Abundant Harvest Kitchen

Abundant Harvest Kitchen


Best. Thanksgiving. Meal. Ever!! Thank you so much for cooking such amazing food and feeding so many souls at the same time!! This years meal was a true blessing! Keep up the great work of God!!
I live in 77339 are we able to go there to get food
The Gumbo this week is Heavenly! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Loved, loved, love the steak sandwich dinner! Thanks a million Molly and Abindant Harvest Kitchen.
GOHS has a back pack buddy system! I wonder if the Abundant Harvest Kitchen could contribute....I don't know how it works.
I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Molly and the entire crew today. Not only was I able to donate some time, make some new friends, and have some laughs I was also able to get a few groceries for the family. Thank you!!
Year 3 of Laundry Love be there an with some records! Year 2 of the HarvestTruck had a record for us!
On the menu today

Scrambled eggs in a ham cup topped with gruyere cheese

Spinach salad with walnuts, cranberries and feta with a basalmic vinergerette

Ham and beans served over rice

Bbq pulled pork and mac and cheese

Steak sandwiches with cheese, onions, peppers, and mushroons

We will see you at 1030!
Coffee and hot chocolate at 930!
Thank you to True Blue Home! Go out and support them on !
Win tickets to hang out at this awesome festival! Inspire Productions puts on a fun time!
We are thankful to Randy Paragon Independent Insurance Agencies, Inc and Jennifer Hello Woodlands for making us the non profit of the quarter! Please share this info and the video, and help us get the word out! Also, thank you to Bulldog Self Storage for hosting the truck storage!
A record setting day!

The Abundant Harvest supports and creates experiences around the table that feed the body, nourish t Our cafe is now open!

The mission of the Abundant Harvest is to feed the body, nourish the soul, and transform the community. In 2017 we began with a food truck, feeding refugees and rebuilding homes after Hurricane Harvey. In 2020 as COVID shut-down our community, we opened The Abundant Harvest Kitchen, responding to meet immediate physical needs, providing more than one million pounds of food and and ten thousand mea

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You always remember your first!

Abundant Harvest Kitchen is excited to announce the launch of the first in a series of community engagement events!

Welcome to our first Dinner and a Show!
Featuring entertainment by Atlantic City performer Harry Maurer and a select menu courtesy of Exquisite Harvest Cuisine.

Your semi-formal event will start the moment you arrive, with our beautiful partners from Seychelles Laser Med Spa escorting you into our modern-café-turned-performance hall where our in-house catering team Exquisite Harvest Cuisine will have homemade focaccia bread and oil waiting. Dinner service will include Chicken Francaise w/roasted potatoes and sautéed asparagus followed by warm, homemade cobbler.

Once plates are cleared, comedy magician Harry Maurer will take the stage! A headlining, award-nominated act across the nation, Harry Maurer will provide an interactive experience that will leave you laughing and amazed!

Seats are very limited with only 50 available to keep the evening intimate and remained focused on our guest’s experience. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Abundant Harvest Kitchen’s mission is to feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community. To do that, we need your help, but that help can also be a lot of fun! Join us in a fun evening that will also support our community mission.

Event post

Purchase tickets


Volunteering moves the spirit!

Abundant Harvest Kitchen Curat Kurt Unangst discusses our recent volunteer efforts, and why he chooses to donate his time.

Great events on the horizon. One particularly large one will be announced this week and with your help, it will serve as a way to help us continue our mission.

Hire us!
Partner with us!

[email protected]


Thank you to Hello Woodlands and Woodlands Online for featuring the work our volunteers are doing in the community. Thank you National Charity League, Inc. for joining our volunteers. Your continued support is very appreciated!

Transforming the community is important to everyone. Effort is recognized and appreciated.

Partner with us!
Volunteer with us!
Hire us!

[email protected]



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Warrior Church is every Sunday!

The body needs more than food, and the soul needs nourishment.

Every Sunday at 8am for a free workout and discussion-style service on spiritual growth.

Warrior Church was designed as a safe place for veterans, first responders and those with past trauma. Over time, it’s evolved into an eclectic group that includes educators and young professionals.

Free coffee and breakfast items, in addition to a refreshing workout or yoga routine.

Can’t make it? Join us on Zoom!
Zoom ID: 409 545 273

Join us!

