

The Gators had a great week learning about camping last week. We also had a surprise visit from St. Louis County Police Officer and Lindbergh SRO, Austin Holtzmann. He talked to us about being safe and showed us his police car! This week we are going to learn about Oceans and the animals that live in it, and we will do some fun water/bubble experiments.

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/05/2022

This weather is not fun camping weather unless you're in the water at all times. Never the less, we had a great day camping in our classroom. We really enjoyed playing in the tent, fishing and using our sleeping bags at nap time! We also got to play in the action room this morning with the Kangaroos and Monkeys!


Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe 4th!

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 07/02/2022

The Gators did an amazing job walking in our 4th of July parade yesterday! We also had a lot of fun participating in all our fun activities throughout the week!


Congratulations, Mrs. Melisa!

Happy Birthday, America!
Thanks to all of those who were able to make it to our 4th of July Parade yesterday! It was so much fun!
We hope all of our families have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Please join us in congratulating the LECE Elephant Room's Melisa Gjata! Melisa and her husband became United States citizens last week! All of the classes at the ECE Center were able to surprise Melisa and her husband with flags and signs to celebrate their accomplishment. Congratulations, Melisa!

Photos from LECE Gator Room's post 06/30/2022

We had a great time this week doing fun activities for the 4th of July! This week we finished up our Ice Cream Shop in dramatic, made red, white and blue bead bracelets, firework handprints, 4th of July t-shirts, hats and flags. We also had some science fun with red, white and blue skittles. Next week, we will be talking about camping and doing fun things with a campsite.



Our Story

Lauren Jenkerson has been a certified preschool teacher for 9 years. She has her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Missouri, Columbia and is certified in Early Childhood Education.

Lauren believes children are always learning. She strives to be a positive model for the children in her classroom and engage them through exciting, hands-on activities. She believes classroom community and positive relationships create a safe and engaging space for students to explore and learn.

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Look at our kites fly!
We let our 5 butterflies go at recess today!!
Performance art for Artsy Thursday...dancing with scarves!
We scoured the room looking for the heart that had either our first or last name on it!
When snow covers your playground, you use your classroom to get the wiggles out!
Exercise Day!!
Exercise Day!!
Exercise Day!!
animal sound bingo
animal sound bingo
animal sound bingo
Sit Down , Stand Up!




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