Cookies by Kim

Cookies by Kim


Thank you for your amazing Cookie magic!! They were so yummy and beautiful!
I’ve sent several messages through Facebook. Is there a better way to contact you to place an order?
Such amazing cookies! 🤗
Every time I get cookies from Kim they are 100% perfect and she nailed it once again this weekend! 6 dozen ordered and we were left with 8 cookies at the end!
Kim I would like to place an order for cookies. Please call as soon as possible. I have left a couple of messages.
Thanks Barbara Nickelson 713-899-1098
Thank you Kim!! Huge hit! Beautiful job on Kate’s cookies.
A pure delicacy. These are the best looking and tasting cookies I've ever had. I like to think of myself as an iced cookie aficionado and connoisseur. Received as a gift. I thought surely they came from the Neiman Marcus catalog. Bravo!
Emily Frisbee

I'm just an ordinary Mom with a passion for making the perfect sugar cookie.

I live the Spring, Tx, and wish that I could ship cookies, but for now any cookies ordered need to be picked up from my home. Unless they are holiday cookies, or cookies with more detail, most batches are $18 per dozen. Let me know if I can help make your next event even more special!


Another happy customer!

These cookie cakes are quickly becoming a favorite of mine to bake! Please let me know if I can either decorate sugar cookies or a cookie cake for you. 😉


Happy birthday, Chandler! I hope your party is awesome!

Cookies By Kim 09/08/2023

If you want to stay up to date on upcoming Pop Up Sales, new products, and just plain old fun stuff happening at Cookies by Kim, join the newsletter! I promise I won't spam you - I'm busy, too, and will only send out emails when there is new stuff happening.

Love y'all! 🥰

Cookies By Kim Cookies By Kim Email Forms


Birthday party. Anniversary. Retirement. Mondays. Weddings. Bachelor parties. Grandparent’s Day. First day of school. Last day of school. Summer camp. Teacher appreciation. Cookouts. Tuesdays. Sweet Sixteen. New baby. Mardi Gras. Camping trip. Homecoming. Earth Day. Valentine’s Day. Nurses’ Week. Star Wars Day. Empty nest. Halloween…

You get it. Cookie cakes are good for any occasion!!


I’m trying to streamline everything, which also means coming up with designs in advance. This way, I can offer you the best deals, and we can all plan and be organized together! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Pretty soon, all of these ingredients will be combined to create a spooky treat perfect for any Halloween get-together. I will offer other printed top designs, as well.

As we get closer to October, keep an “eye” out for these Halloween cookie cakes, as well as DIY kits to make Halloween an extra special night of fun!

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 09/06/2023

Trying out new things for the next Pop Up, which will happen sometime before the end of September.

Let me know what you think about Edible Cookie Dough being offered at a Pop Up! I have lots of flavors in mind, but so far I’ve tried Chocolate Chip, Cranberry White Chocolate, and S’mores.


cookiesbykim 09/05/2023

Check out my new website for all up to date Cookies by Kim information!

Here you can find all pricing, forms to order custom cookies, logo cookies for your business, edible images for your own needs, info on upcoming cookie classes, and Pop-Up Shop pre-orders.

I will always take orders through this page, as it is easy to converse and share photos, but please take some time to look through the website for all information you may need.

Love you, all! ❤️❤️❤️🍪🍪🍪

cookiesbykim Welcome! I'm so happy that you found us! Cookies by Kim is a home-based bakery located in Spring, TX under Texas Cottage Food Law. We specialize in custom sugar cookies, YUM! We can’t wait to create a custom set for you to celebrate your special events, milestones and memories in your life. Any


I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and having a branding photo shoot!

These cookies are a sneak peak at what I made for the photoshoot.

Wish me luck! I am never comfortable in front of the camera ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/22/2023

Still got it ❤️😍❤️


🍪 Edible images are now part of my decorating services!

🍪 You can now message me to print a sugar sheet for whatever event you are hosting! These sugar sheets are perfect for cupcake toppers, cake toppers, drink toppers... any kind of topper 😆

🍪 Each sugar sheet is $10. Message me and we can talk about what I can print for you!