24803 Oakhurst Dr
Spring Texas 77386

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We care for our seniors in a big way …

Volunteers from Abundant Harvest Kitchen distributed 400 pounds of food to more than 40 elderly adults at a local senior living apartment complex in The Woodlands.

Thank you to our friends at the National Charity League, Inc. who joined our regular volunteers in providing this bi-monthly service!

Feed the body, nourish the soul, transform the community. It’s what we do!

Donate to us!
Hire us!
Partner with us!

[email protected]



Another week feeding the body, nourishing the soul and transforming the community.

This week, Abundant Harvest Kitchen focused on wellness and bingo!

Hire us!
Partner with us!
Volunteer with us!
Effect positive change with us!

[email protected]

Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 01/14/2023

What a great week at Abundant Harvest Kitchen!

It was great to host veteran and small business owner, Brandon Harris, who stopped by for a tour and discuss ways we can partner in 2023. We were incredibly thankful he took time to meet the team and see our operation in action. If interested in what’s behind the curtain, please give us a call!

Throughout the week, we did what we do best - feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community. Thanks to help from our volunteers, we distributed thousands of pounds of food to registered families, servicing appointments every 15 minutes during distribution days.


Our goal for 2023 is to overcome our current $60k deficit, so we can continue existing in 2024. You can support through charitable contributions or by partnering with us for events. We have a variety of services ranging from media engagement, events and an in-house catering team all ready for hire!

Connect with us to discuss how we can team up and meet shared goals.

Partner with us!
Volunteer with us!
Hire us!
Donate to us!

1$ provides 10 meals.
[email protected]


🏋️‍♀️ IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU! 🏋️‍♀️

We have a few slots open for our FREE community workouts. Join us for guided workouts with our certified personal trainers and stay consistent with your 2023 workout goals.

Feed the body, nourish the soul, transform the community. That’s what we do, and your health is a big part of that.


[email protected]


Executive Director of Abundant Harvest Kitchen RevSean Steele discusses our deficit and how you can help us keep the doors open.

Partner with us!
Hire us!
Volunteer with us!

[email protected]

1$ provides 10 meals for a family in need!
Donate directly here: shorturl.at/fpW09



It’s 2023, and we are already seeing thousands of workout resolutions. Did you make any? Let us help!

Join us for FREE workouts led by our credentialed personal trainers. They can help you overcome past injuries and establish a foundation to meet your 2023 fitness goals. Our commercial gym facilities has everything you may need.

We’ll have water, energy drinks, replenishment aids and more on site.

Also … did we mention this is free? Our mission at Abundant Harvest Kitchen is to feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community. We offer a host of services just like this and hope you’ll help us pay it forward.

Click below to sign up!


Workout with us!
Volunteer with us!
Hire us!

[email protected]



Food Pantry and Services will reopen January 10th!
Please see our website for additional information. www.harvestkitchen.org

THE ABUNDANT HARVEST KITCHEN The mission of the Abundant Harvest is to Feed the body, Nourish the soul, and Transform the community.


We did it! Now, help us do it again in 2023!

This is your Abundant Harvest 2022 Year in Review!
A lot to discuss, as we worked toward our missio nto feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community.
This year, we fed more than 106K families and distributed more than 1 million pounds of food. We helped 30 businesses get on their feet and provided 120 veterans with spiritual support as they navigated hardships associated with PTSD.
We look forward to 2023 but will NEED YOUR HELP. We are in a deficit and want you to HIRE US! We have a beautiful venue, in-house caterers, a surplus of audio/video gear and a modern Cafe to host your next event! Oh yeah, we can also perform Holy Matrimony, making us a little better than Vegas and right around the corner.
Workshops, brainstorming sessions, networking lunch, anniversary dinner, group workout, teambuilding ... we can host it all! Let's discuss how saving YOU money can help US feed the community.
Home of Warrior Church!
[email protected]


What do your holiday celebrations look like? Music, dancing, catering, singing and gifts?! If not, call us!

Celebrate with us!
Hire us!
Volunteer with us!
Donate to us!
Help us!

[email protected]

Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 12/30/2022

Complete photos and VIDEOS from this past Las Posadas celebration! Please like, tag and share! What a great time re-telling the story of Joseph and Mary leading up to the moments of Jesus’ birth. Mariachi, food, dancing, singing A PIÑATA! Say less Facebook!

Celebrate with us!
Volunteer with us!
HIRE us for your next event!
Donate to us!
Help us!

