Aloha Swimming Pools Inc.

Aloha offers weekly cleaning, repairs, a nd remodels! Contact us today to discu ss tile and stone cleaning and enj oy the great service at a l ow price!

Operating as usual


Remember to run your pool pum ps and water features during the freezi ng weather. Moving water is hard er to freeze.

NEVER cover the moto rs or heater, as that is a fi re hazard, but you can cover/wrap expos ed pipes and the filter if y ou wish.

Any questions, call or text us 832-528-49 79


Aloha! We have picked up ext ra supplies to continue cleaning your poo ls without any disruption in service.

P er a Homeland Security memo regarding COVID 19, “If you work in a critic al infrastructure industry, as defined by t he Department of Homeland Security, such as healthca re services and pharmaceutical and food supp ly, you have a special responsibility to mainta in your normal work schedule.”

We will do our very best to mainta in a safe place for you at yo ur home with a clean pool. We lo ve our customers but unfortunately, no hu gs or handshake until we knock th is virus out! Our thoughts a re with you during this difficult ti me.


We’ve unfortunately had customers reporting flo od damage and we are working ext ra hours to help get everyone tak en care of. If y ou need anything, please call or te xt us ASAP so we can g et you scheduled. Brian and the gu ys will be putting in extra hou rs to get you back to norm al. 832-528-4979


What happens when your older po ol equipment rusts away or doesn’t wo rk? Call us! We off er up to a 3 year warran ty when purchasing new equipment!


Absolutely in love with these resul ts. New mini pebble plaster looks amazi ng. What’s your favorite color?


Perfect day today... work starts ear ly tomorrow. Let us give you a fr ee remodel or plaster quote so y ou can be ready for swim weath er!


Do your part to keep Ameri ca great by voting! Doesn’t matt er who you vote for, just be su re to do it!


Sometimes we feel like a turt le rescue company more than a po ol company... he’s back in the po nd now with his family


Looks like we are about to g et wet... guess standing next to a po ol with a 10 foot metal po le isn’t the best idea right n ow!


Out with the old and in wi th the new!!! Let us help y ou with your equipment repairs. 832-528-4979


Freezing temperatures are upon us so ma ke sure your pool equipment is runni ng! Flowing water is harder to free ze. If you have any questions or proble ms give us a call!!!! 832-528-49 79


Did Harvey turn your pool in to a pond? More fishing th an swimming? We are in fu ll swing getting pools back in sha pe after the floods. We lost a tru ck but have been working overtime repairi ng and replacing equipment, draining pools, a nd will work with you to g et your pool back in shape. Thinki ng about that remodel now? Let's ta lk! Call, text, or email tod ay!


Well thanks to our hard worki ng Aloha crew today, we drained a nd acid washed this pool in spri ng today. Turned out fantastic!


Dear Boss... Good thing we cou ld get around these guys to cle an our pools! Call us if y ou need anything fixed from the floodi ng! -Brian

Beadblasting: Before, During, and After 01/31/2016

Ask us to quote your ti le and stone cleaning!


A little plumbing today, sometimes y ou just have to cut it a ll out.


Out in Huntsville today, a litt le farther but worth every mile.
The til es were in much need of a cleani ng, even surprised myself this time


They are preparing to sell t he house, customers couldn't believe h ow well it worked.

They had already tri ed to remove it with chemicals a nd scrubbing, nothing works like a go od old beadblast.


Here's an equipment job we h ad yesterday. Probably one of t he more complex jobs we have h ad.


Full equipment set and a remod el. Definitely turned into a 2 d ay job, but it is worth it!


This is another one of t he weekly pools that we maintain. We ju st replastered this and did some mort ar work on the rocks.


Here is e remodel we ju st did during and after.
We recolored t he 2,500 sqft. Deck and replasted in a 15 ye ar warranty blue quartz plaster that al so has small pebbles, and gold flak es that shimmer in the sun. We gi ve Free estimates


This is a very nice po ol with a negative edge all t he way around the pool. It al so has a grotto with water featur es and fire above you while y ou sit in it. Oh, don't forg et the moonroof, swim up bar, or t he huge sunshelf to lay out.
One of t he nicest pools I've seen no dou bt


This is a before/ after of a j ob I did today. The people h ad a old keep krauly suction clean er that didn't work and a sing le timer. We upgraded their system a nd installed a polaris 280 pressure clean er, booster pump, duel timer, and a in-li ne chlorine feeder. This pool will be so efficie nt now that it will almost ta ke care of itself. 4 hours we ll worth the install! !


Lots of leaves falling this ti me of year! Please remember to emp ty your skimmer baskets as much as possib le. This particular pool has a seaso ns worth of leaves in it. We c an get it looking better but it 's expensive. And damaging to your po ol finish to let debris sit a nd strain it.


This is a tile clean j ob we did on lake conroe.
We specialize in tile/stone calcium removal on swimmi ng pools. Free quotes to anyone w ho is interested in freshening up the ir pool. Lots more pictures we c an show you.




Roxie when she was a litt le over 1lb.


We had a beadblast an equipme nt set install in Magnolia last week .
They decided to go with penta ir equipment, with 3 or mo re products you will receive an extend ed warranty!


How are you enjoying your po ol?


This past week, we have spe nt most of our time on a sing le beadblast job on lake houston.

Whi le it may have been hard, it w as worth it.
Calcium buildup on lakesi de pools have proven to be a l ot thicker than your average pool.


This rain is terrible and is messi ng up all of our nice cle an pools. Just remember to drain yo ur pools down to the middle of t he waterline tile level as soon as y ou can. Your pool will tr ap alot of rain water and he lp keep water out of your hou se. Put more shock in as we ll due to dilution


May is National Water Safety Mon th. Please protect all children by securi ng your pool with sturdy fences, chi ld proof latches, and locks.


This customer did not like th at you could see the equipment fr om the street.

Many color combinations are availab le.
Ask about getting your equipment "Dipp ed" to give your pool a uniq ue touch.


With a slight rain and a litt le bit of heat, lots of creatur es come out to take a d ip in the pool.
Make sure you kn ow what it is before trying to g et it out of the pool!



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