***Photo used with permission from a customer who made their own cake 🥰***

Back to School Pop Up 08/12/2023

These are the cookies that I have left over from my Back to School Pop Up Shop. If you were not able to make it today, you can claim which cookies you'd like and we can work out pick up.

Once you claim your cookies, I will reach out with your total. Once payment is received, I will bag the cookies that you have selected and keep them in a bag for you until pickup.

Thank you to everyone for supporting my family through your purchases! Money from today's Pop Up has already helped to pay for my son's private french horn lessons. :)

Back to School Pop Up Create a shoppable list with YouMeWho


I’ve brought the Shop back inside so the cookies don’t melt. I still have plenty of items left, so message me if you still need goodies!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! I hope you love your items!!!

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/12/2023

The shop will be set up at 11am, sharp! I’m waiting until the last minute since it’s so hot outside…

I hope everyone has had either an amazing first week of school or a grand last week of summer. Either way, I’ve got treats for you to enjoy!

Love you all, and hope to see you in a bit! ❤️❤️❤️

Oh, and we’ve got lemonade to quench your thirst while you shop! Feel free to grab a drink, take a pic, and tag


Join us tomorrow from 11-1pm for a Back to School Cookie Pop Up!!!

I’ll have decorated sugar cookies, large peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies.

It’s hot, so stop by before anything has a chance to melt. 😆🥵

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/12/2023

Pop Up Shop cookie previews ❤️


Can you tell I’ve been decorating cookies?! 😆😆😆

I’d forgotten how my hands used to look all of the time from coloring icing 😆


After a few days back to school, you all deserve a treat! I’ll have the Pop Up Shop out at 11am on Saturday morning.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s HOT here. So I’m going to do my best to keep cookies cool in an ice chest.

I’ll have a range of drop cookies and sugar cookies (maybe some macarons if the weather cooperates, or if I don’t run out of time…), ranging in price from $3-5.

Message me if you need my address. Love you, all! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/08/2023

Ok, last post about how excited we are for the new printer, I promise. ❤️

Since the kids do not start school until tomorrow, they have been home with me during the day. Elise has been so excited to help me try out the printer!

She discovered that we can put the wafer paper on her hot chocolate, she iced and sprinkled her own cookie (complete with her favorite character from the new Elemental movie), and she tattooed her tongue!

So many possibilities 😆❤️

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/08/2023

We’ve been playing around with the edible printer, and it is so cool! The kids all thought it was fun to “bite their head off!” 😆😳

We’ve experimented with wafer paper and sugar sheets. The consensus is that there isn’t much difference in taste (sugar sheets are a tad bit sweeter), and that they both keep the integrity of the taste of the cookie. The sugar sheets seem to print a tad bit better photographs, too.


I did something REALLY cool!

I bought an edible printer!!! 🤩🤩🤩

I will now be able to offer logo cookies, photo cookies for graduations/birthdays/weddings, etc. I can do toppers for your drinks, or even print pages for you to use on your own cupcakes, etc.

The possibilities are endless!!

I’m still playing around with the settings, the best way to put the images on cookies, sizing, printing, etc. But I’m so excited!!!


I’ve been practicing and perfecting recipes for a back to school pop-up!

I will post an official ad once we have the date and time nailed down, but I’m thinking August 12th, 11-1ish.

My girls approve of these Peanut Butter Cookies! Aubrie, who hardly ever taste tests for me because she’s not into sweets, has downed three of these, already…. 😬🤪❤️

Let me know in the comments if that date and time works for you so I can gauge how much to bake. ❤️


Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 08/02/2023

These Butterscotch cookies are heading off to the teachers’ lounge at my husband’s school, because ain’t nobody need these many test cookies at home… 😆🤪😉❤️

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 07/31/2023

Ok, we’re split in half on our taste testing. It’s a great cookie if you like sweet things!

The girls both loved them, but Chris and I are on the fence. I think it’s the cake batter flavoring that’s not my favorite, even though it is a very well balanced cookie.

I’m so excited to play around with different flavors! Isn’t that what makes cookies so fun?!


Summer is coming to a close here in the Gonzales house, and it has gotten me excited to start baking again!