[email protected]


Merry Christmas Friends! Each week we’ll provide you with a rundown through photos and a wrap up video to fill you in on the wonderful ways Abundant Harvest Kitchen is fulfilling our mission to feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community.

Partner with us!
Hire us!
Volunteer with us!
Worship with us!

[email protected]

Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 12/25/2022

This is your Abundant Harvest Weekly Rundown!

A celebration of how AHK is accomplishing its mission to feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community.

-27K pounds of food to more than 300 families this week! Come volunteer with us!

- Two events using our beautiful venue and in-house catering team, Harvest Kitchen’s Cordaro Brothers from Cordaro Family Farms. Save money while donating to our mission. Hire us!

- We celebrated La Posada. A re-telling of how Joseph and Mary were turned down from five places leading up to the birth of Jesus through song, dance and celebration. Come fiesta with us!

- We held a traditional Christmas Eve mass honoring the birth of our Lord Jesus. Come worship with us!

We have LITERALLY everything you need! Help us be of service to you and our community. Partner with us!

[email protected]


Abundant Harvest Offensive Generosity Update!

Free haircuts, food and toys? What. A. Day!

PTSD Foundation of America
Have Shears Will Travel

1$ provides 10 meals. Can you spare a buck?

Want to partner up? So do we! Call, message or email [email protected]

Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 12/21/2022

What a great day to feed the body, nourish the soul and transform the community!

More than 30 volunteers helped distribute +14k pounds of food to nearly 200 families. Each box contained fruits, vegetables and other products needed to provide close to 10 meals each.

Our friends at PTSD Foundation of America and their Houston lead Shane Hawthorne provided 20 giant trash bags full of new toys, which added an even brighter smile to what was already an offensively generous day.

And as if that wasn’t enough …

“Have Shears, Will Travel” provided free haircuts for our volunteers and those picking up food, helping make sure we all had a fresh cut for holiday selfies.

What. A. Day.

1$ provides 10 meals. Can you spare a buck?

Want to partner up? So do we! Call, message or email [email protected]


Anything can happen in a White Elephant!

8-pack of Mega Roll Toilet paper? Maybe!
Plastic tumblers? Could be!
A night filled with amazing moments and gratitude? Without a doubt.

Join our family.
Feed the community.
Nourish your soul.


Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 12/19/2022

Having a great time St.Isidore’s Christmas Party! Great Food, Singing and White Elephant Gifts!

Photos from Abundant Harvest Kitchen's post 12/18/2022

Tis the season! Although Harvest Kitchen is adamant about offensive generosity throughout all seasons, the birth of Jesus certainly brings out the color of our ugly sweaters. Our team was thrilled to welcome members of the St. Isidore Episcopal community for dinner provided by our wonderful chefs from Exquisite Harvest Cuisine, some caroling and a White Elephant gift exchange.

What are you doing this Holiday Season? Volunteers are always welcomed (and needed) providing the perfect team building event. No time? 1$ can provide 10 meals! Join us in helping change lives this holiday season. All are welcome 🙂


Photos from Ford Elementary, Conroe ISD's post 12/16/2022

Photos from Ford Elementary, Conroe ISD's post

Photos from PTSD Foundation of America - Houston's post 12/16/2022

Thank you guys you really lifted some spirits today!!!


New Next Tuesday Authentic Empanadas to-go on Tuesdays!
Order yours now!

Photos from West Houston Assistance Ministries - WHAM's post 12/09/2022

Have Shears Will Travel will be at AHK on the 20th! First come first serve! 💕💇‍♀️💇‍♂️💇


We are launching Giving Fridays in December in order to raise the funds to improve the warehouse and minor upgrades to the Cafe'. The warehouse is where our food pantry is located, and it gets to well over 95 degrees in the summer and below 30 in the winter. Upgrades will help keep the food spoilage down as well as our 500+volunteers at a reasonable temperature. Thank you for supporting your local food pantry and Gym space for Veterans!

Walmart Spark Good | Walmart.com 12/06/2022

Walmart Spark Good | Walmart.com

Saint Isidore's Abundant Harvest Kitchen is excited to announce we are now listed on Walmart.com as a charity available to Spark Good by Rounding Up your change!

Walmart Spark Good | Walmart.com

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule 12/03/2022

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule

Thursday Workouts have moved to Tuesdays! Join us! See the available dates here! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409044eaaa923a1ff2-saturday12

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. ***Be sure to let our trainers know about any health problems you may be experiencing. Enjoy!


