National Historical Swordsmanship Convention

The National Historical Swordsmanship Convention (NHSC, pronounced "Nisk") is a 4 day event for stud Age 14 to adult. Food is not provided.

The National Historical Swordsmanship Convention (NHSC) is a special event that brings top level instruction in early-Renaissance European swordsmanship to fencers of all experience levels. NHSC will provide a cohesive, focused approach that will have classes covering unarmed combat, the use of the langes messer (long knife), the single handed sword, Italian sword and shield, German longsword, the


And NHSC is officially over. Bill and Tom had a GREAT time teaching such wonderful and focused students! Bill is currently going over each of his bruises and fondly reminiscing, "Okay, I got that one from dussack with Jonathan, that one from saber with Jake, that one from wrestling with Albert..." Thank you so much to everyone who came, and thank you so much for the energy and dedication you all brought with you!


A message from Christian Tobler:
Dear Instructors and Students of NHSC,

I write to apologize to you all for my absence, but as you are likely already aware, a recent bout of ill health precludes my attending the event and training with you fine martial artists. I was very much looking forward to this trip.

My one consolation lies in the knowledge that you will be trained in the use of that most knightly of weapons - the poleaxe - by two extremely talented armoured combatants and teachers. I've had the pleasure, and faced the challenge, of bouting both Messrs. Leoni and Grandy in harness, and their prowess and fidelity to the Art are profound.

I look forward to the day - less nasally congested! - when I may have the pleasure of training with you all at an event. In the meanwhile, train safely and enjoy the event!

Yours in arms,

Christian Tobler


The good news first: Day 1 of NHSC was great! So many dedicated students really threw themselves into the drills with fervor, and we can't wait to add more throughout the weekend!

But now the bad news. Sadly, Christian Tobler is very ill, and though it pains him to have to cancel, he cannot make the trip. We wish Christian a healthy and speedy recovery!


Day 1 of NHSC!


In case you were wondering: VAF has power, and NHSC will be not be affected by the recent storm and outages in the DC area. See you in a couple of days!


Preregistration ends tomorrow!


Remember that preregistration ends on July 1! Register before then!


We updated the site with the basic schedule of classes. Please take a look! There are still some areas that we are working out, but we will keep you all informed.

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing 04/26/2012

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing

Registration is officially open! Please go to our website and follow the links for whether you want to do all four days (best value), individual days, or our Saturday/Sunday special.

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing Contact the Virginia Academy of Fencing today.


NHSC is proud to have Christian Tobler as a guest instructor to this year's event! Christian will be teaching armored combat with the poleaxe.

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing 03/30/2012

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing

The NHSC 2012 page is up! Registration will open soon.

Contact - Viginia Academy of Fencing Contact the Virginia Academy of Fencing today.


Mark your calendars: NHSC 2012 is scheduled for July 5-8! More details will be posted soon!


Photos posted! Please feel free to tag away!

NHSC 2011 (Photos by Denis Loukonine) 05/07/2011

NHSC 2011 (Photos by Denis Loukonine)


We would like to thank all of our attendees for making this such a fantastic weekend! One of our proudest moments was during the last half hour of the last day where we watched everyone put everything together with the spadone in unchoreographed drills. People who had never used the weapon before NHSC were using it as if they'd been doing so for years, leaving us as teachers grinning from ear to ear!


And Day 1 has arrived!


We will be having a buffet style dinner on site at VAF so that no one has to drive out anywhere. The cost will be $27 dollars per person. Also, we will provide sandwiches and chips at lunch to those who request ahead of time for $5.


Working on after-hours plans. This is not only going to be a weekend of hard martial training, but also a weekend of fun and camaraderie!


For those who haven't seen yet, the full schedule is up on the website.


Only one month away!

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SH2405 - Tinker Pearce Blunted Single Hand Sword - $149.95

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For anyone needing an inexpensive single handed training sword, Kult of Athena has a couple on sale and in stock at incredible prices. One is the Hanwei Practical Knightly Sword. This generic medieval styled sword can easily be used for either the messer or Bolognese swordsmanship classes at NHSC.

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For anyone who tried to register today, there was a glitch at the site. It's fixed now, so you can register normally again. Thanks to the people who brought that to my attention!


Reminder: The preregistration deadline for NHSC is on Tuesday. After Tuesday the price gets bumped up by fifty dollars.


Due to several requests, we have bumped the preregistration date back to February 8. So you have an extra week to sign up at the lower rate!


Just a reminder: Preregistration for NHSC ends February 1. You can sign afterwards, but the price goes up!


The Hilton's webpage had a glitch on the NHSC registration page, but they have fixed it and it is running smoothly again. We hope that didn't inconvenience anyone!


A lot of people have been asking us about bringing their teenage kids to do the event with them. The minimum age for NHSC is 14, so if your child is old enough and wants to sign up with you, then by all means sign up the both of you!


We've just added Quarterstaff to our list of classes. This will largely draw upon the plays of Paulus Hector Mair, with some additional Liechtenauer sources such as Peter Falkner, and will provided the foundation for the other polearms throughout the weekend.



We've updated our website with a class schedule and descriptions! Each day will have a theme - Day 1: The Fundamentals, Day 2: Tactics, and Day 3: Repertoire. Each class will build off of previous classes, regardless of weapon style, so that participants will get the most out of their training.

Please have a look.

NHSC 2011 - CLASSES NHSC classes will cover body mechanics, unarmed combat, the use of the German langes messer (long knife) and single handed sword, the Bolognese sword and shield, the Italian spadone (the great 16th century two-handed sword), and the use of pole arms.


The list of classes offered is almost finalized. Thank you for your continued interest in this event, which will set the standard for a focused intensive on historical swordsmanship!


We're in the process of setting up a good hotel deal for this event. We'll post more details here and on our website when that's set in stone.


FRED: Fencing Tournament Info :: Preregistration

We've officially launched! NHSC registration is now open! Register at the link below! Our website is still under construction, but check back soon for updates on classes and hotel/travel information!

FRED: Fencing Tournament Info :: Preregistration

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