In this busy season of life, I’m switching things up a bit. Instead of only decorated sugar cookies, I’m experimenting and branching out. I’m excited to take a peek into the world of drop cookies!

Don’t these look amazing?! Cake Batter Cookies!! My girls are already circling the kitchen like hungry sharks….

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 04/08/2023

Still got it!

I haven’t baked for fun in quite a while, and it felt good to bake for my kids for Easter. ❤️

Trying a new cookie recipe with some marshmallow buttercream icing…. A bit more like shortbread than my last recipe, but yummy!

Cookies by Kim


Hi, everyone!

I’m sorry that you haven’t heard from me in a while. Life has been busy with school starting, and my oldest has started high school! Marching band is keeping us busy, but we’re loving it!

I have not been baking, lately. I really miss it, but I am going to enjoy this busy season of life without any stress. Baking was a gift at just the right time in my life. It helped provide for my family, while also allowing me the freedom and flexibility to be there for my family.

I’m not stopping entirely, but it may be awhile before I take on any orders (after marching band season, who knows!).

Also, this is no surprise to anyone, but grocery prices have increased to such an extent, that I would have to raise prices more than I would like. I used to be able to buy 5 dozen eggs for $7, and they’re now $17….

I look forward to baking for fun for awhile, but I promise I’ll let you all know when I can start baking for you, again, as well. I love you all more than you’ll know, and thank you for providing for my family all of these years!!


PS-strawberries and leftover icing is the bomb!!!!

Photos from Cookies by Kim's post 05/15/2022

Annndddd done!!!! I’m thankful for the new kitchen mat my Mom bought me for my birthday, because my feet are not sore after baking all weekend! (Or as sore as they could have been 🤪)!

Cookie cakes for 350 people! Thank you, Champion Forest Baptist Church, for allowing me to bake for your VBS kickoff banquet!!!


If you ever wanted to know what 38 pounds of chocolate chip cookie dough looks like, you can stop wondering!

Do you think this will feed 350 people? 🤪

For reference: this is 12 batches of my choc chip cookie recipe. 6 double bags of chocolate chips, 2 dozen eggs, 24 sticks of butter, and 28 cups of four.


Today I managed to get all cookies to the right place, at the right time. 😉

Thank you, Champion Forest Baptist Church, for allowing me to bake for your young RA’s and GA’s!


When you bake all day for a banquet, pack the car, drive all the way to the church…and realize that the banquet is tomorrow……. 🤦🏼‍♀️

At least all of its finished and I can rest tomorrow!! 🤪

(I should say it has been a week, though. Locked my keys in the car at the car wash and a grocery bag ripped when taking them it of the car). Tomorrow can only be better ❤️❤️❤️


I still have three friends who pre-ordered Cookie Kits whom I haven’t heard from. I’m going to bring the cookies inside since it’s so humid outside, so please send me a message if you haven’t made it to pick up your cookies.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased cookies!!


I have 5 extra kits set out with the shop, now. Thank you!


Come and get it! 🐇🐣🍪

1-3 pm pickup today. I will bring the shop inside promptly at 3pm because of the humidity outside today. 🤪

Also, I have 8 extra kits available that I’ll set out on the bottom shelf of the shop. ❤️

Love y’all!


I’m getting the shop ready to set out with pre-ordered cookie kits.

See y’all in a bit! ❤️

Cookies by Kim


Ok, I’ve brought the shop in for the day, but I’ll have it out again tomorrow from 1-3pm. If you missed picking up your cookies today, I’ll have them out tomorrow, too. ❤️

There’s still time to let me know that you’d like a kit (or two!) for yourself for pickup tomorrow!


If you pre-ordered PYO cookie kits for today, they are ready for pickup! They’ll be out until 3pm.

If you still need cookies, I’ll have another pickup tomorrow from 1-3pm. Simply fill out the Google form listed below, and let me know how many kits you’ll need ($10 each).

Thank you, all, for supporting my family with your purchase!

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I still have three friends who pre-ordered Cookie Kits whom I haven’t heard from. I’m going to bring the cookies inside ...
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