Preparing for meals next week? Think about ordering Tuesday from us! Enjoy a great meal and feed another family as well! Click this link to place your order today! https://www.harvestkitchen.org/store/p115/BeefLasagna.html#/

Trident Training Workout with Trainer Matt 11/30/2022

Trident Training Workout with Trainer Matt

We now offer a free workout class with one of the professional trainers!
Come and join us tomorrow morning! Sign up is below!
This is a 600.00 -800.00 monthly value we offer as part of our Abundant Health initiative to inspire healthy living!

Trident Training Workout with Trainer Matt Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


It's HOT in the Summer!
COLD in the Winter!
Help COOL it off for our volunteers!
Help HEAT if up for our volunteers!
Update - we have a matching donor!

Giving Tuesday 2022 - Upgrade the Kitchen 11/29/2022

Giving Tuesday 2022 - Upgrade the Kitchen

When you give to Abundant Harvest Kitchen you support:
Feeding over 7,000 Individuals Monthly
Provide 400 Hot Meals & Bingo for Senior Adults
Support to local Veterans and Camp Hope
Gym Space for Veterans and Trainers
Monthly Legal Clinic
Tri County Health
Abundant Wellness Program
Cooking Classes for Youth
This year we looking to purchase air-conditioning for the warehouse! Join us in raising 40,000 to provide a comfortable space to carry out the mission!

Donate Now

Giving Tuesday 2022 - Upgrade the Kitchen Choose to feed our neighbors in need or to help with upgrades to the Kitchen.  Every dollar counts! 


Have meal prep or cooking burnout? Let Chef Angela prepare dinner for you. Tomorrow’s Tuesday to go meal is Herbed Chicken Dinner! When you order from us you are also feeding another 2 families.
Order here: https://www.harvestkitchen.org/store/p146/HerbChicken.html#/

Photos from Hello Woodlands's post 11/19/2022

Photos from Hello Woodlands's post


11/22 Tuesday to Go Meal will be Chicken & Shrimp Stir Fry!
Follow this link to order yours!

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule 11/16/2022

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule

Workout with a professional trainer!
Our first class is tomorrow at 7:00AM with Matt with Trident Training systems!
Matt Gives Back!
Follow this link to sign up!

Abundant Wellness Workout Schedule Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. ***Be sure to let our trainers know about any health problems you may be experiencing. Enjoy!


Have extra? Donations welcome!
Planning to serve over 100 people on Thanksgiving Day!
Community Meal will be served from noon to 1:00pm on Thanksgiving!


This Saturday! November 19th! 5;30 pm to 7:30 PM
Support for those affected by Su***de


Once again St. Isidore is hosting a Thanksgiving Day Worship and Feast for the community! Please stop by for the worship, the meal, or all of it. If you know of anyone who is looking for a table, please send them to ours!

Where: St Isidore Episcopal / The Abundant Harvest Cafe
When: 11:00 am - Eucharist with Music
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Lunch Feast!
Who: Anyone and Everyone, All Are Welcome!
Why: It is what we do, we gather people around the table

If you, or anyone you know needs a table for the holiday, please come or invite them.

Also, if you have any extra turkeys or see some out in the community, do not hesitate to bring them by the pantry!

Videos (show all)

Another fun Bingo Day on this rainy afternoon! Join us on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month!
Making pizza today for our community!
Join us to help the Ukrainians in need and Abundant Harvest Kitchen make the desperately needed improvements.  To learn ...
Day Two Race Day is here! - Help us continue to make a difference today!https://www.harvestkitchen.org/racetooffensively...
We are her at our non contact food pantry!#GivingTuesday  Bit.ly/upgradethekitchen
Live at our nocontact food pantryToday is #GivingTuesday2021. Help us feed nourish and transform our  community!Bit.ly/u...
Giving Tuesday’s “What We Do.”
Here is a story of one of our neighbors, "Steve."  Feed.Nourish.Transform.It is how we make our world a better place, on...
What is "make a difference in our community" Even one of the stars 🌟🌟of Big Bang Theory and the host of ❓Jeopardy is on ...
Giving Tuesday is November 30, just one day away.  We need your help to do even more.bit.ly/upgradethekitchen
We are out in New Caney -the King's Colony neighborhood- with our partners from Maria Banos Jordan -Texas Familias Counc...




24803 Oakhurst Drive
Spring, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 3pm
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 2pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm

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